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Tips for Peaceful Writing

Working on research papers at any time can be a tedious process. It’s so easy to become distracted by anything and everything around you. Here are a few tips that have helped me with a more efficient study/writing session:

1) Clear your mind. Turn off your cell phone. Keep away from the internet. Anything that diverts your attention will only slow you down. Of course, if part of your research requires a browser, then just make sure you hold yourself accountable and go directly to the sites you need. If you have an urge to blog, don’t give in!

2) Get a snack and something to drink. An empty stomach is an uncooperative stomach. Restlessness is sure to set in if you don’t listen to your body’s needs. Research shows that if you have eaten citrus fruits like oranges, that you will focus better. Even chewing a citrus-flavored gum will do the trick!The Vitamin C is always a welcome energy boost and stimulates your senses. Drink healthy liquids like Green Tea for an added calming effect.

3) Listen to music. Some aren’t able to concentrate properly with tunes playing in the background, so keeping your music nice and light will be more pleasurable. Listen to instrumental music like a soft classical piano solo. Your brain will thank you in the long run.

4) Hit the books. Once you’ve set the mood, it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Take out the books and materials you need to get started. Read over the rules your professor has set for you and your class. If you spend at least 5 minutes preparing yourself and thinking about what you are going to write, you will be able to coax yourself into getting started. Also, reading an assigned or leisure novel for 15-20 minutes will help you become inspired.

5) Brainstorm. Open that blank Microsoft Word page and construct an outline for your research paper. Include any possible options for a thesis. Allow yourself to concoct ideas and ask questions. Make web charts or jot down a few notes if you are a more visually-oriented person.

6) Sit down and write! Don’t put it off any longer. Procrastination will haunt you right up until the deadline for your research paper or novel. Remember, you made a promise. It’s up to you as a a student, a freelance writer, to complete your mission. Be professional and start writing!

Take deep breaths and relax during your study sessions. The key to all good writing is optimism. You can do it!

Good luck writing!


Amanda J. Bruns

8:31 am // morning study sessions are always fresh 💫 currently analysing the complete persepolis for english class!! :^)

i’m also reading yes please by amy poehler! a little late to the party but if you haven’t read it as well (and is a huge fan of comedy and/or snl) it’s a great book to read to laugh and relax between study sessions 💗


you can do this - may 27th 2017

doing cute notes on algebra is actually the most relaxing part of my study sessions. It kinda helps me with stress since I’m starting finals next friday. I can believe that my first year of college is almost over ! To all my freshmen fellas: you’re not alone, we can do this !!!

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Monday, 1/19/15, 4:53 pm | Although we had a day off from school, some of my friends and I parked ourselves in a private library room today to crank out some homework that we ignored over the long weekend. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by Arabic, but that doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying it—it just definitely demands a lot of time outside of the classroom. I also have to finish my American Government reading at some point today, but for now, I’m writing this post from my bed. It’s important to relax after a big study session, so nap time is what I’m opting for; maybe later I’ll hang out in our basement and read about the U.S.’s argument against the extent of polarization in U.S. politics, but definitely not now. Netflix, here i come.