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I’m already starting to see the “ugh I guess those angry El Gee Bee Tees are just impossible to please, they say they want representation but then get mad when you make it” line of logic cropping up around this LeFou thing and like….

Blizzard Entertainment, a scrap-pile of mistakes and bad decisions that has somehow by random chance coagulated vaguely into the shape of a relatively successful niche video game studio, just barely confirmed a gay character and the whole internet turned into a Big Gay Party for about a week, the decision was met with near-universal acclaim (discounting the anti-SJ crowd, we’re only talking about actual people here)

Like, Blizzard didn’t even do anything particularly right, they just didn’t actively go out of their way to do things wrong like “pick the one character everybody thinks is weird and gross and make them gay” or “name the gay character Idiot” or “have the gay character’s entire arc involve lusting after their straight friend, because that’s not a tired and offensive plotline or anything”

So basically, like, maybe the problem isn’t Too High Standards when the company in question seems to have gone out of their way to do everything wrong

The Room is the cult classic that is widely considered to be the best bad movie ever made. It’s mind-bogglingly awful, yet painstakingly produced – it was not a lazy project by a disinterested hack. It was a full-fledged $6 million production by a desperate, unrelatable maniac.

Because of this, the entirety of the $6 million was funded by writer/director/star Tommy Wiseau. How did an obviously insane Eastern European man come up with that kind of money? Nobody has a goddamn clue. He had no wealthy relatives or successful business ventures that anyone knew about. He simply showed up one day with a bag of crazy money and a bigger bag of crazier ideas. He’s stated in interviews he got the money from Korean yo-yo and pleather jacket distribution, but that’s more a pile of strange words than a business plan, and he’s been so misleading and cagey about his past that nothing he says can be trusted.

The mystery surrounding the money has sparked a number of conspiracy theories, and they are batshit insane, but not as insane as this man having a perfectly ordinary backstory. Castmates have alleged in interviews that Tommy had mob connections in San Francisco, and he amassed his fortune doing favors for them. Others have taken things a step further, alleging that Tommy Wiseau is actually D. B. Cooper, the famous plane hijacker who stole $200,000 then jumped out into the stormy nether below. Was he never seen again, or did his head hit 25 different trees and turn him into Tommy Wiseau?

The Bizarre True Stories Behind 6 Crappy Movies


Westley ‘Monkey Tail’ Portuguese Army Contract pistol

Designed by Westley Richards in 1857, rifles patented in 1858 and pistols in 1867, manufactured in Birmingham c.1873. Serial Number 585.
.451(bore)/.475(rifling) caliber, using the Whitworth patent hexagonal bullet and a 25 grain powder charge. Breech-loading, caplock, single-shot, with an automatic extractor and a concave brass breech plug.

Being a very early breechloading small caliber firearm design, monkey tail guns enjoyed a relative success as a specialist weapon in the 1860′s, being employed mainly by their country of origin the United Kingdom and its colonies. Originally shunned, notably in the USA, because of the antiquated notion that .577 was the minimum amount of death to reliably stop someone, it received renewed attention in the 1870′s with the advent of the Dreyse and Chassepot rifles, leading to a 10000 rifles purchase by the kingdom of Portugal, extended later to include a thousand pistols like the one pictured above. Later models, precursors to the express rifles, were employed by the Boers for their remarkable accuracy.
This breech loading system, unlike the later Tabatière and Snider systems, is akin to the Pauly centerfire rifle.

Really enjoyed life class today with Jacques, a fantastic model who really engaged with us all and introduced a storyline into a double pose which allowed us to create a scene from Greek mythology, that of the conflict between Zeus and Prometheus. This is by far the most interesting and dynamic life class we have had, very enjoyable. My piece was relatively successful, the creation of the scene with the two characters has worked well and I enjoyed playing around a little with scale, the addition of weapons and a more interesting background. I didnt get to grips as well as I could with the physicality of the pose, maybe because of the scale aspect. Others in our class produced better drawings than mine, I enjoyed seeing the results!

