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Are you fine?✨No you’re not baby, you’re not good and that’s ok…
You don’t need to be good all the time.💛If things get hard, just take a break, toss your hair in a bun, play music you like and relax.🌞Put your phone on airplane-mode and ignore messages or calls. Take as much time as you need, your friends will understand. If you have to cry, let it all out, honey.🌻 Don’t try to be strong, you don’t have to impress anybody. 💫If you can’t concentrate on work, get your nails done, take a shower and put on new clothes. Then sit down again and try to concentrate.🌜A lot of things get easier when you take care of yourself and listen to your body. Whenever you’re not feeling well, don’t fake a smile.🏆 Be honest with yourself and take a nap. I promise you’ll feel so much better…🌅 YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY DARLING!

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if you're still taking submissions "You've just got to let yourself relax, girl."

“You’ve just got to relax, girl!” Alya said running her hands over her legs as she sat on Marinette’s bed. 

Awkwardly Marinette adjusted her self in the chair. She sunk back lower in the chair, her head being propped up in the most uncomfortable way. Her arms hung over the arm rests and her legs sprawled out in front of her, “… Like this..?” She asked barley able to choke it out. 

Alya sunk her face into her hand and shook her head, “I can’t believe that my best friend doesn’t know how to relax.” Alya let a laugh slip out from her lips and she stood adjusting her friend in the chair to make her look more… well… normal.

“I guess it’s been a while since I’ve been able to relax… Just trying to meet dead lines for Mr. Agreste… I mean don’t get me wrong I’m so grateful that Adrien got me the internship in the first place but his father is so…”

“Demanding? Awful? A piece of work? A Stick in the mud? A-” Alya continued to list off on her fingers.

Marinette grabbed her friends hands and tried to get her to stop without laughing but a few giggles slipped through and she tried covering them up, “Alya, Alya,” She pressed pursing her lips trying to think of an excuse for her new boss, “Come on, he’s really not that bad… He’s just… Well he likes to be on top of things…” She flashed an inconvincing smile and rubbed the back of her neck. 

“At least you’re getting paid now,” She added, “Paying rent the past couple months was hell…” Marinette nodded in agreement. 

It had been about six months since the two girls moved in with each other after their high school graduation. Alya worked for as a news paper journalist and continued to run the LadyBlog on the side an often got a lot of donations for her fans wanting her to continue the blog. 

Their conversation was soon interrupted by a soft knocking on the door. Alya followed the bluenette  to the door and took a seat a the kitchen table pouring herself a glass of water. 

Marinette opened the door revealing familiar blonde hair and green eyes matched with a tall strong body. She froze as she watched him raise his hand for a small wave, “Hey, Marinette..!” He said. 

Four years and she still couldn’t completely relax around him. She glanced over to the side looking at her roommate sitting at the table largely mouthing ‘RELAX’   

Quickly Marinette shook her head into reality. She stuck out her hand leaning against the door frame. With the other hand she shot him a finger gun followed by an uncomfortable half wink, “ ‘Sup.” She nodded. Was it working? Was she being relax? What ever it was she felt it sure didn’t seem like ‘relaxed’ It felt more like she looked like an idiot. 

A tinge of pink grew across his cheeks, “W-..What..?” He uttered out. What was she doing? Why did she look like that? Was she hurt? 

A  tingle ran up her spine shaking her hand loose from it’s position on the door frame. Slipping she smacked her face against the frame and winced. Out from the inside of the apartment behind Marinette there was a distinct cackle of laugh that echoed to the door. Looking past her Adrien saw Alya quickly covered her mouth trying to contain her laugher and tried to suppress it even more by drinking her water but found that much of it dribbled out of her mouth and most was spit out when Marinette turned to her red-faced and shouted: “Shut up!” 

Adrien nervously reached out his hand to touch her shoulder and smiled trying to keep his laughter in as well, “Are you alright..?” He asked trying to get a quick look at the side of her face, luckily she didn’t hit it hard enough to cause swelling. 

