A year ago today we released our song “Loose Ends.” It was the first song we released from “Maybe This Place is The Same and We’re Just Changing.” Thanks for all the support towards the album since it’s release. Much love from your boys.


thou & the body // released from love // in meetings hearts beat closer

The Body/Thou - Released From Love (Vinyl Rites)

The Body/Thou – Released From Love (Vinyl Rites)

Link: Vinyl Rites

Birthed form the vinyl only label, Vinyl Rites has comprised something interesting. This is not a split from bands The Body and Thou. This is a fully collaborative effort between the two.

What makes this release so tasty is that you are not getting a double-sided venture that creates two completely different trains of thought. The stream is constant and the anguish is real all…

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若不是那次夜空 If Not For That Night Sky
  • 若不是那次夜空 If Not For That Night Sky
  • 周笔畅 Bibi Zhou
  • 重生爱人 The Beloved OST

周笔畅 - 若不是那次夜空
Bibi Zhou - If Not For That Night Sky
The Beloved Movie OST (2015)
Release Date: 2015.05.11

Trans: epikey@tumblr

If not for that night sky
Where an array of stars suddenly appeared
I said that one of them was you

Would it be that today, we’d still be together
Occasionally bringing up
How the two of us met

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“Far From the Madding Crowd” is an adaptation of a Thomas Hardy novel that was also previously filmed in 1967.

Rising Belgian star Matthias Schoenaerts, who recently starred in Suite Française and A Little Chaos, has got the female population temperatures rising once again. His charming good looks have wooed the female fans, with massive smiles on their faces as they gaze upon him on the big screen.

This newly refurbished remake of the 1967 movie which stars Julie Christie as Bathsheba Everdene is another romantic period drama, set in the Victorian days. It’s similar to the popular British television show Downton Abbey.

Educated and very attractive, Bathsheba is living on a farm in Dorset with her aunt in 1870. She catches the eye of a nearby sheep farmer, Gabriel Oak (Matthias Schoenaerts) , who is a well-mannered gentleman. He instantly falls for her sweet and lovely presence, which electrifies his heart. He quickly asks her to marry him but unfortunately she rejects his proposal.

Gabriel and Bathsheba’s paths soon cross again. He loses his flock in disastrous fashion and she inherits a farm from her beloved, deceased uncle. A wealthy bachelor called William Boldwood (Michael Sheen), who’s a middle-aged man, is also very fond of her. He asks Bathsheba to also marry him—and, like Gabriel, offers her pleasurable treats as part of the deal. Her response to him is sweet and respectable but she turns him down as well. When she meets Bachelor No. 3—who’s very arrogant but handsome Sgt. Frank Troy (Tom Sturridge)—all of her self-respect goes out the window.

Lovers of period dramas won’t feel disappointed. This movie is full of wild passion which will capture your heart.

honestly the age of adz is such an important album not just for everyone but for sufjan himself like. i think it was really really important for him to have that released .. u can tell there’s so much sincerity and rawness and like… an almost bitter desperation???? in i want to be well for example. u can just tell he’s gettin a release from it and i love it. that album is so cathartic