relax and succeed

“This is just my story, honestly.” - B.I

B.I - BE I English Lyrics
A track about overcoming the trauma of making mistakes and going down one’s path with grim determination

The show has started and the music flows
The held back pressure and cold sweat flow
When someone’s nerves are loosened
My legs’ strength is loosened

Pretending to be calm
Can’t concentrate on my lyrics
After losing the battle between rhythm and my willpower
The air feels heavy
On my way back

The hot glares and pointing fingers
I know what they gonna say
Shit about me

The kid that got this far through luck
The kid that survived through his company’s help
That bastard that fcked up his lyrics
He got carried away by his confidence
And now he’s struggling

In this rapper survival show
Why is there a pretty idol
Now he’s not even funny
The guy to shit on when it’s time to shit
That’s me

Being the best is my goal
But reality’s result is
Either the worst or average

While falling
I made a new goal to start fresh
That’s me

MIC check 1, 2
My name is B.I
The show has started
It’s my time now
Now it’s time for you to go back (dwi-lo)
While I go up (wi-lo)

MIC check 1, 2
My name is B.I
Sorry haters (mi-an)
Now it’s my time (si-gan)

Everybody say oh! x2

Starting from now, my determination is different
I already have a lot
So I don’t feel burdened
I have too many things to do
I won’t be nervous
Call me Brake
If you step on me
I’ll block your path

No matter how hard you choke me
I’ll keep breathing
A zombie-like will to survive
Hide when you see me
I’m gonna rage out of control

[You’re] just a field in winter
The grass is dead Blaw

My skills ignore gravity
You’re all just trying so hard [reference to GD & Hyungdon’s song]
You rack your brains
But I’m just enjoying myself

A relaxed attitude
Bound to succeed whatever I do
That’s my fate
If you have time to curse me
Look in the mirror first

There’s no answer to me
Find the answer first
What about my skills
Now it aint funny
I’m standing here
But I’m above you guys

Put your motherfckin hands up


Make some noise!!

trans credit: bbuyojuseyo@tumblr

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Speculation on 2020:

These are the people I expect to run for the Democratic nomination next cycle:

  • Kanye West. He’s already said he’s going to, and with Trump’s victory, it’s lost its absurd factor. With the right team and the right field of competition, I could see it happening.
  • Jeff Merkley. He’s a progressive Senator who’s popular with his constituents, and I could see him trying to pick up where Bernie left off.
  • Elizabeth Warren. She sacrificed some popularity among progressives by not backing Bernie in the primaries, but I don’t think that’ll hurt her four years down the road.
  • Cory Booker. The reasons are obvious.
  • Martin O’Malley. He didn’t do well this time, but conditions might be better for another shot next time.
  • Joe Kennedy III. Good clean record, young, Kennedy name. He’s going to run eventually, and given how this played out, he might make the run sooner than expected.
  • Tulsi Gabbard. I’ve expected since I’ve been aware of her that she might run eventually, after serving in the House longer or moving up to Senate, but since Trump has effectively destroyed all ability to criticize anyone on experience.
  • Will Smith. This one is a bit of a longshot, but he did mention that he was considering running this cycle, so he might actually go for it next time. I think he’s too satisfied relaxing and helping his kids succeed to go for it, but it wouldn’t shock me.
  • Mark Cuban and/or Michael Bloomberg. These two are not members of any party at the moment as far as I’m aware, but both supported Hillary and could fill the more centrist niche the party tends to go for in battles against a Republican incumbent. And both would love the opportunity to take Trump down.

People I want to run next time but probably won’t:

  • Jay Z. He would neutralize Trump’s outsider status. He can capitalize on the American dream narrative because he went from living in the projects to a $750 million net worth in ten years. He’s been in charge of actually successful businesses. He’s charming, smart, and well-read. He’s already connected to the political elite, but supports more progressive causes. He might actually get my generation off their asses and down to the polls. And the First Lady would be Beyoncé. I want him to run so fucking badly.
Welcome to District 13

Katniss ran through the crowded hallway with Haymitch at her heels. The older man’s forehead was covered in sweat but his eyes were sparkling and a happy smile danced on his lips. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d seen him smile like this. He must have read the questioning look in her eyes. “The boy’s back,” he explained.

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