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John and Sherlock decide to take Rosie on a trip to the Holmes parents’ cottage and John is privately nervous at Rosie’s reaction.

But when they arrive, it’s clear there was nothing to worry about. Rosie is in raptures from the first moment, running about the garden while Sherlock’s father chases after her.

And then they all head inside, and Sherlock’s mother explains that they brought all of Mycroft and Sherlock’s old toys out of the loft, all spruced up and ready for Rosie to play with.

And it’s so wonderful to watch as John realises how loved Sherlock was as a child, and now, as Sherlock leans against the kitchen counter top, as relaxed as he’s ever been, pinching biscuits from a jar until his mother notices and jokingly swats him with a tea towel.

It’s all so beautifully natural and John’s heart aches with it. He hears Rosie giggling as Sherlock’s father shows her how to play Mouse Trap; Sherlock and his mother’s easy conversation:

“Is Myc not coming round, Sherlock?”

“Are you deliberately calling him that now just to piss h-um-annoy him? Think he’s with the foreign secretary, I don’t know.”

“Excellent, I can Skype call him again, he never answers his phone.”

“Oh my god, I thought he was joking when he said you-”

And all of a sudden the ache in John’s heart tightens and he slips out for some fresh air. He thought he had been practically silent but Sherlock is soon right behind him.

“Are you alright? Is there-did I do something wrong?”

And John’s eyes well up at the thought that Sherlock could even think that, and he shakes his head, voice choked: “No, I-of course not, it’s just I’ve-I never had-”

He gestures back inside, where Sherlock’s parents are chatting away to Rosie.

“I never had that,” John finally admits.

And the line of Sherlock’s mouth wavers, and he’s hugging John like his life depends on it.

“You have it here,” Sherlock tells him, soft yet fierce. “You have it now. Always.”

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Every inch of you is perfect from the 

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This is fine


Draco rolled on his sheets, his skin warm because of the covers and the soft light shining through his bedside window.

It was good, those new sheets, that new bedroom. The purple curtains weren’t something he would’ve picked himself but being an eighth year came with its advantages and disadvantages.

He turned again, his eyes still closed. Having his own room at Hogwarts was something he would never have thought could be so great. The silence, the privacy, being able to come and go whenever he wanted. Well, not that he could wander around past curfew but even if he did no one would know.

Draco finally opened his eyes, the sunlight strangely bright for that time of-


Draco launched himself off the covers, his legs still tangled in the sheets making him tumble straight to the floor. He cursed again, louder this time, but who cares. He was alone in his room, no one to wake up and, oh well, no one to wake him up either.

So he was late, even though he was sure he’d set up his wand to wake him up.

Great, now his morning had everything to be even shinier than normal. He hated getting up late and had managed just fine to arrive to classes in time until now. He hated it because being late meant receiving unwanted attention from professors who already despised him and classmates who wanted him dead. Potter was usually the one to burst into classes after it’d already begun but all he always got for that were welcoming smiles and good mornings.

Draco grabbed the first pair of black trousers he spotted near his nightstand, putting them on while searching for his belt. He wrapped his green and silver tie loosely around his neck, his black shirt still completely unbuttoned. Draco cast a quick cleaning spell on his mouth, hurriedly heading for the door with shoes in one hand and bag in the other. The common room was most definitely empty so he would just finish getting ready-


A loud thud caught Draco’s attention, wand instantly in hand as an instinct. He should have expected, should have exhaled, turned on his heel and darted out of there because he knew he was just going to be even later now.

But how in Merlin’s name could he turn around on a Potter still in his boxers, black boxers and a Gryffindor tie hanging around his neck like the bloody corridor was an extension of his room. Potter looked up, his cheeks red and an apologetic smile on his face, something that only contributed to unbalance Draco more.

The blond was gaping, his own blood rushing to his cheeks because his eyes couldn’t stay on Potter’s ugly glasses, they had to aknowledge his shoulders, covered in tiny brown freckles; scan his chest and his stomach- fuck, Potter had abs, and his hips, Draco’s eyes could trace his V line…

He froze, closing his eyes like that was the only way he knew how to stop unashamedly maping the Gryffindor’s body.

He opened them when his breathing had evened out to find Potter doing the exact same thing he’d done.

'I- I’m late’ Draco blurted out, startling Potter who seemed to be unaware of what he was doing.

'Yeah, me too’ His green eyes fixed on something above Draco’s head.

'You’re always late, this isn’t- ’

'What happened to your hair?’ Potter took a step towards him, his shame of being half naked completely forgotten. Draco’s wand remained firmly secured in his hand, though he doubted he’d have the will to point it at Potter even if he had to.

Merlin, he was… hot. That was the word, there was no way he could lie about that. Draco was eighteen and gay and Potter was eighteen and hot and- and so Potter. He should turn around and run the fuck away from there, that corridor was too small for two people to stand at a safe distance and Potter didn’t seem to even want to stand at a safe distance.

He was still looking at Draco’s hair like it was made of gold.

'I didn’t have time to comb it’

Draco looked at Potter’s head, wondering for a second if the Gryffindor had ever brushed his hair.

The dark brown locks curled chaotically around the edges, falling on his forehead and almost covering the scar. His hair was longer than Draco had ever seen it, probably longer than when they were fourteen and Draco first experienced how it was like to develop a crush on someone.

When Potter lowered his eyes Draco could see only thin rings of green around dilated pupils.

'Why would you comb it?’

There, he knew Potter had never brushed his hair. That was be the best opportunity to mock him about it, Draco just needed to open his mouth and-

Warm fingers pushed Draco’s locks away from his eyes, his mouth already open but his mind suddenly blank. Potter was so close Draco had to tip his head slightly down to look at him. His fingers ran through the strands, pressing lightly against his scalp. Draco’s breathing became shallow, his whole body tingling with the sudden proximity.

