thrilling news in kae’s life !! possibly going to have a job starting tomorrow, not to mention christmas is only a few months away so my town’s secret santa program will be starting up, where i  will probably be immensely busy, but more on that when the time comes. ALSO!! i’m slowly over coming my fear of driving which is saying a lot, considering i use to be terrified of being basically in a car. also, i’ll be getting my ged next week. so today was relatively productive. just a happy note that i wanted to share :)

Time to feed the fandom a bit. Sorry.

I’m not lowkey about my love of Ashlyn Harris as a player and a person on here. At all, really. So it’s to be expected that if there was anyone I was dead set on meeting tonight after the game it was her. Fortunately that was accomplished and honestly it was one the coolest things ever in my opinion. It’s not every day you get to meet your favorite player and I really appreciate that she took the time to meet with a few of us for autographs and pictures.

That being said, the circumstances were interesting to say the least. I was with a few other people (who were also determined) waiting for players to come out when someone we had been talking to came over and said that Ash and Ali had left through a different exit. She pointed them out to us (both wearing their Louis Vuitton bags of course) and we went on a mission. We caught up (they were still at the stadium, just outside) and tried to, as politely as possible considering we were kind of barging in, ask for autographs/pictures. Ash seemed somewhat annoyed at first when she turned around but humored us and signed our jerseys and took pictures with us and she was really nice about it so I’m thankful. Ali kind of hung out a few feet away and honestly she seemed pretty irritated. She had her hoodie up all the way over her head and never really looked in our direction beyond a few sideways glances. I wanted to go say hi but I figured it’d be best to leave her alone. I don’t know if she was irritated we interrupted them (probably) or if she was trying to be lowkey or what. I do feel bad about kind of intruding because they were trying to leave the stadium quietly but it was spur of the moment and it is what it is. I would have wished for better circumstances and a happier Ali because she’s my second favorite player but what can you do. I still think she’s great and hoping I’ll get a second chance to meet both of them on much better terms.

Tl;dr - Ash and Ali tried to lowkey leave the stadium and I’m kind of a dick because I intruded but it worked…kind of. So now I have an autograph, picture, and guilt. Also Ash smells really nice.

I’ll be patiently waiting for Michael to actively give back some of Gabriel’s love for him.

Or I have a new OTP I never asked for.

I feel like once upon a time I made all these insightful and witty commentaries on dramas and kpop and now I’m just like “oooooh look at the pretty!”

I feel like this should be a bad thing but nah because lookit the pretty, it is so very pretty, such prettiness must be appreciated and honored with the sacred ritual of a fangirl flail.
Conservation groups thrilled as B.C. announces plan to protect South Okanagan
A discussion paper on creating South Okanagan parkland is the biggest step yet toward protecting Canada’s most diverse ecosystem, group says.

Conservation groups were celebrating Thursday after the provincial government announced its intention to nominate sensitive South Okanagan land as a new national park.

According to the province’s land protection framework, two areas in the region are worthy of Parks Canada consideration while a third should be designated as a conservancy under the provincial Park Act.

Combined, the diverse areas – home to a desert, grasslands, lakes and more – are home to 30 per cent of the province’s red-listed wildlife species and a tenth of all threatened species in Canada, according to Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society terrestrial director Peter Wood.

Burrowing owl and badger populations are particularly in need of protection, he said.

“This area has the highest concentration of rare and endangered species in Canada, and all in region that’s the relative size of a postage stamp,” said Wood. “We’re really happy. This has been a 10-year campaign for CPAWS, and it’s the first sign of movement [from government] we’ve had in years.”

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halfagony-halfhope asked:

hi, you said that you have at least 3 home fics. i'm curious. would mind sharing what your home fics are? :)

Sure! There are totally more than three, I’ve realized though. What almost all of them have in common? Relatively low relationship-angst and true love and happiness for the OTP long before the end of the fic, plus seriously AU premises (didn’t realize I loved AUs so much). I always go back to these whenever I need a comfort read – basically, it’s a safe bet at any given time that I am reading one of these fics. Have rec’d all of them before, but what the hell:

Forces of Passion: You know that Tumblr post about unfinished fanfic that could bring you back from the dead if it updated? This one is mine. D&E resolve things between them very quickly after the first proposal but have to deal with obstacles and opposition from their families.

Imperative: D&E marry to save pregnant Georgiana and protect her reputation (but they’re both super into each other anyway so it’s hardly a hardship for them). This is far and away my most-read book on Kindle.

Keeping Calm: Another WIP. WWII AU with D&E trying to preserve Pemberley in the midst of war. So much detail to mine, interesting history lessons, and a beautiful relationship between D&E, who draw their strength from their bond with each other.

Pounds: Modern AU where E is a mechanic(!) who fixes D’s car when he gets stranded in her small town. Sweet, funny, hot; what more could you ask for? (Actually, I think I’ve never rec’d Pounds before! What is WRONG with me? It’s SO great.) 

Mr. Darcy Steals a Kiss: Not an AU, but post-canon engagement story (also a favourite genre). Hilarious and adorable. Just pure happiness.

Bonus LBD rec:

The Learning Curve: Pick a chapter, any chapter: my babies are happy and in love and probably macking like crazy. Love it. 

(more fic recs from me here)

The Engagement Party by mysid

Title (link): The Engagement Party

Author (link): mysid

Length: 4,600 words, 1 chapter (complete)

Rating: PG

Era: Post-Hogwarts

Summary/thoughts: “It’s difficult enough being secretly attracted to the man across the room, but even harder when you’re accused of flirting with two women who are off limits.”

