• Laughing lowers blood pressure. People who lower their blood pressure, even those who start at normal levels, will reduce their risk of strokes and heart attacks. …
  • Reduces stress hormone levels.
  • Fun ab workout.
  • Improves cardiac health.
  • Boosts T cells.
  • Triggers the release of endorphins.
  • Produces a general sense of well-being.  (Source)

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The wallet isn’t what Terezi is looking for.

The wallet when it entered the Troll’s universe was with lil Cal, which was tossed at the Aradia bot when Bec Noir entered their session.

This was then recovered by not dead Aradia, given to sollux, then given to kanaya and promptly repaired.

Kanaya did not keep the wallet, otherwise she likely would have implemented it instead of her chastity modus.

That means the wallet is still with Cal and Gamzee when he goes murdermode

Which means the Gamzee has the wallet. And Cal’s inside the wallet, because he isn’t actively being used by Gamzee. 

All gamzee needs is for the trigger to release English from that vessel, whatever it might be. Because Cal’s right there in plain sight hiding from everyone in the back pocket of a bound and gagged juggalo.

Now, who beside Gamzee would know this? Oh I don’t know, maybe his Kisnemesis?

Terezi wasn’t looking for the wallet, she’s looking for Cal.

Just in case, gotta say this for new followers:

✂ This blog is full of KlK spoilers! ✂

I will be tagging posts with ‘klk spoilers’ since many are watching the series for the first time! ^^

In case you haven’t finished KlK yet, please be aware that majority of the fanwork on this blog are ongoing post-series AUs. Most of my headcanons take place after the series’ conclusion and are also inspired by additional character information released by Studio Trigger. ☆


Tree Nut Allergy
Oil on panel, 8"x8"

Part of the series of trompe l'oeil allergy paintings to go with “Anaphylaxis.”

Here, IgE (immunoglobulin E), the antibody that binds to mast cells and triggers the release of substances that cause the allergic response, is both embroidered into the cloth and present on the fringe, as Y-shapes interspersed with the regular loops. Circles of red appear in the streak of white marble like blood cells in a vein. 

It’s like 5:30am and I still can’t sleep and I’m having all sorts of deep thoughts and shit and it’s making me super energetic, soooo I’m just gonna chill here and type out some of the stuff I’m thinking because why the hell not.

This is probably gonna be long as dicks and kinda disorganized, so don’t feel obligated to read it, even if we’re like really close ahaha. I’m really just doing this for my own sense of clarity/release.

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Thawing Permafrost: the Arctic's Slow, Giant Carbon Release |InsideClimate News

InsideClimate News has a story about the relationship between global warming, the thaw of Arctic permafrost and the feedback loop potentially created by that. Here’s the link to the story.


As the Arctic heats up at a rate twice that of the rest of the globe and as sea ice and glaciers turn to water, the world’s permafrost is also thawing. A recent review article in the journal Nature found that as the unfrozen organic matter decays, vast stores of carbon in the permafrost could be released into the atmosphere. When that happens, it will trigger a centuries-long, unstoppable feedback system, in which warming will release carbon, which will trigger more warming, which will release more carbon. This infographic shows how and why.

“My Best Dog”
by Jamie L. Harding. March 2015. ©

A quick short, Non-Fiction story I wrote last month about the moment I revealed to my fiancee that it would be Zak, my fifteen year old dog and best friend, that would be my best man at our wedding.

“Who’s your best man going to be at our wedding?”
The question is abrupt, unexpected. I release the left trigger of the Xbox remote clutched within my grip, and move to cover. I go prone, leaving the weapon watching a small alleyway – one which would funnel any approaching enemies into an effective kill zone. I take my videogames seriously.
With my character crouched there, I offer my response.
“Zak, probably.”
Tara, my fiancée, retorts with a chuckle, followed eventually by a “wait, you’re serious?” sort of look.
“He’s my best buddy,” I add.
“He’s your dog.”

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When you’re over them, and the slightest tiniest thing, like

the smell of cologne of the guy that just walked past you

breaks a whole freaking dam flood of memories that took ages to box away, only to be released like a trigger bomb without warning.

You know what? Fuck you. Fuck you for destroying me. Fuck you for making me the me i’ve became. Fuck you for taking my firsts away. My first iloveyous. My first 3am texts. My first date. My first fancy dinner. My first guitar lesson. My first time driving. My first flower. My first love. My first poem. My first love letter. My first song. My first kiss. Fuck you for holding my hands, for the only hands I’ve ever held besides my dad’s, were yours. I hate you for making my life so miserable. Fuck you for making me the person I’ve became. I want to burn that park bench where we used to sit and talk about our day. The scribbles which you would childishly write in my notebook without me noticing? I used to keep them because they’re, you. And maybe, show them to our grandkids later in the future.
Now, when I open my books to study, traces of you could be seen everywhere. You’ve created a living hell for me. I want to erase the memories of us together. Everything. I want to erase, you.

