release of the butterflies

Transiting Venus in Gemini
July 4, 2017 - July 31, 2017

From the clouds dozens of butterflies are released from Venus clams as Venus enters Gemini. A light airy planet in a light airy sign makes for a playful combination as the breeze blows in dazzling flittering socialites full of conversation and captivation. Venus in Gemini is a favourable time for parties, pizzaz, pizza and beer, because talking and deep conversation becomes evocative and most importantly, easy! But Venus in Gemini is not all superficial social encounters, the mind develops a love for learning, literature, and language. We love to read, we may even do our yearly book binge during this time. We love to write and share what’s on our romantic mind, ‘tis the season of love letters and constant flirty texting, it’s innocent and exciting. Venus is the esoteric ruler of Gemini so now they become sisters of love

Aries rising The blessing of friendships and connecting with other people becomes the sparkle of life, enjoying recreational pursuits and social organisations, appreciating the joy that friends bring into their life, it’s a time for shared pleasure. There is a genuine recognition for friends and associates and the generation of love for everybody in their life 

Taurus rising Solitary nights of satiating study, reading, thinking, and delighting in personal research. The individual may become more isolated now, but not lonely, oh no, because this alone time is generating inspiring, creative ideas. They may enjoy those deep 3am conversations more than ever. There may be the development of a secret romance

Gemini rising Transforming into a mirror of beauty, the individual introduces pleasure and personal amusement into life. There is a real appreciation for beauty and a strong identification with relationships. This may be a more self indulgent time for the person, its beneficial for them to indulge, eat, laze, and love. There should be no guilt associated with their extravagance

Cancer rising Creative inspiration requires a material outlet, the individual may be especially stimulated by the muse and delight through creative expression - painting, drawing, designing, writing, even experimenting with personal style. There may be a lot of spending and focus on satisfying sensual desires. Favourable time for making money doing something they love

Leo rising The mind is alive and stimulated during this time, absolutely relishing in its thoughts, talents, and abilities. The individual can really indulge in conversation right now and be inspired by learning. There is freedom in the mind that may be rare, a certain flightiness and lack of rigidity. The individual communicates well with lovers, often resolving long term difficulties or feeling capable of expressing feelings.

Virgo rising Nothing is more pleasurable, comfortable, and indulging than the safety and warmth of home, lovers, and family. The individual enjoys the closeness and bonds of family and may spend a lot of time decorating and re designing the home. It can be especially fun to daydream and imagine right now. Spending time lost in memories can generate a kind of bliss

Libra rising Romances are abundant and captivating at present. The individual’s sexual nature can be disinhibited and lavish, there may be a real interest in following romantic flings and indulging in fairy tale ideals. The pursuit of personal pleasures can become controlling, the individual may find it difficult to control their lust, consumptions, eating habits, substances, and desires. Sexually experimental

Scorpio rising This is a favourable time for exploring talents in the workplace and developing relationships with colleagues. The individual may especially enjoy and appreciate the simple pleasure of work and employment. If this is not occurring, there may be a basic re-alignment with the natural simplicity and serenity of life. Routine and taking care of themselves seems more important. Health issues may be resolved

Sagittarius rising Relationships become the art of life during this time, the individual desires nothing more than romance, connections, and shared experiences. They manage to find beauty in everything and everyone, and as it reflects through them, they attract what their heart’s desire. And this isn’t just romantic relationships. They can generate tremendous bonds with friends or family, colleagues and children

Capricorn rising Late nights indulging in secret studies, exploring the invisible down intricate thoughts, following seducing subjects that are riddled with mystery and obscurity. There may be a great love of relishing in deep research, alone and disinhibited, searching for truth. The sexual appetite can be particularly devouring, the thought of finding a soul mate especially satiating

Aquarius rising The pangs of wanderlust become consuming, the individual longs to travel far and wide. There is great delight in exploring the deep meanings of life, symbolism, astrology, myth, and God. The individual may plan the destinations they will travel to. Studying becomes especially inspiring. If they are studying, the learning is rousing. The individual may enrol in a course

Pisces rising Venus is the historical lesser benefic so she brings fortune, this may occur in the individual’s professional life during this period. They may be recognised at work or heralded for an original idea. Focusing on personal goals and achievements is rewarding and elevating. It’s a time to be proud. If there has been conflict with the father, it may be resolved or alleviated somewhat. This is a favourable time for networking, talking the ‘right talk’ and meeting the right people such as connecting with mentors or superiors


Nooroo is a little S H I T

So Nooroo is being forced to work for Hawkmoth, who the fandom has so far presumed to be Gabriel Agreste. But that doesn’t mean he has to work with him.

  • Nooroo tickling Gabe during important meetings
    • Gabe at an important gala or ball or something, and Nooroo tickles him so he spills wine on himself, Nathalie, or someone else.
      • Nooroo smells like wine for a week but it was so worth it.
  • Nooroo hiding pens, phones, remotes, and sketchbooks when Gabe isn’t looking.
  • Gabe hates open windows at night, so Nooroo starts opening every single door and window in the house at night. Especially if its winter.
  • Nooroo releasing all the butterflies in the middle of a board meeting
  • Nooroo letting his head peek out of Gabe’s chest pocket or whatever in the middle of a meeting
    • Someone asks about it, and Gabe has to save his ass by saying he likes to collect beanie babies
    • Now whenever he has a board meeting with those people he has to have at least one beanie babie out and around to keep up the act.
      • People start asking about them. “So where’s this weeks Beanie Baby?”
    • People in these meetings start telling other people; other boards, designers, interns
      • Eventually at the beginning of every meeting, Gabe is asked about the beanie babies.
        • Eventually he just shows it off even if no one is asked. Show and Tell. It’s added to the official minutes for each meeting.
    • Gabriel Agreste getting attached to the beanie babies
    • When Pap Pap is arrested, he asks if he can bring the beanie babies with him
    • Gabe gets used to having them around and starts using them as models
cold heart killer || stiles stilinski (smut)

word count: 6026

warnings: angst, smut, oral (both receiving)

author’s note: long time no post! so i’m back with a treat of both smut and angst! you’re welcome. i’m honestly not sure how i feel about this one, but i hope you all like it! 