Post-Hogwarts get-together at James and Lily’s engagement party. There’s UST, awkward conversations with Dursley relatives, and misunderstandings galore, all with a happy, fluffy resolution.

Fighting Polygon, Wireframe, Alloy, and Mii

Some perspective and lighting practice through some Smash Bros fanart. I’m relatively happy with it despite having rushed a few things, I dislike the wireframe the most but I’m really happy with the polygon.

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If they don't let us have a happy ending like this one (it was relatively happy this time, I mean extremely painful but it was still okay)

Ah I see. That’s a valid fear. To be honest, I completely gave up on a happy ending for Hannibal somewhere around the end of Season 1 and was actually kind of surprised by this ending (you’re right, it was still painful, but it was no Red Dinner). So unfortunately I have no reassurance for you on this point. I can’t foresee another season ending with Will and Hannibal running off together into the blood red sunset. They’ve already pulled that trick. Maybe they’ll end it by having Will and Hannibal retire from the murder cannibalism business and settle down in Florida with six Verger babies and a dozen ugly strays? Perhaps they’ll become lumberjacks?

(On second thought, I suppose the definition of “happy ending” is totally subjective. This season’s end was happy for people who valued Will and Hannibal’s relationship above all else. On the other hand, fans of Chilton and Bedelia and Will’s morality probably aren’t all that happy.)

Kasari Adaar for thejbusition‘s OC Sharing Day!

Born to an ex-tammassran and ex-arvaarad, Kasari grew up in relative happiness until her magic manifested at the age of twelve. As it was her father’s job to leash mages under the Qun, his approach to handling Kasari was less than stellar. While he never cut her horns or tried to sew her mouth, she was still bound (not literally) inside their small home; she was never allowed to leave unless she was wither her father, and was never allowed to socialise with people other than her parents and brother without supervision. 

When she grew strong enough, both in size and in magical ability, she packed her meagre number of belongings and left the house in the middle of the night, and never looked back. Kasari joined the first mercenary band willing to take a sixteen year old qunari girl, and hopped from group to group until joining the Inquisition.

edboon asked:

subscorp family au with toddler frost and 1st grader takeda

On the one hand, I wanna scold you for asking me for so many AUs, on the other hand, you’re the only one asking and I’m enjoying this :)

Kuai Liang adopted Frost before he met Hanzo. “Frost” isn’t her legal name, but it’s what she insists on being called and Kuai is happy to oblige her. (Frost may have been a relative’s child and the relative passed away and Kuai was the closest relative.)

Kenshi and Suchin were never married or dating, but they would have semi-frequent flings. They had Takeda by accident. Suchin and Kenshi both traveled regularly for business and were never home enough to properly raise Takeda. Ultimately, Hanzo ended up with custody of the boy. Hanzo is fine with this because he’s always wanted a son. Takeda is happy with this because he loves papa Hanzo and Kenshi isn’t a shit and does keep in touch regularly and visits when he can. (Suchin does this too, but her quality as a parent is not questionable in the original story)

Kuai and Hanzo met by chance at the gym one day. Hanzo may have been a little too impressed with Kuai’s biceps and Kuai may have been a little too mesmerized by Hanzo using the seated leg press. They started talking and became fast friends, bonding over being the only men at the mommy-and-me classes the gym offered. 

When Kuai introduced Frost to Hanzo, she HATED him. Who was this guy trying to take away her dad? She would regularly put ice cubes in his shoes when he was about to leave their house. After Kuai and Hanzo married, Frost warmed up to him. She loved his cooking and the various treats he would bake for everyone. She also thought it was funny when he would swear in Japanese. Kuai didn’t find it funny when she started to emulate him.

Takeda was shy around Kuai. Partially because, apart from Hanzo, most people in his life where very temporary so he had difficulty opening up to new people. It wasn’t until Kuai and Hanzo got married that Takeda saw Kuai as a permanent fixture in his life. Once Kuai was “daddy Kuai,” Takeda was happy to talk to him and tell him about his day at school and ask him for help with his homework.

Because Suchin speaks to Takeda in Thai (she knows English, but she’s more comfortable with Thai) and Kenshi and Hanzo frequently speak to Takeda in Japanese, Takeda had difficulty with English early on in school. Hanzo and Kuai would both speak to him in English, but he still had trouble with it, especially spelling. One time, his school expressed concern that he wasn’t reading at a 1st grade level and that this meant he was clearly lazy. Hanzo gave her quite the earful. The next day, Takeda came in with a children’s book that was written in Japanese. It had a note in it from Hanzo stating that if she couldn’t read this simple book, perhaps she was too lazy to be a teacher. The issue didn’t come up again.

The first pre-school that Kuai and Hanzo looked at for Frost expressed concern that a child needed a mother and that maybe her home environment was unsafe. Needless to say, they looked somewhere else.

Hanzo wanted to be a stay-at-home dad, but Kuai didn’t make enough money to support all four of them on his salary alone. Their family friend, Raiden, would frequently babysit for them. One day, Kuai finally got a new job that let Hanzo quit his job. They were all thrilled! Kuai’s job isn’t too demanding, though there are some days that he comes home, collapses on the couch and stays there until the next morning. For the most part, when he comes home he just needs a quick power nap and he’s fine until bed time. Hanzo cooks and cleans and started a small vegetable garden.