Allow me to apologize now because by the time you’ve sent the message you know I need to hear the pills will already be burning their way through my veins stoping my heart.

By the time you’ve pressed send my finger already be releasing the trigger because my brain is no longer sending singles saying to hold on.

By the time you start worrying if I’m really alright the thoughts of suicide will have taken over my mind and the smile on my face will turn blue and cold.

evidentem asked:

           ♟: Patching up a wound

                                                                                        ❛ HOLD STILL. ❜

                                             a command that fires —— rather than HELPFUL advice. the strength of her tone diminishes into a muffle, caught in the breeze that is her swift movements to gather her gear. this road is one she’s travelled down before, with the widow’s prints still left to mark the path, a FOSSIL in a museum —— a thought she’s unlikely to escape. on the other hand, at least she’s able to trace her steps to wander towards the light, to scout towards the end of the tunnel. trained eyes dart, scouting like a sniper lining up it’s VICTIM. a brief assessment ;; inch or so deep, knife wound, stitches required. & just like that, she fires into action. as if someone has released the trigger on a well wound pistol, the bullet curving towards it’s destination. dirt, that’s all her fingertips can stumble towards. debris planted at their feet, no luxuries the widow can crawl towards. LUCKILY, for him, a needle & sterilization are always at hand. emergencies are always likely. thread in place. splash of the transparent ACID to singe his skin —— all for precautions. 

                                             fingers are placed either side of the slice, red liquid DAWNING it’s way to submerge her tips, staining the pastel surface with a death like polish ;; more droplets to add to her list, the puddles forming in her palms, overflowing like constant waterfalls which splash onto the red death’s record. it’s a tender touch, to melt her fingerprints onto his calloused skin from the heat his skin is radiating, to watch as her MARK is left in his place. no time can be wasted on moments of SENTIMENTAL value, needle pierces it’s way through the edge like a knife to hot butter, drawing a line between the crack. a hum while working, a gentle rhythm to SOOTH the SCREAMS he’s bound to bare. pain isn’t so easy to hide. 

                                                               ❛ you can cry if you want —— ❜
                                                                                 ❛ i wont judge. ❜


Celebrate Splatoon with 10 Fun Facts About Squids

April 14, 2015

In advance of the launch of Nintendo’s new game Splatoon for the Wii U on May 29th, Nintendo compiled a list of fun and interesting facts about squids. In case you aren’t aware, the “Inkling” main characters in the game can transform into squids during gameplay to swim over the surface and up the walls, so we thought we would help you to get to know a bit more about them. You’ll find 10 fun facts about squids below, which we encourage you to share with your readers.

The Nintendo Team

10 Fun Facts About Squids:

Squid have gills just like fish. They are often mistaken for octopus. While the two are similar they are different types of creatures.
Every squid has three hearts. They also move through the water tail first instead of head first.
The ink sac can be triggered to release this black substance very rapidly.
The Humboldt squid is very aggressive and will even attack sharks in the water.
The only predators that giant squid have are sperm whales.
Some species of squid are able to glow in the dark, which makes them easier to spot in the dark waters! Research shows this is due to them having bioluminescent organs.
The giant squid have eyeballs that are the same size as a standard basketball - a helpful defense mechanism in the water that allows them to spot their surroundings more easily.
Squid are believed to be the fastest of all invertebrates in the world. The giant squid is the largest invertebrate in the world.
Even though 300 species of squid have been identified and classified, it is believed there are at least 200 more that still need to be evaluated. Now that’s a lot of squid!
Some species of squid have been found to live more than 13,000 feet deep in the water - that’s about 43 football fields in length.


There it is, sitting there, soaking everything up.
Saturated, maybe drying off on its own, slowly but surely.
Saturated, maybe released all at once, triggered by a suffocating squeeze.
Wet, dry, wet, dry, the cycle goes on endlessly.

But there’s only so much it can hold until it can no longer conceal, until the water must drip out.


Oh look it’s dry again.

It's basically an addiction

“Falling in love triggers the release of huge amounts of dopamine, activating the same neural pathways as cocaine. Dopamine - the “reward” hormone - explains your sudden motivation, elation and energy, along with your constant sense of craving, hence the euphoric highs when you’re together and anxious lows when you’re apart. It’s basically an addiction. You’re left constantly wanting that feeling.”

See Meals that can Help your Suppress your Appetite

See Meals that can Help your Suppress your Appetite

A new studies have identified compounds in certain foods that trigger the release of hormones in the stomach that help you feel full and neurotransmitters in the brain that suppress appetite and reduce cravings.

Eating more of these foods can help keep your hunger in check, even as you cut calories to peel off pounds.


An apple a day may keep extra pounds away, according to research that…

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