And just like that, I lost you.
—  April 11, 2016
Will & Kala

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  • When Will and Kala officially meet, we kinda get a glimpse of how their relationship is going to be
  • Will is like a big brother who always tries to protect his sister
  • Kala is a younger sister who’s learning what it means to become a woman – an adult, I would say. And gradually becoming one
  • I wouldn’t say they have much interactions, but they have trust in each other – that Will gets (mostly medical) help from Kala and sometimes Kala asks Will for advice
  • They’re both logical and compassionate at the same time. Will can fight, and so can Kala (she can make the bomb)
  • So basically they’re very much alike – which is why I kinda want to see them having some sort of conflict? I think it’ll be interesting to see our sensate brother/sister arguing over an important matter – like Wolfgang, for example? (I’ll explain it later)

Favorite moments in season 2 (spoilers)

2x02 Who Am I?

It’s not really an interaction, I would say, because Will is literally in sleep. Still I just like this scene cause we get to see more of Kala’s contribution to the cluster as a medic.

2x08 All I Want Right Now Is One More Bullet


– Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t like this scene?! I love how Kala being all talkative while Will is just there…listening to her. The fact is as soon as she talks about the issue (of telling Rajan everything) along with her not-so-subtle-jealousy towards Lila, Will instantly knows the answer. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t really listening to her.

@lightgamble I mean look at him lol. He’s like “Hmm? you’re saying?”

– Anyway, still they’re able to give each other good advice…especially for Kala. I like that Will was very considerate with his response because as a member of same cluster, he definitely knows how Kala and Wolfgang feel for each other…and how Kala is still struggling with her feelings, with herself overall. So he’s very careful not to be too straightforward, but still be able to give advice that might help her realize what’s best for her, what she really wants, and who she truly loves.

– The reaction of Kala was like “oh shit…” then immediately changes subject. Not to mention giving the most (yeah I’m kinda exaggerating lol) straightforward advice “you need to eat properly, take your medicine, and focus!” after all, she is scientist.

2x11 You Want A War?


– I know I said earlier that Kala and Will have trust in each other (all 8 of them have trust in one another, but you know what I mean) but this was like the moment where they really seem like real brother and sister. Will is like “really, seriously? That’s the idea? You’re scientist for Christ sake. Come on. Now what.” and Kala doesn’t mind at all when Will and Wolfgang don’t seem to approve her idea.

OK, so about “the conflict over important matter” thing? I was just imagining what might happen in season 3 – I can say canon right? correct me if I’m wrong, but anyway – we know that throughout the season, Will was very determined to take down Whispers (and BPO). And Kala who confessed her love to Wolfgang would probably do anything to save him.

What if, what would happen if the cluster faces a situation in which they have make a choice, between Whisper’s life and Wolfgang’s life? As you know the chairman of BPO needs Whispers, so his life is quite valuable and if he dies, the damage will be severe to BPO. But they have Wolfgang as hostage.

So in one point, (assuming they can’t have both – taking down Whispers AND saving Wolfgang) the cluster may have to decide what is more important to them.

  1. Take down BPO…a sacrifice for greater good?
  2. Save Wolfgang (#SaveWolfie)…protect the one you love?

I know that Will is not just gonna abandon Wolfgang, but what I’m saying is there might be conflict of interest within the cluster – especially between Will and Kala. I mean we’ve already seen that kind of “conflict of interest” with Sun (how to do with her brother). So it’s possible to happen, but again it’s just me imagining things. However, if it happens, I’m pretty sure the cluster will find a way and do the right thing (Hopefully save Wolfgang and send him to Paris with Kala).

Still I want to see Will and Kala trying to persuade each other what’s best for the cluster. Will’s saying there’s bigger threat coming after them, and Kala’s fighting hard for her love.

She tells me
she hates the taste
of whiskey
except for when
she tastes it on my tongue.
And I want to be the one
for her but
loving me is lonely
and the hangover is hell.
I don’t want to become
the bad habit that
she has to recover from.
—  The Taste of Whiskey, V.P.
8 New Rules For Growing An Enduring Startup Brand

It’s a lot harder to recover from brand missteps made early, than it is to get it right the first time, so build your brand strategy accordingly:

1. Don’t ask your customers what they want next.

2. Turn your biggest fans into apostle customers.

3. Always welcome a customer’s scorn as a gift.

4. Ramp up your virtual and real relationships.

5. Take giant leaps rather than timid steps.

6. Don’t ever assume that your brand is stable.

Two more new rules for growing an enduring startup brand.

..never ever ever ever feel guilty for removing toxic people from your life. People who continually hurt and harm you without regard for who you are and your emotional health are asking to be shown the door. People who love you and make mistakes will own their actions. Not everyone deserves entrance to your life, not everyone is worthy of your honesty and your love… and when YOU realize that and act accordingly, you will know who is in and who is out..
—  thisisnaila
Scorpio x Virgo

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Sun Signs: Better Single or in a Relationship?