'I- I need to go’ Draco’s hand reached for his bag as fast as he could. He darted past a surprised Potter on his way to the stairs, Potter’s fingers that were tangled in Draco’s hair falling to his pale neck, touching it lightly for a second.

He wanted to stay, fuck, all he wanted to do was stay. That was the main reason he should go immediately because if he felt Potter’s warmth against his skin for another minute he wouldn’t be able to hold back.

When Draco turned around to catch a last glimpse of Potter, green eyes met grey. He gulped, turning on his heel and heading towards their common room.

Despite being so late Draco decided to keep a slow pace. He closed his eyes for a second, trying to keep in his memory the feeling of Harry’s fingers against his neck.


Draco opened his eyes the next morning to find, fortunately, that he was on time.

He sighed, images of the previous day flashing through his mind. He got up, shaking that weird feeling away, and set out for his trunk.

This time Draco decided to go with his best green silk shirt and some tight black trousers - he was in a good mood after all - paired with a silver tie. He was about to grab his bag when Draco remembered he hadn’t combed his hair again, darting his eyes to the mirror hanging on his door.

It looked… messy, but maybe not in a bad way. He ran his fingers through it, pushing the strands back and watching as a few fell on his forehead. Okay, he could try that. His father would totally reprimand him if he knew but Draco decided to go for it anyway.

He closed the door behind him, his eyes already searching for that door opposite his. Potter’s room.

It was locked and no movement could be heard from outside.

Late again, he thought to himself, lingering on the first step of the circular stair. He looked back again, waiting for something he didn’t quite know. No sound, nothing.

He’s definitely going to be late.

Fuck, Draco looked at his pocket watch, confirming that if he turned around now he’d get exactly on time for his first class of the day.

He could knock, a small voice that sounded a lot like his mother’s resonated inside his head.

Draco looked around, checking if he was in fact alone before darting towards Potter’s door, knocking twice. He waited a bit, knocked again. No response.

Maybe he’s not in there, he thought.

Maybe he’s not feeling well, his other inner voice said.

Draco didn’t care, he should just go. But his hand was already on the door knob, twisting it. It clicked, easily letting Draco in despite a red alarm screaming inside his head.

'Potter?’ His voice was low but in the quiet room it sounded much louder to his ears.

The curtains of the only bed in the room were closed, but Draco could immediately tell Potter was there. His deep breathing told Draco that the Gryffindor was sound asleep, the sunrays making his silhouette distinguishable through the curtains.

The alarms were louder now but Draco couldn’t walk away anymore.

He pulled the curtains slowly.

'Potter, you’re- ’


Potter was on his back, a soft blanket covering one of his legs and his waist in a way Draco could see he had nothing beneath it. He was naked, completely naked under that thin layer of cotton.

Draco’s fingertips were tingling, his throat suddenly dry. He wanted to touch, but Merlin he couldn’t even afford to think that.

'Potter, wake up’ he spoke louder this time and Potter all but groaned in his sleep. Draco felt something boiling inside him, anger and lust mixed together.

'Potter, wake up!’ His hand reached for Potter’s shoulder, shaking him before he could stop himself.

A strong grip in his hand pulled him forward and before Draco knew what was happening he found shimself underneath Potter who had his wand pointed at Draco’s throat, a dangerous look on his face.

'Malfoy, what… Fuck, what are you doing here?’

Potter lowered his wand without a second thought, placing it on the nightstand, his expression turning into one of confusion.

Draco stood frozen, his mouth hanging open because the second Potter recognized him all the bastard did was relax, sitting on top of Draco’s thighs like that was the most obvious thing to do when you find your enemy inside your room.

And Draco could feel it. Feel it against his stomach even though the blanket was preventing him from actually seeing it. He darted his eyes up the moment he realized he was staring at it to find Potter already looking at him. He was blushing, green eyes wide open like he’d just realized the strange position they were in.

The thing was, Potter didn’t move, not off Draco at least.

'We’re late,’ Draco’s voice was hoarse when he spoke.

Potter rolled his eyes to what he judged useless information.

'Are those the only words you know?’

That ungrateful git. Draco tried to push him away, shifting his thighs in a way that forced Potter to grab onto something to avoid falling off his own bed. He obviously chose to grab onto Draco’s shirt, tearing up two buttons with the force of his grip. Draco gasped, anger boiling deep inside him. That was his abosolutely favorite shirt and now it was ruined. He was about to punch Potter when something poked him hard on his inner thigh, right beside his own crotch.

Something. Not only something, it seemed.

Draco’s eyes found Harry’s.

'Potter?’ His voice came weaker than he intended.

So Potter had an erection. He was hard, rocking hard right on top of Draco. And naked too. For Merlin’s sake, that wasn’t even the problem.

'Ah… Malfoy?’ Potter looked down and back up at Draco. He smirked, shifting again.

The problem was Draco was hard too.

Draco was hard with a very naked ass sitting on top of him to feel it.

Draco’s cheeks were on fire, his hands griping the sheets so hard his knuckles were white already.

This time he had no way out. Potter had that smirk all over his face and kept moving on top of him, like- like he was adjusting himself… Oh God, Potter’s cock was right there, heavy and hot against his stomach.

'Potter, I… we need to- Oh fuck’ Draco’s head hit the matress, his eyes shutting close as Potter thrust his hips forward.

'Do you really want to leave?’ He was panting, each thrust causing the blanket to slid even lower on his hips. Draco could see hair right below his navel now. Draco’s hands must have left the sheets at some point because now they were grabbing Potter’s thighs with the same intensity.

Leave? He couldn’t leave.

'I hate you’ Draco thrust back, the blanket finally sliding to the floor.

Potter moaned, his smirk turning into a grin. Merlin, he was so hot.

Potter’s hands slid from Draco’s torso to his biceps, forcing his arms above his head. He hold them there, something possessive shining in his eyes.