ALBUM REVIEW: Drake - More Life

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you have listened to More Life. When Drake’s seventh project dropped last week, everyone that I talked to had the same question: what else could there possibly be to say? Though his monster project Views was a relative disappointment, the success of 2016 cemented Drake as an undeniable superstar. But this “playlist” is significant, and displays a new direction in the career of this already massively influential musician. Where Drake’s earlier music revolved around the struggles of reaching fame, Views dealt with the less-relatable struggle of holding on to it. More Life is a postmodern answer to an age old question: what happens after you achieve everything that you’ve ever wanted?

First of all, the music is good. More Life sounds like it very well could have been created over the period of Drake’s entire career, choosing the best bits and pieces here and there and finally delivered after an 11-year journey. Drake’s uncanny ability to morph between lonely crooner and cold gangster is always incredible, but producer 40 showed considerable improvement from the formless, plodding feeling he created in Views. In fact, even though More Life clocks out at 82-minutes-long, two more than Views, it feels significantly shorter. Sound is used efficiently and in more interesting ways, and songs flow into each other with seamless, cohesive interludes. Samples and features abound, some that nod respectfully at the London based grime music scene, while others give us a deeper taste of the Caribbean reggaton and dancehall that Drake used to occupy the charts for the better part of 2016. “Fake Love will dominate the radio this summer, just as “Hotline Bling” and “One Dance” did in ’15 and ’16. If you prefer If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late Drake (“Bars Drake”), then I recommend “Gyalchester” and “KMT,” two base-heavy trap tunes to smoke cigars at a strip club to. If you miss thinking about your ex with Nothing Was The Same Drake, then “Passonfruit”and “4422” should give you more than enough passive-aggressive Instagram captions until the next big thing. But is there anything to take away from this “playlist” if we’ve heard it all before?

The answer is to look at the packaging. More Life is a project optimized for the way that people listen to music today, and naturally demands a new relationship between an artist and their music. In this age, the music game is not so much about quality as it is quantity. How can artists take time to innovate new sounds and still stay relevant? If everybody listens to music the same way, no matter how long it takes to come out, what’s the point in taking a year to make an album? The solution, according to Drizzy, is the playlist. This is the genius of More Life, which at the time of this writing, is entirely resting (22 tracks!) within the first 24 songs on streaming charts worldwide. Half marketing scheme, half game-changer, the key difference between playlists and albums/mixtapes is that they are malleable. Kind of like how Kanye added a 20th song to The Life of Pablo after its release, the concept of More Life as a playlist implies that Drake intends to add and edit it from time to time, innovating at his leisure and not when the market demands it. “Blem,” for example, is an interesting and new sounding tune, and could signal where Drake is heading next. It experiments with mood, both a bouncy dancehall beat with ballad-like vocals that commands a distinct vibe, tense and yet balanced.

This level of interaction, between artist and already released music, is a direct result of music streaming. Its lack of structure allows Drake to switch from Bars Drake to Sadboi Drake whenever he wants, without regard for his next concept. Drake knows what works; knows how influential he is. A playlist gives him the freedom to add to the conversation whenever he wants while holding down the media circus that follows him wherever he goes. It’s a breakdown of the narrative: Drake is not an idea, nor a moral, nor a meme. He’s a dude - and if you keep listening to his stuff, he’ll keep making it. What happens after you achieve everything that you’ve ever wanted? More Life.

-Jake Flum

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I really want Bella to date someone who's not only successful but who's also really hot, like I don't see the other guy's appeal- music and looks and all. But yeah.

