release you music video

Selena: *releases Bad Liar song*

me: Who?

Selena: *releases gay Bad Liar music video*

me: Bad Liar? You mean the #1 summer smash hit that went 10x platinum one (1) minute after its release… by THE Selena Gomez – the feminist bisexual vegan legend, the inventor of incorporating Oscar-worthy acting into music videos, the lyrical and vocal goddess extraordinaire? Oh yes we stan!

I wonder if Taylor still remembers she can actually reply to our posts

let’s try and see

Taylor how excited are you right now about the release of the NEW FREAKING MUSIC VIDEO

Nu’est and Topp Dogg for new fans

I’m not sure if anyone has done this yet, but I’ve noticed a lot of people starting to get into groups that had members on Produce 101. So I’ve decided to put together a list of music videos and other videos from the groups, so you can get to know them.

And just incase you aren’t sure what songs to start with; I, Jae, personally suggest Good Bye Bye by Nu’est and Arario by Topp Dogg. Yet, Hae, the other writer on our blog, suggest Love Paint by Nu’est and The Beat by Topp Dogg.

Also if you notice I accidentally put the wrong video on any link, then please tell me so I can fix it. If you can think of a video I didn’t include you feel must be added, then feel free to message it to us.

Also just a note, most of the videos I linked are English subbed, but if needed you should be able to find the subs in other languages using Youtube.

Also I doubt it would happen, but please don’t copy this and post it else where claiming it is your own. 


Music Videos:


    • Face is their debut music video, they debuted in 2012, the music video also has some pre-debut Seventeen members in it: S.Coups, Seungkwan, Woozi, Mingyu, Wonwoo, and Hoshi.
    • Action is from their first mini album.
    • Not Over You is from their first mini album.
    • Sandy is from their first mini album.


    • Hello is from their second mini album.
    • Sleep Talking is from their third mini album.
    • Fine Girl is from the third mini album.


    • Good Bye Bye is from their first Korean studio album. 
    • Shalala Ring was their first Japanese song and from their first Japanese studio album. (I would also like to add, I couldn’t find a youtube video for it, so it’s a dailymotion video, so if your devices has problems loading dailymotion, you may want to skip it.)


    • I’m Bad was a special single.
    • Na.Na.Na.Namida is another Japanese song from their first Japanese studio album. (I would also like to add, I couldn’t find a youtube video for it, so it’s a dailymotion video, so if your devices has problems loading dailymotion, you may want to skip it.)


    • Overcome is from their fourth mini album.
    • Love Paint is from their fifth mini album. 


  • Ren, Baekho, Minhyun, and JR joined Produce 101.
    • Ren placed 20th.
    • JR placed 14th..
    • Baekho placed 13th.
    • Minhyun placed 9th.
      • Due to placing 9th Minhyun became a member of Wanna One, he will remain a member and be unable to promote with Nu’est until 2019.
  • While Minhyun is in Wanna One, Ren, Baekho, JR, and Aron formed Nu’est W, a subunit.
  • Hello 2017 Version [ Music Video ]
    • Not an actual music video but I felt it deserved to be here. 2017 version of Hello, a present to the  L.O.ㅅ.Es. 
  • If You [Song]
    • Not a music video. Song released by Nu’est W.
  • Where You At? [ Official Music Video ]
    • The first official music video from Nu’est W.

Other Videos:

Topp Dogg

Music Videos:


    • Follow Me was Topp Dogg’s debut song from their first mini album. Follow Me has all 13 of the original members in the video.
    • Cigarette is from the repackaged version of their first mini album. Cigarette also has all 13 of the original members.


    • Open The Door is from their second mini album. It has all 13 original members.
    • Arario is from the repackaged second mini album. It has all 13 original members. 
    • Topdog is from the third mini album. It has all 13 original members.
    • Peekaboo is from the repackaged third mini album. It has Kidoh, Atom, Jenissi, and Yano. I’m not even sure if this is like an actual music video but from what I can find it is.


    • Annie is a single released for their first anniversary. It has all 13 original members.
    • The Beat is from the forth mini album. It only has 10 members, since Seogoong, Kidoh, and Gohn left. 


