release more music

The band last released music more than a year ago.

They performed it once.

It’s his debt solo release

Steve hasn’t had a UK top 40 hit for 10 years.

There is no music video.

There is no official radio release.

And yet it debuted at number two.



reasons to stay alive
—  1.) ur favorite band is going to release more music 
2.) and the feeling u get when u listen to music
3.) warm baths
4.) nice smelling bath bombs
5.) really really good poetry
6.) meeting new people
7.) meeting your soulmate
8.) hugs from ppl that are taller than u holy heck
9.) days that are sunny and warm but also breezy
10.) getting letters in the mail
11.) the world is HUGE and u have seen so little
12.) when birds tweet very early in the morning (it feels annoying sometimes but it is actually vry pretty, just listen w an open mind sometime)
13.) songs with ur name in them
14.) arrested development
15.) comedy specials
16.) smores
17.) and the smell of campfire
18.) what it feels like to run through wet grass barefoot in the summer
19.) ice cream
20.) no matter how bad u think u messed up doggies will still give you smooches
21.) those rainbow roses u can get at the store
22.) being able to tell ur grandkids funny stories about when u were their ages
23.) tom delonge might rejoin blink-182
24.) so you can stay around until aliens are discovered for real
25.) how nice it feels 2 have ur hair played with
26.) clearance bins
27.) the smell of fresh cut grass
28.) the feeling u get when u learn a new song on an instrument
29.) cool socks
30.) puns
31.) popsicles when it’s really hot outside
32.) going sledding
33.) puppies…GOSH DANG
34.) new book smell
35.) also new car smell
36.) cute lil baby snails 
37.) coloring books
38.) naps
39.) petting zoos
40.) fresh watermelon
41.) hearing someone say “i’m proud of you”
42.) listening to ppl tell stories about funny things their kids do
43.) see and get pretty tattoos
44.) you probably haven’t even met ur favorite ppl ever yet
45.) concerts
46.) concerts with confetti
47.) boardwalk fries
48.) cheesy romance movies
49.) disney movies
50.) movies
51.) hot showers
52.) cold showers
53.) finally getting to meet online friends
54.) mcdonalds french fries
55.) listening to people talk about stuff they’re passionate about
56.) singing along to your favorite song
57.) big thunderstorms (even tho they’re sometimes kind of scary, nature is super neat)
58.) nice teachers
59.) nice teachers who give nice grades
60.) creating something that you’re really proud of
61.) perfect playlists with all ur favorite songs ever
62.) meeting people that like the same stuff that u like
63.) when u come inside from being in the cold and get to take off all ur cold clothes (maybe w/ snow in them) and cuddle up under a warm blanket
64.) there r foods u still haven’t tried that u could really love
65.) pictures of stuff in SPACE
66.) zayn might rejoin one direction one day
67.) my chemical romance might get back together one day
68.) the realization that everything ever is only temporary
69.) a huge rainbow after a storm (both metaphorically and literally)
70.) having pizza delivered
71.) that feeling u get when someone famous or someone u like replies to or notices u on social media
72.) and the feeling u get in ur tummy before you go down a big hill on a roller coaster
73.) slurpees
74.) laughing until u cry
75.) lil kitties
76.) climbing trees and sitting at the way top (unless ur afraid of heights)
77.) waffles
78.) the ability to create literally anything u want
79.) knowing that u r not alone 
80.) taco bell
81.) waiting all week for an episode of ur favorite show to air and then sitting down to watch it when it finally comes on
82.) being able to literally change the world!!!!
83.) the smell before rain
84.) nice scented candles
85.) when u go outside while it’s snowing and it’s totally silent
86.) christmas ever
87.) christmas day
88.) the excitement of holidays and getting days off of school
89.) the feeling u get when u finish a really big assignment
90.) chocolate (or vanilla if that’s what u r into)
91.) starbucks mmmm
92.) the feeling u get when u tell a joke and people laugh
93.) waterparks
94.) really nice flowers
95.) fresh clean sheets
96.) sheetz (or wawa)
97.) being able 2 inspire people and know u made a positive impact
98,) when ppl make things for you
99.) fresh brownies or chocolate chip cookies that are still hot from the oven
100.) naps
101.) but most importantly stay alive for u. know that everything in life, even life itself, is temporary and nothing lasts forever , not even this universe. even when it might not seem like it life is a nice gift and the world is very beautiful and there r many beautiful people places and things worth living for, but u gotta find them and u gotta stay alive to find them. live for urself and so u can look back in years and say to urself, “wow, i’m glad i survived.” stay alive, friends. not just today, but tomorrow, too.
Hip hop is an incredible genre of music. It's diverse, it's passionate, it's meaningful, it showcases the broadest range of truly mind blowing lyrical poetry that music has ever seen, it's upbeat/heartbreaking/makes you wanna dance your ass off/shows you shit you didn't think possible usually all within like half of an album... Hip hop as a movement not just as a genre is the best thing to happen to music & if you truly believe that Iggy Azalea, regardless of the fact that she's a piece of shit, based on musical talent alone, deserves ANY awards within such a bright, shining incredible genre then damn, I'm not even mad I just feel fucking sorry for you.

anonymous asked:

it's not about calling the fan a liar- i follow them!- but that people can mishear or misunderstand? that happens? and there's no other source? and rapping never seemed like sth louis would be into but steve IS collaborating with rappers- so the fan might have misheard? and a new single so soon after JHO is also strange considering last week steve was insisting they were 100% focused on their it, their baby???

steve also said that they would absolutely release more music together?????? and they literally PLAYED A SONG WITH LOUIS IN IT???? come on anon