I mean you may not find him attractive but that boy is relatively successful, like more people are going to know him over her. I’ve been thinking, on a serious note, I would like her to date a guy that’s not famous at all. Not for a long time but a few months with someone who she can easily just chill with, maybe a mutual friend so we could see them in a group dynamic and someone she already has a level of history with? Like something really light for her that could just be fun and free from any kind of pressure. She would have to deal with way less public criticism with a non-famous guy and wouldn’t have hyped fan girls attack her for it. Like most of her friends aren’t famous so she could definitely find someone and probably already has plenty of people within her life now that would fit that build. Idk, I think it would be nice for where she is right now.

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So, which is considered the worst enemy by the Bretonnians (as in the most dangerous)? The Beastmen, the Undead, the Skaven, the Forces of Chaos, the Wood Elves or the Greenskins?

That needs a bit of a complex answer. 

-Historically, the Greenskins were the Bretonnian’s greatest enemy; in the time of Gilles, they plagued Bretonnia, and he was hard-pressed to save his people from annihilation at their hands. Most all of Bretonnia’s Wars of Errantry were against the Greenskins as well, with relatively few of them successful. 

-Beastmen have never been as much of a problem to Bretonnians; they’re pervasive, but have never been able to do any serious, permanent damage to the dukedoms. 

-The same goes for Skaven, as far as I’m aware. They’re more of a Empire and underground problem. 

-Chaos has always been the Empire’s biggest problem, and as much as Bretonnia tries to help out with the defense of the realms of mankind, her realm was only ever significantly disturbed by the occasional Norscan raids and the occasional Slaaneshi cult in some corrupt lord’s households. I’m probably wrong about this one, though.

-Wood elves are chill, they just like hunting peasants for fun. A bit extreme, but nothing really wrong with that. 

-The Undead were probably the biggest problem Bretonnia had to face. Mousillon fell to vampires for hundreds of years, and proved to be a cancer that was nigh impossible to root out. I think the end times for the Bretonnians ended with Maldred taking out Louen, but I don’t know the details. The winds of Morr always blew strong in Bretonnia, and the peasantry were constantly hounded by and supersitious of the dead rising in the night. Pretty often, their fears were well-founded. 

So, to answer your question, it’d be a tossup between the Undead and Greenskins, depending on your perspective.

Why yes relatively young, wealthy, successful, straight, white, male, gamer Youtuber, please continue to discuss how everyone else is living in a fantasy world and how discrimination isn’t an issue at all anymore here in 2017.

I came for the lols but I’m staying to see if you can explain to me how your privilege is actually a burden since Youtube and the media at large is against you because they don’t like what you say in context.

Everybody Knew

Ok so after the relative success of She Doesn’t Like Me, I threw together another quick fluffy AU. While I know I haven’t been great with TTW or WMH recently, I wanted to make sure I was uploading some form of writing for your guys, even if it is a shitty oneshot. These are easier to write than my big series, because I don’t have to think too hard or spend too much time on them! So anyway, hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Word count: 1,305
Category: Fluff, College AU, light smut 
Summary: When your old college friend group decide to go on a holiday together to catch up, the one person you didn’t expect to see was the one person who had hated you most throughout the entire of college. When you are forced to share a room with him though, you realise maybe it wasn’t hate after all.

You were late. You were always late. Without even trying, something would always get in your way and you would, through no fault of your own, be late. Today you were heading to a holiday resort, where you and your friends had booked in for a long weekend. It had been too long since you had seen them all, and this was the only way you had found to all be together. Everyone had been at college together, and since graduating had gone their own ways and struggled to keep touch.

As far as you knew, it was all of the main gang going. You, Natasha, Bruce, Steve. Tony, Wanda, Pietro, Thor and Clint. Chances are they had all already arrived, leaving you, as per usual, to roll up last. You hadn’t been told much about the holiday, Nat being the one to invite you and tell you who was coming, but that was about it. She had texted you the address of the hotel and the time you were meeting, leaving you relatively clueless.

When you finally pull up outside the hotel, you see Steve standing outside the front door. He waves happily when he sees your car, jogging over and yanking your door open once you’ve parked and turned off the engine.