    • Rainy Day is from the first studio album. It only has 9 members, since Jenissi left.


  • A-Tom competed in Produce 101.
    • He placed 26nd.
  • P-Goon, Hansol, and Nakta left Topp Dogg. 
    • While they may no longer be members, please support them and respect their descion to leave.. 
  • A-Tom is in JBJ.
  • Yano, Sangdo, Hojoon, B-Joo, and Xero are the only remaining members, currently active in Topp Dogg.
    • They are competing on The Unit.
    • It is currently unknown who passed first auditions and who didn’t.
  • Fantazy - JBJ [ Official Music Video
    • JBJ is a temporary group formed from trainees that were on Produce 101. It has A-Tom, Taehyun from Hotshot, Longguo from Longguo & Shihyun, Donghan, Hyunbin, and Kenta.

Other Videos:

The Ellen Show // H.S


Plot: Y/N and Harry are dating but its a secret and they do a song together, so they go on Ellen. Ellen tries to get them to confess


“You’re nervous.” Harry says walking into your dressing room.

You turn to face him, and nod. You’re taking deep breaths to try and calm yourself down.

“What if no one likes me?”

Before you know it, Harry walks over and wraps you into a hug.

“They’re going to like you.” He pulls back to look you in the eyes. “You’re a talented, beautiful, funny person. If they don’t see, I’m sorry they’re missing out.”

He presses a kiss to your forehead, and gives you another hug.

There was a knock on the door, “5 minutes. Let’s start walking out.”

Harry and you walk out, his hand on the small of your back. You walk by a table covered in food, and grab a cup of water.

You walk right up to where the stage opens up. Your manager, and a producer stand there, talking amongst themselves.

The producer quickly gets to work, placing the mics on you and Harry.

“Alright, kid. You ready?” Your manager, Jess, asks you.

You take another deep breath and nod, again.

“It’s just a small interview and then you’re performing Kids in Love. Easy enough.” Jess pats your shoulder.

You’ve done thousands of interviews, but none have ever been with the person you’re secretly dating. Harry Styles of all people. No pressure at all.

Just keep calm, and you’ll be fine.

Before you realize, your both walking out to a cheering crowd and an awaiting Ellen. You take a seat first, after hugging and greeting Ellen. Harry sits to your right, a smile on both of your faces.

“Welcome guys. So, Y/N this is your first time on my show, and Harry you practically live here.”

This earns a smirk and a shrug from Harry, “Rent free, too.”

“So, you guys released a song two weeks ago, and the music video just came out correct?”

You both nod.

“Yeah, Kids in Love was a project we started working on months ago.” You say. “We’re really glad of how it turned out.”

“It’s a catchy song, beautifully written too by the way.” Ellen looks between you and Harry. “Do we have a clip of the video?”

One of the producer nods, and the video pops up on the screen behind you. A short clip of Harry and you ‘acting’ like a couple.

The crowds cheers, after it finishes. Ellen puts her attention back on you both.

“The video’s beautiful, too. Y/N you directed it?”

“Well, it was actually directed by us both. Harry likes to think I did most of the work, but it was an equal job.”

“I just filmed a few takes, I’m still getting the hang of it. She did most of the work.”

After a few more questions about what the writing process was like, and what working together was like, they cut to a commercial break.

“So, when we return from the break, we’re playing Never Have I Ever.” Ellen leans towards the both of you. “Easy game. I’m sure you know how to play it.”

You nod before taking a drink of water. Feeling Harry’s eyes on you, you look over at it. Not realizing how far apart you guys are.

“Also,” Ellen draws you attention back to her, “Can I just say, you guys a cute couple.”


“And we’re back in 3-2-1. Action.” The camera man points at Ellen.

“Welcome back, now it’s time for Never Have I Ever.” She hands you a paddle, “I ask you questions and you tell me if you have of haven’t done these things. Ready?”

“Ready.” You nod.

“Never have I ever, fallen onstage.”

Harry: I have

You: I haven’t

You lean down towards the wooden table, “Knock on wood.”

“Never have I ever, dated a celebrity.”

