release you music video

So here’s what you missed :

Liam : Liam has been linked  Cheryl, they could be dating but nothing been confirmed from those two

Louis : Is in a custody war with his baby momma

Harry : Got a couple inches cut off his hair

Niall : I don’t know where he is .

Zayn : Just released another music video off his new album

and that’s what you missed on 

Dear SM,

If you’re going to release the teaser for a music video, make sure you go through with it. Don’t give up a random date you make up just to keep us quiet, knowing you have no intentions to even release it at that date. As fans we’ve been patiently waiting for this music video that we know Jonghyun has worked hard on, and instead you leave it behind just to release other videos for other artist you may deem more popular at the time? A promise is a promise and we want our Inspiration Music Video. Get it together.


Shawols and Blingers


Ryan Adams Releases “Do You Still Love Me?” Music Video

‘Change MV’

Change MV
Namjoon x Reader
Warnings; Fluff
Word Count:340+

You opened your eyes and stretched as the sun light poured threw your window. You rubbed your eyes and check your phone.When you did,you see a lot of tumblr Notifactions. You unlocked your phone with the password being,Your boyfriend,Namjoon and your birthday added together.(Which he came up with).

You clicked on your tumblr app and seen one of your tumblr bestfriend’s had messaged you.The message had read something about some music video that was released by Namjoon. Even tho you are dating your Bias Wrecker, Why let your Amazing blog go to waste.

You quickly left the app and opened the video in YouTube. After the watching the video you was shook.

One,Wale had mentioned,A.R.M.Y,BTS and Namjoon’s name.Two,Your own boyfriend didn’t even warn you.You knew that you guys had only been dating for a couple of months,But it was the least he could do.

You quickly got dress and freshened up before walking to the boys dorm.

When you got there,You violently pressed on the doorbell.After awhile,V opened the door.

“Oh hey,Y/n Noona-"He started but was cut off by You attacking Namjoon who was siting on the couch with Suga.

You hit him with your sleeves,Being that the sweater you was wearing belong to him.

"Ouch Jagi."Namjoon yelled as he grabbed your wrist.

"How dare you release a Music video without letting me know first."You Glared at him.

"Baby,What’s the fun in that."He laughed as he pecked your lips.

You pulled your wrist from him and wiped his kiss off with the back of your hand.You pouted as you sat between him and Suga.

"I dont want your kisses."You rolled your eyes.

"Aww,Baby come here."He whined as he got his knees in between your legs and kisses all over your face and neck.

"Noooo,I dont want them."You screamed playfully.

He laughed and placed a kiss to your lips.

"I love you,Princess.”

You rolled your eyes,“Yeah,Mhm.”


So I hope yall like it.

It’s my first one shot on this page.

Hopefully,It’ll grow as time goes on. :)


anonymous asked:

Just an FYI, Zayn's tours were not cancelled because of anxiety. The Summer Time Ball wasn't cancelled because of anxiety either. That was the explanation given but it is not the truth. This is not to say, Zayn doesn't suffer from anxiety. He does suffer from stress related issues, but he doesn't really have anxiety performing on stage. If you remember correctly, he was supposed to release the music video for his single Wrong just before STB. That didn't happen and then he got back with Gigi (1)

The zigi break up was part of the promotion for the single, but something went wrong with the whole promotion part. He realized he was being played again just like the last four years. So he decided not to release any more singles from the album, and no promotion at all for that album. Concerts and tours were part of the promotion for the album, because he decided not to promote his album anymore, he was not allowed to perform at STB. (2)

He was not allowed to say the truth, which is why he gave anxiety as an excuse. He hopes to promote his second album with concerts, interviews and tours, hence he now says he does not suffer from anxiety. I will say again, he does suffer from stress related issues, so he isn’t using anxiety for sympathy. Because he cannot tell you the truth, he chose to say he suffers from anxiety hence he cannot perform on stage (3)


So I will begin this with the first usual disclaimer that I’m not going to sit here and say that Zayn doesn’t have anxiety or stress related issues or anything like that. There’s no way for me to know what’s going BTS and at the end of the day I just truly want whatever scenario that means Zayn is happy and healthy and doing well. The second usual disclaimer is, as always, that with the nature of anons please use your individual boob instincts to piece together things. 

On the cons side of this, I’m not sure that Zayn would be able to outright refuse to do any further promotional support for his album (its standard in most recording contracts that artists have to do a certain amount of promotion for their record). Its impossible to know what’s considered promotion within his contract or what it entails, though.