'Are you sure?’

One of his hands reached his wand and before Draco could even worry about it his clothes were gone. He moaned and Potter moaned, loud, needy.

Because the side of Draco’s cock was pressed against Harry’s ass, rubbing against his hole. It was too much, too suddenly.

'Potter… Fuck this is- ’

Draco flipped them, all his control gone. He stared Potter down, taking in all of it, from his swollen cock to his even messier than normal hair, his green eyes filled with lust and fixed on Draco, his hands, warm and strong roaming all over him.

'How did this happen?’ Potter whispered and Draco froze. Really, how did that happen? They were enemies, they hated each other. He was almost sure that Potter wasn’t gay and now they were there-

Potter smashed their mouths together, kissing hungrily like Draco had never been kissed before. They backed away for air, Draco resting his forehead on Potter’s.

'You don’t really hate me’ Potter said, still trying to control his breathing.

'I do’ Draco bit his shoulder, leaving a red mark there.

'You don’t’ Potter’s grip on his jaw was strong, forcing their eyes to meet again. Everything seemed to change, the atmosphere, the tension between them.

'You’re a nightmare’ Draco whispered against his lips.

'You’re a wet dream’ Harry said back, smirking.

Draco didn’t hate him. He had realized that only after the war but now he knew he probably had never hated Harry Potter.

When he bent down to press their lips together, it wasn’t rushed. They kissed slowly, tasting one another. It was sensual, deeper than before. Potter’s hands were on his hair, his fingers threading through the strands and pulling Draco towards him. They parted again but Potter kept placing soft kisses on Draco’s lips, again and again.

'Why do you do this?’ Draco’s eyes were still closed, his mouth brushing Potter’s as he spoke. Every nerve on his body was aware of it’s surroundings. Draco wanted to scream, stop the time because Potter made him feel like he was eleven all over again, powerless but a lot braver than he was now at eighteen.

Potter moved so he could speak into his ear, hands still on his hair.

'Draco, this is fine’ his words were softer than the ones ringing inside Draco’s head that sounded so much like his father’s. 'Scared, Malfoy?’

There it was, Malfoy and Potter, always Malfoy and Potter. Except Draco wanted this new thing now, because Potter was right. If he didn’t give a shit for the past Draco wouldn’t either.

'I don’t hate you’ he whispered, afraid the words would get stuck in his throat.

It was like an immense weight he didn’t know he was carrying was lifted from his shoulders.

'I don’t hate you, Harry’ he said it again, louder. They kissed one more time. 'Harry’ and again. 'I want to- ah, I want to fuck you, Harry’ the way the name rolled on his tongue was addictive. And everytime he said it, Harry Harry Harry, the boy beneath him would shudder, moan, kiss him again.

'Draco’ his fingers running through his hair. 'Draco’.

Draco backed away, turned Harry on his stomach and kissed his nape.

He kissed his shoulder blades, Draco kissed his spine.

Open mouthed kisses all the way down to his lower back, Harry arched to his touch.

His hands ran on Harry’s sides, one of them reaching Harry’s neck and holding him there possessively.

'You can… you can just…’ Harry turned his head to the side, his hands pushing Draco’s thighs towards him desperately.

'I need to- ’

'I did it yesterday’ Harry’s voice was hoarse and the words came out rushed. 'After we met, I…’

'You were thinking of me…’ Draco kissed the shell of his ear, his hips trembling with need.

'I want you inside, Draco’ Harry fingers dig in his thighs and Draco shuddered, a moan escaping his lips.

Draco reached for his wand, a quick spell smearing his fingers with lube. He found Harry’s hole, tried one finger and found it in fact loose already. Harry bucked against it underneath him. Fuck, he wanted to eat him up, take him hard. He smeared his swollen cock with the lube, aligning himself.

Harry arched his back again when Draco buried himself inside him, his hips hitting Harry’s ass.

'Draco- fuck, please… Draco please

It was so tight, fuck, so hot inside him and the sounds. Harry kept moaning, bucking against him, begging.

'You’re so… Harry, Harry fuck’ Harry was shaking beneath him, his head turning from side to side, eyes closed and mouth open. Draco pounded hard inside him, as fast as he could.

It was desperate, intense, too much. They were Malfoy and Potter and Draco and Harry. And Draco wanted all that, he needed Harry Potter to remember what it was like to feel that fire inside him.

Harry came with his ass up and face pressed against the pillow that muffled his scream. He came with Draco’s cum filling him up, Draco digging his nails on his sides and screaming his name.

When he let his body crash beside Harry, Draco felt different.

'Do you hate me?’ Harry’s playful tone was gone.


'Are you s-’

Draco pressed his hand on Harry’s mouth, shutting him up immediately.

'You’re a Gryffindor, an arrogant prick with a hero complex. You’re loud and impulsive. Still, I don’t hate you, okay?’

When Draco removed his hand Harry had a frown on his face.

'What does that even mean?’

Draco rolled his eyes, reaching out for Harry’s arm. He ran his fingers there, tracing invisible patterns as he spoke. He liked to touch Harry, he liked it quite a lot.

'It means this is fine, doesn’t it?’

Harry closed his eyes, a small smile playing on his lips.


There, that was why he felt different. Harry made his name sound like something… special.


'Will you wake me up tomorrow too?’

He snorted, hitting Harry with the pillow square in the face.


'What, why not?’ Harry gave him an indignant look that only made Draco laugh even harder.

'I can’t miss another class because of you’

Harry gave him a peck on the lips, startling him. It was so sweet he couldn’t help the blushing creeping up his face.

'Then I’ll wake up before you, Malfoy’ he gave him another peck, the well known challenging look in his eyes.

Draco smiled, realizing Malfoy and Potter could be as nice as Draco and Harry if he got to have him by his side.


The First Time In Forever

A/N despite the title, this has NOTHING to do with Frozen. Lol.

