signs as distant relatives
  • the annoying cousin: pisces, virgo
  • the aunt that drinks too much: scorpio, sagittarius
  • the nosy grandma: aquarius, CANCER
  • the one who travels everywhere: taurus, capricorn
  • the creepy uncle: gemini, leo
  • the gay one: aries, LIBRA

Several people said they would have liked to see more coverage of a measure that Trump signed Thursday that rolled back a last-minute Obama regulation that would have restricted coal mines from dumping debris in nearby streams. At the signing, Trump was joined by coal miners in hard hats.
“If he hadn’t gotten into office, 70,000 miners would have been put out of work,” Patricia Nana, a 42-year-old naturalized citizen from Cameroon. “I saw the ceremony where he signed that bill, giving them their jobs back, and he had miners with their hard hats and everything — you could see how happy they were.”

The regulation actually would have cost relatively few mining jobs and would have created nearly as many new jobs on the regulatory side, according to a government report — an example of the frequent distance between Trump’s rhetoric, which many of his supporters wholeheartedly believe, and verifiable facts.
Melani, for example, gets most of her news from talk radio — “I listen to Herman Cain on my way into work, I have Sean [Hannity] on my way home,” she said — and Fox News.


Trump supporters see a successful president — and are frustrated with critics who don’t

Trump’s base lives in a fantasy world where they get all their news from talk radio and Fox News.

But, you know, we who live on the coasts and in large, diverse, cities are stuck in a bubble.

Watching a Documentary about Tutankhamun:

Presenter: “SHOCKINGLY….the DNA results show that his parents…WERE FULL BROTHER AND SISTER”

Everyone who has ever read anything about Ancient Egypt ever:


Terms/Phrases of Endearment in Korean

Ways to say ‘I Love You’:

사랑해 (close and informal)


자기야 사랑해  Darling I love you

사랑해요 (more formal and polite)


So, the only kind of example or reason that I can think of someone using this is if you have Korean parents or older relatives or are trying to make a teacher happy or something.

사랑합니다 (most formal way)

This one is super formal and really you would only hear this in a song or some super nice poem etc.

More ways to express that you like someone!:

난 네가 좋아  I like you

너밖에 없어  You’re the only one

Even more cute terms!:

나랑 결혼해줄래?  Do you want to marry me?
남자친구  Boyfriend
여자친구  Girlfriend
남친  Boyfriend (slangish)
여친  Girlfriend (slangish)
자기야  Darling/baby
보고싶어  I miss you
당신  darling (used beween older people/Can also mean “you.”)
뽀뽀  kiss
애인  lover

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RFA and saeran reacting to MC grieving the death of a relative ? Sorry it's so depressing ....I love your writing, please take care of yourself. 💖

~Thank you, bby!! You are so kind! <3


  • His heart was aching when he saw you upset
  • He can relate, after the whole thing with Rika
  • After you heard the news he just held you and let you cry as long as you needed
  • He encouraged you to talk about your feelings with him
  • He tried to cheer you up with kisses
    • “Do you wanna look at old photos? Sometimes that helped me…”
  • He cooked you a nice dinner
  • And you sat together and looked through photographs and he asked a lot about your relative
  • He was happy to see you smiling a bit as you talked
  • The next day he asked you to come to the clinic
  • And he brought you to the back and let you hold a bunch of puppies and kittens
  • It’s hard not to smile and feel happy when you’re holding baby animals
    • “It’s okay to feel sad, but know I will always be there for you” he kissed you


  • He dropped everything to be there for you
  • Family is important to him
  • And you are important
  • So it hurt him to see you like this
  • And although it was hard to see you cry, he let you cry it out
  • And Elizabeth 3rd was by your side to help comfort you
  • He made sure you kept eating and drinking regularly
  • It was hard for him to open up emotionally to you but he was there just the same, and if you wanted to talk he would listen
  • Even if he wouldn’t quite understand your feelings
  • Sent beautiful flower arrangements and gifts to all of your relatives
  • And took over paying for the funeral
  • It was expensive but tasteful
  • And you appreciated all of the thought and care that he put into everything
  • He urged you to spend time with your family, grieving together, because it’s always easier with your family by your side


