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How To Keep a Diary Like Virginia Woolf

“Begin by making your own diary-books. Find some old books in a second-hand shop or a car boo sale, books with good covers and bindings. Pull out some pages and fill them with your own choice of paper. Disguise your diary inside old school textbooks, the ones that used to teach grammar. Virginia Woolf was appalled by her negligent grammar. But grammar was not the point. Practice writing with and without it. Allow yourself to move. Woolf galloped through sentences in her diary, in a haphazard way. ‘It loosens the ligaments,’ she said. Her diary was somewhere she could appear ‘slovenly’ and ‘elastic’. Not everything we jot down in our diaries needs to be carefully thought out. Put on baggy clothes. Relax your mental joints. No one but you is looking. Let your brain go loose and floppy. Let your hand lead the way. Get inside your body and find a rhythm. Bring your brain into contact with your breathing. Let go.”

Sally Bayley, The Private Life of the Diary

i could be COMPLETELY barking up the wrong tree and it is absolutely just a theory so don’t @ me but like

it is interesting that during the 1989 era, taylor always looked EXCEPTIONALLY polished (full face of makeup including bright red lipstick, wearing fancy outfits with heels almost everywhere she went, hair always straightened etc) which was cool bc she not only looked gorgeous, but it also fit really well with her vibe of the era which was fun, upbeat, super polished music/videos/tour etc

and then towards the end of the era/the few times we’ve seen her lately she’s been looking much more informal, still a beautiful angel as always but much more casually so (natural-looking makeup, curlier hair, relaxed clothes) - and this could very well be because she’s between eras and isn’t bothering with presenting herself a certain way at all - BUT if this is how she continues to present herself into her new era maybe it’ll be an indication of a more raw, less polished kind of music?? idk!!!! just a thought!!


Jsuki; DIABOLIK LOVERS “5th Anniversary” Book - Ayato’s Special Interview

── Right now, what are you into?

Ayato: Hehe…I’ll let in you on what that is to yours truly! Take a look, isn’t this pencil something? If you’ve got this, tests are a piece of cake! Just by turning the pencil, it can reveal answers. Isn’t it just the best?

── What in your fashion are you particular about lately?

Ayato: Fashion? So long I can move around easily in it, anything is fine. I don’t wear anything that is too tight. Clothes that have useless strings or too many layers are troublesome, and I don’t want to wear them. But the colour red! Since red-coloured clothes suit yours truly the most, I have plenty of them!

── What habits do you have that you’ll do without realising?

Ayato: There’s no such habit. Ah, but it’s fun to swivel around on chairs! If classroom chairs are like those kind, it’ll be a bit more interesting.

── How do you spend your off-days?

Ayato: I’ll go around to takoyaki shops! I love going around all kinds of takoyaki shops and eating! I’ll make chichinashi make a super huge takoyaki on our next off-day!

── What do you wear to sleep?

Ayato: Ah? I don’t nitpick on what I wear to go to sleep. It’s just sleeping, so anything is fine isn’t it? I don’t like tight-fitting stuff, so there are times where I’ll take off my top when I feel like it and just sleep like that. So long they are relaxing clothing, whatever’s fine.

── What do you definitely do before sleeping?

Ayato: I don’t have anything that I definitely will do. Yours truly will sleep when he likes, and I don’t nitpick on every tiny thing. Well, if there must be something, it’s me sucking her blood isn’t it?

── What is one part of your body that you like best?

Ayato: My fangs! If I don’t have them, I can’t suck her blood. Plus, the shape of my fangs are great! Chichinashi likes my fangs too. She definitely thinks that they are the best in the whole world.

── What’s something you like in your room?

Ayato: It’s definitely the iron maiden! It feels good to sleep in, and the smell of dried blood on it is the best thing ever. But having it in my room feels a bit squeezy, so I hope for a larger room. If I can have it, me and her can do all kinds of things there too.

── Tell us one memorable impression that you have of yours brothers.

Ayato: Memory? With those guys? Oh yeah, last time, it was in Kanato’s room…those small cream puffs? Whatever it’s called, I ate those things that looked like takoyaki and he really raged at me. It thought they were takoyaki, but it was so sweet and I got scolded for it, so it was the worst.

── What do you think of Karlheinz?

