💰Master list of sorority fundraising ideas! 💰

Q: I am the assistant philanthropy chair of my chapter. We are doing some research on different philanthropy events for our chapter besides the ones we have been doing for the past few years. Do you have any advice on finding events that other sororities have done and some ideas for coming up with original philanthropy events? Thanks!

A: Launching a new fundraiser is a fabulous idea for keeping your membership interested, attracting fellow greeks on campus, increasing participation and energizing everyone connected to your philanthropy!

The first step is to decide what TYPE of fundraiser you want to tackle. Is your chapter more the sports type, or foodie fans? Think about what your sisters, alumnae and other greeks will respond to. Also, if five other chapters already have food sales, you should try a dodgeball tournament instead. Being unique will attract more attention! 

💰  Creative Sorority Fundraising Ideas by Category:💰

💰  SPECIAL EVENT fundraisers: 

  • Sorority Fashion Show 
  • Gala Dinner & Silent Auction 
  • Kissing Booth
  • Puppy Kissing Booth
  • Hugging Booth
  • Pie in the Face 
  • Polar Plunge
  • Fraternity Bachelor Auction
  • Talent Show
  • Car Wash
  • Casino Night
  • Bingo Night
  • Christmas Caroling Service
  • Shopping Night at a Favorite Dress Boutique - a % of sales donated to the chapter philanthropy.
  • Haunted Hay Ride
  • Carnival/Festival for Kids
  • Dunk Tank - recruit popular people to dunk
  • Junker Car or Old Computer Smash - charge for turns bashing an old jalopy, or vintage computers.
  • Outdoor Movie Marathon
  • Campus “Celeb” Bartenders Event
  • Service Auction - sorority & fraternity volunteers are auctioned off for 2 hour “work” sessions.
  • Restaurant Special - a % of food sales donated to the chapter philanthropy.

💰  COMPETITION fundraisers:

  • “MR” Sorority Contest
  • Pie Eating Contest
  • Chicken Wing Eating Contest
  • Board Game Tournament
  • Twister Tournament 
  • 5K Walk/Run
  • Dance Marathon
  • Rocking-Chair-A-Thon
  • Air Band Competition
  • Lipsync Competition
  • Skip-a-thon, Walk-a-thon, Seesaw-a-thon, Skate-a-thon, etc…
  • Trivia Contest
  • Battle of the College Bands
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest
  • Decorated Golf Cart Parade & Competition
  • Halloween Costume Competition
  • Adult Spelling Bee
  • Penny Wars
  • Yellow Rubber Ducky Race 
  • Male Beauty Pageant - dressed as women.
  • Goldfish Races - set up two rain gutters filled with water as race tracks. Contestants are given a straw to blow on the water to help the fish along to the finish line. 
  • Charity Specific Events - such as Walking in High Heeled Shoes, Bra Dart Board, Relay for Life, etc…

💰  FOOD fundraisers: 

  • Pancake Breakfast
  • Late Night Waffles
  • Grilled Burger Dinner
  • Chicken Wings Dinner
  • Taco/Burritos/Nachos Bar 
  • Spaghetti Dinner
  • Tailgate BBQ
  • Crawfish Boil
  • Oyster Shucking Dinner
  • Pizza Party
  • Box Lunch Delivery
  • Build Your Own Sub Sandwich
  • Hot Soup Bar
  • Octoberfest
  • Catfish Fry
  • Bake Sale 
  • Build Your Own Sundae
  • Smoothie Stand
  • Popular Food Truck on Campus
  • Watermelon Eating Contest
  • Cake Walk
  • Frozen Yogurt Eating Contest
  • Coffee & Donuts Table
  • Chocoholics Festival
  • All You Can Eat Baked Potato Bar
  • Gourmet Popcorn Tasting Party
  • Midnight Munchies Sale
  • Chili Cook Off
  • Chowder Cook Off
  • BBQ Cook Off
  • Burger Cook Off
  • Snow Cone Booth
  • Cookies & Milk Event
  • Cupcake Sale
  • Eat for a Cause - ask a local restaurant to donate 10% of their profits on a designated night, in exchange for encouraging greeks to eat there.

💰  SPORTS fundraisers:

  • Dodgeball Tournament
  • Golf Tournament
  • Basketball Tournament
  • Baseball Game
  • Flag Football Game
  • Powder Puff Football Game
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Swimming Pool Competitions 
  • Cardboard Boat Regatta 
  • Soccer Tournament
  • Cheerleading Competition
  • Miniature Golf Tournament
  • Bowling Competition
  • Tricycle Races
  • Wheelbarrow Races
  • Coolers with Wheels Races
  • Inflatable Rock Wall Climbing Competition
  • Holiday Jingle Bell Walk
  • Greek “Chariot” Races

💰  SERVICE & SALES fundraisers: 

  • Discounted Prom Dress Sale
  • Manicure Table
  • Candy-gram/Flower-gram/Balloon-gram Deliveries on Campus (especially for Valentines Day and finals)
  • Finals Week Snack Deliveries
  • Raffle with Amazing Grand Prize
  • Sell Swag - koozies, buttons, or other small accessories.
  • Sorority Trunk Show ~ especially greek jewelry or fashions.
  • Craft Sale 
  • Yard Sale or Antique Sale
  • Used Book Sale 
  • Holiday Ornament Sale 
  • Sorority Recipe Book
  • Holiday Gift Wrapping Service
  • Flower Sales for Valentine’s Day
  • Art Show & Sale
  • Dog Wash
  • Gift Basket Auction
  • Guess How Many ___ in the Jar - M&Ms, jelly beans, peanuts.
  • Friendship Bracelet Sales
  • Pink Flamingos on Greek Row - sell pink flamingos to be placed (with a message) on sorority & fraternity house front lawns.
  • Sell Commemorative Bricks or Tiles for a Sorority House Construction Project
  • Tee Shirt Sales
  • Massage Chair Booth - offer several chairs & charge for 10 minute messages by professional therapists.

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