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{WIP} I started watching MLB again and I’m sort of…dying…? Get yourselves ready for an angsty (?) comic!

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I wouldn’t exactly say that I was one of the fans super invested in Del coming back but I’m trying to make sense of this picture like, everyone’s just chilling and Russel looks like he’s having some kind of mental break so what gives? My best guess is a phase one throwback where events of a music video are set in motion by w/e spirit is possessing Russel (usually Del). Here, we know there’s a demon or spirit in the basement so it may be that Russel, like in phase one, initiates the video plot with what new (and old so…maybe Del?) spirits he’s acting as a host to. And that would also explain cheery nonchalance -sans Murdoc - in the sketch released today. Otherworldly beings coming to cause mischief, hide in the basement, blast Murdoc into space? All business as usual. 

jewish-bobcat  asked:

Just let me marry your YOHIOloid models I just need the babes in my life. (Yes this is the Jewish-Bobcat from DA and I saw the desc for the Hio model, and I'm excited to (possibly) get them! I can be patient. c:)

hehe hello!!!! hopefully i can get him released today since this is my final day of unlimited data and tmr i probably wont do shit anymore zzz 

luckily for all of u yohio looks like a boyband member so he says he wants to marry all his fans and loves u all equally

but u and i both kno dat aint tru

Today in Tears for Fears history: February 25th 1985: Tears for Fears release their second album, Songs From The Big Chair, which to date is still their most successful album, going 3x Platinum in United Kingdom, 5x Platinum in America and 7x Platinum in Canada.

The album produced 5 singles including Mothers Talk, Shout, Everybody Wants to Rule the World, Head Over Heels, and I Believe (A Soulful Re-Recording).

Due to the success of the album, the band did a world tour tour entitled The Leonard Apple World Tour ‘85 which spanned from February 1985 until November 1985. Their last show of the tour was played at the Hammersmith Odeon in London.

Tears for Fears also released Scenes From The Big Chair which has clips from live performances from Massey Hall in Toronto, music videos for all the singles, and the filming of the video for Head Over Heels.

What is your favourite song from the album?


“Don’t mind me, I just take a quick peek at your dashboard every time you post…”

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