“You’re here!” He cries, pulling you into a hug as soon as you get out.

“I am!” You reply with a laugh, hugging Steve back. You had been the closest with him during college, and losing touch had hurt.

“Everyone is inside.” He says, opening your trunk for you and pulling out your suitcase. You link arms and let him walk you into the hotel, seeing your group of friends sitting on the sofas in the lobby. As your eyes scan the group, you freeze.

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Okay so I’ve had some time to think and this is what I have to say about the Revival.

Rory is not Lorelai.
Rory is not 16. She is not a kid. She is an adult and up until now has had a relatively successful career. This is (apart from being single I suppose) not exactly a bad time to settle down and have a child. Her career has plateaued and she is writing a book - career-wise this is an ideal time to have a kid. I don’t think her story is mirroring Lorelai. She has accomplished goals, she has lived, she has travelled. This is not the same situation.

Logan is not Christopher.
I have zero doubts that if Rory were to call up Logan and tell him about the kid that he would support her and be her side. In fact, my interpretation of their relationship in the Revival was that he was still madly in love with her, I feel as though he was never going to jump unless she asked him to though. He’s in his 30s, of course he is getting married, he is the heir to an empire - he’d want children. He also seems to be in a good place with his dad from what I saw of their very brief interaction and I can’t imagine that he would jeopardise all of this unless he was certain that Rory was in (all in as Luke would say).
The comparisons between Christopher and Logan to me are literally only relatively adventurous rich kid and baby daddy - for me it stops there.

– of course I in no way condone what Rory and Logan were doing to their partners, guys come on.

Jess is not Luke.
If they really want me to believe that Jess has spent the last decade pining over Rory then that is a huge disservice to him as a character. Lorelai and Luke always had a back and forth. Key words: back and forth. There was absolutely no indication to me that Rory has any romantic inclination toward Jess. Up until that weird window pining scene there was little to suggest that he was still harbouring a thing for her either. 
Not to mention, apart from their surly personalities and unwillingness to participate in town activities, Luke and Jess are not the same. More importantly, their relationships are not the same.
If anything (and I feel like the fandom may literally shoot me for saying this), I see more parallels between Christopher and Lorelai, and Rory and Jess than I do with Luke and Lorelai (that was quite a sentence, many ‘ands’).
Jess is the bad boy from her youth, their relationship was never that deep, they were never serious. Jess was flaky and unreliable - Christopher was the same. Luke was steadfastly supporting Lorelai the entire series, I do not see a comparison between Jess and Luke romantically - at all.
I feel like chucking Jess back with Rory would be a huge step backward for him. 

Anyway, these are all just opinions and my interpretation so all in all it doesn’t really matter what I think. But there you have it.

I was listening to Threepenny Opera this morning and thinking about how it’s such a nice compromise for someone who likes musical theatre but is also anti-capitalism, anti-consumerism, and anti-establishment

So I started thinking about the shows that are the most anti-capitalist and anti-establishment while still being commercially viable enough to be relatively successful and well-known

In order from Literal Marxism to a subtle anti-capitalist bent, I came up with:

  • Threepenny Opera
  • Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagonny
  • Probably other Brechtian shit I don’t know go ask Robert
  • Flora and the Red Menace
  • Urinetown
  • Rags
  • The Pajama Game
  • Bonnie & Clyde
  • Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris
  • Mack and Mabel
  • Half A Sixpence
  • Merrily We Roll Along
  • Hair
  • My Fair Lady
  • Little Shop of Horrors
  • Pacific Overtures
  • Dear World
  • Carousel
  • Blood Brothers
  • Romance/Romance
  • The Roar of the Greasepaint – The Smell of the Crowd
  • Anyone Can Whistle
  • The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas
  • Irma La Douce
  • The Frogs
  • Promises, Promises
  • Damn Yankees
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • Golden Boy
  • One Touch of Venus
  • Motown the Musical
  • Elaine Stritch At Liberty

