release the one eighths

anonymous asked:

i know you must get sick of hearing this but do you have a date planned out for the first video release

Not sick of hearing about it at all. I want people to ask about it. I work 6 days a week and only have Tuesdays off and sometimes I’m called in that day also.

I have made seven videos so far. The seventh one was made today on my day off. I am working on an eighth one right now. I planned on releasing them when I’m finished with all of the videos. After that I planned on making a video to add to the series every time something new came up with him or if I found something from the past that I haven’t discovered yet or that I knew about but didn’t have adequate proof at the time I made the series.

1/8th Beverly and 1/8th Chakotay: a reunion. ;)

This is for askbeverlycrusher in response to the fic “Past Lives, Present Tense” BUUT I can’t figure out how to submit this shit to the doctor’s page. So, uh, here we are. I’m sending it out into the internet void! BE FREE, 1/8THS!!!

P.S. Please… no one show Captain Janeway that last frame. Yikes.