Spencer x Reader

“I’m sorry, but you’ve never had an orgasm?”

Your best friend Spencer Reid was staring at you with an incredulous look on his face, turning away from the Game of Thrones episode you were watching.

One and half bottles of wine and a GoT-athon, and the conversation had turned… wrong. Just plain wrong.

You can’t even remember what exactly had happened on the screen to make you comment that you’d never had an orgasm, but as soon as the words left your mouth, you regretted them.

You were open with your best friend, but not that open. Although… rather than blushing like you’d have expected him to, he just seemed shocked and appalled.

“Nope,” you replied, seeing his eyes bug out.

“Are you sure? Y/N, you’re 27.”

“I’m well aware of how old I am, Spencer. And yes. I’m sure. At least… I think I am.”

He quickly topped his wine glass up, this revelation was obviously making him turn to drink. Well, more to the booze that he already had.

“You think? Explain…. Because you’ve come to into work before raving about guys you’ve banged.”

“So you DO listen to those conversations…” You were surprised, he normally just rolled his eyes and buried his head in a file.

“I listen because you and Penelope talk very loudly, although sometimes it’s at a pitch that I’m sure only dogs can hear…. Ouch! Don’t hit me! Anyway… Stop going off track.” He rubbed his arm where you’d hit it.

“Why are you obsessed with this bit on information anyway? Does it matter that I’ve never had an earth shattering moment. I still enjoy fucking.”

“But what’s the point if there’s no orgasms? And what do you do when you can’t sleep at night?”

“Spencer Reid!! Well, next time your eyes are darker than normal, I’ll know what you’ve been doing all night. And there’s plenty of point.. Sex is fun. And it still feels good. Its just….I dunno. No man has ever managed to make me tremble. At least, that’s what I’m led to believe happens.”

“And… Erm.. You’ve never managed to make it happen either yourself?” The tiniest amount of pink appeared on his cheeks.

“I’m getting you drunk more often, Spence. The team would never EVER imagine you having this conversation. And no. I’ve tried.”

“You must be doing it wrong. I’ll send you some links later on how to masturbate properly.”

You shifted on the couch, your jaw dropping. “You will not! And anyway…. You don’t even have a vagina. What makes you so sure that I’m doing it wrong?”

“Because if you were doing it right, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

“And you think you know how to do it right?” You knocked back the last of your drink.

“Yep… Never had any complaints when I’ve been getting a girl off. And I used to talk Austin through doing it all the time when we couldn’t see each other.”

You spluttered your drink out, wiping your mouth with your hand.

“Austin… That bartender you used to see? You’re saying you used to have phone sex with her?”


“I am learning so many new things here tonight Spencer.” You shook your head at your friend and colleague, feeling buzzed.

“If you let me send you the links, you’ll learn something else too.”


“What.. Orgasms are one of the best things about life. Everyone deserves to have them, especially you. It’s a travesty that you’re not sure if you’ve had one or not. You’re missing out.”

You couldn’t not laugh at this conversation. You knew Spencer wasn’t as sweet and innocent as everyone made him out to be, he couldn’t be, he was a grown man. A very attractive grown man. But still….

“Spencer, this sounds like the plot of a really really bad porno. Any second now and you’ll be offering to give me one,” you sniggered.

“I will if you want. I could either talk you through getting yourself off, or just do it for you.”

“Reid, I was joking.”

“I’m not. Offer stands. Like I say, everyone deserves orgasms.”

You became very quiet all of a sudden and you realised you were actually considering his offer. You did sometimes feel like you missing out, and maybe you were doing something wrong… You still enjoyed sex and stuff but it would be nice if you got to finish too. You’d just never had that knee trembling, deity worshiping moment.

You completely blamed the wine for this.


Half an hour later, after the rest of the wine, much deliberation on your part, and much assurance on Spencer’s part that no this didn’t mean anything, no this wasn’t his way of trying to get you into bed although it would be easier to do this in the bed, and no he wouldn’t have to see anything, and you were lying in bed.

You were under the covers with your pants off but your underwear on and Spencer was lying on top of the covers, propped up in his side. The lights were out and the only light came from a thin sliver of moonlight where your drapes weren’t quite meeting.

“I’d prefer it if you didn’t look at me whilst we do this,” you whispered.

“Fair enough.” Spencer rolled onto his back, looking up at ceiling.


“Alright so erm…. Try thinking about something that does turn you on. Maybe a sexy scene from a movie or something,” Spencer’s voice had dropped and had become a soft, low cadence that was soothing but instructive.

You closed your eyes and tried to picture your favourite sexy scene.

This just felt wrong.

“Start running your hands over your body first, slowly feeling your skin. Pay attention to your breasts, maybe pinch a nipple or something.”

You did as he asked, feeling extremely self conscious about what you were doing. You let your hands move up and down your body a few times, squeezing your breasts and teasing a nipple through your vest. You’d removed your bra when you’d got in but had refused to get naked. You so couldn’t do this….it felt.. Silly.

“Reid, I can’t do this.”

“You can if you want to,” he told you.

“It feels silly doing it to myself with you here. Like I’m listening to an instructional video or something.”

He rolled to his side again. “You could just let me do this for you this once. And then when you know what you’re missing out on, maybe you’ll feel more inclined to figure it out for yourself.”

“But…. It’s weird…”

“Only if we make it weird. It’s up to you Y/N.”

“Erm….Oh God. Okay… Do it,” you felt yourself blushing horrendously as Spencer pulled the covers back and slid under, lying closer to you and rolling onto his side so that he was facing you. He tugged the cover down slightly to your waist and then placed his hand on your tummy.

Lazily he began drawing patterns with his finger tips, them skimming over the fabric of your vest top.

“Relax, Y/N. Relax,” He said in that same low voice and you let out a breath, keeping your eyes closed.