pairing: stiles stilinski / reader


coming soon

Nervous fingers drummed on the leather steering wheel as the thunder roared, grey clouds covering the bright California sun. Beacon Hills was due for a storm within the next couple days, but it seemed to be coming sooner than forecasted by the meteorologist on the nine o'clock news. Her car sped down the road to the high school, having gotten a cryptic message from none other than Theo Raeken. Theo was her lab partner for a science project and they would meet up at the school’s library when they worked together even if her boyfriend, Stiles Stilinski wasn’t a fan of the new addition to the small town they lived in.

Stiles was the only one who didn’t particularly trust Theo and it got on everyone’s nerves just a little bit. He’d never been as trusting as everyone else in the pack, even though some of them would have their doubts about people. Although, Stiles was a totally different story. He didn’t like anyone, he seemed to think the whole world was against him. It would take awhile for him to warm up meeting new people.

Earlier that day, a note was in her locker. Messy handwriting that she vaguely remembered was scribbled on the fold paper, her name in black ink. She unfolded the paper and read the message:

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Title: “Can I try on the Suit?” (Reader x Peter Parker)

Summary: A certain spider hero crawls into the confines and comfort of his own bedroom, not even realising that the reader has been waiting for him.

Word Count: 1536

A/N: OK I LOVE THIS A LOT! I’ve been working on it during my free time this week and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! :) 

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Check marks the spot! A recovery program for one of the rarest butterfly species in Southern California, the Quino checkerspot, has reached an important milestone. A team of biologists from the San Diego Zoo, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), Conservation Biology Institute and San Diego State University observed multiple adult butterflies, following the first-ever release of larvae into their native range in the San Diego Wildlife Refuge earlier this year. The sightings of adult butterflies in the habitat is an early sign of success for the recovery effort for this precious pollinator.

“In the five years that we have partnered on this project, I have personally seen a total of six Quino checkerspot butterflies in the wild, in multiple habitats,” said Paige Howorth, associate curator of invertebrates at the San Diego Zoo. “Observing more than 35 butterflies flying in one day on the reintroduction site is extraordinary—it’s a welcome measure of hope, after years of drought and uncertainty for this species.”

The work to protect the Quino checkerspot butterfly continues during the second year of the assisted rearing program at the San Diego Zoo. Biologists collected 12 females in eastern San Diego County early last week to provide a foundation for the rearing of larvae at the Zoo. The wild adult butterflies were selected in the field based on an assessment of their body condition: vigorous, slightly older females that appeared to have already mated were chosen for the project. In this way, the butterflies can contribute eggs to both the wild population and the rearing project at the Zoo.

The Grim Reapers Girlfriend (Min Yoongi)

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Summary: Most people think the Grim Reaper or commonly know as Death, is a faceless man wearing a dark cloak with a scythe in his hand. Oh boy were they wrong. Anyone who meets him would mistake him for one of God’s angels, so, what happens when you do meet him?

Basic Summary: Death (Min Yoongi) meets you and instantly falls in love with you, his job is to take you to the other side but instead asks you to become his wife. While thinking of your answer, a miracle happens. You come back to life.

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader

Genre: Pure fluff, Humour, bit of Angst.

Warning: Swearing

“It’s been lovely to talk with you Mrs Kang” his deep voice bounced off of the creme coloured walls. “And so with you uh” The old lady stumbled over her words, not knowing what to call him.

The man chuckles, “Yoongi” he says lightly, leading her to the door way. She sighs and stops in her tracks “So this is it?” she whispers looking up at him, “I’m afraid so, I don’t usually tell my clients this but that was your last life, for now you will go up to the clouds…but I do have an escort waiting for you” 

Yoongi smiles and opens the wooden door, a tall elderly man displayed at the foot steps. “Oh my!” The old lady gasps and falls into her husbands arms, for whom she hasn’t seen in five years. 

“My Dear!” the elderly man shouted engulfing his wife into a loving hug. “Thank you, so much” the old lady reached out and took Yoongi’s hands and shook them, ignoring the fact that they were ten degrees colder than her own.

The couple walk up the stairs.

“Jungkook! Do I have anymore appointments?” the older male closed the door and walked back to his own mahogany desk. “No, sir. Not that I know of” the younger male pipes up from his own.

“Good, I can finally finish Goblin” Yoongi smiles referring to the hit K drama. 

As soon as Yoongi opens the website Jungkook screams “Sir you’ve got an un expected case. It’s a car crash scene” Yoongi groans.

He walks over to the door and grabs his jacket and hat putting them both on. 

“Where is it?” Yoongi ask’s, prancing the grounds where cherry blossom trees cover the street. “at the end of this street″ Jungkook whispers, barely keeping up with him.

The older male disappears into thin air to where the scene is, Jungkook groans cursing to himself that he doesn’t know how to do it yet. 

