relatively healthy

I hate those random energy bursts where I feel relatively healthy and start planning projects because “I can totally do this!!!” but then I’m back to completely fatigued for two months after that day and end up feeling super guilty about not getting done all the stuff I naively said I could get done during those few hours of Good. 

fun arthritis things
  • being completely stiff first thing in the morning
  • “what was that sound” “my back”
  • not having full range of motion
  • predicting the weather with your knees
  • not being able to hold a pen 
  • “do you need help getting up??” “no no just give me like five minutes”
  • never finding a comfortable sitting position
  • The Limp
BTS when their s/o always eats dessert before dinner {REQUEST}

Boi if this ain’t me


Jin wouldn’t be too fond of this habit of yours. He’d probably hide all the dessert like foods until after dinner. If you had managed to find something/went out and bought something and Jin happened to catch you, he’d take it away and scold you.

“This isn’t healthy. You can have it back after dinner.”

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Yoongi just didn’t understand how in the world you never managed to become sick of sweets, or just sick in general. He’d also be lowkey concerned for your health

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Would give you a life lesson as to why it’s bad for you. He’d get really upset when you disobey him and continue to do it anyways.

*You’re Jimin*

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Hobi would be alright with it. He knew you ate relatively healthy to begin with so he didn’t see the problem with it and would occasionally join you in your reversed dinner habits.

“You do you jagiya~”  

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Would find it oddly endearing tbh. He’d long since given up on trying to stop the habit and would just let you do you. If people mentioned it, he’d just wave them off. 

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Would find it cute. Surprisingly, he’d be the one to only let you do your reversed dinner ministrations a couple times a week. Like, this boy wouldn’t give in even if you begged.

“You’re cute jagiya, but no. You had dessert first last night.”  

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Would probably be the only one to join you completely in your habit. Though, eventually he would get sick of it and his hyungs yelling at him for it. He’d find it cute and would probably bring back something  for you after practice or a day in the studio

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Isn't the number of entries allowed for each fs discipline at the 2018 Winter Olympics dependent on this year's Worlds? If so, with Satoko withdrawing, doesn't that mean tj might have only 2 spots available for ladies singles?

yes, this is a very real concern that has haunted me ever since we found out about satoko’s injury /o\ with how deep the japanese ladies’ field is, it would be a nightmare if they only had 2 spots for the olympics. i feel so bad for them because they all got injured at such a crucial time…such awful luck.

I can’t believe how much (specifically) the people who were gonna leave the show over Os being in love with Ed are shipping the crap out of Ed and Isabella.
We have already seen in the promo that her similarities with Kristen are making him unwell.
They would honestly rather see Ed with a woman who makes his mentall illness worse than with a man who keeps him relatively healthy and happy.

No shade to Isabella lovers out there. I think she is interesting. Just stating a fact.

Midnight Confession about Relativity Falls AU

I love how Stanley and Stanford are given a place, at least for the summer, where they can actually grow as individuals. Mabel is there to encourage better behavior, better outlets, and let them explore. 

If Stan wants to wear some of her old skirts he can, and he can rock them. Screw gender norms, her little Stanley likes to wrestle and dress up with her. 

If Ford gets a crush on that weird southern kid, you bet she will be cheering on her little boy. 

Stan can learn not to steal, but to use his natural charisma for good. Helping run her business may teach him that he really likes this and does have a future that doesn’t involve hitting or slacking off. 

Or little Stan can fund that make-up is awesome and lead that into his love for Special-Effects makeup for movies. We already saw some of the things cannon!Stan could do in Summerween. Imagine if he was allowed to further that, he could have been an awesome Special Effects Make-up Artist for movies. 

Stanford will get the taste of abnormal. Get a place where he feels like the normal one. A town that wouldn’t tease him too much on his weirdness because it is already full of weird. Mabel is there to help him come out of his shell, show him that he is more then just smarts. 

Ford is a witty boy with a terrible taste in humor that can actually grow into his more sensitive side. Actually be allowed to show that breaking away from the labels is a good thing, that he has nothing he needs to prove. 

Not to mention the great thing of Grauntie Mabel getting the twins out of Filbrick’s home for good. 

And even if she doesn’t and the same stuff happens like it did in the Tale of Two Stans I can be certain that Stanley had a home with Mabel. That he could have gone to her or she would have come and got him. Made sure they made up after she made sure both her boys were okay. 

And when Dipper comes out of that portal there is no big fight because the Stan and Ford relationship of cannon I just can’t see working out at all. There thing was more of the AU of the Mystery Trio, working with each other. Dipper is just happy to be back and going to work with his sister to fix the rift problem. 

