A Reflection On Happiness

We all know that happiness is something that is relative. It is different for different people, and thats okay. For some people, happiness might be their crush asking them out. For others, it might be that awesome new xbox game they’ve been hyped for or their favorite sports team winning nationals. But for me, Happiness is many other things.

Happiness is never having to fight over money.

Happiness is a day without shouting.

Happiness is turning up my music way too loud and dancing my heart out to get over my fear of the thunderstorm raging outside my window.

Happiness is my cat purring next to me, my favorite show getting a new season, finding out my new/old friend likes the same thing I do. 

Happiness is all these things and it is also so so so much more.

Happiness is making someones day or keeping a friend company, staying up all night to skype with people halfway around the world. 

And you know, sometimes happiness isn’t jumping and laughing and shouting for joy and triumphantly fist bumping the air. Sometimes it’s quiet contentment at a job well done, peacefully knowing that the bad things don’t matter for at least the next few hours. 

Happiness is comfort and friendship and a kind of love stronger than any mortal bond. 

And to me, happiness is knowing that tomorrow could be even better than today.

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fitzsimmons + 4?

4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?” [meme]
Set in some undefined future AU where everyone’s happy & healthy. G.

Despite the relative peace they’d been enjoying at the base in recent days, Jemma could tell that Fitz had been in a bad mood from the moment he’d walked into the lab this morning. Although he’d given her a shy, lingering smile at the time, it had switched almost immediately to a scowl at the sight of the mess one of the other scientists had left on a nearby desk. Never one to let a budding romance get in the way of his work, he’d proceeded to grump through the day, although he did apologize once for snapping at her particularly harshly. Eventually, she’d had enough, and after watching him for a few minutes to figure out what was wrong, she sidled over to where he was hunched over his workstation, peering at troublesome new designs. 



“May - may I ask you a question?”


Jemma sighed. “Could you look at me, please?”

Blinking somewhat owlishly at her, he straightened in his chair. “Sorry.”

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Knocking On Doors

Rating: K

Word Count: 483

Notes: Short, but I’m relatively happy with it. Out of randomly chosen characters, I got their father (still not sure if his name is Agdar, but I just went with it) and got to explore a little bit into the earlier bits of the movie I don’t usually go to.

Anna had already been sent up to bed, warm goodnight’s and hugs exchanged between the five-year-old and her parents. Elsa didn’t hug her, Elsa barely even said goodnight to her.

Anna really didn’t understand what she’d done wrong, why Elsa didn’t want to play with her anymore.

After seeing that the young princess was properly changed from her dress to more comfortable nightclothes, the maid had tucked her into soft blankets and pillows, staving off requests for just one more story before blowing out the lights.

Anna was curled up on the soft mattress of her bed, blankets pulled tight by little hands and cheek mushed up against her pillow.

It was just her and the dark now.

It had never been a scary thing before – but, then, Elsa had always been in the other part of the room. She’d been there, if Anna ever needed someone in the night…

Now, there was a door, and a lengthy hallway, and another door that separated them.

In the mind of a child, it wasn’t fair.

No matter how many times she knocked on Elsa’s door, all she’d get was a muffled “Go away, Anna!”

Anna jolted when a knock sounded at her door, her hopes skyrocketing at the chance that it was Elsa – Elsa at her door, Elsa wanting to be best buddies again, Elsa being her big sister…

“…Anna, sweetheart…Are you still awake?” came the soft, nearly hesitant voice of her father.

The little girl fell back into her pillow, disappointed. She curled back up into warm bed sheets, little button nose crinkling as she sniffed.

There was silence, the thin sliver of light from the hallway blotting out for a moment as her father pressed forward from the doorway and into Anna’s room. A weight at the foot of her bed, a calming hand that always somehow managed to find her foot underneath thick blankets.

“Gerda tells me that you’ve been knocking on your sister’s door for weeks now…”

“…Is Elsa mad at me?” Anna asked, her little voice wavering. It was impossible to hide how she was feeling around her father.

“Of course not, Anna, Elsa’s just – going through a difficult time. You might not understand now, but being older comes with it’s own set of problems…And your sister has more to deal with than most people. Just give her time. Things will get better, you’ll see.”

