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The New York Public Library just uploaded nearly 200,000 images you can use for free
The New York Public Library just released a treasure trove of digitized public domain images, everything from epic poetry from the 11th century to photographs of used car lots in Columbus, Ohio from the 1930s.
By Andrew J . Hawkins

Over 180,000 manuscripts, maps, photographs, sheet music, lithographs, postcards, and other images were released online Wednesday in incredibly high resolution, and are available to download using the library’s user-friendly visualization tool. It’s a nostalgist’s dream come true.

Black Panther Will Feature Nightshade

From Kilmonger to Man-Ape, Black Panther will feature a slew of comic book villains, and one actress has confirmed yet another will appear.

Over on Twitter, Nabiyah Be took to social media to confirm who she would be playing in Black Panther. The actress shared a still from the movie’s trailer which released recently. The image sees Be dressed in military gear, and the actress wrote, “Check out Tilda Johnson’s first appearance in Marvel.”

If you are not familiar with Tilda Johnson, then you may know the woman by another name. The Marvel Universe often refers to the character as Nightshade, and she is a recurring villain to both Captain America and Black Panther. The vixen is a genius biochemist who has an extreme love of lycanthropy. In the comics, Nightshade has an army of wolves which she commands and uses potions to see her nefarious plots through.

Born into poverty, Tilda Johnson hails from New York and gradually realizes she has a natural gift with science. Her criminal career began when she was a teenager, and she teamed up with various Marvel villains over the year. There’s no telling how Nightshade will fit into Black Panther, but fans can be sure the woman will not be on T’Challa’s side. In the comics, Nightshade has gone against the Black Panther directly using poisons and paralytics. There’s a good chance Tilda Johnson will be lending her gifts to Kilmonger as the baddie apparently seeks out assistance from Ulysses Klaw.

(The woman featured next to Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger is Nabiyah Be’s Nightshade.)


Yooran Week’s only a weekend away! Are you ready to experience paradise?

In celebration of this , here are the prompts and guidelines to help you all happily enjoy the event!

Daily Prompts

Day 1   First Meeting // First Kiss
Day 2   Video Games // Cosplay
Day 3   Ice Cream and Coffee // Cooking
Day 4   Alternate Universe // Mint Eye
Day 5   Vacation // Strawberry Festival
Day 6   Sleepover // Hair and Makeover Night
Day 7   The Morning After // Master and Slave

Guidelines & Rules

  • To join in, make your work about YooRan following the prompts above and post during the week of 19 - 25 June.
  • Or if you don’t want to use the above prompts, you’re welcome to think of your own.
  • Other pairings are welcome, as long as the main pairing is YooRan.
  • Anyone can participate (writers, artists, editors, etc.)
  • Tag the post with #yooranweek so we can reblog your work!
  • Don’t worry if you don’t finish on time! We will still reblog your creations no matter when as long as it is tagged when you submit them.
  • NSFW is allowed.
  • Multiple AUs are allowed.
  • No hatred on another ship/character/person.
  • If you have any questions, you can message @blissfullyintoxicated​, @11daysofhell​, @dragonpigeons​, @nayeonniekim​, @mariamagica​ or send an ask to the @yooranweek blog.

With love from paradise,
Mod Nay


REALLY wanted to draw Yellow Diamond (and yp) today. *.* (i somehow fell in love with her when i woke up today, so i’m yellow pearl rn fklfhgsljafhl)

(Also I’m working on other doodles for the SU leaks but I’ll post those later in the month.)


News: Shingeki no Kyojin x Broccoli Nyaa~ Costumes

Original Release Date: July 2017
Retail Price: 2,100 Yen each

A first look at the upcoming Survey Corps cape & Levi uniform outfits for Broccoli’s Nyaa~ Costumes at AnimeJapan 2017!

Update (April 27th, 2017): Official merchandise images released on the presale sites! The two available outfits imitate those worn by Eren and Levi.

Things I need in life

Yuri and Otabek going on friend dates with each other and gushing over their crushes at each other (or at least as close to gushing as these two can get lol).

Like Otabek listening to Yuri enthusiastically talk about Yuuri and then Yuri playfully teasing Otabek because when Otabek talks about JJ he gets all shy.

or if you want angst, they both comfort each other because both of their crushes are engaged :’) 


All sixty Cardcaptor Sakura illustrations released from May 2007 to April 2017, now updated to include the cover for the second volume of Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc. These images were released over a period of ten years, with the newest getting published twenty years after the series began!

New Weather Satellite Sends First Images of Earth : The release of the first images today from NOAAs newest satellite, GOES-16, is the latest step in a new age of weather satellites. This composite color full-disk visible image is from 1:07 p.m. EDT on Jan. 15, 2017, and was created using several of the 16 spectral channels available on the GOES-16 Advanced Baseline Imager