“I-I’m fine… Totally relaxed.” She said with a smile trying to cover up. They were silent for a moment not sure how to continue the conversation. She found it hard to keep looking him in the eye so she sucked in a big breath and exhaled out, “So…” she then bit down gently on the corner of her bottom lip. 

“ Oh.. Right!” He responded rubbing the back of his head, “ I just came to tell you that I talked to my dad…” He paused looking off past her and not wanting to see her face, “I got him to give you the day off tomorrow.” He said with a small smile peeking over the corner of his lips, “And I was wondering, since you’d have the day off if maybe I could pick you up… Around Noon… For lunch…?” He offered biting his lips nervously. 

Her stomach felt like a swarm of ladybugs fluttered around and she sucked in a huge breath, ‘ Okay okay okay okay Marinette, Relax… Relax….’ Again she flashed him a finger gun and a slightly more sly than the last, wink, but still under no circumstance good, just a little better. 

Adrien bent down his face getting close to hers and looked at her concerned, “Are you alright? Something in your eye?” he asked. 

Her shoulders dropped and she sighed in humiliation, “ No.. I’ll meet you at noon tomorrow…” She said flatly with a dead panned face. 

The two said their goodbyes and she rested her back against the door letting herself slide down until she reached the ground and buried her face in her knees, “Smooth, Marinette… Very smooth…” 

Adrien let the door close before excitedly punching the air and preforming a, clearly choreographed, dance on her door step, letting at a loud and whispered “Yes!!”

I sort of got a little carried away with this one, I couldn’t seem to stop writing ahah, I enjoyed this one though!!!

How I imagined Adrien reacting to Marinette agreeing to go on a date with him: 

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Taken to Play
Pairing: Reader/ all
Rating: R
Requested: Yes. I combined the requests from my first two anons :)

    You have no idea how you ended up here. Here…you don’t know much about where here is. All you know is that you were attending a 5 Seconds of Summer concert with your friend, and after the show ended loads of fans started pouring out into the parking lot, it was super crowded with lots of pushing and shoving. Someone bumped into you pretty hard, sending you flying forwards onto the pavement, thousands of people walking over and around you…then everything went black. And it was still black. But you were awake, you knew you were laying on a bed…and your wrists were bound together behind you. You lied there uncomfortably with your hands underneath you. You felt slightly cold, and came to the awareness that you were wearing only your lacey bra and panties. What the fuck!? Confusion and fright rise inside of you. Suddently, you hear a door open and a light flicks on. The sudden brightness clouds your vision, but you see four tall figures file into the room. your vision clears up and you’re astonished at what you see…

    Calum, Ashton, Luke, and Michael from 5SOS stand before you, wearing the same grungy shirts with black skinny jeans that they wore on stage for the concert. Ashton approaches you, smirking devilishly, making you tingle in between your legs. You managed to speak after the initial shock wore off- “W-whats going on??” Ashton didn’t speak, he just stood at the foot of the bed, smirking at you. “Isn’t it obvious, cutie?” cooed Luke, moving to Ashton’s side. “You’re so incredibly sexy..” breathed Michael as he just stared at you in awe. “We’re gonna have a hell of a time tonight, now aren’t we?” sneered Calum. Michael and Calum stood around the bed to join the others. You felt yourself surrounded by four pairs of eyes that you knew were silently undressing you. You shifted uncomfortably, pulling at your restraint. Ashton crawled up the bed toward you, you watch him get on top of you, dipping down to the crook of your neck, planting gentle kisses on your delicate skin. He reaches in his pocket, and you hear a pocket knife click to life. Your heart thuds. Suddenly you’re terrified. Is he going to cut me!!?? Ash gingerly slides the knife under you, and trails the cool metal up your spine, giving you goosebumps. Your body was frozen in fear, and you worried that if you moved, you would get hurt. You lied there and tried to calm your staggered breathing. But then, the knife was lifted from your skin and you felt the ropes tying your wrists together snap and fall away. Sweet, sweet relief washed over your body as you relaxed.  