Anna rolled over, blue eyes locking on the darkened but still visible outline of her father. “’M not gonna stop knockin’.”

Even through the darkness, Anna could see his smile. 

“Good, that’s…good. We would never ask you to stop, Anna. It may not seem like it, but Elsa needs to hear you outside her door. It helps, more than you could know, sweetheart.”

the most surreal thing about today is the fact that i’ve seen so many of my friends and relatives in happy relationships getting married and it’s always been like, a foreign concept to me like i’ve never even considered myself in that place even though i’ve always wanted to have a big extravagant wedding, i’ve always thought i’d have to run away to get married and it’s some like far off future thing that i’d have to work really hard for and cut off all my ties back home but now i can just get married the normal way like everybody else

i wanted to draw something quick for today, just because on top of all of this being really happy news, i officially told my family/relatives i am nonbinary and pansexual

i’ve grown up with a lot of people in my life who told me they never thought this day would have come; family friends, friends,neighbors alike. i’m so happy for all of them and i hope today marks the start of better things to come and keep coming

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It kinda makes me sad that Greg wasn't successful in the music industry

yea, its unfortunate he didn’t get successful considering his music is pretty dang good. But I think he’s happy, relatively. He followed his heart and that’s what was important to him

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Please don’t shoot me for the awful joke in the image.

But wow, it’s been a little over four months since I first fled here from my old fandom RP blog where I felt unappreciated. You guys here in the Xenoblade/SSB community have definitely made me feel welcome! I never expected I’d end up getting over 500 people to think my posts were worth a damn, especially considering I never even got to 350 followers on my old blog in almost two years of roleplaying there. You guys broke my old follower record in a relatively short period of time, and because of that, I’m happy to be here!

I know I made a FF back when I had about 200 followers, but it’s due time I make an update to that list, as there are lots more awesome people I want to thank now that I’ve more than doubled that number. So, let’s get to the list!

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Angie's Death

I am given a slight amount of crap for writing angst (specifically killing Angie multiple times), so I’m going to say what my actual headcanon for her death is.

I think she would be a very old woman who died in her bed, at home, and was fortunate to spend her last days with the people she loved. She and Peggy got to live their lives out together and despite the occasional hiccup, they had a relatively happy life. I think that Peggy’s Alzheimer’s would have already started, and Angie would have been exhausted, but she never regretted her life. And she died happy because even if Peggy couldn’t remember their life all the time, that didn’t change the fact it happened.

(And the days that Peggy remembered were some of the best in Angie’s life).

Gin & Deidara: Monday Funday

Deidara had finished work around seven p.m. and he had yet to decide whether or not he was actually going to show up to that meeting. He was waiting outside, his bag slung over his shoulder as he stared at the yellow lights from the windows, dimly lighting up the spot where he was standing. 

Maybe he did need help- ever since he had arrived in this new place, he didn’t really feel like himself. He hadn’t been able to blow anything up- well, he could’ve if he really wanted to, but people around here viewed bombers in a much different way as they did back home. Sure, he had always been bad news, but it was just different. No one was constantly fighting and most people seemed to be relatively happy. He assumed this place was suppose to be better, but it just made him feel lost. If he wasn’t constantly blowing people or things up, he didn’t really know what to do with himself. 

He sighed, his blue eyes flickering to the door knob as he slowly made his way to the entrance to the building. “Hmm…” He grumbled as he pushed open the doorway before making his way down the hall to the man’s office. He didn’t bother knocking, he just pushed the door open and stared the man down for a few seconds before walking in and flopping down on the couch. 

“Alright, old man, let’s get this over with.” 


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since I live in florida, i could be walking down the street and see someone who looks relatively a lot like you and get all giddy inside and happy but when it isn't, it makes me lose hope that i'll probably not ever meet you and that sucks tbh.

This makes me sad. I should drive around the country and meet up with everyone that wants to, that would be awesome.

I think I’m able to be a relatively happy person in real life because I’m just writing the things I’m scared about, or the things that unsettle me.

Anna Carey, author of the EVE trilogy and DEADFALL, the sequel to BLACKBIRD (out now!), on working it out on the page.

Listen to the full interview here, or download it on iTunes or Stitcher.