relax i'm not gonna do it

Nervous Starters
  • "I can't do it"
  • "I think I'm gonna be sick"
  • "I'm sorry, I'm a little nervous"
  • "Excuse me, hi- I- Sorry, I just- sorry"
  • *incoherent stuttering*
  • "I've never done this before"
  • "I've got butterflies in my stomach"
  • "I froze up"
  • "I'm just working up the nerve"
  • "You're a little intimidating"
  • "I'm worried about _____ "
  • "My heart feels like it's going to beat out my chest"
  • "I'm not nervous"
  • "You ramble when you're nervous"
  • "Just go over there and talk to them"
  • "Go on, you can do it"
  • "Are you nervous?"
  • "A few nerves are a good thing"
  • "Do I make you nervous?"
  • "Relax, no one's looking"
how I feel about the Star Trek theme songs
  • TOS: awwww yissss, star trek
  • DS9: this is really nice and pretty but good grief it's long, are we done yet
  • VOY: soothing. majestic. serene. something about it is just relaxing and gives you hope for the future
  • ENT: I'm not gonna do it, I'm not gonna fucking do it, I have more self-control than-- I'VE GOT FAAAAIIIIITTTTTHHHHHHH OF THE HEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARRRRRTTTTTTT
EXO’s Reaction to You Having Pre-wedding Nervousness


Though also nervous and excited, Xiumin would do his best to reassure you that everything was going to be fine. He’d do his best to remain calm to help soothe your nerves as well, understanding that it was a big commitment for the both of you. He’d gently stroke your hair, smiling as he noticed your voice was shaking slightly from nervousness.


Chen would be more nervous than you, but he’d do his best to remain stoic and manly for your sake. “Don’t worry, jagi. Everything will go fine. You’re overthinking it,” he’d softly reassure you, holding you tightly against him. His cool vibes and soothing voice would soon calm your buzzing nerves, and you’d find your nervousness quickly turning into excitement for the coming day.


When you confessed how nervous you were to Baekhyun, he’d immediately admit that he was too. Then, he would proceed to list all of the things that could go wrong, particularly when it came to the live band. “What if they suck?” he would say dramatically, making you laugh with his facial expressions. You’d end up thinking up exaggerated events that could happen, laughing until your stomachs hurt.


A literal giant teddy bear, Chanyeol would wrap you up in his arms and lay on the floor with you, letting you talk about all the things you were worried about. He wouldn’t say much, humming and nodding occasionally. As you continued to talk, you worries would soon dissipate as you realized how unlikely they were. You’d end up being at ease in your future-husband’s arms, excited for the day ahead.


Initially Lay wasn’t concerned about the wedding, however your nervousness would be contagious, and he’d fine himself being to get worried as well. When you realized the effect you were having on him, you’d immediately apologize. “It’s okay, baobei. Just…relax,” he’d smile slightly, kissing your cheek. You two would opt to watch a movie together and forget about the worries for a little while, enjoying your time together.


D.O would find your nervousness oddly endearing. He’d sit quietly as you confessed to him all the things that were bothering you, and all the things that could go wrong. When you were finished, you’d notice he was just smiling and watching you. “You’re so beautiful,” is all he would respond with, causing you to turn pink in surprise at his random compliment. His adoring gaze would easily relax your nerves, and you wouldn’t even be able to remember what you were so nervous about in the first place.


Your paranoia would be more concerning to Suho than anything, and he’d think that you were regretting the choice. You’d quickly reassure him that you DEFINITELY wanted to marry him, and that you were just worried the wedding itself wouldn’t go smoothly. He’d nod, relieved. “Jagiya~ There’s no need to worry about it. C’mere,” he’d smile, leading you to your couch and snuggling up against you. You two would watch romcoms until you fell asleep, dreams filled with the day ahead.