Harry: I have

You: I have

“Never have I ever, dated someone I’ve worked with.”

Harry: I have

You: I have

Ellen gave you both a smile, “Never have I ever, dated anyone on this stage.”

You and Harry both looked at each other, you could feel the eyes of the audience.

Before you know it, Harry holds up the I have side of the paddle. His eyes still on yours.

The crowd goes crazy at his confession. Just two kids on the path of falling in love.


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Part 2

Pairing: BTS Jungkook X Reader

Genre: Angst

Warning: very very small mention of smut

Word Count: 1742

A/N heyyy this is going to be a – kinda – long series I guess? Well I always plan them to be long and then they come out short af, but I think this one will be up to 10 parts? Idk, don’t quote me on that lol. Thanks to the anon for requesting this and giving me a shot at another series 😊 <3

Breaking up with Jungkook wasn’t going to be easy. The arrangement was all so sudden, hauled towards you like a load of bricks. While your relationship with him had been happy, lively and all you had hoped it’d be, the pain to end it was unbearable, and you wondered whether you’d manage to scrape your way out from underneath the rubble.

Walking up the flights of stairs towards their dance studio felt like you were climbing up a mountain – you were rendered free of oxygen and gasping for air. While your knees shook as you took each step and your heart seemed to be beating erratically in your ears, you wished you could have been anywhere but getting closer to the shared tragedy. Choosing against taking the lift, you had decided the steps would allow you more time to prepare yourself for what was going to be one of the most difficult things you’d done. It was a form of procrastination; you’d taken the longest routes possible to the studio.

It wasn’t long before you heard the familiar echoey BTS music floating from the room. As you neared the studio, you rubbed your lips together nervously and began tapping your fingers against one another. Wearing tight denim jeans, a plain white top and a black cap, you continued down the hallway. Soon, laughter and shoe squeaks from the studio escaped, and you stood before the ugly metal door.

Through the small circular window, Jimin, who was sitting cross legged against the wall, spotted you. His smile widened and he pointed towards you delicately, rising to his feet. You swallowed, looking down at the handle and placing your hand on it.

You opened the door to a sweaty Jungkook, jogging over to you with a wide grin adorning his face. It made your heart ache. His eyes looked bright, hair messy in a similar cap to yours – facing backwards – and a large red hoodie. Your eyes traced the shapes his lips made when they pulled back to reveal his teeth, allowing yourself to memorise his smile. It was going to be the final time he smiled like that. Until someone else could make him do it instead.

“Y/N!” he exclaimed, the smile that made him look innocent and full of youth only making your stomach twist further with guilt. “Come in!” He beckoned you inside, the rest of the boys smiling and waving politely.

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Harry Styles - Guest Songwriter Imagine

[I’m not as happy with this as I wish I was when I first imagined writing this and that kind of bums me out. I’ve thought about re-writing it but just wanted to get something up for you guys. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I’m not happy with this - I’m just not. I hope you all like it though!]

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So apparently people are hating on Taylor Swift who released her new music video LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO last week.It’s hardly surprising as it’s kind of a thing in our society to build women up and champion them as long as they stay in their “boxes”, but once a woman breaks out of her box and plays a different role, society just loves tearing her down. Now I’m not a massive TS fan , but I am a huge fan of women . And what I get from her lyrics and music video is that she is sick of playing the part others think she should play and I say ‘good for you’. As women we are expected to choose between being the “girl next door”, “slut”, “mother”, “bitch”, “saint” etc, when the truth is - there is a little bit of everything in every single one of us. The reality is that as women we reinvent ourselves ALL THE TIME and our ability to do that scares people. Well guess what? Societys conception of what a woman should be, or do, or look like can kiss my ass and whoever wants women to conform into being just ONE thing can kindly fuck off!

