Christopher was swimming back n forth, doing laps at a time where no one was around and most were asleep in their tangible dreams. The spa was a lot quieter, and it gave the freedom of Christopher to swim nakedly feeling that little more free than usual. After exercising as well as relaxing he was washing away the chlorine latched to his skin, a lather covering the majority of his naked form. Though he wasn’t expecting company. 


Requested by anonymous: Hello! Could i request a t'challa imagine where the reader does ballet with natasha and he admires her from far awat

“He’s watching you again,” Natasha commented as she looked at your form analytically. You smiled, blushing slightly.

“I know,” you said, spinning and using him as your anchor. Natasha looked tense and you said, “You don’t have to stay.” Natasha wasn’t a huge fan of ballet, ever since the Red Room…She nodded stiffly and smirked before leaving.

“Better give him something interesting to watch,” she joked, relaxing with every step away. You rolled your eyes, but peeked at him and ended up taking the words to heart. You took a deep breath, turning on the music and beginning to dance.

When you’d finished, you saw T’Challa in the doorway, smirking. He bowed his head to you and left. You sighed, standing on your full feet and smiling hugely.

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My cat does that thing where he stretches and arcs his back and stands tall, like a “halloween” cat- but instead of relaxing right away like most cats he just kind of stays in that arced position and looks around
He is my horrible orange son and yes thats his haircut
He got bit in the ass by a coyote and then run over in one night, so they had to shave his big fluffy coat for the surgery. He recovered so fast, we cant keep him down!

anonymous asked:

Can you make headcanons of Dazai's ideal woman? (Other than a suicidal one lol)

Sure can! Lmao for real

  • Dazai would love a woman who knows how to have fun. Like, I can see his ideal date being at a place like an amusement park or at a zoo, or something like going roller skating. He’d pick places where they could have fun and relax and just be away from life and work and stress for a while, but still have a little romance (god, can I pls write Dazai and s/o roller skating that would be so darn cute okay bye). He’d love seeing the smile on his s/o’s face whenever they were out having fun together, and their laugh alone would be a major stress-reliever for him. He would need someone like that to go with the dorky side of his personality, and to keep him a little more cheerful inside.
  • Contrary to his constant search for the perfect suicide and the perfect partner to go along with said suicide, he would actually be drawn to someone who has a very cheerful, optimistic outlook on life. I feel like, deep down, this man craves a light in his life; a reason or a person to show him and reassure him that life is indeed worth living, and that the world isn’t all bleak. He would gravitate towards a person who had that sort of glow, and over time the flirty joking suicide proposals would dwindle to a stop. Once he’s in a serious relationship with them, he’d just want to spend as much time with them as possible and soak up as much of that beautiful light as he could.
  • He would also be drawn to a woman who can hold her ground and get serious when the time comes. Also someone who can lead others. Like, don’t get me wrong, he’d definitely be there to help her and protect her 24/7 no matter how much she’d insist she could manage herself, but seeing a woman in control would be a huge turn on for him. They don’t have to be like Yosano-level military leader style ferocious or anything like that, but something as simple as watching them manage a small group or lead a project or even stand up to someone in the wrong would make him fall for them that much more.
  • Dazai would totally be a sucker for someone who’s a little shy at first, because he’d find it absolutely adorable. He’d also be really intrigued by someone who was into the arts. Women who loved to write or paint/draw or make things with their hands would really fascinate him, and he’d want to learn more about them. He would feel really inspired by creative people and find himself wanting to be around them and watch them work. (expect to get many ridiculous requests from him)
The Third Wheel Part One

Summary: Stan had hoped for a relaxing get away with the love of his life but instead got another monster hunt when his brother decided to tag along.

Pairing: Fiddlestan

Characters: Fiddleford, Stanly, and Stanford.

This is for @fiddlestanfiction ‘s ‘Fiddlestan Summer Bonanza’ and while this chapter will be right on time, the others, not so much. Please bear with me while I finish the rest up!

