relationships where words are overrated and when you know the other person so much you know what they are feeling

overrated [m]

» summary: notorious bad boy, dong sicheng, was never one for attachment. well, not until he met you.
surprisingly, there was more that met the eye of the reckless bad boy—something outrageously… pure.

pairing: “bad boy”!sicheng & reader insert || university!AU

includes: light fluff, humour, smut (trivial dom/sub elements, teasing [public & private], oral, sixty-nine, fingering, handjobs, penetration), alcohol mentions, light drug mentions

wc: 41.7k

note: I finally have a fic out for my baby ;; I hope you guys have fun reading this as much as i had fun writing it!!
The word “bad boy” is in quotes because we all know that our baby winwin is a chaste little angel—for now ^~^

I made a few changes to this from the preview, but the most prominent one is the tense change, ahaha. I wanted to try writing in present tense, so this is a little different! And i dont think ill try this again… lmao. I also lost a lot of motivation to finish this along the way, so i apologize if this isnt the best. :( Nonetheless, i hope you enjoy!

Dong Sicheng has a tarnished reputation that is effortless for him to maintain.

Sicheng wreaks havoc day by day, practically stirring an immature calamity on university campus. He carries a storm wherever he goes, his footsteps equivalent to a roll of thunder. From his sour persona to the sharp way he talks; his words are bullets to those he aims them to. Yet, girls flock around him mindlessly and praise him like none other, falling for his recklessness without a care. On campus, students are either irked, find his personality rebarbative, or completely in love with the idea of him.

Sicheng is stellar in his own way, a star in the worst way possible that manages to outshine the rest. Men ache to be him while girls crave to spend a night with him—just one, enough to see what he truly, dutifully packed. But that is where Sicheng expeditiously draws the line, austere and grim, and leaves them. Like rain battering down on a scorching pavement, his trace disappears within seconds.

It is not because the spark of attraction towards the girl is absent, nor is it because he wants to bring each to the edge only to leave them hanging, adding each to the list of rejected individuals. It is due to something else—something borderline shameful to his existence and reputation.

And it is because not a single soul knows that Dong Sicheng, notorious bad boy and ruthless heartbreaker, is a virgin.

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Best Friends - Prompto Argentum x Fem!Reader

So, I may or may not have gotten carried away here. But I am also definitely not sorry about this story. I LOVE Prompto with a passion so any excuse to write for him is so wonderful. Definitely some smut ahead. 

Word Count: 4782

And no, that is not a typo


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Black Hat x Reader: Sympathy and Tenderness

(Requested by a friend~ My only warning is that reader is kidnapped…)

 You opened your eyes, your mind in a mild haze, but all you could see was darkness. 


 It didn’t take you long to recall the last few minutes before you went unconscious and (with a bit of struggling) to realize you were once again tied to a chair and blind folded. You mentally sighed. 

 Of all days, why today? 

 Pure darkness was quickly replaced by harsh fluorescent lighting as you felt a hand take off your blindfold. You grimaced as your squinted eyes adjusted to the sudden change. Although you could hardly see for a few seconds, you didn’t need your eyes to tell you you were being watched. 

 "(F/n) (L/n),“ a gravelly voice a few feet in front of you said, "Always a pleasure to see you again, my dear~" 

You looked up, your eyes now able to see clearly, and saw the inhuman creature who you’ve had the displeasure of knowing for the past several months. 

 "Black Hat.” You addressed him curtly. 

You looked to your left to see his minions were also present: Dr. Flug raising an eyebrow at you, Dementia smirking mischievously, and 5.0.5. staring at you with innocent curiosity. 

 You gave a small half smile. “Hi Doc. Dementia, 5.0.5.” You greeted them. 

 "Hi (y/n)!“ Dementia chirped while waving her hand vigorously.

 "Greetings, Miss (L/n)” Dr. Flug said cordially. 