Take place in the absence of capitalism, critique feudalism instead:

  • Into the Woods
  • The King And I
  • The Lion King

You think it’s gonna be anti-capitalist, but then everyone ends up rich and happy

  • Lady, Be Good
  • LoveMusik
  • No, No Nanette
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying
  • How Now, Dow Jones
  • The Producers

It’s definitely saying something about capitalism and the establishment… but hell if I know what it is…

  • Finian’s Rainbow
  • Grand Hotel
  • Mame

100% pro-capitalism, the embodiment of establishment theater

  • Singin’ in the Rain
  • Cats
  • Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

Truffles bounced on her hooves, watching eagerly as her mentor sampled the first of the fresh batch of muffins she’d baked that morning. Granny Smith’s home-style muffins were tricky to pull off, but Truffles had always had relative success with the delicate, finicky recipe.

“Do you love it?” The little filly beamed up at Cupcake, eyes practically glittering with anticipation.

“Hmm.” Cupcake paused, thinking.


Truffles blinked, taken aback. “But…But Miss Cupcake,” She tried, fumbling, “I’ve never met anypony who doesn’t like Granny’s famous recipe-”

“Dry.” Cupcake interrupted, turning stern eyes on Truffles. “Bland. Burned on the bottom, yet undercooked in the center. The texture is too rough, because you sifted your ingredients poorly and baked at too high a temperature. The apple pieces aren’t fresh, there are pieces of eggshell left in, and there is an overall lingering taste of liquid dish soap.” Cupcake let the muffin fall to the ground. “Unacceptable, Truffles.”

Truffles’ ears pinned back, and a childish waver entered her voice. “I-I…I’m sorry, I tried my best-”

“You failed.” Cupcake took a step forward, looming over her apprentice. “In baking, each bite is a conversation between the baker and the pony eating. An infinite amount of silent sentences can be expressed through taste alone. In your work, all I taste are insults.” Cupcake clopped her hoof against the linoleum floor, making Truffles jump. “And I will not be insulted in my own kitchen.”

“I…I…” Truffles cowered under her mentor’s glare. When her lower lip began to wobble, Cupcake’s stern expression finally fell away, and she sighed.
“Don’t cry.” She ordered, lifting Truffle’s chin with her hoof. When she spoke next, her voice was soft, gentle. “Making mistakes is necessary to learn how to avoid making them again, Truffles. Since you’ve failed so spectacularly, there’s obviously a lot we can learn here today.” She sent Truffles a rare half-smile, and Truffles shakily returned it, sniffling.

“Now, you can sit there and be content with mediocrity-” Cupcake gestured at the fallen, splattered muffin, “Or you can let me teach you how to be great.”

A blazing fire had roared to life in her mentor’s eyes, and Truffle’s felt an answering passion burst into her heart. “Yes, ma'am! I’ll do my very best, ma'am!” She snapped her hoof in a salute, only stumbling a little over her own hooves.

“Excellent.” Cupcake smiled serenely at her tiny apprentice, before weary chastisement entered her voice again. “We’ll start with learning how to properly wash out all the dish soap from our muffin tins before we bake…”

Baking is serious business to cupcake you guys
sometimes the fact that cupcake is ex-military trickles into her personality and she is very, very stern
she loves her doofy little apprentice tho, truffles just needed to stop sucking at baking first

funfact, this is the first time i’ve reduced paint tool sai’s line stabilizer to median level to do lineart. It feels a lot more natural and organic, but I obviously still need practice. I was concerned with how stiff and lifeless my lineart’s been looking lately
i should rlly be sleeping wow

always remember to clean all the soap out of your bakeware or you’ll fuck up your muffins and miss cupcake will be mad

viridescent skies - 4

part four of ageswap au, where Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker is Qui-Gon’s former padawan and Obi-Wan is the shiny new padawan on the block; TPM au.
part one | part two | part three | part four | part five | part 6a - 6b |

cw: an adult emotionally pressuring a child (it’s over relatively quickly and without success). Anakin’s tendency to Chicken Little.