Have you ever heard of love at first sight? If you don’t believe in it. Here’s proof. Yoongi looked at the young girl before him, butterflies were released into his stomach, Yoongi had never felt this way before in his life as the Grim Reaper.

“Y/n Y/l/n” Yoongi started catching your attention, your puffy red eyes displayed perfectly. Normally he wouldn’t care but this time his heart ached just a bit.

After he named your age, birth date, weight ect. ect. You looked up at him “Is this correct?” he raised one eyebrow asking you, “The weight” you whispered he sighed and got out his pen, “Bigger or Lower?” “Bigger” you said “By how much?” he asked, you shook your head not willing to give out the information.

“Listen, I understand. You’re not the first girl who has refused to give me her age or weight, trust me, I don’t care about it.” He sheepishly smiled at you. 

“I’m 62 Kilo Grams” you smile. Yoongi, taken a back. Rarely no one tells him, of course he already knows but everybody refuses to tell.

“Great, lets go” he smiled extending his left hand out, you looked him up and down and then back to your lifeless body. Bystanders trying to get your bloody covered frame out of the car, some crying some screaming. 

“I don’t understand why they’re crying, I mean I didn’t even know them” You sighed standing up grabbing his hand. “Some people need to cry, so they take any chance they have to start crying. Others are just in shock.” he chuckles.

You smile and finally admire his features, “Why haven’t you asked any questions about me?” he whispered as you two strolled down the street. 

“My grandma, she told me about you. You were a legend and a myth where she grew up, I know exactly who you are but I never believed in it at first…but now you’re here” you laughed remembering the fond memory of your grand mother.

The two of you reached the end of street “This won’t hurt but close your eyes, they might get damaged” he whispered. In a matter of seconds you were at his office.

“I rarely do this. Actually, I don’t do this at all” Yoongi started, thinking if he should really ask you this. “But, would you like to stay here…with me? You wouldn’t go to the other side. Instead, you would be here as my wife” Yoongi knew this was forbidden.

You were taken aback by his sudden question, would you really want to stay here for the rest of your days? You didn’t want to die, from the stories your grand mother told you, he could go anywhere in the world and explore. Something you couldn’t do because of the student debt you owed to your university.

You were looking for the answer, Yoongi’s warm smile making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. You though of the cons and pros and the pros took first place, you were about to tell him yes but then something happened.

You disappeared.

“Clear!” You heard a female shout, the electric impulses shot through your body making you jolt forwards.You’re eyes slowly opened, revealing the all too bright light known as the sun, ‘was that all a dream or did that happened?’

“What the hell happened?” Jungkook whispered looking at his boss waving his hand where you previously were. “I-I don’t know, find where she is!” Yoongi shouted.

Jungkook runs over to his black desk and grabs the mortal pad, an immortal electronic device that can tell you anything about anybody. “Sir…why did you ask her that? I mean, if you wanted a companion, there are plenty of other female grim reapers who would love to be all over you” Jungkook whispered, scribbling down the address on a scrap piece of paper.

“She…she was different than all of the others, humans and Grim Reapers. She knew who I was ever since she was a little girl, nobody in the history of my career know who I am.” Yoongi sighed grabbing the paper from Jungkook’s hand. 

“You knew what she was going to say don’t you? I could hear her thoughts from here” Jungkook laughs and sits down. “She was practically shouting yes” Yoongi smiles and vanishes to your hospital room.

“Darling we have to go now” your mum whispered to you kissing your forehead, “Your younger brother has school tomorrow, and your father and I have work tomorrow. Your aunty will come to check on you” she stands up and walks out the door.

“you have a lovely family” The nurse walks in, changing the IV drip. “Would you like the lights off?” she asks. You nod your head. Luckily there was no damage done to your spine, It just hurt. Like a bitch.

As soon as it went dark and the door was shut, you closed your eyes and waited for your deep slumber to arrive.

“Luckily I didn’t say yes” you whispered to yourself, “Why’s that?” you heard a deep voice come out from the corner. A scream escaped your lips “Who’s there?!” you whisper shout grabbing the plastic cup next to you.

“Relax, it’s only me. Now, why are you lucky you didn’t say yes?” The plastic cup flew out of your hand and into his, the lights flickered on showing his face.

“So it wasn’t a dream” you whispered, he stepped closer to you. “I repeat, why are you lucky you didn’t say yes?” he grinned showing the sharps of his teeth.

“I have a second chance at life now, If I said yes I wouldn’t be able to take this opportunity” you sighed. 

“But you were going to say yes, please. Come with me. I will give you everything that you could possibly want” his smile turned into a more general one, the type you would see on an angel.

“Didn’t you hear what I just said? I have a second chance at life.” You smiled resting your head against the white pillow.

“Well if you’re not going to come with me” he takes a seat in the green chair besides you.

“I guess I’ll just have to stick around for a while”

Little did you know, this is where your life changed.

(Part 2  Part 3  Part 4)

I’m Nothing Without Her – Part 3 - Liam Dunbar Imagine

Requested: Yes

Word Count: 1,674

Warnings: curse words

Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took forever! I’ve been extremely busy, but here it is. The final chapter to the mini I’m Nothing Without Her series. I hope you enjoy it. Also, this wasn’t beta-proofed, so sorry for any grammar errors.