 5.0.5. was about to greet you too when Black Hat let out a low growl. “Enough! You lot: out!” He said to his henchman as he pointed to the nearest door. “Except for you, (Y/n), you’re still tied up here." 

 "What else is new.” You said sardonically. “Bye guys~” you said to the three as they quickly and quietly exited the lab, afraid to anger their boss any further. 

You sighed slightly and turned to face Black Hat once more. “What? Am I not entertaining enough for you?” Black Hat said crossing his arms. He wasn’t even trying to hide the jealous overtone in his voice. 

 "I hope you know he’s not going to show up.“ You said, not responding to his question. "Golden Gladiator is still dealing with the prison break that happened this afternoon. He won’t come for me." 

 Black Hat smirked slightly as he walked over to a set of security screens that viewed various sections of the outside of the manor. "We’ll just see about that.”

 About an hour passed of Black Hat staring at the several screens (glancing back at you every now and then) and you counting ceiling tiles. 

Glancing at a clock that hung from the wall, you saw it was nearly midnight. “He’s not going to show up.” You said, now staring at the floor. This was the icing on top of the crap cake you were fed to all day today. First, you slept in and were late to your job, getting you in trouble with your boss. Then because you slept in late, you didn’t have time to eat breakfast so you were starving until 1:30. And all throughout the day you had to deal with rude and snobby customers. Then when you came home Golden Gladiator, your roommate and boyfriend, wasn’t there to comfort you while you cried.

 Then again you were pretty much used to that. You knew once you started dating him there would be a few prices to pay: one of them being having to deal with the constant loneliness while he was off saving the city. But as time went on, the heavier the feeling of isolation grew. You didn’t have family or many friends, and your boyfriend was the only person who would listen to you when you needed to talk. But with the increase in crime, he was hardly ever around anymore… 

 The second price to pay was that once you started getting affiliated with heroes, you’d have to deal with the villains too. Although none of the villains knew Golden Gladiator’s alter ego, they still managed to figure out that you were special to him, and that meant getting caught in dangerous situations and being frequently kidnapped and used as bait. 

 Such as the situation you were currently in… 

 You turned looked up slowly and gazed at Black Hat: One of your boyfriend’s many enemies. After Golden Gladiator destroyed a few warehouses filled with Black Hat Inc. products, Black Hat himself decided this particular hero was bad for business, and ever since the demonic villain has been hellbent on defeating your significant other. 

 Black Hat’s face slowly curled into a dark grin. “Not coming, eh? I suppose that means I’ll just have to keep you, then.” He said coyly. 

Your face flushed slightly. That was one of the many things that was unsettling about Black Hat: his continuous flirting while you were being held prisoner. Ever since he first nabbed you, you knew he was attracted to you. You could see it in his eyes. But the strangest part was, you didn’t mind the playful banter that went on between you two. 

 You actually kind of enjoyed it… 

“Beats going to work in the morning.” You said shrugging your shoulders, trying to hide the small smile forming on your face. “I’d give anything to not have to go back to that place.” You muttered. 

 Black Hat heard that last part and raised an eyebrow. “Rough day in retail?”

 "The worst.“ You said. 

 Black Hat blinked for a moment before grabbing a nearby stool and placing it where he was previously standing. He sat down and crossed his arms. "Go on." 

 Your eyes widened. Of all people, you never pegged Black Hat as the type to play therapist.

 Well, it was better than talking to no one… 

 "It’s been a difficult day.” You began. “I slept in, I was late, my boss threatened to fire me, I had to deal with these god awful teenagers, I hardly ate, and when I went home…” You swallowed hard. “He…wasn’t there." 

 "That seems to be a reoccurring thing with him.” Black Hat said deadpanned. “No kidding.” You said staring at your converse. You didn’t see the smirk appear on Black Hat’s face, but you could feel his smug attitude in his words. 

“Some hero he is. What’s the point in saving lives when you can’t even save the love of your life?” Clenching your jaw, you desperately tried to hold back tears. You could hear Black Hat stand up from his seat and move closer to you. Gloved fingers lifted your chin up so you were forced to look at your captor.

