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more angel au! (shout out to the two people in the rvb nano discord for suggesting “bird” and “wash”) 

he’s looking all fancy in his ceremonial armor and face paint. all ready to shake hands and kiss babies

Still not over the newest Malec promo tbh. OK, I know we are all stressed out now. As much as we all wanted bamf!Magnus (well, I did and I still do!) and angst, why not giving us some fluff for a change I am sure you are all asking yourself.

Well, just think about this: From what I gather so far, the new scenes seem to be all from the pilot if you ask me. And honestly? The big “argument” looks like it might happen after/before this pic:

Which also leads me to think that it happens before Alec and Maryse have their argument/fight regarding Jace going with Valentine. The scene where Alec says “Jace is closer than blood.”

AND I think we can all pretty much agree that after that, and even though Alec and Magnus probably went their seperate ways after the fight in the institute (which we saw in the trailer), Magnus is still the only person Alec will go to.

Look at this pic. Very closely. Magnus doesn’t exactly look like he is happy at all. He is most likely even annoyed at Alec that he comes to see him after pretty much shutting him out after their fight. You can even see it when you take a closer look at Alec’s posture. Being welcomed and happy to see his boyfriend Magnus clearly looks different.

But if you ask me, they will work things out. Remember “When things got crazy, don’t push me away?”


And I believe after they talk about that argument, the famous “Alec dropped his stele” scene will happen.

What I am trying to say: JUST RELAX, PEOPLE!!!

We all knew that angst was about to happen because the thing with Jace is way too important for Alec to just go all “lovey dovey”. But they will get through it. Heck, they will go on a date in 2x06. Besides, Malec is canon. AND endgame. No need to go crazy. All will be fine. Pretty much everyone involved in the show told us that. ;)

A message to all artists out there

Sometimes there are times you just… Step back for a while and let yourself relax. Sure drawing is fun and enjoyable but when it’s slowly turning into something you need to force yourself to do it, whether because you want to improve fast or you need to entertain your fans, stop. Stop for awhile, take a breather and relax.

Because art. Is something you do to enjoy and relax your mind, to let out your inner creativity. If you pressure yourself into drawing too much, in the end you will produce an art piece that you’re not satisfied with, thus making you even more frustrated.

Remember. Art comes to you naturally. It’s not something that you force yourself to do. Art is like water! It flows naturally and easily and relax. You deserve to please yourself too you know? You need entertainment too.

So relax and take your time okey?

Spring is finally here! 

EDIT 3/28/15- uploaded a larger version for those of you who want to use it as a desktop for your computer/tablet/laptop/etc!

-Prints available here-

hawaiian shirt + dark bags under eyes is a good look… it says yeah i would really love to be carefree and relaxed right now but certain circumstances have made that impossible

Gaster's Pacifist Judgement
  • Gaster's Pacifist Judgement
  • vero-valzer

*Of all the timelines to be freed from the Void… I am glad it was this one.

I thought it might be interesting to hear your judgement delivered by the man scattered across time and space who can see and hear everything.

If you feel like RESET-ing for a different Judgement, you can listen to my dub of Gaster’s Neutral Route Judgement here and Gaster’s Genocide Route Judgement here!

*Let’s just get to the point. <– Click here for the FULL Genocide Battle!

I only claim to own my voice and the time it took to edit it!
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hoo boy i am the calmest i have been for a long time, i don’t exactly know what changed, like I still feel flat but I don’t feel panicky anymore. idk man. it just. disappeared. like oh god okay this is gonna sound so off but I almost forgot that feeling this relaxed was actually possible?? I’ve spent the last two weeks in a shitty paranoid hellscape, I didn’t even realise how Not Relaxed i was, i was just kinda accustomed to it?? forgot what it feels like to just. not be stressed like that. being stressed like that is exhausting. and man I am so calm right now. feels good, feels organic