Kai’s reaction to your worries would mostly consist of eyebrow raises and small giggles. He’d shake his head when you insisted that he was laughing at you, but it was obvious that he wasn’t taking you seriously. He’d gently explain that there was no reason for you to be worrying so much, and that everything would go smoothly. And, even if it didn’t, that would just make more memories. His giggly smile would be contagious, and you’d find yourself grinning alongside him.


Though at first your nervousness would be kind of cute, Sehun would soon get tired of your paranoid situations that you continued to think up. “JAGI. Relax. Everything’s gonna be fine,” he’d say in a tired voice as he pulled you closer next to him in your bed. Whenever you’d try to start up another thought he’d shush you with a kiss before burying his head into your neck.  It was obvious that worrying would get you nowhere, and you soon fell asleep in each other’s arms.

For @potato-fan-girl [loud whispers] ily!

Victory tastes sweet along Peter’s tongue. His muscles relax as he stares on at his handiwork where he’s tied up five jail escapees who were in the middle of robbing a convenience store. All he has to do is contact the police, and he gets to swing home along the high of another win for the heroes. 

He’s just pulling his phone out, still vibrating from excitement, when he feels it, something sharp and cold pushing into his side. His mind is slow to catch on for the pain is delayed, but then he feels it all at once, a knife being driven into his side by a sixth jail escapee who’s sudden appearance is a mystery to Peter’s wavering mind. 

His knees buckle, and he collapses to the floor with a pained gasp. “That wasn’t,” he starts around panting breaths, “nice.” The second the words leave his lips, he’s falling forward and crumpling in on himself while paralyzed by pain. 

The free criminal smiles down at him, and Peter can only watch on with darkening vision. 

He’s going to die. 

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we need more spaghetti

if stephanie j block doesn’t win her tony imma change my name from megan to stephanie and move to liechtenstein bc she deserves this heckin tony so bad who’s with me

i’ve moved into my dorm room and i’m happy to be living on my own and in a new city

but at the same time, I live in constant fear

i got here relatively early - 2 weeks before school starts, which means i’m one of the first people to arrive here

where i live, i share a hallway that leads to my room, the bathroom i’m sharing with my future roommate and the room of my future roommate

now this person hasn’t arrived yet

and she could arrive at ANY MOMENT

which means she could arrive while i’m doing something that will not give the best first impression

for examples:

1. it could be at 2pm, when i’m still in my pajamas and looking dead

2. after practice, when i’ve been riding my bike for nothing but hills for 30 minutes, still wearing my helmet and bow bag in the hallway, and looking dead

3. maybe i forget to eat, and she actually does find me dead. that would be awkward

4. during one of my kazoo jamming sessions. people either love or hate those. the people who hate my kazoo playing is everyone, and the people who love it is me

other than the constant fear, living alone is pretty neat

exo as things my friends and I have experienced while drunk
  • baekhyun: "like george washington famously said in the year 1776 'take another shot bitch'"
  • jongin: *jumps off bed* "i'm literally a professional parkour-er now holy shit"
  • suho: "you know....i think life is really pulling thru for me right now. everything's working out and I'm so happy and relaxed and *spills drink on self* life is over"
  • sehun: *flicks off creepy guy for 5 minutes straight with wild hand gestures* fuck the patriarchy
  • chanyeol: "do you ever think about how the moon goes through changes every month but it's actually the same exact moon like....holy gonna cry"
  • yixing: *points at blue solo cups* "if these cups arent red does that mean we're not actually getting drunk is it all a social experiment"
  • kyungsoo: *stomps away* *stomps back* *stomps away again before stomping back and poking chanyeol's chest* "you are so fucking cute what the fuck"
  • jongdae: "dicks are so weird man like they just" *sticks out arm and wiggles it wildly until he falls off the chair*
  • minseok: "its sober up time bitches *mixes tequila and water shots*

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Oh my! I know how you feel so much! I feel kinda frustrated with my art since the characters I drew still look pretty stiff. I'm still trying to improve my skill on expressiveness since it's one of the most important factor to deliver depth of the story mood. Your art style is definitely one I can look up to and motivate me myself to do better! I'm gonna work hard! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

Ah, that is definitely true. Pinning down the right expressions is very important for story telling. It helped me a lot to actually do gesture studies as a way of loosening up. Like one of my issues was I was getting to hyper focused on details and it made me tense and so my art was all stuff. It was a good way to remember the flow of action and trying to get that feeling right in what I was doing. Also they can be pretty fun once you relax. I just looked up a bunch of photos like “running”, “jumping”, “soccer” etc, it was super helpful!

