releasing the beast

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A Royal Invitation from @the-hopeless-beast and @boorishbrute

In celebration of Spring Solstice (aka - the Beauty and the Beast release) 
I would like to host a RP event! A Masquerade. #HopelessMasquerade

I thought this could be a really great way of interacting amongst each other (and with other people!) It just so happens that Gaston was gracious enough to offer his Tavern up for the night as well. 

Beginning Friday, March 31st - Sunday, April 2nd, your posts can be central around attending a Masquerade. It’s okay if you’re a Beast, multiple Belles, Lefous - Gastons… it’s just an event to interact and make new friends! 


When you make a post - be sure to tag which room you’re in! (And see who else is there by following that tag!) 


- #LMDREastWing
- # LMDRWestWing (enter if you dare) 
- # LMDRBallroom
- # LMDRKitchens
- #LMDRDiningRoom
- # LMDREastBalcony
- # LMDRWestBalcony
- # LMDRLibrary


- #BoorishBalcony
- #BoorishDining
- #BoorishMountedWall

(So for example, if I were to make a post, I would tag it #HopelessMasquerade, #LeMansdeRouenPalace, #LMDRWestWing) 


Click here to see possible prompts you could use! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me a message to my Inbox. 

Beauty and The Beast, a summary:

Belle realizes that the person everyone thinks is a monster is actually a decent guy.

LeFou realizes that the person everyone thinks is a decent guy is actually a monster.

“May I interest you in the New Salem Philanthropic Society?” he mumbled, but he hadn’t expected to be given a response.

Background practice made this take longer than intended oops. 
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Release the Beast - A Zen One Shot [NSFW]

Hey all, I was feeling particularly inspired by @vergiliaux ‘s lovely Zen NSFW series and decided what better way to celebrate 1000 followers than with a quick one-shot! It’s under the cut if anyone wants to read. 

Disclaimer: This piece contains sexually explicit content. Reader discretion is advised. 

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What the Signs REALLY Want from Zen in 2017

Taurus: Release the Beast

Gemini: Release the Beast

Cancer: Release the Beast

Leo: Release the Beast

Virgo: Release the Beast

Libra: Release the Beast

Scorpio: Release the Beast

Sagittarius: Release the Beast

Capricorn: Release the Beast

Aquarius: Release the Beast

Pisces: Release the Beast

Aries: Release the Beast

T.H.E. B.E.A.S.T.

|| 7.0.7. ||  T.R.U.S.T.F.U.N.D.K.I.D. ||  B.A.E.H.E.E.’S. C.O.F.F.E.E. ||  T.H.E. S.U.N. ||  S.H.O.O.T.I.N.G. S.T.A.R. ||  U.N.K.N.O.W.N. (redo to come)


His kisses are powerful; yet intimate. He loves deep passionate ones so you know how much he adores you. Teases you while you rake your fingers through his hair, claiming how too much of this can release the beast if you two aren’t careful.


Surprisingly, Jumin’s favorite thing is tiny forms of affection. Touches, kisses, hugs or words. Anything small he appreciates– So he loves to place kisses on the top of your head while he holds you close to his chest like a baby. Especially after a long day at work. It’s intimate and sweet.


He loves kissing you any chance he gets, so surprise ones are his favorites. They’re usually so quick– But passionate as well. He’s very sweet and shy when he pulls away; blush clear on his cheeks from the actions. He’s not very confident still with his kisses; but with time he’ll get bolder.


She’s incredibly passionate when she kisses you. It’s soft and rough in the same breath; and enough to make you melt. After a stressful day or too much thinking– You’re her form of stress relief. She always mummers how beautiful you are in between kisses and lets her fingers travel through your hair.


Silly kisses. It’s really hard to have a serious one with him unless you beg for it. And even then; it’s still pretty goofy. He doesn’t think life should be so serious and tense all the time– And expresses it. But he can be quite serious when he wants you to know how much you mean to him. He’s a goof most of the time though, but it’s innocent at heart.


He likes small forms of appreciation– Similar to Jumin. Cheek kisses are common, and he’s always sure to praise and compliment you while doing so. Calling you beautiful or his love. He kisses you often, gently and soft. Or he can be silly at times, especially while photographing to get you to really smile. Has a bad habit of blowing raspberries in the kiss to get it to tickle– Then takes a picture. You both have true smiles on your faces, and he loves it.


He’s not the best at showing affection; but whenever he receives it, he loves it. Sometimes when you go in to kiss him softly, he’ll pull you back in and place a tiny and soft kiss on your lips. It can turn into something more if you let it. His heart beats fast and he gets so nervous when you two kiss. It’s new, and exciting. It’s hard not to get carried away.


Most of the time; kisses end up like this. He’s in dangerous situations due to his forms of work, sometimes you don’t know if you’ll see him again. So they’re desperate and deep, rough so the feeling of that kiss will remain in your memory for a long while.