I could hear
all those things
you ran from
with every song
you released
living your dream

you didn’t need
to play your
albums in
reverse to hear
the taunting
of your demons

I grew up
I cradled your
songs close to
my chest
I knew I wasn’t
the only one

that felt numb
that watched the sun set
that wanted something
rather than nothing
to matter

I wish we could’ve found
a new palette of colors
that just weren’t a collection
of shit grey so maybe the world
wouldn’t need rose colored glasses
just so it can make another rotation
just so the fingers of the sun
could tighten it’s grip out of love
rather than anger

I hope you slipped calmly
beneath the waves when
you decided to let go
of the edge you so
desperately clung

I’m sorry that your armor broke
I’m sorry that you were the only
one who could repair it
I’m sorry that your symphony
played it’s final notes in
the middle of battle

you may have already felt
like a ghost in your final
hours but we never lost
sight of the spirit you let
spill from your eyes with
your honest lyrics
your highest notes

you felt the weight of
a thousand worlds for
so long that anyone
could understand
why you would
it to insanity

you don’t need to apologize
I understand that these plans
we make can be written in blood
washed away with the mud
of uncut clouds
leaving us with more questions
of subjects we thought to be
experts on

I hope you didn’t scream at yourself
I hope you finally felt like you won
I hope you can walk to what you
always wanted when you wake up
on whatever road you travel next

I fucking care that your flickering
light went out amongst a sea
of dimmer specks,
even though
you might feel you didn’t shine
as brightly as you did
so many
used you to guide us
shining brighter
than Polaris did in
a world without the pollution
of smog traced neons

I’m sorry that you lost books
of stories when you lost track
of your scars
those consequential sharp
edges are wounds some of us
share as we trudge
this unmapped path

so we all continue forward
under this blanket of scars
we still listen to your words
hydrohelioizing your perfect

polarisized star

Demon Soul Eater AU

“You really shouldn’t go about chanting Latin you find in ancient texts.” the demon scoffed, his ruby eyes showing otherwise hidden amusement, “Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie?”

Maka meekly shook her head, clutching the book, “I-I just read a lot. I thought it was all a legend.”

“A legend?” he pondered aloud, dragging his fingers along his horns, “I suppose its a compliment you see me as legendary.”

She stared in wonder before the creature of great grace dropped his hands to his hips and smiled devilishly, “I still belong to you, until you release me. So, what’s your dream, tiny tits?”

Maka swallowed hard, looking at the remains of a page that must have held the banishing curse, lost to the trials of time. She had no clue how to get rid of him.

And he knew it.

 A Blank Page, A Fresh Start

By Kquila and Emma, photo courtesy of Valeree

It’s 2015! Not quite New Year anymore but still a great time for a fresh start. A journal is the perfect way to achieve this, so here are some tips on keeping one! If you don’t have a journal already then go and get one, because they can be really fantastic company. 

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Sweet mornings

Spider’s silk
Then play upon your lips
Even your words
Constrained under the archway of your molten desires

Beg to me as if your knees be free
There’ll be little left to part
When all doorways are opened
Only the freedom of your own release

“This is a dream, you are the dreamer.
It is ok to let other Angels hold the love for those asleep, you deserve to be held and loved.
Your own Angels long for you. Clear your mind of this waking dream.
Release your incredible hold on those who you cannot help today.
Including your own mortal body.
someone wrote this to help me sleep

its pretty

I just have to say this, and then I’m not going to talk about it anymore.
I knew stealing dream addresses was possible from the beginning, but I chose not to bring it up- and deleted anonymous questions about it- because I didn’t want to be responsible for spreading the idea around.
The reason I shared these hacks was because they allow you to personalize your town however you want. You can make it into WHATEVER you want it to be. It’s a great creative outlet, and these hacks make anything possible. That’s what I was hoping to help people with. I was hoping I’d be able to help people customize their towns into something they were 100% in love with. And I was hoping (foolishly) that the concept of stealing someone else’s hard work and making it your own wouldn’t cross anybody’s mind.
Now it’s obviously being talked about constantly, and most of you probably already know how it’s done. I just want to say that I do not condone the idea of stealing someone’s town, even if just for your own personal use. Animal Crossing has become one of my main ways to express myself. My town is mine and it is unique and I have spent so much (arguably too much) time making it into something I love. I know many of you can relate.
I have tried not to worry about this particular exploit becoming widely known, but now it obviously is becoming an issue to the point where many of you are reasonably reluctant to release your dream addresses. I still believe that this community is one that respects the importance this game has to so many of us. I am choosing (again, maybe foolishly) to believe that this will not become a greater issue.
But I guess what I am taking too many words to say is this: I do not condone stealing anybody’s hard work. I hope anybody who is even considering stealing a dream address realizes that your time and energy would be better spent creating your own town, with your own characters and your own stories. It’s so much more satisfying and so much more enjoyable creating something yourself that you love wholeheartedly. That’s the whole reason these hacks exist. That’s the whole point of the game!
I hope none of you are too discouraged. I hope you can share your towns and be proud of your hard work and know that nobody can take that away from you.