Spencer’s hand stayed in the safety zone for a while, gently stroking your stomach, your arms, your shoulders. It was relaxing, and you felt yourself beginning to feel more at ease with this. It was just Reid. He wasn’t bothered by this, why should you be?

He let his hands move lower under the covers, tickling the tops of your thighs lightly, grazing over the soft material of your underwear as he moved his hand back up, sliding it over your stomach and onto your breast.

“Many men actually neglect the breasts, they assume that woman don’t actually find having their breasts fondled all that sexy. In actual fact, the majority of woman have said that they wish their partner would spend more time on them, some woman even claim to have climaxed solely from having their nipples stimulated.”

As he said that last part he spread his fingers and then closed them slowly, catching your nipple between them. Moving his hand gently back and forth, he rubbed against the sensitive flesh. Your breathing hitched as he used his fingers to swipe over the now hardened nub, teasing it gently.

“Am I allowed to…..?” he moved his hand to the strap of your vest and you nodded, still keeping your eyes shut as he pulled down your top, exposing your breasts to him. You thought you detected a change in his own breathing but you couldn’t be sure. Feeling him moving on the bed, he heard his voice again.

“Can I….can I use my mouth?”

Oh fuck….

“Not down there you can’t!” you blurted out, a chuckle escaping his lips.

“Okay. But I can use it here?” he rolled a nipple between his thumb and forefinger, the sensation causing you to bite your lip. You nodded.

Spencer lowered his mouth to the breast closest to him and moved his hand over to the other one. He began peppering light kisses over the swell of your chest as his fingers circled and teased the puckered flesh of your other breast. You weren’t going to lie, the sensation was wonderful and you started to forget the awkwardness of the situation and to actually enjoy it. His lips slipped over your nipple, pursing around it and sucking it into his mouth, his tongue flicking against it as he pulled it’s twin at the same time. You moaned, not beings able to stop the sound.

You could feel his lips change shape, he was smiling at the sound. Carrying on he repeated his actions, grazing his teeth over the skin and sending jolts of pleasure down into your groin. Giving one long hard suck, he released it from his mouth and dragged his hand down your torso and over your panties.

“I need you to spread your legs slightly. You’re clenching them shut,” Spencer whispered and you realised you were. You moved them, allowing him access.

He placed his palm flat on your groin and began rubbing his hand back and forth, applying a small amount of pressure, but not particularly paying attention to any one area.

“Another mistake guys make is going straight for either the clitoris or the vagina, forgetting the whole area is sensitive, even more so once someone is aroused. The clitoris is the most sensitive part though, it has over eight thousand sensory nerve endings all in a tiny area. Some woman can come in a matter of seconds from having their clit stimulated, others take longer, even up to hour. So you have to be patient. But most people aren’t that patient, which is where you could be missing out.”

He ran his hand up and down your covered centre and you winced slightly, realising that your panties must be feeling damp.

“Can I take these off? We can leave them on if you’re uncomfortable…. ”

You raised your hips in response, helping him quickly pull them off and then settle his hand back between your thighs. He’d already seen your breasts, to hell with it.

“Are you sure I can’t use my mouth down there?” he asked again, his long fingers dragging up and down.

“I’m sure… Cos it’s not like I’ll be able to do that to myself right?”


You allowed your legs to move slightly further apart as his hand explored.

“So if you’re doing this yourself, you need to remember to that keeping lubricated is important. Chaffing can be a problem, for guys and girls. Don’t start stimulating your clit when it’s dry, in my experience, the sensation is better when it’s wet. You can use lube, or you can lick your fingers first. Or you can use your own arousal, like this.”

To demonstrate, he pushed the tips of two of his fingers into your opening and you gasped. Retracting them he slid them forward, using the slick from his fingers as lube.

“You’re so wet, Y/N.”

“Spencer! Don’t say shit like that to me….. ”

But oh god, how delicious it had sounded coming from his mouth.

“Why… It’s the truth. It’s good, it means what we’re doing is working.”

“What you’re doing you…..oh…. Ah…”

Your words trailed off as he pressed his fingers to your clit and began massaging it, moving his fingers in a circular motion at first, he’d then switched to a more pressured side to side movement, changing between the two.

“There’s so many nerves ending here, Y/N. You can’t really go wrong with how you stimulate them. Some people use their whole hand to massage it like I’m doing now. Others just use one or two fingers like this.”

He changed his positioning, applying just two fingers directly to your clit and rubbing faster. The pressure was more localised than with his whole hand and felt more intense. He carried on for a few minutes, heavy breaths exhaling from your body. You bent one of your legs at the knee and placed your foot flat to the bed, your legs suddenly feeling restless.

“Other woman like having their clit tapped or smacked.” He demonstrated again, making a tapping motion on you. It felt okay, but not fantastic and you shook your head.

“Not a fan? Some girls aren’t. Okay and then we have that magic elusive spot that some people can never seem to find. The g spot.”

He slid his fingers through your folds, your lips separating as he slid two fingers inside you, your hips bucking off the bed as he did.

“Most women need clitoral stimulation to come, which is why most don’t orgasm during penetration itself unless they or their partner is playing with the clit too. That’s a mistake that men make, not working the clit as well or even being offended when the woman starts to touch it herself. They’re missing out though. There’s nothing better than being inside a woman whilst she orgasms, trust me.”

He started moving his fingers slowly inside, curling them.

“The most sensitive part of your vagina is the first two thirds, or there is a spot right at the top called the A spot, but that’d hard to reach by yourself. Your g spot is located about two to three centimetres along the front wall and feels pebbly and rough. You can’t feel it unless you’re aroused. So you should be able to feel this… ”

Spencer pressed his fingers to it and you felt the familiar sensation that you felt during sex. Rather than thrusting his hand in and out, he simply manoeuvred his fingers against it making you start to pant.

“Y/N, use your hand on yourself.”