Relativity Falls is just, slightly, better for everyone. It is like a do-over verse. I love this AU almost as much as Cannon. The AU is just a whole new story, practically, and the things that could come out of it are amazing. 

It’s the first day I’m feeling relatively healthy again! So I’m working on Raúl Esparza drawing 115!
Sorry you had to wait a bit for new drawing content. I’ve really been sick all week. But I hope I’m fully back soon and I think Chilty might be finished in a few hours. Can’t wait to see him done.
Happy Sunday, guys! 💞

To the people who ask me about photo locations;

I’m really sorry for not responding often to these questions and I want to explain why!

I’ve met a lot of awesome people on trails, but I’ve also encountered a lot of people who are so disrespectful of the environment, they really shouldn’t be on the trail or anywhere near protected habitat. I have no problem letting people know about major trails and popular locations, but if I find a relatively unknown healthy forest with rare plants, I’m probably not going to tell you where it is unless I know you well. If I get to know you and recognize you as someone who respects nature, I’d be happy to tell you about locations. I’m sorry if that comes off as mean, but it’s a well demonstrated rule that increased human traffic leads to less rare species and lower diversity… I’m just way too protective of nature, that’s why I act the way I do regarding this question. Being trained as a conservation biologist who focuses on plant assemblages, namely invasive encroachment, has made me really picky about this. Again, I’m so sorry if this comes off as mean and thank you so much for supporting my art! ;_;

I’m sitting here (should be working on my presentation) waiting for the Ward Meachum’s fanfics. 

So far, there are three fanfics on Ao3:

1. Danny Rand/Ward Meachum (okay, not opposed to that pairing, but it’s going to take a lot to write something relatively healthy with those two. I can’t ignore all of those issues)

2. Joy Meachum/Ward Meachum (yeah, I didn’t read that one; I kind of see the incest-y vibe, but not really, and I’m so not going to write anything like that)

3. Foggy Nelson/Ward Meachum (this one surprises me, but hey, it’s fanfics, and anything goes)

Like is it too soon to start shipping Ward with anyone? I think it’s fair to say I ship Ward + Happiness. But I’m itching to write a fanfic with him, but have no idea who I’m going to pair him up with. Could just do a character study or something, but I just want someone to be there for him, so yeah (that’s how I write fanfics; need a pairing, then character growth/development, friendship, then slow burn romance, etc.)

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Monday! Day 20/46

The past few days (or week..) has been rough. I’ve become really depressed again and it’s been hard trying to pick myself back up and keep going. Thursday-Saturday I didn’t exercise. Didn’t walk. I pretty much vegged.

Saturday I woke up in a pretty decent mood though, and had a friend come over so I had to shower and get dressed. It was also low carb day and I stayed on track and did very well.

Sunday I went to High Park (in Toronto) with River and a friend to get out for a walk and let River off leash. It felt good to get out in the fresh air. It was high carb day too, but I kept everything relatively healthy, except for a handful of chips.

Today! Well today is off to a good start. I got 8hours of solid sleep, I had an omelette and yogurt for breakfast, I have veggies and a Greek salad and a banana packed for lunch, and I’m in a decent mood. I weighed myself to see what I’m starting this week off at, and I’m happy that my weight has started to creep down a little.
212.2lbs! Seeing that helps pick me back up because I know that I’m still trying even though I feel like giving up some days.

So happy Monday to everyone!


dammmn daniel back at it again with those before and afters.

Took a well needed break from fitness,gym,dieting,working out, being healthy (joking kinda…) and just decided to quit the gym. (well I havn’t quite cancelled my membership just yet but I probably will).

Started doing a new workout called insanity 3 days ago (i know im a bit late on the bandwagon but fitness is a relatively new love for me) I love it so much, but everything hurts!!! has anyone any experience with it? do share :D 

overall feeling good no real fitness goals at the moment except to finish this programme and continue eating relatively healthy.

so HI :D ps me and @putthatazztowork are meeing in september and she is really going to put that ass to work for me (i hope) and I can’t wait! 

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10,11,14,26 and 27 for Dorian and Galathan :3c?

10 is already answered :3c

11. Who likes horror movies/ Who likes romance movies? - Dorian likes romance movies only to make fun of it. Galathan likes supernatural horror movies but not gore and slasher flicks. 

14. Who kills the spiders? - Dorian

26. Who likes to eat healthy/ Who loves junk food? - Galathan grew up eating a healthy diet, but after discovering new food from new places it kinda depleted a little. He tries to balance one the other. Dorian eats relatively healthy too, but his intakes of alcohol can be too much sometimes. 

