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Studyblr Asks

Because I want to interact with my followers more! Ask me guys!

1. What would your ideal study space look like?

2. Top three colleges you want to get accepted into?

3. Some of your favorite studyblrs?

4. Top three most inspiring role models that help motivate you?

5. Future career?

6. Favorite study hacks?

7. Favorite study snacks?

8. Favorite motivational quotes?

9. Your favorite subject? 

10. Your least favorite subject? 

11. Favorite teacher?

12. How you relax after a study session?

13. Recommend a book?

14. Post a picture of a place you like to study?

15. Do you know anyone in the studyblr community in real life?

16. Music you like to play while studying?

17. Music that distracts you?

18. What is your reason for working so hard?

19. Do you do any extracurriculars?

20. Favorite thing about the studyblr community?