Tova Leigh facebook post

imthemoongirl  asked:

Your blog is amazing 😍 Can I request a Vernon scenario when you're an idol who's featuring in a Seventeen song and having an interview with them. Basically the hosts start to ship you guys and tease you and the rest of the members tease you too? Ty❤

- you’re an idol and have just been offered to appear in seventeen’s new music video!!
- you love seventeen’s songs and you’d love to be able to meet them and work with them
- but you’re still hesitating over whether you should accept it or not and honestly you’re leaning more towards no because your schedule’s already packed and you’re afraid of the public’s response
- in the end after much convincing from the members of you group, you decided why not and that’s how you find yourself here
- you and seventeen were invited on a show to talk about the music video
- you walk through the door backstage and you’re immediately spotted by the boys who swarm around you, each telling you how excited they are to work alongside you
- you tell them that you’re just as excited but inside you’re actually really nervous because it’s your first time working with another group and you’re afraid of messing up and disappointing them
- while waiting for the staff to tell you it’s time to go on, you’re shifting from foot to foot while playing with your clothes, a bad habit you have when you’re nervous or worried
- when suddenly someone taps your shoulder
- you turn around and you nearly jump in surprise when you see hansol standing so close to you
- he smiles and ask “nervous?” and you reply “a little. i mean, what if the public doesn’t like me?? you know how scary the viewers can be, what if they were hoping for someone else?? what if—”
- hansol interrupts you and says “don’t worry about it. you’ll do great, alright? i know you will”
- and you know those words are simple and you were expecting to hear them somewhere along the way but….. coming from hansol…. they just felt so sincere
- you’re all told to go on scene, and after sitting down you realize that you’re sitting in front of hansol and he just grins at you and you’re like stop. don’t do this to me
- so the interview starts and the host asks “(name), we heard you’re going to be featured in seventeen’s new music video!! it must be really exciting, right??”
- you open your mouth but your words get stuck in your throat and your mind is all over the place as you try to think of an answer to such a simple question
- but then you look up to see the warmest brown eyes
- hansol is nodding for you to continue, his smile kind and encouraging
- and immediately you feel fine again. you answer the host with confidence and smiles, and you make a mental note to thank hansol once this is all over
- but slowly, the host notices that you look over at him every time you’re about to speak and a smirk appears on his face and he’s like ohhh i see
- and so he decides to have some fun
- “ah (name), i see you’ve taken a liking to hansol. you seem to be looking at him a lot hmmm”
- then seungkwan screams “OH I NOTICED THAT TOO AND VERNON HAS ONLY BEEN LOOKING AT (NAME) TOO” and before you know it ALL the members have joined in
- you and hansol’s faces turn bright red and you both look down because you’re both too shy to even look each other in the eye now
- the host eventually stops the teasing when the boys started screaming and over-reacting, and continues the interview but you’re still too afraid to look up at hansol
- at some point you do look up and hansol does too, and you both immediately look back down after having eye contact, you cuties
- after the show, you go up to hansol and say “thank you for helping me out!! i probably would’ve died on set if it weren’t for you”
- modest as he is, he answers “oh no, i didn’t do anything. you did amazing on your own ahahah” and your heart just…… how could you do this to me
- when hansol gets called by a staff member, you say goodbye to him and you’re about to leave the building when seungkwan suddenly slides in front of you
- he has a wide grin on his face and you’re like oh no what are you thinking
- and he says “sooo i noticed you looking over at my best friend” and you’re about to interrupt him but he quickly adds “….and like i mentioned earlier, i noticed him looking at you too”
- you say “well yeah i guess, i mean he was helping me out and everything—”
- then seungkwan says “no….. even when i was talking and making jokes, he didn’t even look over in my general direction. he normally does because i’m hilarious”
- you’re just like “nooo it can’t be i mean….. me???….. no….”
- and seungkwan places a hand on your shoulder and says “alright well if you don’t believe me, you’re just going to have to wait and see at the music video filming” and he leaves a confused you behind
- so you’re supposed to go to filming in two days and you’ve been sent the script to follow, so basically you have a scene with each member, and most of your scenes are with seungkwan
- but when the day of filming comes around…….
- “ah (name), seungkwan hasn’t been feeling well lately so he’s switching places with vernon”
- this is the first thing the film direction tells you when you get to the shooting area and you just look at him with wide eyes and dropped jaw
- you stutter “o-oh!! okay th-thanks for letting me know!!” and when he leaves, seungkwan enters the scene
- when he looks over at you and sees your red face, he just grins and makes a peace sign and you’re like omfG SEUNGKWAN I’M GOING TO KILL YOU
- hansol notices you and he approaches you and says “oh hey (name), did you… hear about the news??”
- and you try so hard not to show your nervousness as you answer “yeah i did, looks like we’ll be working together a lot, huh??”
- the director calls everyone to take their places and your first scene is with seungkwan
- so woozi decided on a cute yet upbeat concept again similar to pretty u, and it’s about the members being too shy to tell their crush they like them and fearing that they might lose them if they take too much time
- the first scene is of you sitting on a bench and then seungkwan walks into the scene and sits on the other side of the bench, making a space between you two
