relaxing with chocolate


B A N A N A    P A N C A K E S

At times workload is really heavy so I just want to let my hair down! Pancakes for breakfast is a great decision, trust me :3

· 1 banana
· 150 g oat flour
· 2 tbsp sugar
· 80-100 ml water
· 3 tbsp oil
· ½ tsp soda

1. Mash the banana with a fork. Add flour, sugar, oil, water and soda. Mix well.
2. Hit a pan, add some oil. Let for a while, then flip.

Serve with peanut butter, maple syrup, berries, banana etc. So simple and delicious!

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1+4 killugon!! >u<

1. chocolate;  4. irresistible

For something that I wasn’t so sure about before I sat down, I had a ton of fun writing this haha XD Thank you for the request! I hope you like it~

Aged up killugon, canon universe!

(I have a few more requests left, I’ll try to get them done by today but if not I’ll definitely finish them tomorrow! So sorry for the wait ^^;)

Killua moaned as the first bite hit his tongue. “Oh my god. That should be illegal.”

Their table shook with Gon’s tiny huff of laughter. “Y’know, Killua, I don’t think I know anyone who likes chocolate as much as you do.”

“You don’t,” Killua said, keeping his blue eyes on his prize: a triple chocolate ice cream special, complete with mini pieces of brownie and dark chocolate chips, drizzled with the perfect amount of hot fudge. His mouth watered just looking at the thing.

If Killua died right now, he would be okay with that.

“Heh, probably. You just really, really like chocolate.” Gon had his chin resting on his folded arms. Killua didn’t spare the time to glance at the other male, already knowing that Gon was watching him with a mixture of amusement, fondness and bafflement.

Gon didn’t love chocolate like Killua did. He didn’t get chocolate, like Killua got chocolate. It was a sad state to be in, Killua reflected ruefully, and he mourned Gon’s lack of understanding on a daily basis. 

Killua carefully positioned his spoon to pick out a nicely sized brownie piece as Gon continued thoughtfully, “Sometimes I actually think you like chocolate more than anything else in the entire world.”

“I do,” Killua said. He took a bite of the brownie and nearly melted off his chair and onto the floor. Holy shit, this thing was too good to be true. He had definitely made the right decision to drag Gon into this store.

“You can’t like chocolate more than everything in the world, Killua,” Gon chastised, a smile hidden in his tone.

“I do,” Killua said seriously.

“Hmm. So, what you’re saying is, that you like chocolate more than sleeping?”

What kind of question was that? Killua almost rolled his eyes at the absurdity of it; would he rather sleep or eat chocolate? It wasn’t even a contest!

“Chocolate is always better,” he answered around another mouthful of chocolatey goodness.

“More then playing video games?”


“More than using Nen?”


“More than me?”

Killua didn’t even hesitate: “Yes.”

Gon’s smirk dropped off his face.

“W-What?” he stammered.

Killua scraped his spoon along the edge of his bowl. “You asked if I liked chocolate more than you. And I said yes.”

Gon sat up straight. “You…you can’t be serious.”

Killua paused, spoon halfway to his lips, and turned to look Gon dead in the eye.

“I. Am.” He then viciously shoved more chocolate into his mouth.

The look of sheer horror in Gon’s expression was so funny that Killua almost had to spit out that same spoonful to keep himself from choking.

“But! But you can’t!” Gon sputtered out. “I’m- we’re dating, Killua! I’m way better then some sweet!”

Some sweet?! 

Killua slowly set down his spoon. “Okay. Since you clearly do not understand what’s going on here, I’ll be generous and explain it to you. Here are the pros of chocolate: one-” Killua held up a finger, “- I’ve liked chocolate since the age of two, which is several years longer than I’ve known you.”

Gon gaped. “That’s silly! You’re not in a relationship with chocolate, Kil-”

“Two!” Killua snapped loudly. “The smell of chocolate is the smell of the heavens. You, on the other hand, do not smell like anything most of the time except for mud and sweat after you spend all day running around in the wilderness!”