The trek back to the Naboo ship seems to take twice as long as it did to find Obi-Wan and Jar Jar the first time. The two at his heels forces his stride shorter, but it isn’t until his plasma heart cools into a misshapen lump that fits uncomfortably amongst the slagged remnants of his lungs and ribs that he realizes the others still struggle to keep pace.

It feels slightly less like every grain of sand of every dune is grinding his nerves raw when he turns his head; wordlessly, the little padawan learner slogs and stumbles through the sand, struggling so hard to keep up with Anakin’s longer stride that he spends much of the time flailing as to not fall face first into the sands. Jar Jar isn’t faring any better but if Qui-Gon left him behind, he should have listened in the first place.

His chest and head feel like a pod or speeder that’s been run hard, hot metal ticking and clicking as it cools. He pauses the moment that it takes to bring Qui-Gon’s monster into reach. Anakin reaches out and catches him by the wrist as he stumbles again, taking the pitifully negligible weight and keeping him upright.

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Can we just take a time out for a moment, and think about how it must feel to be Bangtan?

They debuted with a relative amount of success. Not the worst, but not the best. A debut to be expected from a smaller company. Each comeback held it’s uncertainties with some raking in more views than others. Worries curling away at each corner.

But then they got noticed. In the span of a single year their company has shot up out of obscurity, holding rankings higher than some of the big 3. How does that feel? To know that your name is spoken at least a thousand times a day. That your picture is probably on a thousand lock screens. That some people might see your face more often then they see their own mother’s.

What makes it weirder? That it basically happened overnight. That one song, one concept, made them truly big. How does it feel? That worry and insecurity turning into gold that weighs down your pockets.

Let’s not forget that Jungkook is only 18. Let’s not forget that Jin is only 23.

How must it feel to break records that the idols you admired as a child set, reaching levels that turn you into the thing that is admired?

Probably really weird. Uncomfortable. Maybe a bit sweaty.

But I’m glad that it’s Bangtan. Because they can tell us how they feel through text posts and tweets that constantly remind me that these photos I scroll through and squeal over are people. They can write songs and produce video that put meaning into every second. They can tell their stories in the most expressive way imaginable. They can help us understand.

So tell me Bangtan, how does it feel?

“ From 1943 to 1949, almost 1.5 million ethnic minorities were deported from their homes in the southern USSR to Central Asia. Thousands died either during the trip or within the first few years after their arrival. For years, it was as if they had simply disappeared off the face of the earth. It was not until 1956 that the deportations were even acknowledged by the Soviet government, and only recently has repatriation begun. While some groups have had a relatively successful repatriation experience, others have experienced ethnic discrimination, making the return to their homelands difficult and in some cases impossible. “


My newest DnD character - a Vargassan Bard (Vargassan Elves are archerofanarchy​‘s awesome homebrew race with huge ears and a talent for performing, among other things)

Her name is Meadowlark ‘Lark’ Rhapsody: Optimist, entertainer and troublemaking bane of everyone’s life. 

She has a weakness for the vices of the city, and can’t help satirizing and swindling nobility (especially Eladrin because fuck those guys, they destroyed her home and her people)

After many long years of being a (relatively) successful bard, Lark is sick of telling tales of the great heroes of old; she wants people to sing songs about her amazing exploits for once. 

Ahh, it’s that time of year again! Although it’s been a challenging year for me personally, I think it’s been relatively successful art-wise. Last year I tried my hand with different art programs (Manga Studio, SketchBook Pro), but this year I was pretty experimental with both my style and medium of work. I had a few “JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL” attempts at lineless digital painting and got stuck in with Copic markers. I also really tried to push outside my comfort zone by doing more dynamic/interesting lighting and playing around with Photoshop’s tools (like the gradient map and adjustments > variations).

