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Hey everyone, I’m really sorry this has taken so long. It’s just been like a huge slew of communication errors and waiting and such but I’m going to post the results now. Make sure you’re following me, Kris, and everyone in the net. Thank you for your patience :) I wasn’t able to access the typeform so I am not able to release your pronouns and triggers and for that I’m sorry. If you want to message me your triggers I can make a post later in the day.



Why does Riley expect to cry her eyes out during a love story where nothing bad ever happens? You can’t cry that much from happiness especially if nothing bad happens in the first place. That kind of cathartic release needs a trigger. You need to see the characters overcome hardship to get to a happy ending, and then cry from joy. No one enjoys a story where nothing happens. No one. There is no point to a story if everything is perfect from beginning to end. No one learns anything. 

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Have you ever handled a pump shotgun that when you pull the trigger you can keep pumping without having to release and pull the trigger again? The Stevens 520 take down 12ga (and their store named brands Wards Mod 30, Sears Ranger Mod 30 are 2) pre-1950 all are that way.

Slamfire! The 1897 and a few others operate like that too. It’s fun.

We had a meeting with our RE today.

Basically, the results boiled down to this:

We’re taking the summer off. My body needs time to recover, and my emotions need time to recover. I haven’t had time to really process everything because I’ve kind of been going at 1000 MPH since January, so this summer, we’re focusing on simple, family things. Finding time to go to the beach. Buying Sammy a Big Boy Bed. Shopping with Kat. Seeing a movie or two.

When we do resume, the protocol will be slightly altered… more like the first time, just with a long-release trigger to ensure that we’ve got more mature eggs. Assuming that those embryos survive to day 5 and freezing, we’re pretty sure we’re going to do PGS.

PGS stands for preimplantation genetic screening. It’s basically to ensure that none of the embryos have chromosomal abnormalities that are incompatible with life (read: we’re not looking for a designer baby or even a completely perfect baby, just a living baby), and it takes our chances of success from 50% to 90%… pretty decent odds there. We will find out the gender at that stage (like chromosomally, not whether they’re trans or cis), and if they’re healthy enough, we’ll probably try for a girl, just to balance things out here and so I can feel done. IVF isn’t a fun process; had it gone more smoothly earlier on, I’d likely have been more willing to try for a third pregnancy after this, but it’s been a mess, so at this point, any third kids we’d have, we’ll likely adopt.

In the meantime, though, I’m focusing on RPing and enjoying the summer with my beautiful family.

Have narratives perpetuated on film influence audience’s perspective of people of color? 

 The images and stories which we see in art and on film have a profound effect on the way we view the world. It is no secret that the narratives perpetuated on film can influence a viewer’s perspective.  Many may wonder what this has to do with inclusive representation of people of color in the media.  The answer is everything.

In a 2011 Chicago Tribune article, writer Danielle Braff noted that movies can affect your brain and body in ways you may not be able to detect.  Braff continues by including statements made by Birgit Wolz, a psychologist focusing on movies as therapy, and author of “E-motion Picture Magic”.  Wolz states, “Because many films transmit ideas through emotion rather than intellect, they can neutralize the instinct to suppress feelings and trigger emotional release.  By eliciting emotions, watching movies can open doors that otherwise might stay closed.”

Film has long been used to mold ideologies and our perceptions.  There are many examples of how film has been used to influence our ideologies about certain places, people and individuals.  Films like:  The Birth of a Nation, Song of the South, Sixteen Candles, Spanglish, Falling Down, Gran Torino, Soul Man, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Cleopatra, Out of Africa, The Passion of the Christ, Jungle 2 Jungle, The Last Samurai, and Dangerous Minds either perpetuate or enforce white superiority through blatant whitewashing or casting people of color in demeaning and/or inferior roles.  Sadly, these are just a few of the endless list of films which applied these practices.

In the past twenty years, there have been some positive representation with shows like Fresh off the Boat, A Different World, The Mindy Project, Girlfriends, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Martin, and Living Single — all television productions.  Unfortunately, the atrocious portrayal of people of color in film and television outnumber the positive narratives.Tropes have been used to inject ideologies that Asian men are nerdy or asexual; Middle Eastern men are terrorists; or, Black men are criminals.  Any character that does not fit into these narrow stereotypes are considered extraordinary. Visit DiFTMedia to continue.


Now that was a proper answer, at least to some extent. He could have used with a larger vocabulary of descriptive words, but at least he did a lot better than simply saying something like ‘it tastes like chocolate’. She did suppose part of that must have come from the fact that Elliot knew about her and what she was, but she appreciated it nonetheless. “What is your favorite part about it? What type of chocolate do you prefer? Do you prefer it with things mixed in or just plain chocolate?”

He let out a guffaw of laughter at her rapid-fire questions and tapped his finger on his chin in contemplation “Chocolate is what some people define `Comfort food´ since it has been proven that it triggers the release of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine which have positive effects on the brain, helping depression and reducing stress levels; it has commonly been seen as something one eats looking for pleasure rather that for nutrition or sustainment, but the most accurate answer in my would be that I like it cause it reminds me of happy times and the taste is really good.” He explained gesticulating haphazardly to make emphasis  “I prefer dark chocolate because the sweetness is not too obvious, it also has a richer taste. I prefer pure chocolate too, but that is just me, obviously, it depends on everyone´s preferences.” He nibbled in the nearly-eaten bar slowly, reveling on its taste once again.

Just got my #glock17 back from @nafsolutions who chopped my already stippled frame to a 19 size. I got his stabilization cuts, magwell cuts, magazine release cut, and two trigger guard undercuts. LOVE IT. if you guys are looking for stippling work, check him out and use code PracTac10 on your order form to save 10%!

Slide work from @ateiguns (use code practac10 to save 10% on services).
Trigger: @occustomtriggers
Sights: @let_it_do Y-Notch

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tar pits surrounded by a fungus that leeches tar from the pits and burns it in complex cylindrical organs to create puffs of superheated smoke that kill migrating insects which the fungus uses for food, the fungus sending up thin hairs miles into the air to act as triggers which release the smoke and windstorms over the hair’s usual tolerance causing huge shifts in weather as tons of smoke displaces and heats the air