 Black Hat stared at you, his eyes cloudy and a small grin on his face. “You know what I see when I look at you, (y/n)?" 

 "A girl staring back at an inhuman sociopath?” You said coldly as you blinked back tears. You really didn’t want him to see you cry.

 "No.“ Black Hat said maintaining his expression. "I see a woman-a beautiful and fiery young woman with intelligence and charm. A woman who’s had it hard. A woman who’s been neglected.” 

 "Neglected?“ You said raising an eyebrow.

 "It’s clear to me that your boorish boy-toy has been neglecting his so-called ‘relationship’ with you.” Black Hat sneered. He let go of your chin and began circling you. “Leaving you all alone to go off on his self-righteous missions. Never there to care of his precious jewel when she needs him the most. …It’s despicable.” He stopped behind you and placed his hands on your shoulders.  

You froze up at the sudden contact, but slowly relaxed into his touch. You slowly closed your eyes, sniffing slightly.

 Black Hat grinned wider and began massaging your shoulders. “Why even bother with heroes, (y/n)? Those goody-goodies are so overrated.” He leaned down so his face was nuzzling your (h/c) hair. It was way out of his nature to be nice-let alone coddle, but he could tell you were enjoying this. And so was he.

 You opened your eyes slightly. “I…I can’t just…leave…G-Golden…” you managed to say. It was getting hard to think… 

 "Why not? He has no trouble leaving you.“ Black Hat said slyly. He gently brushed back your hair from behind your ear before whispering into it. ”If you were at my side, I’d be sure you never left it.“ 

 Your eyes widened. He was actually asking you to leave the Golden Gladiator…to be with him. 

 "You’d also never have to go back to that irritating workplace again or that cramped little apartment.” He said as he stood up straight, gently stroking your hair. “You could start a whole new life here.” You blinked for a moment before craning your neck to look at him. 

“You….you’re serious?” You whispered. 

 Black Hat slowly walked in front of you before getting inches apart from your face. “As serious as the plague, my dear.” He said, giving you a toothy grin. A thousand thoughts ran through your head as you stared into the dark being’s eyes. 

 A whole new life… 

 You knew it wouldn’t be as perfect as you pictured it, but anything sounded better than what situation you were currently in. And the idea of being with Black Hat didn’t seem all that bad. He was plenty attractive, as strange as he was. Although you knew he was temperamental, you had a strong feeling he’d never try to hurt you (if he intended to, he would have done so by now.) 

 "Well my sweet? What do you say~?“ Black Hat said, although he appeared to already know your answer. 

 You swallowed hard. "If…I say yes,” you began, “you have to promise not to kill Golden Gladiator." 

 Black Hat’s eye’s widened. "What?! I won’t just-” He stopped when he saw the pleading look in your eyes. 

 Those beautiful (e/c) eyes… 

 Black Hat huffed slightly. He knew he couldn’t just refuse your request-no matter how ridiculous it was. “Very well. But I will make no such promises about maiming!” He growled. 

 "Fair enough.“ You sighed. You knew Black Hat wasn’t going to let Golden’s actions go unpunished. But as poor of a boyfriend the hero was, you certainly didn’t want to see him dead! 

 "Now! Unto more important matters.” Black Hat said grinning, his gloved hand now magically growing long and threatening claws. Without another word, Black Hat took his taloned hand and slashed the rope that you were tied up with, setting you free. You sighed in relief. The rope was starting to itch. 

Just as you were about to thank him, the same hand yanked the front of your (f/c) shirt, forcing you up and pulling you into Black Hat’s long arms. You blushed heavily at the sudden contact. 

 The demonic businessman stared down at you with his dark eyes, his sharp teeth showing while he smiled. “Now poppet,” he said seductively, once again placing a finger under your chin, his hands back to normal. “Remember your half of the bargain." 