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[Part 1] [Part 2]

I watched Liam and Brett from the sidelines, standing next to my teammate Nolan. The team was completely quite as Brett ran towards Liam. Brett tricked him into thinking he was running to the left side before he changed his mind and ran to the right side. Liam missed Brett completely and ended up falling to the ground. Brett pulled his lacrosse stick back before he flung it forward, letting the lacrosse ball fly straight into the net, scoring a goal. The guys on the sidelines “Oooh-ed”, completely impressed by Brett’s trick.

“Perfect split dodge,” Brett explained the play to us with a smirk on his face. He walked backwards until he reached the middle of the lacrosse field. He picked up the ball with his stick and started running towards Liam again. Liam charged towards Brett, only to be shoved to the side with Brett’s shoulder, making him stumble to the ground again. Liam quickly looked up and saw Brett make another goal.

“Perfect rocker,” Brett said as he walked by Liam. The guys were impressed by Brett’s lacrosse skills.

“Just remember to cover your back, especially if your opponent’s a dick,” Liam explained to us as his eyes never left Brett’s.

“You got some pretty big cleats to fill with Scott leaving. You ready for all of this?” Brett asked Liam.

“I managed all summer,” Liam answered, causing me to roll my eyes as I let out a small scoff.

“Summer’s over.”

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  • Kuroko: Look what I found: Kise-kun’s New Year’s resolutions from middle school.
  • Kise: Okay, where’d you find that?
  • Aomine: Read it out loud!
  • Kuroko: Oh, wait, here’s a good one. “Stop pursuing Kurokocchi. He’s Aominecchi’s guy. Deal with it.”
  • Aomine: Deal with it! He’s my guy!
  • Akashi: Keep going and do not ever stop reading it.
  • Kise: I was very young and dumb…
  • Midorima: [reading along] Were you too dumb to “begin the search for the cocoon that will one day release my butterfly?”
Wake Up (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader
Genre: Pure smut
Summary: Waking up to an orgasm is the best way to start your day.


A small whimper stirred Jimin from his sleep. His half conscious mind listened for any more sounds, but when he found it was silent he thought he was just dreaming. A few minutes after drifting back to sleep, a slightly louder whine grazed his ears, one that resembled his name. At first he thought you were calling him, so he cracked an eye open to peep at the back of your head. When you didn’t move he realized you were still asleep and concluded that you were having a nightmare. He tightened his arms around you and pulled you closer to his chest, snuggling into your back, preparing to fall asleep again. It wasn’t until the third noise that Jimin became concerned. He moved away from you slightly and you rolled over onto your back, allowing him to see the side of your face. A dim beam of light trickled through your drawn curtains and he used it to his advantage to see the outline of your features.

He watched you for a moment to make sure you were okay. If he thought you were having a bad dream he was prepared to wake you up and comfort you if needed, but the next thing that came out of your mouth surprised him.


A soft moan escaped your parted lips and his eyes widened. You didn’t sound distressed, you sounded blissful. His name came from you in such a way that he immediately knew exactly what you were dreaming about. Watching you with darkened eyes, Jimin thought about what he wanted to do. He really didn’t want to wake you up because you seemed like you were in paradise, but he felt some type of way about you being pleasured by a dream version of him when the real one was right there. He had to do something about this, but what? Without him thinking about it, he reached between your legs and slipped his hand beneath your panties. When he felt your wetness he decided that he was going to take care of you in real life. He didn’t want you to have to settle for dream pleasure when he could give you everything you wanted and more. It was obvious that you were horny and he felt a pang of guilt when he thought about how dull your sex life had been recently. You were both really busy with work this time of year and you only really had time for quickies and rushed blowjobs every once in a while, that is if you weren’t too tired when the opportunity arose. His sexual needs always came before your own for you; you didn’t want him to get blue balls because you didn’t have time for sex, but that often led to your needs being neglected in the process. You didn’t want to ask him to take care of them, so he wanted to do you a favor for once.

Now wide awake, Jimin moved the blankets away from your body and looked down at you, observing how your thighs were pressed together and how your lips were parted to let out shaky breaths. He moved carefully down your body, trying his hardest not to make too much noise or stir you. He slowly pulled your legs apart to sit himself between them and his eyes locked on the wet spot in the middle of your panties. Running a finger lightly over the fabric, Jimin watched your face to see your reaction. His lips curved when he heard you sigh at his touch.

He almost felt bad for taking advantage of you at this moment. You were asleep and it was wrong to disturb you, but he knew you needed this, your throbbing clit under his fingertips confirming his suspicions. You stayed silent as he rubbed you through your panties. He thought you would wake up but you remained in deep sleep, breathing still heavy and even. Jimin brought your legs together for a moment and slid his hands under your ass to grab the hem of your underwear and pull them down. Once they were off of your legs, he spread them wide open gently and licked his lips at the sight of your drenched folds. You must have been having some dream if you were already this wet. A hand pushed your shirt up your torso until it was bunched up around your neck and your breasts were exposed. He couldn’t help but pinch your nipples as they hardened in the morning air, letting his hand travel back down your body to hold onto your thigh again.

Your taste coated his tongue as he licked a fat stripe up your core, collecting your juices as he pushed through your lower lips. He ran his tongue up and down your entrance a few times before moving up to lick circles around your clit lightly. Jimin studied your face the entire time he worked on you, taking in every movement and reaction your body had to his ministrations. Your chest rose and fell with heavier breaths as he felt you get wetter, but you still didn’t stir awake, even as soft noises came from your mouth. He sucked your clit into his mouth and you flinched, but immediately went back to being relaxed. Your head had lulled to the side on your pillow and a bit of drool seeped out from the corner of your lips, but Jimin found it to be cute, a small smile crossing his lips.

