relaxing cats

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Can I ask for a cute kitty or two for my roommate? He's totally crushed at the moment and want him to relax with some cute cats. Maybe something related to springtime or the fall? IDK how this works but I know he likes your positivity cat(s?) a lot.

Here you go! One spring-time Freckles, one autumn Muffin, and on goofy, polka-dot Boots n’ Pants with fall and spring colors! I hope your roommate feels better soon, and I hope these guys can help a bit!

Hey you, stop scrolling through your dashboard for a second. I just want you to know that you’re not a bad person and everything will be okay. Just relax and take a deep breath. Much better. Now go find a cute cat picture with your aesthetic and a Vine compilation to take your mind off things, you got this shit.


Cat relaxing in a caldera

For the lazy weekend ahead! 

An ArtTrade done with @moodyspoodys . A noodle for a noodle. Or maybe two? haha! You can see her part HERE if you haven’t already :3

Hanzo is relaxing with his cats.. I mean dragonoodles, while Jesse is away on a mission. Time passes slower when the cowboy is not around, so apart from training and meditation, Hanzo sinks between the pillows and covers with his noodles and a good book to make time fly away faster.