Your eyes widened as Black Hat got closer, his arms holding you tighter. He was about to kiss you, but a loud beeping noise coming from one of the security screens interrupted him. 

 "What is it this time?!” Black Hat snarled as he glared at the computers. 

 You craned your head so you could look as well, and on the far right screen you could see a small golden figure fighting guard bots with a shining sword.

 Black Hat’s face quickly shifted from irritated to triumphant. 

“Well well well.” He smirked. “Look who it is.”

This seems like some A+ me analysis haha

It’s hard…

And I think every sheith shipper feels the same?

Because you see “something”, but you also know “that something” never actually happens.

Like I have hope, of course I do, but honestly it’s very small. Because I know how these stuff work and that after all Voltron is a bsns. (And I have to admit my hope was kinda high for awhile, because you know.. netflix, dreamworks, creators seem like they really care about the subject, but then I read some stuff that really made me go from like a 7 out of 10 about seeing some of the main characters as a gay couple in the show, to like a 2…)

I think simply put it, Sheith just seems like something that’s too good to be true. 

Like If it actually happens I’d be mindblown! haha.

Because I think deep down we all know that no matter how much their characters revolve around eachother in canon, eventually Shiro is gonna be smoochin Romelle (or dead) and Keith’s gonna be falling for Allura or something, because it’s basically law that when two men show so much love, affection and devotion for eachother in popular media they gotta be “straight bros with a deep special bond” and nothing else, and if the creators are kind enough they gonna say “oh but fans can think whatever in their head, we’re cool with them being gay too” and if they’re REALLY KIND, they just gonna leave things ambiguous.

And I have nothing against strong brotherly relationships, I love them, and I think romantic relationships are overrated and well romanticized to the point people consider them to be the pinnacle of love. Which they definitely aren’t.

Personally what Shiro and Keith have right now, and where I see them going in the future is enough for me. Because to me that’s kind of a level above romance. 

But I really REALLY want them to go the romance way with them for different reasons, because I understand the kind of impact having two characters like Keith and Shiro specifically, end up in a romantic relationship with eachother in a popular kids cartoon would have. And I want that. BADLY. Words cannot describe even.

And also because I love these characters, I love Keith and Shiro and I want them to be happy, and I think they are the best partner for eachother, the person each one of them really deserves to always have by their side, so ofcourse I’m rooting for them to end up together eventually. I mean cmon, they’re so good for eachother.

But I also know that Voltron is not a drama, they are not writing a love story, they are writing an adventure for kids that centers around family and friendship. So in my mind I know that any kind of romance will probably not get the center stage like Keith and Shiro seem to get so far.

And I don’t expect any romance to happen in the show at this point in time but closer to the end of the series. So I can’t be disappointed yet with it not happening haha, because it’s not even at that place for me right now.

But it’s like I’m waiting to be disappointed haha, just so I could finally get this idea out of my head and focus on other things.

I dunno, I feel like part of me is drinking up all this sheith they are giving us and part of me is screaming at the writers and show runners like “Stop doing that!!! You know you’re not gonna pull through with it! Just make Keith act like a fucking brother to Shiro already and not like Shiro is the air he breathes!! What is wrong with you??? Just go ahead and make me choke on the Ka/llura and Shom//elle already, I can take it!! ” haha