    Though it seemed strange, you actually were anticipating the kinky things that were soon to come. You’ve loved 5SOS for a long time and always fawned over how gorgeous and talented they were. Deep down…you were a naughty little girl.

    "Just relax and enjoy yourself, baby girl" Ash said against your neck, his voice a low grumble. The sound of his voice gave you chills. You arched your back to press yourself against him, making him chuckle at your eagerness. In mere seconds, he tore his shirt off and tossed it on the floor. You gained a full view of his enticingly muscular abs. Every ripple and edge of his muscles perfectly complimenting the other to form his perfect body. You couldn’t stop yourself from pressing your palms against his pecks, feeling the heat radiate off his chest, and the rapid succession of his heart beat. He smiled at you, creating adorable little dimples on his cheeks. He cupped his hands around your wrists and guided your hands up and around his neck so he could lower himself further onto you. He took your bottom lip between his own lips, tenderly pulling back only to delve into the kiss once more. His hand cupped your face as he deepened the kiss, his other hand holding himself up. He moved his hand from your face, sliding it down your neck, then down to your boobs, giving a firm squeeze before sliding down your tummy to the hem of your panties. He moved his lips down to your neck and began suckling and kissing roughly, making you shiver. His hand slid into your panties and rested right on your clit, he started rubbing and kneading you, making you wet. He trailed a finger lightly down your slit. “Mmm you’re ssso wet” he moaned against your skin. He began rubbing along your folds, then over your opening, againandagain. You wanted so badly for him to go in, but he was persistent in teasing you. “Ashton…” you moan, your pussy throbbing for his touch. He smiled against your skin. Then suddenly, you feel his fingers dip inside of you , curving down to just rub around your entrance before sliding them deeper into you. A wave of pleasure washes over you, you close your eyes, focusing on sensations you were recieving from the strong, muscular drummer on top of you. He pumped his fingers viciously, the immense feelings of pleasure growing more and more intense. He rubbed and pressed up against your walls perfectly making you bite down on your lip to prevent yourself from moaning loudly. After pumping as deep as he could get, Ash slides his fingers out, and sits back. He brings his glistening fingers between his lips and sucks on them. “Delicious” he breathes after removing his fingers from his mouth and winking slyly at you.

    "I need a taste!“ groaned Michael who climbed onto the bed next to Ashton. You had completely forgotten the others were there and suddenly felt your cheeks heating up. Ashton reluctantly joined Cal and Luke sitting at the foot of the bed, mumbling under his breath. Michael grinned widely, his green eyes sparkling as he took in the sight of you. Your heart fluttered with excitement, the event of the evening making you absolutely high on life.Michael grabbed your knees and pulled them farther apart, licking his lips like an animal as he beheld the sight of your dripping heat. He wasted no more time as he dove down between your legs. He licked up the length of your pussy, moaning as he tasted your juices. He licked in zig-zags down your slit until he came to your opening. He made sloppy slurping noises and he lapped at your opening. Your arousal was so immense, you found yourself lacing your fingers through his wild lavender hair, pulling him closer to you as your body hungered for more of his tongue. He scribbled different shapes with his tongue over your opening before dipping inside of you, he rolled his tongue mercilessly, your hips bucked up trying to get closer to him. He pushed his tongue in as deep as he could, then pulled out, giving hard sucks, making you moan. He was relentless. He dove back in, thrusting his tongue in as deep as he could, then rolling and wiggling it against your walls. Your legs trembled as you moaned his name, gripping his lavender locks. The waves of pleasure grew more and more intense, and you could feel that tension growing in your lower stomach…."Don’t cum yet” growled a stern voice. You looked up to see Luke standing at the side of the bed right next to you, stripped down to only his underwear, his erection outlined clearly through his tight grey undies. “Come on Michael, give me a turn” he said. Michael lazily rose up before shooting Luke a glare.