You followed his instructions and slid your hand between your legs, using two fingers rather than the whole hand. You tried to mirror his actions from before, feeling light headed as he worked his fingers inside you.

“You can use your other hand to pull back the clitoral hood if you like, but some woman find it too sensitive.”

“This… This is fine… Ugh… Oh.”

This WAS fine… More than fine in fact. It was….Oh god there were no words to describe it.

“Apply a bit more pressure, Y/N. ”

“Help me…” you gasped out as he slid his hands from inside you and placed his fingers over yours.

Interlocking his hand with yours he pressed down, guiding you in your movements.

“Your skin is flushed and I can hear your heart racing.” He lowered his head back to your chest and sucked your nipple back into his mouth as your hands moved together between your legs.

Your leg started to twitch and you tried to slow your movements, feeling slightly funny.

“Nope… Carry on. Let go, Y/N. You’re nearly there. ”

Spencer continued working his fingers against yours, his lips sucking against your chest.

Your gasps grew louder and your legs trembled, your hips involuntarily bucking from the mattress. You could feel a pounding in your head, hear the blood rushing through your veins. Every nerve ending in your body seemed to be on fire and you felt like you’d never felt before.

“Oh god…. Oh fuck… Oh fuck, Spencer.” Was this coming? Oh jeez, it had to be….. You could feel yourself contracting inside, your whole body quivering. You were dizzy but in the best possible way, and you continued to expel expletives from your mouth as the feeling racked through you, subsiding after around twenty seconds or so, although it felt like longer.

Spencer removed his mouth from your chest and his hand from yours, and you felt him wipe it on the sheets. You did the same with yours, and then slowly opened your eyes to see Spencer looking very pleased with himself.

You couldn’t speak, not yet. You just lay there, trying to regulate your breathing for a few minutes. When you finally could think straight, you realised your boobs were still on display and you hurriedly pulled your top back up.

“Shame…. I was enjoying looking at those,“ came the comment from your companion.

You glanced over at him, a smirk on his face.

“So?” he asked.

“I both love you and hate you for that.”

“Why both?”

“Because you were right. That was the best feeling ever. And I definitely hadn’t had one. But if I can’t replicate that myself when I’m alone…..”

“You will. Now you know what you’re doing.” he told you.

“But if I can’t?” You felt shy again.

“Then…..I can always help you. Or do it for you. I don’t mind. And it’s not like I’m not getting anything out of it. Giving an attractive girl orgasms makes me feel good too.”

“You think I’m attractive?”

“Don’t play dumb, Y/N. I’m not blind.”



“What about….what about actually making you feel good. Like… Well. Finishing you off too.”

“Well,I’m not gonna lie, that was extremely frustrating for me. But I enjoyed it. And I’ll just cold shower when I get home or something.”

Or something. You giggled, knowing what the ‘or something’ might be.

You shifted your position on the bed, moving closer to him and placing your hand on his groin, seeing the surprised look on his face.

“Hey, no. I didn’t do this to get something in return.”

“I know you didn’t. But I want to. I may not have been able to get myself off, but experience tells me that I’m quite good at getting other people off. And we’ve already crossed the friendship line of no return. Why not cross it even further. If you want to….”

Feeling a twitch underneath your hand, you waited until he nodded and moved to the buttons of his jeans.

“Spence… ” you stopped. “Thanks, by the way.”

“You’re welcome.”

Grinning, you started unbuttoning his jeans, feeling happier now you knew you could pay him back.

Calm Down.

You hadn’t heard from Sebastian all day which was weird, because even when he was full of interviews and appearances, he always made time to at least text you telling you that he loves you. You weren’t sure if you should be worried or if he was just extra busy. Your mind went through all the situations he could be in; in trouble or just answering questions. 

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Winchester Wonderful

“Ughhh,” you whined, frustrated as you stretched your legs across the front seat of Dean’s impala. You leaned your head against the cool window. It seemed to ease your nausea as you watched the rain drops trickle down the glass.

“Would you quit with the friggin’ whining? I almost feel bad for you.” Dean said with a playful smile.

“Oh, shut It! You wouldn’t last 5 minutes as a girl,” You snapped back as you reached for the pack of smokes in your pocket.

It had been the longest of days. You and Dean had been riding for hours to follow up on a werewolf case. Sam and Charlie were already there, waiting for your arrival. You were excited to see Charlie again, you enjoyed her. She also seemed to share the same kind of relationship with the boys as you did.

You’d been hunting with Sam and Dean since Bobby passed about three months ago. With Bobby being an old family friend, you’d known him most of your life. The last time you called to check in, it wasn’t Bobby that answered - it was Sam. He informed you of Bobby’s passing and offered to help with the case you were working on. You happily obliged, having only heard of the Winchester boys. The three of you had stuck together since.

Sam had become like a big brother to you. Dean, on the otherhand, treated you the same as Sam, but the two of you weren’t as close. Dean was overwhelmingly attractive and funny. He had an odd charm that no one could seem to resist. Literally, no one. Everytime he went into a bar, he was surrounded by women. They would follow him around like a hungry flock of chickens. It annoyed you most of the time. Dean had made passes at you before - or perverted jokes - but you assumed it was just his nature. Nonetheless, you had a job to do- kill bad guys. No time to worry about Dean.

It was getting late. You knew the DIY toilet paper pad you had thrown together at the last gas station was in need for a changing.

“Can we pleeease stop? I’m so tired.” The impala was nice to ride in, but sleeping in it was out of the option. You had been cramping all day and stretching out in a bed sounded amazing.

“No, (Y/N). If we stop, it will just take us lon- -”

You give him your best pouty face.

Dean rolls his eyes. “Fine. But only cause im tired of hearing your friggin’ whining. And you owe me a slice of pie.”

Though he tried to hide It, Dean was a pushover. It was one of your favorite things about him.