He could tell you were enjoying this by the way your brow furrowed occasionally, sweat beginning to bead at your temples and the backs of your legs, thin drips gliding down them from the crease of your knees. You felt hot to the touch and Jimin loved the way your body reacted to him even when you were asleep. It let him know you weren’t faking. Deciding to venture further, he dipped his tongue into your opening, letting it feel around your velvety walls. He had to bite back a moan at your taste, a taste that often made him feel feral, sending his hormones and instincts into a frenzy and making it hard for him to control the urge to fuck you. You sighed his name as his agile tongue pushed in and out of you, the sensation getting a stronger response from your body. He curled his tongue up and pushed it in as deep as it could go, pressing it into a sensitive spot inside of you that made you whimper quietly. Your juices dripped down his face as his mouth engulfed your core, nose brushing against your clit every time he moved. You bucked your hips into him a few times but remained relatively still as he continued, your face contorting subtly as the pleasure built.

The light outside was slowly getting brighter as the sun rose and it illuminated more of you, allowing Jimin to see how flushed your face had become. Your cheeks were full of color that spread to your ears and down your neck because of how high your temperature had risen. He removed his tongue and dragged it up your folds slowly, replacing it with a single finger as he focused back on your engorged clit. Applying the perfect amount of pressure, he flicked his tongue side to side skillfully, causing your legs to tighten. Your forehead creased as your eyebrows drew together, chest rising and falling at an uneven pace. Jimin alternated between flicking side to side, up and down, and circles as he watched your reactions become more intense. His finger kept a steady pace, going deep and aiming to hit your g-spot with every stroke. He didn’t need your reaction to tell him what you liked, he knew your body very well.


You mumbled his name as he increased the speed of his finger and tongue. A jumble of words left your mouth and he couldn’t make out exactly what you were saying, but it sounded somewhere along the lines of “don’t stop”. Licking a thick stripe up your clit, Jimin went down to stick his tongue back inside of you. He used one hand to keep your legs open and pushed his thumb against your bundle of nerves with the other. Rubbing fast circles around it, he applied more pressure until he felt you jerk slightly with every lap around the pearl. Stiffening his long tongue, Jimin thrust it in and out of you over and over again, indulging in the wet noises it made every time it entered your dripping cavern. He moaned quietly when he saw your back starting to arch off of the mattress, legs trembling on both sides of his head. He was sure that you would wake up soon as the pleasure began to overtake your senses rapidly, his eyes watching eagerly as you slowly came to your senses.

Your groggy mind was taking its sweet time grasping the situation. Your eyes were still closed and you were still half asleep, but you had been knocked out of dream world by an odd sensation in your lower regions. For some reason you felt weak in your legs and you could feel them buzzing slightly. You felt sweat droplets gliding down your calfs and temples, coupled with unexplainable warm puffs of air on your lower lips. It seemed like butterflies were rattling around in your stomach, trying to break free, and a familiar tight knot was building in your core, but you couldn’t put your finger on exactly why you knew that feeling so well. Your ears were assaulted by various unusual sounds that included a mysterious wet noise and moans and whines that were growing increasingly louder. Then it seemed like everything hit you all at once. A hand was gripping your inner thigh tightly as one -no two- different sensations attacked between your legs. Everything was moving too fast for you to tell what was going on or what you were feeling, so you cracked open your eyes and glanced down at your naked body, only to be met with your boyfriend’s gaze as he continued to explore your walls with his tongue and furiously rub your clit. The sight made you instantly realize what was going on and that the moans you were hearing were, in fact, coming from you.

Upon seeing you awake, Jimin added more pressure on your clit and rubbed harder, sending you head first over the edge before you could fully comprehend the situation. Your eyes widened momentarily before the knot building in your stomach suddenly snapped, releasing the fluttering butterflies and causing you to tighten uncontrollably around his tongue. Jimin watched as you threw your head back onto the pillows roughly, fingers gripping the sheets while your legs shook violently as they tried to close on his head. Your back made a perfect crest as it rose high off the mattress, toes curling at the pleasure. Waves crashed through you as he kept moving his fingers, pulling his face away when you started bucking against him wildly. The moans erupting from your lungs were loud enough to be considered screams, but neither of you cared, you could only focus on the intense pleasure you felt and Jimin was too caught up in how unbelievably sexy you looked in this lighting.

Calming down from the first initial shock waves of your orgasm, Jimin removed his thumb and returned his face back to your entrance to lick up all of your cum and help you ride out the remainder of your high. You tried to get your breathing back under control but gasps were all you could manage at the moment. Your brain was once again confused by reality, any thoughts being pushed away and clouded by the overload of pleasure on your senses. When you finally opened your eyes again, you found Jimin looking up at you with smiling eyes as he finished licking you clean, planting gentle kisses on your hip bones before leaning up to hover over you.

“Good morning, baby.” He licked his lips and wiped your juices from his mouth, holding your stare the entire time.

“Why-” You had to take a few breaths before you could speak properly. “Why were you eating me out while I was sleeping?” You could feel how hot your face was as you spoke.

“Ah~ you were having a sexy dream.” Jimin cooed with a smile. You tried to remember what you were dreaming about before your body exploded into pure heaven, but your mind was still kind of foggy. “You were moaning my name so I decided to help you out. You don’t remember?”

“I can’t tell which one was real. My dream was pretty vivid.”

“Why don’t you tell me about it?” Jimin suggested as he laid on his side next to you. He rested his head in his palm as he stared down at your form lovingly.