“You do that too!”

“Three: chocolate comes in many ways, and no form is superior than others-”

“Killua,” Gon said lowly, leaning in close. “I can come any way you want, too. I can promise you that.”

Killua jerked away, heat rushing to his cheeks so fast his vision swam.

Did Gon seriously just say that?!

“F-Four,” Killua stuttered, trying and failing to ignore the effect Gon’s words had on him. Damnit, his whole face felt like it was on fire. “Chocolate tastes better then you do.”

Gon tilted his head to one side. “You sure about that?”

Killua gritted his teeth.


“Hm.” Gon reached out and Killua froze as Gon’s warm fingers grasped his chin.

“I guess I’ll have to convince you otherwise then, huh?” Gon smiled slightly, brushing his thumb across Killua’s bottom lip and smearing some of the leftover chocolate there. “I can’t have my boyfriend liking something more than me. Even if that something is chocolate.”

Killua stayed still, completely paralyzed. He couldn’t think straight when Gon gazed at him like that, when Gon’s hand was on his face, lingering over his mouth. It made his chest tight and his heart leap into overdrive.

Because as much as he went on about how much he adored chocolate with every fiber of his being, Killua knew that Gon had at least one thing on par with Killua’s favorite dessert:

They were both irresistible.


              Terry Gilliam looks back on Heath Ledger’s last film:

“He would come into work in the morning having to deal with what was going on with lawyers and all sorts of stuff. He’d come in just so exhausted. By the end of the day, he was so (jolly)  again because the work was what it was about. He was so utterly generous to everybody. Lily Cole stuck in there with these really great actors with very little experience. Heath brought it out of her. There were scenes with Christoph where he’s ad libbing. He had never really ad libbed before and I just gave him room. In that scene where Tony is trying to get back in the mirror, saying “Relax. You’ve got chocolate melting over your head;” that wasn’t in the script. It was Heath just flying. Now what’s interesting about it when I look at Heath in “Parnassus,” he looks like a guy that’s 35 or 36 years old. He was 27. He was like ten years older: he looked it and behaved than he really was. It was quite extraordinary. Its one of the great losses. The sad thing was…Philip Seymor Hoffman had another twenty years on Heath. Heath would’ve been whatever. Brando wouldn’t have been close to him, I think.”



January 11th 2017, Studyblr Challenge Day 6 of 30// I decided to combine a picture of how I relax with some of the work I did today because I was feeling super productive. To relax, I do a bit of art/doodling because I don’t have to think too hard haha and its also somewhat therapeutic. In the morning, I did a little planning for the day and Chinese studying, then I had my fashion internship during the day (I’m super tired omg).The evening was spent relaxing with some hot chocolate, art, and Gingerbread (the cat, not the cookie). 

Hot Chocolate Well-Being/Relaxation Spell

A hot chocolate spell intended to aid the user in staying safe, healthy, and sane throughout any chaotic or unnerving events of the coming week.


Milk (any kind)

Moon Water (catalyst - substitute another (edible) catalyst if desired)

Almond syrup or powder

Cinnamon syrup or powder

Chocolate syrup or powder


1. Heat up milk (cow, soy, or almond - your choice) with a few drops of moon water sprinkled in to help catalyze the spell and promote clarity and relaxation.

2. While milk is heating, cleanse your desired mug/cup with your desired cleansing method - rinsing, visualization, holding over smoke, etc. - to prevent negative energy from becoming infused in the spell.

3. Once the milk is sufficiently heated up (about 140F) pour in your mug. Mix in chocolate and almond and cinnamon syrups (or powders) while saying the following incantation up to three times:

Almond, chocolate, cinnamon, milk,
Smooth as glass, smooth as silk,
Sunday to Saturday, at the week’s start,
Help me through without falling apart.

4. Top with whipped cream (for fun) and more cinnamon to promote protection and wisdom if desired.

5. Drink and repeat as often as you need!