Ayato: …Don’t give a damn. That asshole of a father, nitpicking on everything, he’s noisy. Telling me to go for lessons, to go study. A little more and he’ll be banning me from takoyaki. …Having one shichisan megane around is annoying enough. I’m not being petty, but stop increasing these stupid small rules!

── Where will you go if going on a date?

Ayato: The home, the home! It’s troublesome to head out, so isn’t it best to just not go anywhere? Plus, when I try to take that fellow’s blood outside, she turns me down since we’re outside. Ah? Give an answer that is not in the house? Isn’t anywhere fine then? So long she wants to go somewhere, anywhere’s fine.

── What does a girl do that makes your heart skip a beat?

Ayato: Something a girl does? Ah─…that. Like when she ties her hair up or when she tucks her hair behind her ear. Isn’t it nice? You can see her nape well, and it’s easy to bite down. Anyway, stuff like her showing her nape and asking me to suck her blood.

── How does her blood taste?

Ayato: Sweet. Her blood; once you start, you can’t stop. No matter how much I take, I never get bored of it, and the more I suck the more I think it’s not enough.

── Which part do you like to suck from best?

Ayato: Anywhere tastes good, but it’s the nape after all! It’s the easiest place to suck from, and easy to bite, so somehow that’s the best.

── What is her existence to you?

Ayato: Chichinashi is Chichinashi. But well, she’s something special, isn’t she? There isn’t anyone else like her. From now on, it’s fine so long she stays by yours truly’s side, to say I am the best and to smile at me. She’s the girl of the coolest Ayato-sama!

Translated by me, requested by anon-san. Originally from my own copy of the DL 5th Anniversary book.

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Part Seven

Summary: You explain everything to Kathryn after faking your way through the rest of the convention. Back in Vancouver, you and Jared have to have a serious talk about the future of your pregnancy
Jared x Reader (mentioned Jared x Gen, Jared x Reader x Gen), Jensen, Kathryn Newton
Words: 4.6k
Warnings: pregnancy, angst, smut
Beta: @blacksiren

I Know Your Wife (She Wouldn’t Mind) - Series Masterpost

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For once, you were grateful that you were flying back on Monday morning so that you were able to spend Sunday night in the hotel.

You promised Kathryn that you’d tell everything to her that night, seeing as the small break for lunch really wasn’t enough time to explain yourselves properly.

She agreed to keep it quiet and, seeing as she didn’t have any panels left where she might accidentally slip up, you trusted her.

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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 4.12.17

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The Way I See You

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers, reality

Summary: Fiction. Dan’s shocked when he realises that Phil’s self-conscious about the way he looks. Apparently Phil doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to be sad when Dan’s around. So Dan takes it upon himself to fix the situation - by complimenting something about Phil’s appearance every day. Trouble is, Dan isn’t very good at hiding his teensy tiny crush on Phil. (Originally written for the phanfic exchange from a prompt from comeonitsphan)

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 11k

A/N: This is the fic I wrote for the phanfic exchange quite a while ago ^_^ It was a really fun experience! I wrote this before the tour happened, so the radio show was still going on. Enjoy the getting together phan schmoop <3

Edited by the lovely OvereducatedAndOverworked, thank you so much for doing this on such short notice! <3

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“I can’t believe you actually said that!”

Dan’s voice was indignant as they crashed through the door into their apartment. He shook his head, a fond smile playing at his lips as he turned to regard his best friend, close behind him as they made for the kitchen.

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I don’t know. You want to think of boys with golden ringlets and head wounds that seep flowers, and you want to think of tragic fire and glistening vulnerable skin, and you want to think of delirious blue skies and endless green valleys for your love to nestle into. You just have this. You just have wires and pipes that vomit smoke and the restless hum of traffic and maybe, if you’re lucky, a moment on the balcony where the light is just right and steam is rolling off of his tea and your pot of petunias is shaking in the wind and you think that this sliver of time was made for you, you specially, this precious Aleph of a second into which the universe narrows and focuses and reflects, a coin for you to keep in your breast pocket, where his hair is uncombed and his relaxed smile clothes you in perfect warmth. A glinting reminder of the divine. And then life will go on.

You have to know that.

There are no modern heroes soaring into the sun. There are no living gods in silver sandals. There is only the small, hollow tap of a moth butting the bulb of your beside lamp. There is only the grooved face of a man buying gel sole inserts and nicotine gum.

You have to know that.

Planes having sex.