(not on A03 yet but will put up the link for the next chapter)

Part One: misunderstandings, tourist, drizzle

The windshield wipers squeaked grinding at Stanly’s last nerve, the last four hours to go of this poor excuse of a vacation just kept getting better.

The radio had been muted after crossing the Arizona border line hours ago because a certain someone Stan didn’t remember inviting didn’t like his taste in music. An argument about directions and who knew best when it came to reading a map had nearly ended the three of their lives when Stan jerked the wheel too hard trying to snatch the map from his know it all brother’s clutches and had left them in a void of silence that had only been recently washed out by the pattering of the rain drops and the loud squeaks of the wipers.

In the rearview mirror he caught Ford sulking still, his lips thin and his head buried in his book, scribbling something in his diary, probably something demeaning about him in a code he thought he was too stupid to crack.  

A large flash caught him by surprise making him tense at the steering wheel and his formerly slumped shoulders to perk up.  

He shot a glare his boyfriend’s way who just smiled brighter taking the freshly developed photo from the Polaroid Camera Stan had acquired for him legally for his birthday, spending an arm and a leg just to see that smile.

The same one in fact that didn’t leave his face as he shook the picture until he was able to proudly show his boyfriend his angry reflection glaring straight out the window, the only difference between his demeanor now and then was he had better posture now.

“Precious memories for our first trip together,” Stan could hear the sarcasm oozing out of that statement. Neither were exactly happy that Ford had invited himself on their first romantic trip together in hopes of getting away from the stress of strange career choice for awhile.  

Fidds took it like the trooper he was, taking a deep breath, stretching his smile out and making a deal with his brother. They would assist him in capturing the supernatural creature he had his eye on if he would relax with them on their vacation and take the break he felt they all desperately needed.  

Stan couldn’t say he took it half as well when he got out of bed to find extra suitcases strapped and tarped on top his car and his brother in the back seat completely misunderstanding the point of this trip to Mexico.  

Fidds had been quick to rush to his side and quietly tripped over his words, eyes nervously taking glances towards his brother in the back seat who continued to write in his journal, oblivious as usual to the conversation taking place about him outside the car.

“I know this wasn’t part of the plan but I told ya, if we waited to tell him like you wanted he wouldn’t understand the nature of this trip. He thinks our little trip is a perfect opportunity to capture a chupacabra.”

“No, you go tell him that’s not what we’re doing,” Stan hissed at him glaring towards his brother, fists clenched beside him not wanting to spend such a long car ride listening to him plot and plan some weird creature he had no desire to deal with and its capture.  

“I tried to tell him but he won’t listen,” Fidds sighed glancing towards Ford in the back seat, “He’s a Pines and it’s in yer genes to be stubborn, stubborn men.”

Stan opened his mouth to argue but Fidds kissed him gently on the lips calming the anger ready to burst and silencing his words he would probably regret later.

“I think he just doesn’t like the idea of being stuck here alone for so long,” Fidds breath tickled his ears as he pulled him close, “I don’t think it has nothin’ to do with research this time around. I’m worried about him Stan, he’s not been himself in months and stress is getting to him. He stabbed himself with a fork last week!”

Stan became ridged at the memory glancing past his boyfriend’s fluffy hair tickling at his chin and took a long look at his brother, the bandages from the event still there. Stan hadn’t been there and only heard of the aftermath from a shaken, sobbing Fidds who had taken it harder than Ford who acted like it wasn’t such a big deal.

He ran his fingers through Fidds hair and groaned in exaggerated annoyance his brother could come if only to ease Fidds’s worries and possibly his own.  

Many years ago, months after Carla had left him forever, he’d found peace in the beach front village he planned to have a romantic retreat with his lover, maybe Ford could find some piece of mind there as well.

Even if his brother tagging along was for the best it didn’t make it any less aggravating and annoying that he had to be crammed into a car for hours on end with his brother he didn’t always have the greatest relationship with.

The realization that he may not get any adult activity he had planned for if another room wasn’t vacant didn’t clear his bad mood either.