Aries: Likes a bit of a chase, and are impulsive when dating. If they like you they will get you and when they get bored of you they will drop you.

Taurus: Happy being in a long-term relationship. The more traditional the relationship, the better. They don’t like surprises and are happiest in consistent situations.

Gemini: Gemini can go either way, but more often than not aim for relationships. They have an urge for someone to be with them on their journey, but they also don’t want to be with someone who inhibits them. Ironically, if they do end up with someone who inhibits them they likely stay because of their partner’s knowledge

Cancer: These folks have a need for love, however, they don’t necessarily have a need for relationships. They dedicate their all into their relationships, but often times when a relationship goes sour they may feel better off alone. They can feel depressed and scorned when this happens and can feel that they will never love again or dedicate themselves to anyone again. However, they love things with their all, like their children and/or their pets

Leo: Leo likes to think they could go either way, but they truly have an inner need for a partner. Their inner nature needs a partner, not only to love them, but for Leo’s to love as well. They have such a great capacity for warm emotions and love and a partner is a great outlet for that

Virgo: Virgo’s are a bit of a contradiction. They crave a perfect partner, but they don’t realize that no one is perfect. They can go quite a long time searching for a perfect partner to settle down with, yet all this time they are single. When they finally do find a “perfect” partner, because they have been single for such a long time they constantly struggle with relationship standards

Libra: Libra’s are so romantic to a fault. They are impulsive with love because they feel like they need to be in love. They can put themselves in relationships too quickly and end up suffering because they are too diplomatic to start conflict. They want balance, but end up sacrificing much of themselves to be in an unrealistic relationship.

Scorpio: Intensity. Scorpios can honestly go with someone or without. They are capable by themselves to get ahead, but they also have a desire to have an outlet for their intense caring feelings. They love with their whole being, but when something goes wrong beware the Scorpion sting because they can be as viscous as they are loving. It feels amazing to be have a partner for them to snap, but don’t betray them because then they go back into dark thoughts and retract back into ruthless scorpions.

Sagittarius: If you have lots of Sag influences and are already a Sag sun, you are probably better off single. Always look at the full natal for clues, but more often than not Sagittarius’s need freedom and they have an intense need to do whatever they want whenever they want. They don’t do well with Saturn-types and will cringe at established relationship rules (pretty much the opposite of Taurus)

Capricorn: This one tends to surprise people who don’t have much knowledge or background in caps. Caps actually need and very much want a relationship. The Capricorn sign isn’t ruled by Saturn (Fatherly influences,long-term responsibilities and commitments) for nothing! Of course they love having a successful career and life, but family means the most to any cap dominant person. They crave someone to settle down with and to commit to. Caps are happiest when they can come home from a long day at work and see their happy spouse’s face, reminding them why they work so hard.

Aquarius: Honestly, they are mix between Sagittarius and Gemini’s. They can have very liberal ideas about relationships and how they should be, and are fine in a relationship or out. They go from having an intense want for a relationship to wanting total freedom to be themselves. If they do settle on a relationship, they want a partner to respect and contribute to their radical ideas and have a great mental connections. Best friends and loves are common with Aquarius.

Pisces: Pisces are like Cancer’s in the sense that they have a strong need for love, but not necessarily a need for a relationship. If you are a Pisces dom or have many Pisces/Neptune influences, you are a dreamy idealist in love and it hurts very much when those dreams are squashed with a harsh reality. Pisces have a great affinity for love and love things so purely that it almost seems magical. However, they also have an affinity for the martyr/savior/victim complex and that causes much grief and suffering in relationships. Pisces can fall into unhealthy relationships easier than most, and it effects their psyche so negatively that they sometimes never want to trust again so then they become a non-relationship person. Pisces are very capable of not being in a relationship, but when they aren’t in a relationship they wish they were. Once they realize that they are capable of making their own happiness single then only can Pisces truly shine in a relationshp

Scorpio x Gemini

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Jearmin is probably one of the healthiest ships on SnK. Jean and Armin are shown to care for each other and have very healthy interactions, with mutual respect and concern. They both treat each other well and never hurt each other or insult each other or disregard each other’s feelings.

Neither one of them is keeping secrets from each other (like secretly being a Titan) and neither of them seem to have an uneven amount of affection for the other.

Scorpio x Cancer

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gif request meme : favorite ff7 character ✧ cloud&zack (i can’t pick omg)
➛ for wounded–warrior

     ❝ Jᴜsᴛ ᴋɪᴅᴅɪɴɢ…I ᴡᴏɴ·ᴛ ʟᴇᴀᴠᴇ ʏᴏᴜ ʜᴀɴɢɪɴɢ ʟɪᴋᴇ ᴛʜᴀᴛ.
                                                      Wᴇ·ʀᴇ  ғ ʀ ɪ ᴇ ɴ ᴅ s ﹐ ʀɪɢʜᴛ? ❞