He pulled into the next motel parking lot. Getting out of the car, you looked down and a wave of embarrassment flooded your face. The DIY pad from earlier did not hold up and the evidence was visible for everyone to see. You turned to Dean, who was already standing outside the passenger door.

“I.. um.. I..” you stuttered, humiliated.

Dean slid off his leather jacket. “Here, tie this around your waist.”

You quickly take the jacket and do as he says. He really could be so sweet somtimes. And let’s be honest, you loved that jacket. With an aching pelvis, you tried to keep up with him as the two of you walked into the motel. For some reason, this monthly go-around seemed far worse than the others.

“One room, two beds.” Dean said to the woman at the front desk. She was a pretty brunette who was undoubtingly banging Dean in her mind with the pathetic, lustful look she was giving him.

“Bitch.” You mutter under your breath. Her eyes dart towards you as if she didn’t even notice you had been standing there. Figures. You give her a big, smartass smile.

“The only room we have left only has one bed, sir,” the lady replied, annoyed.

Dean shoots you a look.

“We’ll take it,” He shrugged.

You and Dean sharing a bed? That’s a first. You hadn’t shared a bed with a man in months. Well, besides that time Sam fell asleep on the couch next to you. But that could hardly count, it wasn’t even a bed and his feet were in your face the entire time.

As soon as Dean unlocks the door to the room, you head straight for the bathroom. You spend a few minutes cleaning yourself up and changing clothes. As you finish, you turn to the mirror and scrunch your nose at the sight of yourself. You had lost weight during the three months you had spent on the road with them. Your legs were small and pale but they were nicely toned. There were cuts and bruises peaking out from under your little grey cotton shorts. You had bags under your eyes and your hair layed a flowing mess down your shoulders. You sigh and begin to finger brush it, pulling it into a long braid that hung loosely over your shoulder.

The idea of sleeping next to Dean floods your mind. You’re suddenly nervous and butterflies fill your stomache. You think of the dreams you’ve had about him - though you’d never tell. Softly kissing your thighs, his warm, steady breath on yo- -

There was a knock at the door.

“You okay in there? Dean’s voices rips through your thoughts. He sounded concerned. It was.. comforting.

“Yy.. yea. Just getting dressed.” You replied shakely. As you turn for the door, you look down at your baggy t-shirt. You sigh, take it off and toss it on the floor. Confidence struck and you grab your black Led Zeppelin crop top that Dean had once called “freakin’ badass” out from your bag. It came just above your belly button.

As you exit the bathroom, Dean is already on the bed, sitting against the head board, watching the television. He turns to you, wide-eyed. You watch his eyes dart from your braid to your bare stomache. His stare follows you across the room. You walk slowly towards the bed, moving minimally. Your cramps had worsened.

“You look… different. I’ve never seen your hair like that before.” He said quietly. “Or those shorts,” he said even more quietly, as if he were speaking to himself.

You smile to yourself as you crawl into the bed. It was soft and the sheets were cool against your skin. You tossed and turned for a bit, trying to get comfortable. Eventually, you curl into a ball, facing away from him.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” He asks, concerned.

“Honestly, being stabbed isnt this painful. Where’s Cass when you need him?” You say, jokingly.

Dean looks to the ceiling, “Hey Cass, I need you man, I’ve got a damsel in distress, here.”

You both laugh. He turns to you, “I could rub your back.. if you’re alright with it? I’ve been told I give great back rubs,“ he says confidently as he cracks his knuckles, eye brows raised.

“Okay, prove it,” you say sleepily with a small smile.

Moments later, you feel his fingers start to trace your back. You stiffen. You feel his warm hand glide down your side. A wave of goosebumps flutter down your torso.

“Is this where it hurts?” He asks with his hand against your lower back.

“Mhm” You hum softly.

He begins to massage you. His hands felt so good, warm and rough in all the right places. Up your back and then back down again. He scoots closer to you, your bodies are almost touching. Your muscles begin to relax. His breathing starts to shake. You feel a light push at your behind. He is erected. Your body goes stiff as your nerves start to run wild.

He quickly moves away. “I’m so sorry, (Y/N). I didn’t mean for that.” His face glowing with embarrassment, he looks away from you.

“Don’t be sorry,” you say softly. “I want you too.”

He turns to you and slightly cocks his head, surprised. The redness in his cheeks fade and the corner of his mouth forms a half-smile. “Baby, you’ve only ever told me that in my dreams.”

You smile, flushed. Dean Winchester had dreamt of being with you.

You take his hand and place it on your lower abdomen. “It hurts here,” you whisper.

He embraces you and begins pushing gently, relieving the pain from your sore muscles. Without realizing, your hips begin to slowly rock back and forth, his follow simultaneously. He covers your neck and shoulder in gentle kisses. His lips are incredibly soft, sending chills throughout you body. He slides his hand into your panties and his long finger grazes your clitoris in circular motions. He lightly taps it and you shake with pleasure. His breathing rapid and heavy. You open your legs to welcome him and he slides his finger into your center. You gasp loudly as it slid in and out. You were soaked. You hear the cling of his belt as it hits the floor.

He turns you around and pulls you to the edge of the bed. He stood in front of you, completely naked - with only the light from the television, shining beautifully on his body. He was gorgeous. Shoulders broad, full of masculinity. Each muscle perfectly defined and his tattoo gleaming. He was mesmerising.

“I want you, (Y/N).” He whispers in a deep, yearning voice. He grasps his penis, admiring your naked body. “Can I have you?” He breathes.

“You dont mind that I’m on my..” you asked, worried. Your insides are aching with anticipation.

“Not at all.” He whispers as he leans in.

He slides into you, sending tingles so far down your thighs, you can feel it in your toes. With every thrust, you clench. He was exquisite. He holds you tightly with his right hand at your shoulder, tugging on your braid. His left hand massaging your breast as he breathes into your neck and kisses your collarbone.

