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When I graduate from high school, I am having a party for my relatives and friends. We traditionally have big cakes and pastries. I've told my parents that everything will and must be vegan at my party. However, now Im worried I won't be able to find/know how to back delicious cakes. Any suggestions what to do?

That’s awesome that your grad party is going to be all vegan! Baking vegan is easy and you can always practice recipes before the big date. This Facebook group is vegan dessert heaven, it’s pretty awesome. Minimalist Baker always has awesome recipes. The Vegan Society has a bunch of recipes too. One Green Planet is always posting sweets on their site as well.  This too!

I’d be pretty excited to try making cakes, muffins, pies, chocolate peanut butter cups, pretzels or fruits with sweet toppings, meringue, brownies etc.  

If you need any taste testers I’m sure your relatives and friends (and me I love food) would be very happy to! 

If anyone has any recipes they love please let us know!

skkon replied to your post “if you think about it the warriors community is quite messed up with…”

Why exactly do they have to choose, anyways? Can’t they all be happy together? I mean, for chrissakes, they’re basically in cat heaven – aren’t they all supposed to be relatively content and wise and happy? just.. let em be happy together..

Yeah i really don’t get the whole choosing thing??? But apparently that cant happen in StarClan for whatever reason????

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(seraphim anon) im starting to think i must have fled from the war. thats embarrassing, for a seraph.. i mean jeeze. the lower angels must have been defending on me. id like to think i had some noble reason, but... its inexcusable. to all of you, if i really was a real angel... im sorry. sincerely. i should have been there for you. i should have protected you. i failed all of you,

I don’t blame you… This War has done nothing but hurt. If you were able to avoid the fighting and bloodshed, I’m just happy someone got out of it relatively unharmed- there are some really sweet replies in the notes that I want to point out (I’d reply to then but mobile)


you have carried the weight of the world for so long, you have gotten used to the weight. but someday, someone will come along to help you share that burden- and you will no longer remember how you managed to carry it for so long alone.

                                  and someday, that smile of yours will return. 

Thread with mrs-belle-gold

Unable to keep on living in the house he shared with Gloria, Rush moves in a flat near the university of Berkeley. He can’t stand his neighbour who keeps trying to intrude in his hours of work - his last place of relative happiness.

As for Belle, everything was going good in her life : a job she doesn’t like but makes money, great studies, a boyfriend, friends, until she has a new neighbour who makes her life hell.

AKA Rushbelle neighbours AU - But also Teacher/Student AU. 

You can read the thread in chronological order here

oh my stars! my sister made a TARDIS cake for my birthday!!!! :D I hardly wanna eat it!


Here’s some official Naruto playing cards from the exhibit. Each card is unique, having either a panel of Sasuke or Naruto or both from the manga.

I was just wondering how many hours of existence 36-year-old John has left, and it got me thinking. youve-got-your-love-online, who lives in a very different time zone from me, reminded me that it’s John’s birthday, and I was like, “wait, no, it’s tomorrow” because here it’s still Saturday. But John’s actual age has nothing to do with what time zone any of us live in now, including John. Your age doesn’t change as you change time zones, it’s completely dependent on what time it was (and where you lived) when you were born. Unless of course you’re travelling over time zones at light speed. 

Happy Birthday, Albert Einstein!

Born March 14, 1879, in Ulm, Germany, Albert Einstein (1879−1955) seems not to have anticipated how famous his theories and ideas would make him. And as you see from the quotation in the image above, Einstein professed to be mystified by the adulation and attention that rained down on him as his last name became, even during his lifetime, a byword for “genius.”

The truth is, however, that his life and work continue to intrigue. After all, as the Museum's Einstein exhibition (on display in 2002−2003) points out, “Albert Einstein reinterpreted the inner workings of nature, the very essence of light, time, energy, and gravity. His insights fundamentally changed the way we look at the universe—and made him the most famous scientist of the 20th century.”

More on the man and his ideas.