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any time of the day i’m just going about my business when i suddenly remember that soon we’re getting a entire album with louis’ voice and writing and i literally have to stop and take a moment because WOW


my two boys and demonic windows 64


After a while you may forget, but just in case the memories cross your mind…
You couldn’t know this when I left, under the fire of your angry eyes…
I never wanted to say goodbye.
—  Sorry For Now, Linkin Park 

when hoseoks mixtape drop i dont know what ill do, ive been dying to see what goes on in his head on a deeper level + what beats hes whipped up like… this been in the works since like 2014 its gonna be monumental

I like my coffee like I like my men


Girls’ Generation has been the top Korean girl group ever since 2009, no one will replace them

2NE1 were the second most popular group for about seven years despite inconsistent releases and poor management, no one will replace them

SISTAR made millions in digital sales and were considered equal to two groups from two of the biggest Korean entertainment companies, no one will replace them

KARA were a sensation in South Korea, but more importantly Japan, the world’s 2nd largest music market, to the point were some members are still able to promote and work there; Seungyeon’s , Nicole’s and Jiyoung’s singles all place within the top-twnety spots of  the Japanese charts, no one will replace them

The Wonder Girls were number one in Korea for the first two years after their debut, and remained relevant and popular even after their hiatus. They also achieved mainstream success in the United States with little to no help at all from the internet. No one will replace them

T-ara have conquered Korea, Japan and China at various points in their career. Their popularity and resilience is much stronger than many would like to admit. No one will replace them

4Minute were never HyunA’s back-up dancers and were never promoted as such. They were a fully-functioning group, and their initial huge success with “Hot Issue” and “Muzik” and subsequent regain of popularity during their 2013-2015 period are proof enough of that. No one will replace them

f(x) are not as underrated and unsuccesful as some make them out to be. They were always pretty high up among the most popular K-pop groups, both in terms of popularity and success. No one will replace them

miss A were pretty popular in their first two largely succesful years of activity and even after those. Most of their songs were hits of varying success, they simply didn’t get to release more music while still in their prime. No one will replace them

The Brown Eyed Girls are the longest-running, still active, Korean girl group. Their albums are all well-polished and extremely satisfying to listen to. No one will replace them

After School are not flops. “Because of You” , “Bang!” and Orange Caramel are the reasons NU’EST, SEVENTEEN and PRISTIN even exist. They are all extremely skilled dancers and charismatic, hard-working women. No one will replace them

No one can and no one will~ These women left behind a legacy more important than more people even realize. Other groups may get all the YouTube views and likes, but not the sales to match..

Things to appreciate
  1. FOB’s new song
  2. Brendon Urie’s forehead
  3. Ryan’s going to see Brendon in Kinky Boots
  4. Ryden is was real
  5. Gerard is going to be releasing new music soon
  6. Brendon is gonna be in Kinky Boots and Ryan’s gonna see him
  7. FOB will be releasing even more music soon
  8. Ryro’s gonna go see Beebs on Broadway
  9. MCR
Demi Lovato Tell Me You Love Me Vevo Live Summary

The interview was over an hour long so here’s some that Demi revealed.

  • Demi wants Tell Me You Love Me to be a living album and will release more music in a few months before tour. This may be in the form of an EP or as added tracks to the album.
  • Two yet to be released songs are Who Do You Love? and Keep the Secret. They didn’t make the cut for TMYLM but Demi may release them later.
  • Demi said she laughs at the theories behind Ruin the Friendship, and mentioned Joe as one she’s heard. When the interviewer and fans brought up Nick Jonas she said “oh” and laughed it off. She says she’ll never say who it’s about unless she were to end up with the person. She said the same for Stone Cold.
  • Daddy Issues is about how her abandonment issues from her birth father ended up affecting her relationships. She feels she sometimes falls for people who would easily leave her. She hopes some people can relate to the song.
  • Smoke & Mirrors almost didn’t make the album because it was supposed to be a duet, and the person they were working with couldn’t do it because they had asked too late for them to meet the album deadline. Demi said she doesn’t like it as much with just her voice.
  • Demi cried in the studio when recording Smoke & Mirrors. She said she was also emotional when recording Tell Me You Love Me and Lonely, but not to the same extent.
  • The Sorry Not Sorry music video was based on a house party she had in March. She had her team invite a bunch of people because she wanted to “meet some cuties”
  • Demi plans on doing a world tour next year, which will definitely include European stops. She does not have dates finalized yet.
  • She enjoys acoustic performances and small, intimate venues. She wants this tour to have big production and dancers, but also more stripped down and acoustic portions.
  • Simply Complicated gets to address some things she hasn’t gotten to talk about before. It’ll show some of her issues she still deals with, and her album process. They shot some acoustic performance footage.
  • Demi had to call her therapist after seeing the Noah Michelson article in Huffington Post (she didn’t mention the article by name but described the situation). She said she hasn’t been used to people attacking her on social lately, so it really struck her. She says she is most defensive when people attack what she believes in or her character.
  • Demi said she almost passed out while filming the Stone Cold video because the bathwater was so hot.
  • Cool for the Summer was a really long video shoot in downtown LA.
  • She was disappointed the last few years with charts and being #2, but since her Grammy nomination, she’s trying not to pay as much attention. She is thankful that Tell Me You Love Me is #1 on iTunes, but she doesn’t expect it to be a #1 Billboard album.
  • Demi loves Cardi B. They’re Instagram buddies, but they have not met. She’d love to collab.
  • Demi has tried to collab with Ariana Grande for a while now, but the two haven’t been able to find a song right for two girls.
  • Demi heavily alluded to an upcoming Spanish collab with Luis Fonsi.
  • Demi doesn’t have any acting projects right now. “I’m better at singing than acting because you know, I did Camp Rock. It’s not the most credible thing for my resume.”
  • Demi and French Montana call each other “baby mama” and “baby daddy” for no reason
  • Kelly Clarkson, French Montana and Designer, and Luis Fonsi all gave Demi and TMYLM video shout outs
  • Demi has three days off after today during which she says she’ll veg out and watch crime shows. She is currently enjoys Ozark and Black Mirror.
  • Then she’s back in New York for a week to promote her documentary.

Anticipation. LOTSSS of anticipation. Album cover reveal. Album title reveal. First single title. First single release. Interviews. Music video. More singles. Album release. More music videos. Picking apart lyrics. Secret messages. Blaring album 24/7. Tour plans. Tour dates release. Scrambling for tickets. Costume planning. Poster planning. More anticipation. Standing in line. Tickets in hand. People stampeding to their seats. Unreachable Merch tables. Crowd chatter. Everyone covered in lights. More anticipation. Arena filled. The lights dim. Screaming erupts. Tears. Happiness. The first note plays. Louder screams. Stage lights up. Dancers fill the stage. More lights. And then there she is. Rising up from beneath the stage looking more perfect than ever before. In the same room as you. RIGHT. THERE. Screams get louder. Then she says it, and you’re done. Those three words that bring you to your knees with tears in your eyes.

“Hi, I’m Taylor.”

And you’ve never lived a more glorious day.