Silver was cuddling in my arms (in a position she had never cuddled in before - very relaxed) and then my dad plopped down some clothes for me to fold practically on top of her and she got very stressed jumped out of my arms and i hate it when people treat the cats as literally not having responses to things like that?? like geez she’s just a lil cat she gets spooked easily don’t put lots of big stuff near her face dammit there’s a reason why i’m the cats’ favorite in this house and that’s because i respect them

The Tootfam has arrived at the Stargazing Festival!!

Robin and Pascal have permission to run around and have fun! They want to make new friends to toot with and will befriend anyone that’s nice to them!

Ibubesi will be relaxing under some trees away from the crowd, he is up for a friendly chat if anyone stops by him. He’s rather large and not hard to find if you’re looking for him!

If you want to interact with the famjam message @daughter-of-distortion - if you want an ask just reply to this post with who you want speaking to who <3

Enjoying some time away from home downtown :) one night to fully relax before tackling the last round of work this week . #away #rest #relax #selfpic #andro #trans #transguy #transboy #transguys #transgender #asiantrans #transasian #queer #queerasian #asiantransgender #boisociety #ftm #myandrogynouslife #ourandrogynouslife (at Courtyard Marriott Toronto Downtown)

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It was with my joy that I say - first rough draft of the Casino AU has been finished. 

What happens next? It gets put away till Friday at the earliest - though preferably next Monday. I take some time to relax away from the story - maybe write a short story or start my next rough draft.

Then - I go through the story and begin cutting what needs to be cut and adding what needs to be added. I’ve got a lot of work before it even sees @emotionalmorphine for first serious edits. 

However - I can say that I’m already quite happy with how this has all turned out!


Elijah sighed as he walked into his room. He lifted his chin as he untied his tie, hanging it back on the rack before he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it in the hamper, as well as his pants. He got into the shower and cleaned off, then just stood under the spray, letting it relax him and wash away what happened today. He clenched his teeth as he leaned on his arm, pressed up against the tile, head hanging. After a few long minutes he got out and pulled on a pair of sweatpants before he went over to his bed and sat, picking up his book from the bedside table, turning the pages but not really reading.

Accidental Marriage || Closed

[ @vigilemusmortuis ]

Louisa and Ned had taken a weekend trip to Vegas so that they could relax and get away. It was a fun little getaway that got them away from their hectic days of books and pies – not that either of those professions were inherently difficult, Ned’s more so than Louisa’s, but managing a business was stressful.

One evening, while they were there, they had gotten wasted. Not just a fun night out drinking with each other, no. They were smashed. Naturally, they decided it’d be hilarious to walk into place that conducted ‘fake’ wedding ceremonies so they could prank their friends and families into thinking that they’d actually gotten married. So silly, right? It was an incredible idea at the time. She loved it.

Flash forward now; it’s one week later and she’s grinning because she hears Ned knocking on her door with the stupid special knock they unintentionally came up with one day. She pulled open the door and her face turned into one of confusion, at the sight of Ned standing there with ‘congrats!’ balloons and a pie. “I– what?” She tilted her head at him and furrowed her brows. “Why are you holding ‘congrats!’ balloons and a pie? Did I – Did I miss an important event or…? I’m so sorry if I did!” She said and stepped to the side to let him into the house.

Mature, Complex, with a Lasting Finish. NOS Primavera Sound, Porto

Mature, Complex, with a Lasting Finish. NOS Primavera Sound, Porto

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[dropcap style=”font-size:100px; color:#992211;”]NOS[/dropcap] Primavera Sound Porto is a relaxed indie sojourn away from the ho-hum bustle of European capitals with heady moments of volume.

Annually, picturesque Porto takes on a new life as Primavera tourists flock to the city, fill its bars, streets and cafés. There are obvious benefits to having a festival within a small city; not having to…

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Let Me Show You How Country Feels

read it on the AO3 at

by maybe_we_were

Clint is away on vacation and Natasha offers to check in on the farm after a tough mission. She knows she’ll find rest and relaxation. What she doesn’t know is who Clint’s farmhand is.

Set somewhere after the events of AOU and before Civil War.

Words: 1662, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at