“What time is it?” You pulled your long shirt back down to its original place, ignoring his suggestion for the moment. He glanced behind you and looked at the window.

“Dawn. The sun is rising.” He used one of his fingers to trace around your nipple as it poked through the thin fabric for your shirt. There were bags under his eyes, but his excitement was readable in his expression. Eyes traveling down, you spot the tent in his boxers and run your hand over it. He stiffens at your touch.

“Hmmm it was a good dream,” You palm him lightly, but he catches your hand.

“You don’t have to babe…” His face is serious but his eyes practically beg you to go on. You know he won’t be able to sleep without relieving his boner, so you disregard his comment and continue.

“Why don’t I just show you what I was dreaming about?” Before he can answer, you push him onto his back and straddle his hips. Sitting atop his erection, you grind into him, pulling a soft groan from his throat.

“You dreamed about grinding on me?”

“No,” You smirk as your fingers run along his sculpted torso. “I was riding you.” Your voice was velvety as the words fell from your lips. Riding Jimin was one of your favorite parts of sex. Because of your starved sex life, you hadn’t gotten the chance to do it in a long while; he usually took control when you had quickies, but you were going to take full advantage of this moment and finally fulfill your fantasies.

Jimin bit down on his plush lower lip and stared at you. He didn’t say anything, just laid there waiting for you to make the next move. It didn’t take long for you to react because you were soon pulling his underwear down his thick thighs and throwing them elsewhere along with your shirt. Jimin slept shirtless so you were now both completely naked.

“Will you let me ride your cock?” You asked innocently, bending down until you were an inch away from his lips, fingers gripping him at the base.

“Please,” The word left him as a breath as he grabbed the back of your neck and crashed your lips on his. You pumped him slowly as you devoured each other’s lips. It was a passionate kiss that sent heat down to your core, reviving the wetness between your legs. Jimin sighs into your mouth and you can feel that he is fully hard now, so you pull away from his mouth to line up his member with your entrance. He expected you to sink down on him as soon as you repositioned yourself better but instead you just rubbed his tip against your folds, teasing both of you. You caught his confused and impatient glare and grinned a little.

“In my dream I teased you a bit, made you beg for it,” He gave you his irresistible puppy eyes and pouted, knowing that was your weakness. Luckily, you were feeling soft today and wanted to finish this as quickly as possible so you could go back to sleep, so you didn’t tease him for long. “I’ll have mercy on you though.”

The sigh of relief that left his lips quickly turned into a groan as you plopped down on his length, taking him all at once without warning. You had to admit, it did sting a little, he was always thicker than you expected even though you’ve done this with him more times than you could count. But the sting didn’t last long and as soon as you started moving, all that was left was pleasure. He was veiny and heavy inside of you, his ridges rubbing your walls perfectly and you moan. You placed your hands on his toned chest and started moving faster, bouncing on him with a steady pace.

“I love the way your hips move.” Jimin groaned as he watched you fuck yourself on his dick. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you, the way you slowly lifted yourself until just his tip was left inside only to slam back down on his hips, the way your breasts jiggled every time you came down on him, how you stopped occasionally to grind on him, letting his cock find all of the sensitive spots within your cavern. Your nails scraped up and down his abdomen as you moved, hissing when his tip rubbed against you in just the right way. He didn’t know what he wanted to grab more: your thighs as they flexed with effort as you bounced on his lap, your hips as they moved with wild control against his own, or your breasts that bounced so hard he thought it would be painful. Eventually he settled for your breasts, grabbing onto them as though to keep them from flying away, entranced by their jumping.

You slowed your hips to tease him a bit. Jimin always liked a show and you knew he was watching. Dragging out your movements sensual and slow, you grabbed ahold of him at the base and pulled your body up until his tip slid out. Then you lowered yourself back onto him halfway with an exaggerated moan before repeating the process. His Adam’s apple bobbed at the sight, light sounds escaping his lips as he relished in the feeling of exiting and reentering your warmth over and over.

The teasing didn’t last long, however, because soon he began craving your lips and pulled you down against him to suck the air out of your lungs. His tongue played with yours as he moved his hips beneath you, hands holding your waist to keep you in place. You groan against his mouth, his expert hips thrusting powerfully below you. Trying your best to keep up with him, you grind down into him as much as you can in this position and rock to his pace.

“Oh shit, right there.” You whisper against him, already feeling short of breath.

“Right… here?” He gives an experimental shove into you and you gasp as confirmation, gripping the sheets beside his head tightly. Your walls contract quickly and he bends his legs to get better leverage to push into you. The pace increases immensely as Jimin rams his tip into your sweet spot repeatedly, pulling loud whimpers and gasps from your lips. You had to pull away from his mouth so you didn’t accidentally bite down on his bottom lip because of the amount of force he was using.

Sitting up in his lap again, you supported yourself on your hands, leaning over him as your fingers balled into fists in the sheets. You were amazed that Jimin could keep up such an intense pace for so long, his hips never seeming to get tired. You rocked into him so he didn’t have to work as hard and you both dropped your heads to peek between your legs. Each time he plowed into you, his lower abdomen would smack against your clit. The nub was covered in your sticky juices and you watched as it collided with his skin with every thrust, sticking to it briefly as he pulled out, the skin peeling away from each other creating a pleasurable tickle before they made rough contact again. Jimin’s eyes focused on how shiny you made his dick as it slipped in and out of your sopping heat, getting coated with a new layer of your wetness with every push. He moaned deeply and bit his lip. A thin sheen of sweat slicked his skin and his hair stuck to his damp forehead. You moved his messy hair out of his eyes, catching his attention as he brought his gaze back up to your face.