    Michael crawled off the bed and stood at the side next to Luke. Before he could turn to join the others at the foot, Luke grabbed his chin, aligning Michaels face with his, and licked the glistening juices off of his mouth, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the taste. Michael shuddered slightly, smirking as he retreated to the foot of the bed. The scene that just played out before your eyes making you drip as Luke climbs onto the bed next to you.

    Luke firmly grabs your waist and pulls you on top of him. He begins rolling his hips against your crotch, trying to make as much friction as possible. You grind yourself on his hard bulge, making him bite his lip and close his eyes. You slide your hand down his chest and play with the hem of his underwear. You look up at him, he raises an eyebrow and sucks his lip piercing in his mouth. Unable to hold back any longer you pull his underwear down and off his legs, fully erecting his dick. “Ride me.” he commands in a smooth voice. You obey, and climb up over him, bracing yourself on the headboard as you align yourself with his tip, and lower down, feeling his thick package stretching your walls. After better adjusting to his size, you begin slowly going up on his shaft then plunging back down. With a slight flick of your hips, you begin bouncing on his cock, making his head fall back and his mouth gape open. You roll your hips down, and push into him, slowly grinding on his cock as he fills you up. “Oh fuck yes…I love it when you ride me slooow…” he purrs. You were soon interrupted by arms being tightly wrapped around your waist.

    "I can’t wait any fucking longer" moans Calum. “Let me get some of that” he says with a firm smack on your ass. “I’ll just stay here” Luke says with fiendish delight. You pull off of Luke as Cal gets on top of you, pulling your hair back into a ponytail, and planting a firm kiss on your cheek as he bends you over, making you fall on your hands and knees above Luke. “Mmmm” he moans quietly. “This needs to go” Luke says as he un-clips your bra and tosses it away, fully exposing your boobs over Luke’s face. Luke instantly starts groping and fondling your boobs, sucking and tugging one of your nipples as he continues groping with his hand on the other. You feel Calum’s rock hard cock start rubbing against your pussy. You feel yourself throbbing, you crave the feeling of him inside you. He tugs on your hair slightly as he pushes into you. He thrusts hard and fast, snapping his hips against your ass. You cant help the moans and squeals escaping from your mouth, further arousing Luke as he moans against your chest, which was now wet from his tongue. Cal’s thick cock plunges deeper and deeper inside you, the tip pounding against your g-spot perfectly with each thrust. Your moans grow more intense. He fills you up completely, his veins throbbing against your walls. All of these sensations all over your body set your head spinning. Your entire body was buzzing and you could feel your stomach tightening again. You whimper slightly, but Cal already knew. “Come on baby, cum for us…cum all over my cock and show the boys what a good job they did” Luke wrapped his arms tightly around your waist, stabalizing you for your orgasm. You closed your eyes and relaxed, letting your orgasm rip through your body. You screamed out loud as you exploded around Calum, he moaned as he reached his own climax. Luke grunted beneath you, burying his face in the valley of your breasts, he was unable to prevent himself from cumming as well. Your mind and body were floating on cloud nine, you knew nothing but the intense feeling of euphoria bursting all over your body. Cal pulled out and you collapsed next to Luke, soon after Cal flopped down on the other side of you.

    The three of you lied there, breathing heavily. Luke turned over, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist. “Fuck…that was phenomenal” he breathed, his hot breath going down your neck, sending chills down your spine. Calum turned towards you as well, wrapping his arms loosely around your shoulders as he whispered in your ear, “You’re so incredibly sexy, baby girl” “This is so not fair” groaned Michael. “Yeah guys, next time I demand more!” Ashton pouted, his mouth curving down into a cutesy frown. You couldn’t do anything but smile at them, gaining two smiles in return. The boys then crawled into the bed with you, Luke, and Cal. The large bed could easily accomidate the five of you. Michael curled up against Luke and Ashton did likewise with Calum. You all just lied there in silence, so close…so warm and snuggled up. You completely forgot that you had been kidnapped….but you didn’t care.


A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation