release the rats


Cloud Rat - Split 7" w/ Crevasse [2017]

fuck, this is excellent. I’ve never heard a bad cloud rat release

Tonight’s dinner, all lifted, of course. :)

I used a tip I found on Tumblr and released a few rats in the downstairs of the Andus Tradehouse in Maar Gan. While everyone was running around trying to catch them I was able to make off with some snacks and be halfway to Gnisis before anyone knew what had happened!

3 Large Kwama Eggs: 2 Septims each

13 pieces of Crab Meat: 1 Septim each

2 Bottles of Matze: 10 Septims each

6 Hackle-lo Leaves: 30 Septims each

8 pieces of Hound Meat: 2 Septims each

Total Savings: 235 Septims!


Hey everyone! Fun bit of news from me and @iamzachvalenti!

So next Monday, August 15th, is our Two-Year Anniversary! That’s right, we’ve gone around the Sun twice since the release of Succulent Rat-Killing Tar, Little Revolución, and Discomforts, Pains, and Irregularities all the way back in 2014! 

But wait - there’s more! As fate would have it, we’re closing in on one of the show’s biggest milestones so far: our one-millionth download! If all things stay as they’ve been for the past few weeks, download-wise, we’ll be getting to the one million downloads mark sometime next week, probably on Tuesday. Which is, there’s no words for it, absolutely amazing

HOWEVER… there would be something very poetic about our show getting to one million listens two years after it started to the day. So, if you feel like giving Wolf 359 a super special birthday present, please share the show with anyone in your life that might enjoy it! 

Thank you so much for everything. We can’t believe how far this show has come, and it’s all thanks to how far our amazing fans have carried us. The third year is going to be even better and, with your help, we’re going to ring it in right. 

Stay tuned! Mini Episode 11: Decommissioned is out on Monday!