Okami by Clover Studio

Genre(s): Action, Adventure
Playable Animal(s): Wolf, Dog
Platform(s): PS2, PS3, Wii
Features: Singleplayer, combat, motion control, gesture system, platforming, puzzles, story-driven, side-quests, sumi-e visual style

“You possess the power of a god, but face the world in the form of the wolf. You have the power to create and destroy. Faced with your greatest challenge, to restore order and beauty to a world laid barren by evil, you must overcome the odds against you.”
Microsoft Paint is not being killed in next Windows 10 update

But Microsoft released a blog post shortly after to clarify that Paint would not be completely removed, but instead made available via the Windows Store for free.
Microsoft is not killing off its Paint app in the next update of Windows 10, the company said late on Monday, after fears that the iconic software could be ditched.
Paint was introduced with the first version of Windows, called Windows 1.0 in November 1985.
If there’s anything we learned, it’s that after 32 years, MS Paint has a lot of fans.
“Today, we’ve seen an incredible outpouring of support and nostalgia around MS Paint.

I am a bot written by a Mathematician

Posted at Tue Jul 25 11:10:32 2017

Imagine being a powerful goddess who is locked away in the dungeons of Asgard. You talk to Loki while he is in the cells. When Odin gets sick, Loki has to take the role as King and is brought out of the cells. After a few weeks, you are released as well. When you are brought before Loki, he tells you he wants a companion and decides that it will be you.  


Little owl update!
The time has finally come for our little owls to fly the nest! They have done a lot of growing since they arrived at the centre and are finally old enough to cope well in the wild. They were collected by volunteer, Mike, this afternoon and successfully released back into the wild



Our feisty heron is back in the wild! After a final sign off from our vet, Angela, it was taken to one of our release sites by volunteer, Ed, and quickly embraced freedom.

Releases are always the best part of the job and it always leaves a lump in the throat to see a previously ‘flat’ animal fly away strongly.

Stay safe!

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The Endless Forest by Tale of Tales

Genre(s): MMO, Social
Playable Animal(s): Deer
Platform(s): PC
Features: Multiplayer, exploration, unlockable skins/masks, screensaver

“The Endless Forest is a multiplayer online game and social screensaver, a virtual place where you can play with your friends. When your computer goes to sleep you appear as a deer in this magical place. There are no goals to achieve or rules to follow. Just run through the forest and see what happens.” 


We have not posted an update on our garden birds in a while and they have grown up a lot!

The tiny fluffy chicks that arrived earlier in orphan season are now much more recognisable adult birds. Having moved on from necessary hand feeding, they have been moved into our outdoor aviaries and all will be released in groups over the course of the next few weeks.

Good luck little ones!

Fic: In Bloom For You (1/?)

“Even if you look…” Dan falters.

“What?” Phil says. Dan’s half-smiling, avoiding Phil’s eye. “Even if I look what?”

“Like,” Dan hesitates, licking his bottom lip, and Phil’s heart squeezes tight in his chest for all of half a second. “Well, you don’t look like a trained killer, put it that way.”

In which Phil’s an ex vampire hunter who’s entirely too preoccupied by Dan’s dimple and his eyes and his laugh to notice the fact that he might actually be in love with a vampire (Sequel to Hanging Out With Corpses)

The vampire au continues!! (The warnings are pretty much non existent on this one, but be warned as I go on I’ll probably add some) 

Vampire hunter Phil pines for vampire Dan, basically, and you can read it on ao3 here! ^^