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Tiny house nation, and tiny house hunters are shows that I've watched. Do you know any other sources were I could get my tiny house fix?

tiny house youtube channels:


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‘Damn Simple’ Tiny House Costs Just $1,200 To Build Yourself

If you thought you could never live in a tiny house, think again.This tiny A-frame cabin is just 80 square feet at its base, but it packs a totally livable punch. Inside, there’s a bed, storage space, sink, mini-fridge and overhead loft. Open up the roof extension, and you’ve got an outdoor sleeping porch (complete with another bed and a mosquito net covering, of course).

Find out where to buy the instructions for the home here. 

(Photo Credit: Relaxshacks)


Deek Deidricksen builds a chair! Refined, somewhat…keeps your keister off the ground, YES! Later with summer Repurposed Goods and Relax Shacks will team up to help 17 beautiful builders create some PAC’s at a workshop in Boston, MA. Sorry folks, it is all sold out! More information to come…