Sprousehart Coachella 2017- Photoshoots
  • Photographer: your photo was great, Mr. Sprouse. Now could you call Ms. Reinhart? She's the next.
  • Cole: actually... could you call her for me instead? And could you give me the camera?
  • Photographer: what!?
  • Cole: relax. I'm a professional. And I'll be doing it for free.
  • Photographer: ... okay...
  • --------------------
  • Lili: *walks in and sees Cole* haven't you finished yours yet?
  • Cole: oh, you bet I have. *smirks*
  • Lili: then why are you still here?
  • Cole: for yours.
  • Lili: ... Do you think they're gonna let you stay?
  • Cole: I'm sure they will.
  • Lili: and why are you so confident, Mr. Sprouse? *smirks*
  • Cole: Because... *approaches her, taking her hand and kissing it* I'll be your photographer today, Ms. Reinhart.
  • Lili: oh, really? *chuckles, blushing*
  • Cole: yes. Now... smile for me.

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i'M not playing games you told me to remind you and oH BOY AM I GONNA REMIND YOU do the courferre thing dO THE COURFERRE THING DO THE C O U R F ER R E THNNG

I can’t remember what Courferre thing this was, but since I’m in a Combeferre mood and have been doing Combetaire things…

Courfeyrac is jealous of Grantaire’s friendship with Combeferre. At first when they started dating he resented the fact that Grantaire could make Combeferre laugh more than anyone else.

Combeferre is naturally introverted, so takes a while to relax around people, so seeing him be so tactile and cuddly around Grantaire made Courfeyrac feel less than friendly towards Grantaire.

Grantaire’s masochistic streak is a mile wide so when he twigged on Courfeyrac’s jealousy, he casually dropped the fact he’s Combeferre’s back up husband. Which caused Courfeyrac’s biggest ever fight with Combeferre on a record. Courfeyrac was simultaneously both terrified and aroused. (Angry Combeferre is hot okay?)

Combeferre and Grantaire’s relationship wasn’t something he thought he would have to fight against, so briefly Courfeyrac ended things, which crushed Combeferre and then made Grantaire angry.

Grantaire gave Courfeyrac a very public verbal dressing down, for hurting Combeferre and asking him to choose between Him and Courfeyrac.

“You know I’m dating Enjolras right?! If he can accept the fact Combeferre and I would be stupidly married if I wasn’t tragically in love with our dear Enjy. Like I’d rather marry Combeferre, he makes pancakes post-coitus, I’m lucky if I get dry toast from Enjolras.”

Courfeyrac and Enjolras now have a standing dinner date on a Wednesday when Combeferre and Grantaire are out together, to talk about how weird their boyfriends are. Especially after the ‘Hey Courfeyrac, Grantaire accidentally proposed to me because he lost his wallet so we could get a free lunch’ incident, but that’s another story.

  • himchan: okay, here's the thing. you gotta stop thinking about it. just relax, and be yourself. you're awesome.
  • daehyun: what do you think, yongguk?
  • himchan: why are you asking yongguk?
  • daehyun: because, himchan, look at your hair. you really don't look like someone who's good at sex.
  • himchan: i can't believe you just said that.
  • yongguk: here's what you do. you're gonna stop worrying about it. completely.
  • daehyun: yeah. that's really good.
  • himchan: that's literally what i just said.
  • yongguk: what are you worried about, anyway? youngjae doesn't care what you do. i've seen the way that boy looks at you. and he is crazy about you.
  • himchan: i agree, i-
  • daehyun: shh, i'm trying to listen to yongguk.