- and you’re like good because any closer and you probably would’ve wrung his neck
- so you shoot the scene and after several different angle shots, you get up and leave and the director yells “cut” and praises you for your good work
- the next few scenes are solos of hansol so seungkwan decides to approach you and talk for a bit
- he says “sooo how do you like the change of plans??” and you’re like “SEUNGKWAN HOW COULD YOU” and he says “trust me on this. you’ll see.”
- so the director decided to save your and hansol’s scenes together for last, and now you’re both sitting next to each other, both of your legs dangling over the edge of a roof and it’s sunset and the whole thing just feels like a scene out of a drama
- while you’re sitting there, you look down to see all the other members wiggling their eyebrows at you both and you’re like i hate you all
- hansol looks down and sees them all and just sighs “sorry about those kids” and inside you’re like lol you’re the second youngest hansol what are you saying
- you ask “are they always like this?” and he just says “nah….. they’re much worse, trust me”
- and while the directors and staff are working on the scene, hansol tells you a bunch of stupid things the boys have done back at the dorm
- like that time when there was only a small amount of toothpaste left and seungcheol ran away with it only to get attacked by them all, or that time jeonghan said that he always carries a spoon so that no matter what time it is he can eat
- and you both end up laughing while on the roof and the director suddenly screams “CUT”
- you both look down at the director who says “your laughing scene was perfect, good job. it looked so natural”
- both you and hansol are like “wait what?? we were filming????”
- needless to say seungkwan teased you so much for it
- filming obviously takes more than one day, so you always come back and the members in your group often point out how you look much happier these past few days
- “oh you know, it’s seventeen’s charm”
- during filming, every scene you have with hansol, you fall for him deeper and deeper
- but honestly you’re kind of sad because….. you fell for someone who probably only thinks of you as a co-worker…..
- after this, you guys probably won’t even talk anymore
- you push away all negative thoughts and instead focus on your scenes
- after a few more days, the music video is finally complete, and the boys line up to give you a hug as thanks for your hard work
- except for hansol
- he already left
- he’s nowhere to be found, and seungkwan clearly sees your disappointment so he walks up to you and says “don’t worry. you’ll see why” and you’re like seungkwan i’ve been hearing that from you since the first day of filming WHEN WILL I SEE IT
- but he doesn’t say anything and instead just grins at you
- after saying goodbye, you leave the building and sigh as you walk back to your dorm
- as you expected, you were nothing but his co-worker
- about two weeks later of no hansol seventeen, you’re scrolling through youtube when you see that seventeen’s channel released the new music video!!
- so you click on it and honestly you don’t know whether to cringe because you’re watching yourself or scream excitedly because you’re on a seventeen music video
- you eventually decide on both
- but while watching…… you notice something a bit odd….
- you grab the script sitting next to your bed and you shift your eyes from the script to the screen over and over
- and that’s when you realize
- all the scenes of hansol looking at you lovingly aren’t scripted
- in every scene you both have together….. even when he should be looking straight ahead or down or on the side…. he has his eyes on you
- you don’t want to be over-thinking or anything but…. maybe….?
- it may be nighttime and you may be in your pyjamas but you don’t care as you rush out into the streets to get to seventeen’s dorm because you have to KNOW
- the other members of your group rush to the door and watch you run off, screaming your name
- but you ignore them, their voices dying down as you run farther and farther, only focused on getting an answer
- because just like seventeen’s new song, if you take up too time, you might lose him
- you finally get there and you knock on the door, and to your surprise, hansol opens it and he’s confused because you look like you just ran a marathon
- he asks “(name)? what are you doing here?”
- you interrupt him “hansol. i just watched the music video….. and you…”
- he immediately turns red and says “wh-what about me?”
- you say “our scenes together….. i kind of noticed…. do you….?”
- unknown to you, the other seventeen members are all crouched down behind the door to eavesdrop and they’re all moving closer to hear better to the point where they all end up shoving each other and soonyoung pushes chan a little too hard, making him push hansol forward and
- he accidentally kisses you
- your eyes go wide and his too but…. neither of you pull away
- you’re both in your pyjamas and the members are all present and you’re all sweaty from sprinting all the way there
- but despite this
- everything is absolutely perfect
- you and hansol start dating after this but you both decide to keep it a secret from the reporters and interviewers for now
- after you told the members of your group, there was a lot of screaming and cheering in the dorm
- seungkwan literally doesn’t shut up about the fact that he set you two up
- “don’t i deserve something for setting you two up?? i mean i gave up my screentime just to get you two together”
- you and hansol both meet up on the roof you both filmed on after a long day of work and practice because in his words “it was the place he realized he fell in love with you”
- how much do you want to bet junhui told him to say that
- but it’s cute and that’s where you both share your first real kiss
- you recall the time you were actually going to refuse the offer to be in seventeen’s music video because of your already busy schedule and your fear of the high expectations
- but seeing how this all turned out
- you’re so glad you said yes

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What A Feeling #9 - I Miss You

Originally posted by dunkirks


*October 2017

It had been a few weeks since you and Harry had seen one another in person. This time around had been the longest you two had gone without seeing each other. Sure you were texting constantly and facetiming whenever you could, but it was still taking its toll on both of you. Harry had been asking you practically every day when you’d be able to fly out and join him on his tour for a few days, but you never had an answer.

You were still finishing up some appearances for your album and newest single release. You also had been spending the few days filming the music video. There were also countless photo shoots and interviews with magazines, so it wasn’t like you could just ditch them to see Harry. And he understood that but it didn’t mean it didn’t annoy him either.

One day you were out shopping with Eve and Ema, trying to get your mind off everything when she noticed something was up with you.

“Okay, spit it out,” Eve said. “What’s up with you?”

“There’s nothing up with me,” you said.

“You’ve been staring at that shirt for five minutes and it’s god awful,” she said taking out it out of your hands. “Now, tell us what’s wrong?”

You sighed. “I pretty sure the distance is getting to me and Harry. This is the longest we’ve been apart and it’s really hard. I mean the other times we were apart, we always knew a specific date on when we’d see each other again, but now with my schedule us seeing each other again is so up in the air.”

“Ah, Now, you’re in the position that we’ve been in for years,” Eve nodded. “And yeah, it’s fucking hard, but your relationship is still new, so it’s going to be even harder at first. It doesn’t exactly get easier but doesn’t feel so intense after awhile.”

“Yeah, and while it’s tough now, just think of what’s it’s going to be like when you finally see each other again,” Emma smiled. “It’ll be like Christmas morning, your birthday, and Valentine’s Day all rolled up in one.”

“And just like Christmas, it feels like it’s never going to come,” you sighed.


“For fuck’s sake,” Harry snapped. He sighed running his hand through his hair. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

Harry was at soundcheck for his show that night and he was distracted. He kept coming in at the wrong time and missing the wrong chords on the guitar.

“Look, maybe we should just call it day,” someone said.

Harry didn’t respond instead he just shoved his guitar off and walked away. He went back into the dressing room of the venue and sighed. He was beyond frustrated at the moment. He grabbed his phone from his back pocket and sat down on the couch in the room.

“Hey love, can you facetime?” He quickly typed to you.

“Sorry, can’t. We’re about to start shooting,” you sent back five minutes later.

“Damnit!” He shouted throwing his phone across the room.

He regretted it as soon as he had done it and knew that he needed to calm down. But it was hard. He missed you. He missed you like crazy it was starting to affect him.

What he didn’t get was that he was used to missing people, his mother, his sister, his father, other friends and family, but missing you was something totally different. It genuinely felt as if part of him was missing when you were away. If he hadn’t already figured it out, he definitely knew it now.

He was in love with you.


“Oh, come on! It’ll be a great surprise!” Emma said. “If you fly out now, you’ll be there right after the show.”

“I don’t know,” you sighed. “We’re supposed to go that event tonight as a band.”

“And? It’s not like its a charity thing or a something for you guys. It’s a birthday party…” she said. “Besides after tonight, isn’t Harry flying back to the UK for the next leg of the tour?”

“Tomorrow morning, I think,” you nodded.

“So, now is your chance to see him,” she said. “And for at least a good week or so, your schedule is clear.”

“No, it’s not,” you said. “We’re supposed to be performing at-”

“Actually,” Emma said. “That got rescheduled.”

“Wait? What?” You asked. “By who?”

“Apparently, there was an issue with the venue or something,” she said. “Mitch got the call this afternoon and that’s why I came straight over here.”

“Wait? Why didn’t I get this call?” You said looking through your phone. “Oh…I did.”

“See, now I already booked the plane ticket, so you’re going,” she said. “Besides you need to get away. You’ve been working for the last couple of months.”


The show went okay. Harry definitely could have done better, but also could have done a lot worse. He was thankful for the upcoming off days before his next show. He needed to rest his voice and his body from all the traveling. He really wanted to fly to LA and spend them with you, but you’d be busy, so what was the point.

He got back to the hotel, shortly after the show, and went up to his room. He was exhausted and wanted nothing more than to go to bed before his early flight in the morning. When he opened the door, he turned on the light and was slightly confused.

There were rose petals on the floor, along with shoes and other items of clothing that didn’t belong to him. Candles were also lit and he could hear music playing in the bathroom. He was a little worried and thought about calling hotel security, but he was also intrigued to figure out what the hell was going on.

He took off his boots and put his keys on the table. He kept his phone with him just incase he needed to call for back up. He slowly made his way towards the bathroom, when he heard the sound of water. Apparently, whoever was in his bathroom was taking a bath.

He opened the bathroom door to you laying in the bathroom, covered in bubbles.

“Why hello there, handsome,” you smirked.

Harry looked at you in complete shock. He brought his hands over his face and laughed. “W-What are you doing here?”

“Well, I decided to take a nice bubble bath tonight, but I didn’t want to take one alone, so here I am,” you smirked.

Harry laughed and walked over to you. He quickly pressed his lips to yours before jumping into the tub with you, fully clothed.

“Really?” You laughed.

“Yep, now come here,” he smirked pulling towards him.

You giggled climbing onto his lap wrapping your arms around his neck.

“God, I’ve missed you,” he said.

“I know because I’ve missed you like crazy,” you whispered.

“How long are you here for?” He asked.

“Well, it depends, do you want me to tag along with you to the UK for a few days or…?” You smirked.

“Wait? You can come with me? But I thought-” he said.

“One of our performances got reschedule, so that means no rehearsals this week, which means I’m free to do what I want with my time off,” you smiled.

“I’m really happy you decided to spend that time with me,” he smiled.

“Who else would I get to join me for a bubble bath?” You laughed.

“I’m sure there are plenty who would jump up at the chance,” he said.

“There’s only one person I want,” you whispered.

Harry pressed his lips against yours and quickly deepened the kiss. His hands were at your sides and your hands were in his hair. You two were so engrossed with one another, you didn’t hear the door open and someone walk inside.

“Hey, Harry you in here-” Jeff said walking into the bathroom.

You screamed a bit as Harry held you close to him to keep everything hidden as possible.

“Jesus, Jef, what the fuck are doing here?” Harry groaned.

“I uh- Wow. I’m so sorry. I’ll just come back,” he said before quickly walking out the door.

“Oh my god, that did not just happen,” you laughed. “Did you not lock your door?”

“Guess not,” he laughed. “Oops.”

“That’s so embarrassing,” you groaned. “I look like I’m trying to seduce you.”

