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August 2017 U.S. Film Releases Directed By Women

August 4
Detroit dir. Kathryn Bigelow (WIDE)
Step dir. Amanda Lipitz (LIMITED)

August 11 
Planetarium dir. Rebecca Zlotowski (LIMITED)
Whose Streets? dir. Sabaah Folan (LIMITED)

August 18 
Lemon dir. Janicza Bravo (LIMITED)

August 25
Beach Rats dir. Eliza Hittman (LIMITED)
Polina dir. Valérie Müller & Angelin Preljocaj (LIMITED)
Served Like a Girl dir. Lysa Heslov (LIMITED)

ranking trc characters by how likely they are to hook up with an older man, where ‘older man’ means 'no, Ronan, the fact that Gansey is two months older than you and sometimes you think about taking his glasses off sensuously as the dark gets heavy around you, that does not count.’ because, really, that is fantastically unlikely:

  1. Declan Lynch (”laughing over the hood of an older man’s Mercedes" is a CANON FACT.)
  2. Adam Parrish (Adam’s actually not prone to doing stupid things, just thinking them, see: the glovebox.)
  3. Dick Gansey (would fuck Glendower probably.)

k e n t a…….

Okay but au where jessamine lived instead of corvo and had to go into hiding due to a conspiracy that she released the rats onto the city. She goes on a quest to fucking destroy the bitches who betrayed her, killed her royal protector, and kidnapped her daughter. Jessamine then destroying the Loyalists who tried to use her to gain power and making sure no one ever hurts her daughter again.

I just really want to see Jessamine with void powers and her being a bad ass.


Prompt: Fear/Black
Soft warning: A little violent, but not too much and not for long.

“Kagome! Where the hell are you going?” Inuyasha yelled after her, staring at her pale legs trudge through the dirt as she stomped forward.

Kagome turned around angrily—her hair fluttering with her movements, her face shaded by the mass of trees protecting her sides. The brilliant sun shone behind her in the clearing where the well was several steps away.

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Vaderkin overhears some people making fun of his and Luke's backwater homeworld, so he releases three womp rats in the facility, womp rat one has a #1 written on it, womp rat two has #2 written on it and womp rat three has #4 written on it.

Plot twist: the facility in question is the Death Star.

Tarkin finds womp rat #2 happily building a nest in his closet. It growls whenever he comes too close. His perfectly pressed uniforms are ruined. :(

what im mostly salty about concerning the issue about plague flight getting repeatedly pushed aside by the devs is just. they started out with this lore about the flight that is in fact not only about adaptation, but also about diseases, the circle of life, about /survival/. And sometimes, survival is gruesome and unpleasant. 

but right now it feels like they’re backtracking to ‘oh, plague flight is just very hardy!’

but THEN they release a rat as the ‘spirit of plague’ familiar. and even though rats did spread the black death, they are one of the cleanest animals around. sure,sthey they can survive more toxins than any human ever, but if you wanna have an animal thats very 'hardy’, choose a vulture or something! Those guys can eat BONES.

TL;DR, i just wish the dev would finally /commit/ to Either Or, and not half-ass both.

so at 1 am i was like “O: what if there was a killer that was designed like a plague doctor and
i designed my own~

Killer Name: The Plague
Human Name: Giacomo Vincitori
Age: old as yo mom (He’s very old)
Height: 6'2

Weapon: Medical Scepter

Herb haze; adds more mist (the globe)
He hums a prayer (example:…)

Perks: Call of the Rats
       -Can release a rat that goes tot he general direction of a survivor, though it only leaves a very faint trail
       -His presense can make things a little woozy, or sickening
      Holy Fire(not a perk, second ability/weapon)
          - His Herb Orb burns low, swinging it can set the ashes on his victims.

Giacomo Vincitori came from a line of Doctors. He always felt as though he had something to prove since he was the youngest out of seven siblings. When the Plague struck, he sought out how to cure it. Different methods, different attempts, but it all ended up the same: failure. His father belittled him along with his siblings. Then his only salvation, his mother, was struck with the killing disease. He attempted more remedies, more herbal medicnes to help her but she was too far gone. His father and siblings outcasted him as a failure and he finally snapped. In the middle of the night, dressed him Plague robes and mask, he empty every herb into the home, any cleansing item and medicine, before lighting it on fire. He can remember clearly the magnificant smell and feeling while watching the flames dance as herbs were burned. He left once the fire was out, never to be seen again…

When i first drew this i wasnt going to paint it like i did, i was gonna have a black outline but i ditched that idea and tried something new. I attempted to make the backround a mix of mist and smoke (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

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Vader releases womp rats into several facilities of Imperial Officers he dislikes but hasn't found a good excuse to kill. Eventually Imperials notice the trend and a superstition is born. The Four Womp Rats of Death that signal the coming demise of the highest ranking officer.


Eventually somebody finds out the rats are from Tatooine. The planet where everyone knows (but no one talks about it) they lost the Death Star plans. The home planet of Rebel commander Luke Skywalker, who destroyed that same Death Star.

Obviously, it’s a planet of ill omen. To be avoided at all costs.

The Wedding Part 2 - Smut.

Author: mystic-biscuit

Rating: 18+ NSFW - Explicit Smut

Words: 2883

Pairing: Dylan x Reader

Notes: Actual sexy time! and some drama at the end!

PS, I’m pretty sure this isn't a picture of Dylan, but it looks like him and it goes with the chapter so i’m using it. Sue me.

PPS, If it is him, god damn. Lucky photographer.

It was almost 12 in the afternoon when you wake up. You’re immediately hit with a pounding headache when the events of last night flood your mind.

You had texted Dylan before bed, but he hadn’t responded. You had hoped he would have sent something by now; you were starting to worry that he may have regretted what had happened the night prior. You toss your phone back onto the bed. Deciding to ignore it and forget it happened. You convince yourself that avoiding him would be the best thing to do.

Startled from the chime of your phone. You quickly scoop it up, hoping that it was him.

Julia [11:58am]: Morning sunshine. Everyone is down at the buffet for brunch. How about you come and grace us with your presence.

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