On the pros side, to raise what you said about the Wrong single and video, I always did wonder what happened there because it seemed pretty fucky:

  • June 2: the Zigi split was announced (with the proviso they “could get back together at any minute”), and we got reports via update accounts that Zayn and Kehlani were filming the Wrong video in Jamaica. We saw social media updates from Zayn, Kehlani, and members of their teams that even backed up that they were filming.   
  • June 3: Gigith doesn’t seem to get the memo about the breakup. A weird tug of war-ish narrative duel between Zayn and Gigith’s teams ensues 
  • June 7 - Wrong impacts rhythmic radio
  • June 8: Reports are that Zayn and Gigith are back together, but that things are “testy” between them. 
  • June 10 - Zayn is papped outside Gigith’s apartment, attends amfar and presents an award to Kim Jones. Zayn and Gigith are papped outside his apartment. 
  • June 11 - Zayn’s Summertime Ball performance is cancelled.

Whatever happened in Jamaica and the days that followed seemed to have a really decisive shift, which supports what you’re saying. The Wrong video was never released (which, why never release a video that was already shot and paid for?), and Wrong and MoM were pretty much abandoned. No promo was done for that single, and no other singles were released from MoM after that (pour one out for MoM, you guys). Zigi 2.0 also seemed to have shifted, with more of an effort to make them seem like a cohesive brand (I’m guessing by that point they were already in talks with Versace). 

I’ve got fingers and boobs crossed that everything goes well with Z2. 

Louis : I’m in fact straight

*looks at harry like it was the notebook
*touches hands with harry
*Gives in directs about harry and his love *releases the just hold on music video

Larries : Yea you’re “ Straight ” 🙄🌈 Sure

—  My Gay Larry Heart 🌈❤️

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Have you seen the newly released BTS footage from In The Closet music video. I saw it on a lot of Twitter pages. Michael and Naomi looked like they were really enjoying themselves on set!

No I haven’t actually…I need to go look….I’ll probably upload it and ruin the video with my twisted captions (because that’s what I do best)

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Hi Taylor

My Names Richie, I’ve gone to 12 of your shows sense 2009 always been a big fan, on October 21st 2015 I’ll be attending my 13th concert of yours so being lucky number 13 it’s a big deal to me. I was lucky enough to get a picture with your mom when I went to the show in DC but unfortunately when I tried to speak to her my words wouldn’t come out, I was just in shock and froze 😞 yes sad for me. Back In August of 2010 when you released the music video for mine I was lucky enough to b lurking you that day and I herd from a few little birds that you just so happened to b in kennebunkport Maine which at the time wasn’t far from where I lived. So driving around the little town in Maine I figured out very fast what was going on, waited with all the others To get into the live interview and showing of the music video of Mine, any way moving along I was lucky enough to get front row in front of the stage over looking the ocean it was Beautiful, after it aired on CMT live (saw myself on TV) you stayed with all your fans and had a mini concert it was magical and the best day of my life, but you always go above and beyond, so you came down off the stage as u sang Love Story and as u started across the front row I decided very fast that I wanted to try and get you to sign something, only had a few seconds to decide, I had my own Sharpie I handed you, but the only thing I had for you to sign was the only thing I could stick out far enough, haha My Arm. It all happened so fast and I don’t know if you herd me but as u signed away on my arm I told you I was gonna get it tattooed over, well I did. Now I have this amazing tattoo on my arm and I’m dying to show you in person, I know your crazy busy and trying to meet as many people as possible so like so many I’m trying to reach out to you and get your attention on tumblr. Your the kindest person in the world helping so many people and I think that’s why I love you the most, I never cared to much about music but I’ll never forget the first time i herd Tear drops on my Guitar, I was hooked and couldn’t get enough so thank you Taylor for helping me open my eyes. By the pictures above you can see that clearly you inspire me with my Art. I’ve spent years teaching myself how to draw, in high school after taking every art school possible my art teacher showed me how to draw people and of course I went home that very night and drew a huge portrait of you (my self portrait came out bad) but yours came out so good. Now here I am teaching myself how to use color. I’ve always dreamed of meeting the person that inspires me todo what I love. I’ve been waiting so patiently for my turn and I know your US tour is coming to end soon I’m only going to 2 more shows this tour sadly, so please if you read this show some indication that you’ve read and understand how much you mean to me.

Love Richie

I’m attending these 2 shows

October 21st Greensboro NC, PIT A

October 31st Tampa FL, sec 111 row G seat 23

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  • You’re happy about how Adam made it.
  • You’re not bothered by it being only ten songs long (Thirteen in japan, though one is technically an intro.)
  • You’re not bothered by the fact that there’s not a lot of ‘da da das’ in it.
  • You accept the fact that Owl City is back.
  • You’re happy that Owl City released another album!
  • You LOVE the music videos for it so far!
  • You’re proud of Adam for making it this far in his career, with 5 albums and two EPs!
  • You still support Adam despite the hate he’s been reciving (Both for his new style and MO in general).
  • You love most, if not all, of the collabs on it!
  • You love most, if not all the songs on it!

Since this album seems to be getting a lot of hate, or so I’ve heard, I want to know who likes it!