27. Who takes a long shower/ Who sings in the shower? - Long clean shower for Dorian and Galathan sings horribly in the shower.
Can You Hear My Heartbeat (21818 words) by GoldCarna [AO3]
Summary: Hanzo Shimada is a new surgeon at Mercy Emergency Clinic, wishing to start anew and escape his ever-looming past and loneliness while trying to get used to the company and emotions of other people. Jesse McCree is a law enforcer at Overwatch Police Department with a consistent track record of getting himself needlessly hurt to complete a mission, whether it be to stop a common robbery or participating in the illegal, alternate persona of Overwatch: Blackwatch. In which Hanzo scolds McCree over his reckless behavior, McCree helps Hanzo feel more at home, and the two develop a bond that perseveres through thick and thin.

Chapters: 5/?
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada
Characters: Jesse McCree, Hanzo Shimada, Genji Shimada, Angela “Mercy” Ziegler, Fareeha “Pharah” Amari, Reaper | Gabriel Reyes, Jack Morrison, Lena “Tracer” Oxton, Widowmaker | Amélie Lacroix, Tekhartha Zenyatta, Lúcio Correia dos Santos, Hana “D.Va” Song, Reinhardt Wilhelm, Mei-Ling Zhou, Aleksandra “Zarya” Zaryanova, Satya “Symmetra” Vaswani, Torbjörn Lindholm, Ana Amari
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, Slow Burn, Fluff, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Angst because I love emotional pain, Eventual Romance, implied Pharmercy, Implied Widowtracer, Implied Zaryamei, Implied Reaper76, Relatively healthy brotherly relationship, writing improves Ch.3 onwards

Hospital AU is not something I’ve really seen much of in the McHanzo tag, so this is a great change of pace. Nice characterization, good banter, and interesting interpersonal relationships between various characters make for a good read. -Tev

I love angst so much. I even wrote a little story.

If the events went to the branch where Josh was killed by Hanna. Guys would get out of this hell. All are alive and relatively healthy. Sam asked the rescue team to go down for a body of their friend, but no one even thought to do this, because “OMG IT’S SO DANGEROUS”. Washingtons were heartbroken. And after a while they decided to organize a funeral. The coffin was closed and empty. Many people come to say goodbye to Washington Jr., including our guys. And I think that after that Chris came home, took out a box of things that Josh’s mother gave to him because he was a very close friend for her son, pulled out a T-shirt, the same hat, in which Joshua was the last day of his life, and start sobbing in bed, cursing the day when this idiotic prank was, cursing himself for not going with Mike in the mines, cursing the damn Wendigos and the whole world with them.

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"Your bed head is really cute" with destiel cause Misha's sex hair 👌👌👌

“Your bed head is really cute.”

Pairing: Destiel

(Duuuuude it’s not even funny Misha is absolutely gorgeous. Oh dear lord his sex hair gives me actual heart palpitations. No joke. Also sorry this kiiiinda deviated from the prompt a little bit but it’s still relevant! Maybe. I hope you like grumpy!Cas lol)


It was becoming a more frequent occurrence that Dean now woke a little earlier than Castiel. The now-fallen Angel was having a hard time adjusting to his human needs, including sleeping. Once Dean had helped him overcome the initial trauma and settle into a relatively healthy pattern, one thing became very clear. Cas was not a morning person. And nor was he particularly easy to sleep with, in general.

There was no concept of charitability when it came to sharing the duvet. Sure enough, a blanket-burrito Cas was an adorable sight to behold, but unfortunately the trick lost its charm at 2 AM in the freezing-cold bunker. His ideas on personal space (or lack thereof) followed him into the bedroom also. Dean was so tired of waking to a fully-grown man spread starfish style across the whole bed, his hands and fingers poking in somewhat awkward places (‘Hey, uh, Cas- whatcha’ dreaming about there, buddy?’), that he had resolved it to be much easier if they just slept cuddling. Cas’ flailing limbs were kept suppressed by Dean’s firm grip, and the blankets remained equally distributed. So far, his ingenuity had saved him from uncountable sleepless nights. Even if Cas was now getting a little greedy for the affection, Dean being his new teddy bear. The hunter decided he didn’t care, even if it didn’t strictly do anything to fix the ‘personal space issue’ itself.

Despite this, Dean still had to tread carefully to avoid the consequences of waking up his Angel too early. Shaking him awake to get up and prepare for a hunt, as he had discovered the hard way, set him off and left him in a sour mood for the rest of the morning, or at least until Dean shoved a second cup of coffee in front of his slumped and yawning frame. He tried his best to avoid it where he could, but more recently he had been trying to develop a new tactic to eradicate all morning grumpiness completely.

