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Album four is staring to feel more and more like a cryptid every day. There is word that it exists, and whispers from people who claim to have heard things, or captured a low quality sound bite of what they think may be new music but no concrete proof. The album’s existence and “first sightings” (aka release date) have been discussed and theorized about for over two years now with no official date. There have been multiple false alarms and doubt hangs over every news tidbit like a specter, by the time we actually DO hear the album or look at it in our iTunes library we may not even believe it

Short Hiatus

Hey everyone!

So, as some of you already know, yours truly is a big PC nerd and loves building her own machines.

Time has finally come for me to upgrade my current baby, Ymir, to a new monstrosity. However, I have decided to sell the case I built around Xmas as well, for the sake of further upgrading with the newest parts releasing in March.

This means that I’ll be without a PC for around a week or two at most. It will be a first time for me and I’ll surely get a bit anxious but I have Horizon Zero Dawn releasing in a few days and another retake to study to.

TL;DR: I’m gunna be here still but mostly on my phone and not as often as usually. I’m hoping to return to full activity right before Andromeda drops - depends when Nvidia’s Gtx 1080 Ti releases. 

I’ll make a game spoiler tag list closer to the start of March! x


Limited Draw: Axel Art Ver [EX] & Vanitas SP Ver

February 24 - March 3

10-draw guarantees: 10 VIP coins, 5 Magic Mirrors, at least 1 reprint medal, Vanitas SP Ver on the fifth 10-draw if first four 10-draws fail, no Axel Art Ver [EX] guarantee

Axel Art Ver [EX] draw info: 5 ability upgrades, voice, full art, scheduled for re-release in a March premium draw without any ability upgrades (whether it’ll be considered a guaranteed reprint is not stated)

Vanitas SP Ver draw info: 3 ability upgrades, voice

Status Bonus info: Axel Art Ver [EX] and Vanitas SP Ver will have +1000 in strength and defence. If Vanitas SP Ver is gotten through the guarantee, it cannot have Status Bonus.

Axel Art Ver [EX]

  • Ability name: Prison of Flame
  • Description: [Whole] +3 Speed strength, -3 enemy Speed defence for 1 turn. More HP = higher multiplier. (1 attack.)
  • AG cost: 2
  • Guilt tier: 5
  • Quote: 【記憶したか?】

Vanitas SP Ver

  • Ability name: Spinning Shadow
  • Description: [Whole] Ultra-high damage. Recovers 3 ability gauge. 9 attacks.
  • AG cost: 6
  • Guilt tier: 5
  • Quote: 【お前と融合を果たす!】

Reprint Medals

  • Key Art #3
  • The King Black Coat Illust Ver
  • Xion Illust Ver
  • Kairi Illust Ver
  • Marluxia Boss Ver
  • Ventus Illust Ver

Lorde is rumored to be releasing a song on March 7 (to the radio, so some are speculating it’ll be available for purchase on the 3rd or 10th so hopefully the 3rd) and confirmed to be performing on SNL on the 11th my gay ass is READY


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (2017) | Trailer

Breath of the Wild will release on March 3, 2017, alongside the Nintendo Switch.


Since I might die of old age before October 2017 I thought I’d lay down my expectations for Oathbringer:

  • Kaladin returns home to discover Tien was alive all this time, but has killed Kaladin’s parents. Tien is a secret Voidbringer. He and Kaladin fight to the death but we don’t find out who wins until book four
  • Dalinar and Navani get struck by Everstorm lightning at the same time and swap bodies
  • It turns out Zahel was Vivenna all along. She was using her hair magic to pretend to be him and is searching for Nightblood
  • Szeth and Jasnah bond over how everyone thought they were dead and fall in love. They legally adopt Nightblood as their son. Then when Elhokar and his whole family die, Nightblood becomes King of Alethkar
  • Shallan goes undercover at a baking competition to discover who killed Sadeas
  • Adolin kills again 
  • It turns out Lift was Hoid all along
  • Dalinar (he and Navani swapped their bodies back when they kissed) and Renarin get stranded on a desert island. It turns out Dalinar can use the Stormfather to control the weather and the ocean. He causes a shipwreck and quotes Prospero for 12 chapters. Eshonai is Caliban. Renarin invents a submarine and they all escape from a volcano
  • It turns out Hoid was Kelsier all along