  • It’s a brave, new world. 
  • You have no money, yet you’re going to a grocery store. Interesting. 
  • Okay, here’s a lesson; use condoms. 
  • Can you fucking believe that shit? 
  • I didn’t ask to tip $5.
  • I’m HIV positive. 
  • I have bipolar. 
  • You could do things with your tongue that would make a rattlesnake blush. 
  • No mass murder, kids! 
  • She wasn’t taking advantage of me. We’re in love!
  • I want to know why you think I owe you anything. 
  • I just need you to sign some papers so I can buy my house back. 
  • This is bible study. We’re here to praise Jesus, not ask him for favours. 
  • Nobody wants to fuck Mary Poppins. 
  • If you want to stay alive, go to school. 
  • I’m a naturally helpful person. 
  • Fuck that house, and fuck your god damn deadbeat family. 
  • You go anywhere near him/her, I will set you on fucking fire. 
  • I can tell when someone’s being cagey, or being a shit because I spent most of my life being both. 
  • Yo, white girl, I don’t know you. 
  • Oh, so you get to leave late ‘cause you’re fucking the boss? 
  • I’m sick of hearing about your dead girlfriend. 
  • I don’t know how much more of that I can take without stabbing him in the neck with a broken beer bottle. 
  • Happy is overrated. Grow up. 
  • You made me happy. I’ve never been very happy. 
  • Could I possibly be doing a worse job at raising these kids? 
  • I’m finally happy.
  • I love him and that’s the most important thing, to find somebody to love, right? 
  • Why won’t you ever let me be happy? 
  • Does she make you happy or is it just about the sex? 
  • Let’s go get drunk and buy a gun. 
  • There’s always gonna be people that are going to try and fix us, and you can never make those people happy. 
  • I have a home. I’m just not welcome there. 
  • I’m not gonna be alive to pay off my credit card, what does it matter? 
  • It’s a shame when someone you love gets taken away, isn’t it? 
  • I got nowhere else to go.
  • When you focus on other people’s problems, it’s a lot easier to ignore your own. 
  • Stop behaving like the world is out to get you when it is so clearly dropping gifts at your feet. 
  • Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll end up in a cell somewhere, angry and out of options. 
  • You ever streak before? 
  • You think you scare me? Bring it, bitch. 
  • It’s a tragedy when a young man ends up behind prison bars. 
  • Your kid did not get arrested because of me. 
  • Pack your shit and get out. 
  • I’m sorry I’m late. 
  • Fight for this marriage or cut him/her lose. 
  • If this is a relationship you wanna save, then you gotta fucking save it. 
  • Silence in our house usually means someone stopped breathing. 
  • What’s it feel like to be crazy? 
  • You deserve better than him/her. 
  • You owe me. You’re my slave now. 
  • If you don’t get out right now, I will shoot you. 
  • I slept with my ex. 
  • Do you love him? 
  • You don’t get to ask me that. 
  • I’m starting to get fucking homicidal. Call me the fuck back. 
  • I’m worried about you. I love you. 
  • What the fuck is he doing here? 
  • I thought you were married? 
  • Hey, I need to borrow your car. My brother just stole a baby. 
  • What was I supposed to do? Was I supposed to sit on my porch knitting, hoping one day you’d shown back up? 
  • You disappeared. Gone. Nothing. 
  • I did a porno. 
  • Nothing says 'no regrets’ like hiding it from those you love. 
  • Did I mention that I’m falling in love with you? 
  • I don’t give a shit. I’ll go on date night by myself. 
  • You’re a good person. 
  • You’re needy. And annoying. And slutty. 
  • I love chaos. And when I get into chaos, bad shit follows. 
  • You’re a chaos junkie. 
  • You’re too young and pretty to be so cycnical and hard. It makes me feel sad for you. 
  • After extensive research and weeks of testing, I have determined my liver can support one beer a day.
  • Nobody’s gonna roll me. I carry pepper spray and a shiv. 
  • Nobody gives a shit who you bang. 
  • We’re taking care of him here. You. Me, us. His fucking family. 
  • Look, I’m just trying to put everything in the past, okay? 
  • Wanna torture your parents? Bring them to my house for dinner tonight. 
  • Don’t ever say I’m not a man of my word again. 
  • I don’t have an interest in being a mistress anymore. 
  • I just wanna say that I love you and that I forgive you for everything.. unless you live, then I’m still pissed off. 
  • I just don’t know who I am anymore. 
  • Are you robbing me with my own fucking gun? 
  • Why do you guys care so much about sex? 
  • Give me another chance. I promise not to screw your brother or commit a felony. 
  • How can you tell when you’re in love with someone? 
  • You are the worst fuckin’ pimp I’ve ever seen. 
  • I try to make it a point of not banging my roommates girlfriend/boyfriend. 
  • I hate myself for a number of reasons right now. 
  • I’m done living the way other people want me to live. 
  • I’m not the one who left the cocaine out. 
  • Get the fuck outta my house! 
  • Yes, it’s about me! Because it’s never about me and I’m finally making it about me. 
  • Are you retarded now? I hope you’re sleeping and not in a retarded haze. 
  • The social worker can bite my ballbag. 
  • We are victims of a society that squeezes the lower middle class. Screws up our businesses because of jackhammers and taxes, and regulations. And unnecessary paperwork. Basically forces us to do illegal shit. 
  • I’m having four kids and if that means I gotta turn out some Russian whores to feed my family and pursue the American Dream, that’s how it’s gotta be. 
  • I’d be crying if I wasn’t so high. 
  • I wish I could just skip the part where I don’t know the right thing to do and get to the part where I do. 
  • What do you want me to say? That I’m self-destructive? That liars, and thieves, and addicts turn me on? 
  • We are nothing alike. 
  • My wife’s a hooker, not a slave. 
  • Random destruction makes you think of me? 
  • We’re all addicts trying to fill a void. Some of us are just better at hiding it, right? 
  • Ask him if he’s DTF.
  • I haven’t abused marijuana like the rest of you, so yes, I remember. 
  • He’ll be back. He’s like a cockroach. You can stamp on him, spray him, try and drown him, but he’ll always come crawling back up out of the toilet bowl. 
  • I got a fuck Jay Cutler t-shirt, but it might have some blood on it. 