He slipped his arms around the warm curve of Cas’ waist, gently pulling the sleeping Angel closer to him. It was 7 AM, and Dean had just woken up. They had a case to go out and investigate today, some creepy shit at the local college, so he knew he would have to wake Cas sooner or later. Which was a shame, because these early mornings were always the best time to admire how beautiful Cas looked when he slept. His skin glowed ethereally, even when he rested; each eyelash fanned out and fluttered with every slow, relaxed breath drawn in. Plus, his bedhead was the most adorable (and sexiest) thing Dean had ever seen.

Right now, he was cuddled up to the hunter, his arms wrapped around his neck and his head buried into Dean’s chest. It was taking some serious willpower to not snuggle him to death right then and there, but he restrained himself for his later plans.

Smiling affectionately, he pressed one soft, chaste kiss to the back of his Angel’s neck, teasing up a rash of goosebumps along the warm flesh. He pressed another, a little further up by his ear, and felt Cas shiver a little, his head twitching away as he ducked down. Dean placed even more little kisses, dotting up his neck and coming forward to his flushed cheeks. By this point, Cas was starting to squirm as he was roused awake. Blinking heavily, he felt chapped lips brushing against his cheekbones, and was about to whine before he felt Dean’s fingers softly teasing his hair.

Your bed head is really cute…” He whispered in a rugged voice. Cas’ mouth twitched as he felt Dean’s warm breath tickle his neck, but he stayed still, cuddled into Dean’s chest.

“Seriously. You look like a… baby chick or somethin’,” Dean smiled and twirled the tapering end of Cas’ dark curls around his fingers. “Yknow, all… fluffy and shit,”

He felt Cas’ mouth curl into a smile at the compliment (if you could call it that) as he turned his face even further into Dean’s side, his left arm coming around and draping over Dean’s chest to hug him loosely. Cas made a little humming noise, gesturing him to continue.

“You want me to carry on?” Dean chuckled, to which Cas nodded. “I mean, I would, but your head is already big enough…” He teased, flicking a thumb and finger lightly against Cas’ forehead.

Cas frowned, looking up at him with a face akin to that of a pouting toddler, his hair evermore ruffled and disheveled from Dean playing with it. Again, something Dean found unhealthily adorable

“Oh, now, don’t give me that look,” Dean cooed, running a hand under his jawline and letting his fingers trickle down his neck lightly, making his Angel shiver. “What happened to your smile?” He grinned and started gently fluttering along Cas’ collar bones, crossing from his right shoulder to his left, wiggling one finger under his clamped down arm.

Cas squirmed at the tingly touches, unable to stop a smile from spreading across his face. Short giggles spilled out as he blundered to shove Dean’s hand away, wriggling backwards towards the other side of the bed. Dean smiled even bigger and followed after him, using Cas’ sleepiness to his advantage and pinning him by half-laying across his hips, holding both wrists in one hand.

“You always wake up so grumpy, you need to cheer up,” Dean told him, his eyes glittering mischievously as he used his free hand to pinch and poke sporadically all over Cas’ upper body. Cas squeaked and curled in on himself away from Dean’s fingers, breaking into a steady stream of giggling. Even though he wasn’t too pleased at Dean telling him he had a big head, he couldn’t help but feel some of the tension that waking so early had wound up begin to slip away.

“See, isn’t this is fun? Maybe we should start every morning this way. Thoughts?” Dean asked nonchalantly as he scribbled at the twin sweet spots either side of Cas’ bellybutton, making Cas jerk away, squealing. He tugged uselessly at his wrists, pleading incoherently through his laughter for Dean to let him go.

“What was that? Yes, Dean, we should definitely do this every single day until I learn to wake up with a smile?” Dean grinned, squeezing up and down Cas hips, eliciting cackling from the former-Angel. “I’m glad we see eye-to-eye in the matter, Cas.” He could feel butterflies in his own stomach when he saw how genuinely happy and care-free Cas looked as he laughed. It almost made him never want to stop.

It was only when Dean was sure that Cas had been fully cleansed of his bad mood, and that he couldn’t possibly take anymore tickling, that he stopped and pulled his Angel back to his chest, pressing a long and meaningful kiss to his temple. Cas let his eyes drift shut momentarily, still smiling blissfully and resting his head on Dean’s shoulder. Dean lifted away from the kiss and chuckled.

“Your hair looks even messier, now.” He said, pushing the flyaway strands out of Cas’ face. “But the smiling- that’s a good look,” He squeezed Cas’ cheeks. “Make sure it stays there. Or else I may just have to bring it back myself…” He wiggled his fingers teasingly and made Cas giggle, flinching away a little.

“You’re mean…” Cas whined through his laughter. He yawned and rubbing his eyes.

“I know. But you’re too cute for your own good,” Dean pecked his cheek, sitting up. “Up and at ‘em, Casserole. Let’s go and get breakfast.”