“Aren’t you though?” He smirked.

“Shut up,” you laughed hitting his shoulder.

“Now, as much as I love this, the water is getting cold,” he said.

You nodded and you both got out. You laughed at Harry trying to take off his soaking wet clothes.

“I can’t believe you got in fully clothed,” you laughed wrapping a towel around you.

“There wasn’t enough time to take everything off beforehand. I just wanted to enjoy a nice bath with my naked girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in ages,” he smirked.

“Maybe I wanted to enjoy a nice bath with my naked boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in ages, but you ruined that,” you smirked.

“I’m naked now,” he smirked wrapping his arms around you and picking you. “Enjoy me all you want.”

“Ahh,” you laughed holding on to him as he carried you over to the bed.

“You’re getting the bed all wet,” you laughed. “You could have at least dried off first.”

“Why? You get the bed wet all the time,” he smirked.

“Shut up,” you blushed.

He laughed pulling you closer to him. He wrapped his arms around you and kissed your head.

“I’m really glad you came here today,” he whispered. “I was having a hard day all day and the show could have been better.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked.

“No, I was just getting in my head,” he said. “And I might have started missing you a little too much.”

“I’m here,” you smiled.

“Yeah, you are,” he smiled. “And I couldn’t be happier.”


The next morning you woke up with your arms wrapped around Harry and the sound of the alarm on his phone going off. You groaned and kissed his back before reaching over to turn it off.

“I love waking up to a view like this,” he smirked pressing a kiss against your naked chest right in front of his face.

You rolled your eyes. “I’ll send you a picture.”

“But the real thing is such more better,” he smirked reaching up to touch you.

“Hey!” You laughed slapping his hand away. “We have a flight to catch.”

“Exactly, which means we have hours before we can properly have sex,” he said. “We just cuddled last night, which is totally fine with me, but it caused a little bit of a problem.”

“It’s not exactly a little problem,” you mumbled.

He smirked. “Please, I set the alarm, so we’d have plenty of time to fool around.”

“Wait, so I could have slept for another hour?” You gasped.

“Yep,” he said. “You can sleep on the plane!”

You groaned dramatically and looked down at him. “You’re lucky I love you,” you laughed against his lips.

As soon as the words left your lips, Harry’s body stiffened. Your eyes widen once you realized what you said and you quickly sat up embarrassed. Harry sat up and looked over at you.

“What did you say?” He asked.

“It’s nothing, I- it just slipped,” you said quickly.

“Did you mean it?” He asked again reaching for you hand. “Do you mean it?”

You sighed looking down. This was so embarrassing. You were afraid this was going to happen and why you didn’t want to be the first one to express your feelings. This was too soon, you two had only officially been together for like three months.

“Truthfully, yeah, I do,” you said. “But I know what you’re thinking. We’ve only been together a few months and it’s entirely too soon to be in love. And that you care about me, but you don’t love me, not yet at least. And I completely understand that.”

Harry laughed. “Are you finished?”

“I uh.. yeah,” you nodded.

“Truthfully, yeah, I am thinking that, at least part of that,” he said. “But I’m also thinking about how much I love you too.”

Your head shot up and looked into his eyes. “Y-You love me?”

“Yeah, I do you dork,” he laughed. “And now that I’ve finally said it out loud, I feel like this huge weight has been lifted off of me.”

“Wow,” you whispered. “Huh, I was expecting this happened,” you laughed.

“Me either,” he smiled. “But I’m glad it did because now I don’t feel like I have to hold my tongue when I’ve waited to say it to you so many times before.”

“I know what you mean,” you smiled. “Can you say it again?”

“Only if you say it again,” he smirked.

“I can do that,” you smiled.

“Well then, Y/N, I love you,” he whispered.

“Harry, I love you,” you whispered.

He smiled pressing his lips to yours and pull you tightly against him.

“Good thing you set that alarm,” you mumbled. “Because I need you so fucking much right now.”

He smirked. “And I’m all about giving my love anything she wants,” he whispered against your lips before flipping you over onto your back and giving you exactly what you want and more.