“Can I come?” He asks, desperately.

“Please,” you whine.

He thrusts himself deep inside you, throwing his head back. You come undone, melting rymthematically around his pulsating erection.

His body relaxes on top of you and your breathing slows. The hotel room smells of heated sex, the air warm and thick.

“So, you up for some pie?” He asks, bright-eyed.

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Seventeen Reaction (Hip Hop Unit) on how the members cuddle

Anon Requested:  Can I request how all the seventeen members cuddle?:)

Vernon: Hansol would always pull you against him, if it was your back against his chest or cuddling chest to chest which would be his preferred position with you. His arm would snake under your head and whether you were awake or not he’d plant a kiss on your forehead and pull you in closer allowing your head to rest in the crook of his neck while he rested his head on top of yours.

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Mingyu: Mingyu would wrap his arms around your torso while you laid on top of him, his hands would always rub your back or play with your hair. He knew this would make you sleepy and he’d just smile to himself when he felt your whole body relax on top of him. He’d continue to have his arms wrapped around you while he fell asleep also.

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Wonwoo: His arm would hang loosely around your waist and sometimes his hand would rub up and down your bare back, tracing patterns along your spine. He’d enjoy the skin to skin contact, feeling how cold or warm your body was giving off. His eyes would be closed while he just enjoyed having you in his arms.

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S.Coups: Your head would rest upon his chest while your hands balled up the fabric of his shirt he had on. His arm would snake under your head and wrap around your shoulders holding you close, his other arm would either hang by his side or cross over his chest and pull you even closer to him having your body more on his than on the bed. He’d wait for you to fall asleep first but once he saw your eyes closed and stay closed he almost immediately went into dreamland.

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Goner (soft vinyl crackle edit)
Twenty One Pilots
Goner (soft vinyl crackle edit)

this is my first time editing a song, but i wanted to try something new. If all goes to plan this should sound like a soft crackling vinyl, or something you could possibly hear on a car radio. I’m really proud of this so if you would like to download or use please credit me 💕💕

(All rights to the original piece I edited go to Twenty One Pilots and Fueled By Ramen, no copyright infringement intended)

Off Day.

Characters; Baron Corbin x Reader

Prompt; Baron and the reader are enjoying the day off in their hotel room when Baron suggests watching a horror movie.

Warnings; Fluff

A/N; I don’t know how good or bad this is going to be because I’ve never wrote for Baron, but I hope it’s enjoyable. Also sorry it’s kinda short.

Requested By; @xsimplynaex

Sunlight beamed brightly through the window on the other side of the room, enough to wake up a sleeping giant. His arms were wrapped around the petite woman next to him, his legs wrapped in hers. A smile appeared on his lips as an idea struck him, one hand moving to wipe the sleep from his eyes.

“(Y/N),” Baron cooed softly, breath hitting her ear. The woman beside him shifted slightly before letting out a groan; it appeared that she didn’t want to be woken. He somewhat expected this seeing as the two had both been in grueling matches the night prior. “Babe, come on,” he whispered before planting kisses on her shoulder.

(Y/N) turned to face her boyfriend with a sleepy and pouty look, her (e/c) eyes barely open. “Baron, it’s too early,” she whined softly, her head nuzzling into his chest. He made her feel safe due to being so large, not to mention he was practically always warm.

A light chuckle came from Baron, his hand rubbing lovingly down (Y/N)’s back. “Babe, it’s almost ten thirty. I thought we were gonna enjoy our day off,” his voice was teasing and the woman let out another groan.

“I can’t believe it’s that late,” she mumbled before pulling herself from Baron, “cmon we’d better get ready so we can go and enjoy what’s left of the day.” (Y/N) said as she wiped the sleep from her eyes

As she attempted to stand a long arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her back into the bed. “I never said we had to go anywhere. Let’s just stay in and watch a horror movie,” Baron suggested, kissing the middle of her back. Without hesitation (Y/N) fell back into the bed, her arms draping over Baron’s chest. Baron smiled triumphantly down at her before grabbing the TV remote and searching the movie channels.

“Let’s watch that new movie, the one about the blind guy that gets robbed or something,” (Y/N) described vaguely, pointing at the TV. It took Baron a moment to figure out what movie she was talking about, but he ultimately found it.

For the majority of the movie both of them were silent, enjoying the show and each others company. A sudden jumpscare caused (Y/N) to cling quite tightly to Baron, which made him tense slightly because it startled him. He quickly relaxed and kissed the top of her head, rubbing her arm. “Just a movie babe, I’m here to protect you from all the scary monsters in the real world,” Baron teased, getting a soft and playful slap to the arm.

“I was not scared,” (Y/N) stated with a grin that said the complete opposite, her cheeks tinted a slight red in color. The man beside her only shook his head and chuckled, ruffling her already tangled hair with his free hand.

“I love you,” he smiled down at her, watching smugly as the blush on her cheeks grew. She wrinkled her nose before placing a soft and quick peck on his lips.

“I love you too.”

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Will You?

Number Two of the Valentine’s drabbles! (It’s a little longer than i expected tho…) Pls enjoy <3 p.s. it looks like the bones one won’t be out until tomorrow.  Sorry guys :’(

Dean x Reader

You wake up to the feeling of wet lips on your neck and the light burn of a short beard on your skin.  You hum and stretch, your back arching into the body above you.  Dean lets out a gruff laugh and moves a hand to cup your hip and pull you closer to his body.  You crack your eyes open and see him hovering above your neck, pressing open mouth kisses up your neck.  You moan and bury a hand in his messy blond hair, pulling him closer to your neck and moving your head to the side to give him more room.  “Good morning to you, too.”

He laughs into your neck and his hands snakes in under your shirt, lying flat on your stomach.  “Happy Valentine’s Day, sweetheart.”  

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