He couldn’t believe how hot you looked. Your cheeks were flushed with color as he sent relentless waves of heat coursing through your body. Your bottom lip was caught in the trap of your teeth, expression already fucked out. A trail of sweat ran from your temple down your jaw and neck, leading his eyes down to your lively breasts that jerked in tandem with your movements.

Your mind went blank as pleasure overtook your senses again and all you could think about was Jimin’s cock and the sound of the headboard knocking against the wall. He took you by surprise when he pushed himself up to a sitting position, snapping you out of your trance as the front of his body connected with yours.

His arms wrapped around your middle as pushed up into you. The contrast from his hard and fast thrusts seconds earlier to his now gentler, deep grinding was making your body go crazy. You could feel every inch of him as he moved slowly inside of you, pulling your body back and forth into him on his lap. You wanted to feel him closer in any way possible, not just because of the chill of the morning air that blew goosebumps onto your exposed skin, but because you felt your high building up and you could tell he was close too. Unfolding your legs to cross them behind Jimin’s back, you tugged his bottom closer so he could penetrate you at a better angle. A soft grunt came from his chest when you buck your hips into his, increasing the friction between your bodies where you were connected. You supported yourself with your hands on his strong thighs behind you as he leaned in to lick your sensitive nipples. The stimulation caused your head to loll back and exposed your neck to his mouth as his kisses travelled higher, eventually reaching your lips.

Jimin snuck his hands down to grope your ass tightly to help you move against him. The way you were leaning back allowed you to buck your hips harder into his and soon you were both rocking together, synchronized movements shaking the entire bed beneath you. The angle that he was hitting was heavenly and your arms almost gave out. His eyes were once again glued to your point of intersection and you were sure he could see how your juices leaked down his shaft and balls, wetting the sheets he sat on. The sight turned him on, however, and his thrusts became more desperate as the tightness in his balls grew stronger.

“Oh my God, fuck, baby,” You lifted your head to meet Jimin’s eyes and you could see the concentration on his face. He gritted his teeth as he forced the words out. “You feel so good. I’m so close to cumming– shit.”

“Mhm,” It was hard to reply when he was fucking you so deep right against your spot. The pace wasn’t fast, it was a steady, moderate speed, but it felt so good. Your walls were getting tighter around him and your legs began to shake as your fingers dug into his thigh muscles. “B-baby, please cum inside me.”

You knew how close he was and you fought to keep up with him. Raising a hand from his leg, you reached between your bodies and pressed your fingers to your clit, trying hard to move your hand to a stable rhythm. Meanwhile, Jimin was losing his as the pace slowed down slightly. His hips rolled up into yours smoothly and his eyes were now squeezed shut. You could tell he was focusing on being inside of you, having his pulsing cock glide effortlessly in and out of your warm entrance as he neared his end. He didn’t want to be selfish but his sleep deprived brain wouldn’t let him think about your orgasm as it put all of its energy into reaching his own.

You sped up the circles around your clit and added more pressure, determined to get a second orgasm. Jimin was now a moaning mess as your name slipped from his lips continuously. You loved how vocal he was and it pushed you closer to the edge. Even though his hips were starting to stutter as the pleasure overtook his body, Jimin kept the pace slow and even, making sure you slid along the entirety of his length all the way up to the head. You could feel his tip swelling as he throbbed inside of you and you knew the end was near. Your body was in flames as he continued the slow burn in your core, making your insides scream for release.

“Ah~ I’m gonna– fuck, (Y/n).” He groans in a strained voice that could not have sounded sexier. He can’t finish his sentence because his mind is going blank in the pleasure, but you couldn’t care less. His arms circle around your waist and pull you to sit up against him again and he buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathing heavily next to your ear. You take the lead when he falters, teeth sinking into your skin as you feel him cum inside, painting your walls with the warm liquid. Your name is muffled into your shoulder while Jimin shakes beneath you, and the feeling of his orgasm was enough to topple you over the edge as well. Your juices mixed as you removed your hand from between your legs to wrap them around his neck. His fingers dug into your sides as he rode out his high on your tightness and subtle rocking and you were sure you would have bruises, not that he wouldn’t have marks to match.

You both rested there as your highs subsided, bodies still shaky and weak. You moaned his name one more time before you finally stopped moving on top of him, relaxing your muscles as you brought your lips together with his. Neither of you had the breath nor energy to kiss each other properly, so he just leaned back and pulled the sheets back over your bodies, not caring that you were still connected. His heart beat could be felt against your chest and you smiled at the calming feeling.

“I’m gonna be so tired at work.” Jimin mumbled sleepily, eyes already halfway closed.

“Yeah, I bet you’ll get asked why.” You snicker, lifting up a little so his soft length could fall out of you, cozying into his chest to get comfortable.

“If they ask I’ll tell them that I was up at the wee hours of the morning making sweet love to my wife.” He plants a kiss to your forehead before closing his eyes completely.

“I already know I’m going to have a good day today.” You yawn.

“Why’s that?”

“Because it started with you. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.” You both drift off into sleep wrapped up in each other’s arms, feeling satisfied and warm.

