AMC Networks - Brand Protection: AMC - Please continue to allow The Walking Hope to parody The Walking Dead for Cancer Charity!

The Walking Hope is in jeopardy of not being able to continue! I need your help and the attention and help of AMC! 2 years ago I began designing Walking Dead themed parody shirts, called the Walking Hope, to raise money for the American Cancer Society.  Since that time, and through The Walking Hope, I have been able to raise over $30,000 all benefiting The American Cancer Society!  The letters “AMC” actually do not appear anywhere on the logo or shirts, instead within the parodied logo are the letters"RFL" which stand for the annual Relay For Life fundraising events that millions of people in 21 countries participate in to benefit ACS.    Recently, in an effort to “protect their brand,” AMC has sent my t shirt manufacturer a cease and desist letter.  I never use images from the show, but they feel the designs are a close enough parody that they are infringing on their intellectual property rights.   While I understand their position and their want and need to protect their brand, I would like them to consider this more closely, specifically the following points:   1 - I am not using the parody designs for profit in any way. 2 - More than 30 cast, crew and producers from the Walking Dead actively wear and support the Walking Hope charity idea.  They not only have the shirts, but they actively help me promote them via social media for the good of the cause and to help raise awareness and funds. 3 - The Walking Hope has helped thousands of people worldwide to connect with other cancer survivors, fighters, caregivers and like-minded fans.  It is not just a fundraising effort, but rather a community of caring people all connected by the hope! 4 - I am willing to alter the main logo slightly to better accommodate AMC’s comfort level with the Walking Dead parody. I am requesting special dispensation from AMC for continued use of the Walking Dead themes and would like to codify this permission so this is not an issue in the future.  I already have expressed written permission in a similar fashion from The American Cancer Society. Without their continued permission, the Walking Hope will no longer exist and thousands of people will lose out.   Fans and supporters of the Walking Hope, please sign and share this petition.  I truly believe that AMC is doing something procedural and does not know the damage that would be done if this community, cause and fundraising effort were not allowed to continue. AMC, please consider rescinding your cease and desist letter and work with me to further spread the Walking Hope.  

PLEASE sign and share this!! Let is spread like wildfire!!! It is probably the only thing I will ever post that I ask becomes popular. But I hold this organization dear to me. Cancer affects everyone. Whether you yourself have battled, are currently battling, or know someone with cancer, you know the devastation it can bring. The Walking Hope is a NON-PROFIT organization, and Bradley is one of the most kindest and caring people I know, and have had the pleasure of personally talking with. 

When I first came across The Walking Hope, was after Melissa McBride had just posted a picture of herself wearing one of the sweaters. All I could think was, “How great is this?” Bradley had taken his love for The Walking Dead, his warrior strength against Cancer, and combined the two. And then he took that idea and shared it with us. And it was (and still is) brilliant! Since then, several more cast and crew members have gotten their own shirts in order to support the cause as can be seen on The Walking Hope Facebook page. The money made from the shirts go to the American Cancer Society (ACS) and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS), so how AMC could say no to that, is beyond me. Especially when it’s supported by their own cast and crew!!! 

So please, please, please sign it. Please share it. 

Let’s get the attention of AMC!!