I want to keep up the trend of experiments and improvement next year, and perhaps try my hand at watercolours!

Destiny Exotic Lore: Ice Breaker

The result of a classified Vanguard effort to design a hard-hitting, ammo-efficient series of weapons that would render unnecessary ballistic ammunition, the “Ice breaker” sniper rifle was the product of the best minds the City’s foundries could offer: Chairman of Omolon’s experimental ballistics division Owen Strim, Lead Designer of the SUROS armory Kyran Siel, and Director of Crux/Lomar Explosive Ordnance Solutions Lyana-7. Perhaps these great minds working together is the reason for this particular model’s prototypical success (relatively) compared to its counterparts. This proved to be the only functional model produced by the project between itself, a machine gun model known as MG-X Solar Storm, an explosive “rocket launcher” called Singularity, and a fusion rifle comically named “Plan-Z” by Cayde-6. The Ice Breaker was the only model that reached the testing phase, but the participants of the project remained excited for the weapon’s potential dominance, despite the skyrocketing price tag. It would utilize a revolutionary energy magazine modeled off of Invective’s that would generate a reserve of energy in a heat sink to be redirected at the pull of the trigger directly into an enemy’s skull from an incredible range, directed on its course by several magnetic field generators along the barrels. The energy was so strong that enemies hit by the stream of death would become saturated with gamma ray energy and create a miniature atomic explosion. Fortunately, the problem of radiation decayed too fast to become an issue, the half-life of the unknown elements created in the weapon’s path lasting less than a nanosecond. It would seem that the weapon was about to revolutionize the very face of warfare. That is, until a testing session resulted in an explosion that atomized the weapon, the operator, the operator’s Ghost, 5 SUROS employees, 3 Omolon workers, and emitting a burst of electrmagnetic energy that fried all electronics in a thirty mile radius. This made it difficult for investigators to find the error that caused the destruction, but the best guess anyone could make based on simulations indicated that the most likely cause was the fact that the weapon hadn’t been used for a few days due to inclement weather, but its magazine was still charging the heat sink, causing a huge buildup of ruinous energy that was set off when the operator pulled the trigger. A cap on the energy charge was put in place to limit the surplus to six bursts of energy, but the project’s fate was sealed. Instantly, the dreams of the Vanguard and the designers were incinerated. The vanguard officially declared it dangerous and unfit for deployment, but the blueprints were stolen by enterprising Guardians and built. Now they are coveted by Guardians everywhere, who use them, albeit carefully, to great effect against the forces of Darkness. Efforts by SUROS, Omolon, and the Vanguard to get the project reapproved for production have repeatedly been shot down by the Consensus.


  • The official designation for this weapon is XESR-000 “Ice Breaker”
  • The Fallen name for this weapon means “Gaze of the Neverlight”, referencing an Ancient Fallen name for a mythical force that would consume whatever it touched.
  • The Cabal military distress code has designated this rifle as “Problem 77i” Additionally, Cabal grunts refer to the weapon as the “Firefinger”
  • Lord Shaxx refers to the weapon as “Game Breaker”
  • Variks of House Judgement refers to the weapon as the Prison Breaker
  • Cayde-6 was noted for his reaction to the weapon’s performance, stating, “That is certainly a hell of a way to break the ice…”
  • It is rumored that Cayde-6 has his own model, but he has vehemnetly denied this.
  • An inoperable prototype of this weapon is on display in the Tower’s visitor center, along with a plaque memorializing all who died during the somewhat insensitively named “Eruption” incident.
  • Another inoperable prototype is traded annually between SUROS and Omolon to be hung at their respective corporate headquarters.
  • Clovis-Bray weapon designs have recently been found that utilize the same function as the Ice Breaker, leading to a renewed interest in the project’s approval.