  • He wanted to cry seeing you cry
  • It was super hard for him
  • But he was there to comfort you in any way he could
  • He believed in comforting touches
  • So he would run his fingers through your hair or rub your back
  • He took over everything in the house so you didn’t have to cook or clean
  • And he asked if you could tell some of your favorite and funniest memories with your relative
  • Because laughing helps
  • He kept being silly every chance he got, just to see you smile a bit
  • Lots of take-out in bed while you talked and talked about your feelings and memories
    • “Don’t worry MC, God is taking care of them,” he smiled
  • For a while you guys would light a candle in their memory
  • And Saeyoung put together a nice site where compiled old photos and movies of you guys, so you could go on there and smile when you were missing them or sad

After visiting relatives over the holidays.

Okay so I may be getting into a dead fandom here but DEAF WEST SPRING AWAKENING is a thing that exists and it’s beautiful and glorious and I love it to death

But right “The Word of Your Body Reprise” makes me sob so hard because when they say “Oh, you’re gonna be wounded/Oh, you’re gonna be my wound” (specifically Ernst the emotion and conflict on his face was so clear) I immediately thought how yes, loving each other could be their downfall because it was fucking ILLEGAL to be GAY

And it hurts so much to think about how that out of the three (sort of) couples they’re the only ones with a relatively happy ending, you know how rare it is to see that

Anyway I now love this show more than life itself and the whole thing makes me cry

Yulinkllen Prison AU

- Link is a prison guard, Kanda committed murder, and Allen went to prison for the murder

- The victim was Neah, who murdered Mana years ago and was stalking and threatening Allen

- Allen claimed responsibility for the murder because Kanda’s criminal history put him at risk for the death penalty

- Allen was sentenced to life in prison

- Link is, at first, extremely wary of Allen, being fully aware of his crimes, and is even more alarmed that Allen is so nice

- But then he starts to notice that things aren’t adding up

- Because Allen always says hello and speaks to every side of every argument and is the ultimate mediator, but he’s also the first to end each and every budding fight with as few people hurt as possible

- And he always looks so happy just when Link stops to talk, and he has many stories about his friends and none of them seem especially suspicious

- Kanda, meanwhile, is trying to scrape together enough proof that he did it and not Allen, wtf, Allen

- And he tends to snap and snipe at Link whenever he gets the chance, because he’s very suspicious of how Allen is being treated

- And he ferries messages from Lenalee and Lavi and Cross and visits more regularly than any of them

- While Allen is just ‘this is my life now’ and is actively trying to make friends with the guard who is reliably around his area, even if it’s not working very well

- Until Link overhears something that finally tips him off and he then confronts Kanda about it (because Allen will lie and lie and Link knows this)

- And Kanda threatens him angrily but also more or less tells the truth

- And explains exactly why he did it and Link finds himself hating Neah almost as much as Kanda does and is horrified at himself for it

- He is now as conflicted as he’s ever been and he does not appreciate it

- Because Allen Should Not be in prison but Kanda doesn’t deserve death for what he did

- But there’s not enough proof for any of this

- Why does Link believe them


Quantum Destabilizer!

1. Relatively happy with the final paintwork. Doesn’t quite have that weird teal sheen though. Darn parallel universe materials / overlay textures, so difficult to replicate
2. That little Bill-shaped crosshair is still my favourite detail. What a fashion statement
3. The muzzle light isn’t exactly visible to outside but I needed to know that it’s there

Can’t believe Dave Strider canonically had what is probably the most compelling personal plot arc involving bisexuality I have ever seen in media, forever cementing him as one of my all time favorite fictional characters, right alongside his canon boyfriend, who is btw yet another fantastic bisexual character

So nice I didn’t have to sit through either of their sexualities being fetishized or played off as shorthand for any number of negative tropes that are linked by media to bisexuality every single day and instead just got to see a pair of nice kids who deserved better than they got figure themselves out over a quiet period of relative safety and end up comfortable and happy with themselves barring some heavily relatable nerves re: coming out/going public w their relationship

Glad everyone respects how important this narrative was for queer ppl of all types and ages to see out of an endgame canon pairing in a piece of popular media :^)