Gemini - The Princess in the Pages 

“I learned to make my mind large, as the universe is large, so that there is room for paradoxes.”
Maxine Hong Kingston

Words are how the Gemini validates her existence. The fragrance she breathes into the air as she speaks makes it easy for her listeners to remain engaged and enthralled. She is the public’s cosmic broadcaster and there is a heavenly signal tuned into her personal station. Her mind is designed to catch circulating information at the speed of light and release it back into the ether with butterfly wings. When she has no information or insight to contribute to the discussion she can feel small and like she is disappearing. When she becomes impatient for the subject matter to change, but she manages to find an elusive way of relating things so she can steer the subject matter into her direction without anybody noticing. Her capacity to feel the substance and sensation of thought comes through speaking the words that pop like bubblegum in her mind. The sound of her voice provides external validation of her existence, it keeps her in touch with her physical essence. There can be so many paradoxes and incompatible perspectives flying around in her mind and they can tangle together or argue with one another or disappear completely. Gemini is symbolised by the adolescent twins, and each twin has an original idea, perspective, and opinion. It becomes even more confusing when you realise these twins frequently swap points of view for sheer monkey mischief. Gemini can appear as the identical twins, wearing the same face and saying two different things. Friendly, charasmatic, and playing the devil’s advocate at the same time. But inside, these twins are fraternal, and they couldn’t see things more differently. 

Every bit of Gemini’s frantic and irregular energy can combust wildly in the mind and leave the body behind. It can be like floating into the air with no direction. The vibration of words in the air help keep her feet on earth. Delivering information is a sort of therapeutic practice. It keeps the mind refreshed and nourished. She uses words so freely like instruments that she can forget the severe implications they can have. Sometimes she doesn’t know what she really thinks until she says it out loud. Sometimes she says it out loud to see if it’s what she really thinks. Her only consistancy is the ability for her mind to strike when the iron is hot, to listen at exactly the right time, and supply her mind with assorted information like lolly bags. It’s possible for Gemini to learn everywhere. She retained her child mind and its wide-eyed curiosity, its need for responsive environmental interaction, and its capacity to consume information, ask endless questions, and learn new things just as a young child can. It means that she is absorbing information when she isn’t actively listening. This can be why Geminis can literally stare out the window for a whole semester and still get the right answers. She can astonish people with a wide bank of knowledge on surprising topics, all she has to do is ask her mind to find the right lolly bag. She can sugar coat her words as they twist across her tongue, her company eating her words like confectionery. 


so on thursday at school i found this big butterfly and when i went to release it all the boys were freaking out saying that it was so cool and pretty and for me to take a picture before it flys away and they also petted it and then watched it fly away and a few said that it was really cool and you don’t understand how happy i felt

Gemini & Virgo - The Mercury Sisters

Gemini and Virgo is the story of two sisters. And Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo, the great story teller, so he wrote his most amusing tale for his winged children. Gemini is the drunk Virgo. Virgo is the focused Gemini. Gemini is the animated Virgo. And Virgo is the sensual Gemini. Both sisters were born during the mutable season, so they flow with the winds of change and adaptable dynamism. But the Gemini sister’s eye colour changes a little, and the way she speaks, she styles her hair in braids then curls then bows then sleek, she dresses like a New Ager in the week following a rocker. She is experimental and playful. She enjoys playing with different personalities and modes of expression. The Virgo sister is self analytical and conscious, she stores away personalities like files, opens the draw for the right moment, and hides parts of herself away. Like Mercury, the two sisters are neither feminine nor masculine, but dual and androgynous, handsome and youthful, with eyes of light and the curiosity of the young. They share a cupboard, and the Gemini’s side is full of colours and bright shades, while the Virgo sister adorns in the aloe green and sublime neutrality, reflecting the earth child inside. They both make for brilliant conversationalists and communicators. But the Gemini sister seems to radiate centrepiece at a party, wine in hand, seducing all through their engaging and stimulating conversation. She is confident, free, and wild when she is releasing the butterflies from her throat. Though her tongue always seems to slip, and words tumble out that make mistakes. And it’s up to the calculative and strategic Virgo sister to save her. With her incredible skills of observation, psychological probing, and ability to strategize the correct words, a Virgo knows how to charm with the ingredients of language. The Gemini sister strews magazines and books around, consuming wikipedia and all the wi fi to satiate her love of learning and mental amusement. The Virgo sister keeps her textbooks, and files, and documents, and novels in neat piles, alphabetically listed and colour co ordinated, seeking to apply the information she has acquired in service oriented and practical formats. The Gemini sister is more concerned with ideas and pockets of trivia, while the Virgo sister reigns in on fact and logic, ensuring that her information is correct. This is what makes for great conversation between the pair, and they often stay up long into the night, with their hyperactivity and sleeplessness, lost in discussion and reverie. With her room a mess, the bills piled up, and her diaries strewn with different handwriting, the Gemini sister seems quite more scattered, mischievous, and distracted than her formulaic, reflective, refined Virgo sister. The Gemini sister enjoys bringing two worlds together and fusing oppositions. The Virgo sister breaks down information into digestible components. 

The Gemini sister’s wings flitter from cloud to cloud, stitched with the pages of books, impractical and in a daze, blowing message bubbles into the ether. The Virgo sister’s wings are sewn with leaves and eucalyptus trees, searching for curatives in her mind and earth like a medical box. The two sisters are primary school teachers and express the labor of Mercury, the ruler of early academics. The Gemini sister enjoys teaching through anecdotes, audio, and group conversation. The Virgo sister utilizes hands on activity, technology, and concentrated pre planning. They herald the messenger in every day life. They can change in the blink of an eye. They are both brilliant and witty, loquacious and flirtatious, active in their expression and talking with their dancing hands.