Ok, looking at my blog here I think it’s clear that I don’t really stan  actors/actresses, only characters. But being part of the Clexa fandom and following others here and looking on twitter it’s bound for you to know everything about Eliza and Alycia. There is something that has been annoying me for a few weeks and I’m going to address it because it feels like PART of our fandom needs a wake up call.

Alycia has stated before that she doesn’t like SM and it actually scares her. This is what happened to her after she started on the loo:

  • Apparently she had less than 20K followers on twitter before the show and now she has over 310K (and that’s good for her and her career – so far so good) 
  • Ever since that Clexa kiss on S2 the Blarke fandom started to attack her because Lexa got in the way of their ship and they don’t know how to differ actor from character. It went on and on and got worse every time something Clexa related was buzzing on the internet: when Alycia was announced back to season 3; when they where shooting the finale in January this year (I’ve seen with my own eyes tweets wishing her cancer and her to get raped that week, but her stans on twitter reported massively); when any Clexa scene or sneak peak dropped; when Clexa sex scene “leaked” and even hating her because she was a guest star that was getting to much screen time from regulars. The hate from them only stopped when Lexa died and suddenly they all think Alycia is a sweetheart again (they even pretend now that they never sent her any hate at all since most accounts were suspended back then and the others that are still on deleted their tweets when called out by others).
  • Then she started getting hate by other fandoms because of stupid polls where Lexa/Clexa would win (remember the GOT fans that attacked her on instagram because Emilia lost a poll to her? It went on for days and days).
  • Then Lexa/Clexa was still a hot topic of many news after her death and her importance started to annoy people that never talked to us in the first place. Those people started attacking her because Lexa was brownfaced and “she agreed with it all and wore a fucking bindi and she should have said no”. They blamed everything controversial of Lexa on her and not Jason/writers/producers.
  •  At the same time everybody started attacking her because she is a “mayo”, and because of that she is not talented enough and it’s actually “overrated”.
  • Then came the Clexas that started to attack her because she didn’t “speak up” about LGBT issues or Clexa and Lexa like Eliza (or other actors do/did). Some of you all even went as far as calling her problematic for it and even homophobic because she was not as active on social media as before and part of you assumed that the Clexa relationship and LGBT fans attention was what made her uncomfortable and the reason why she left the loo.
  • Then some “fans” of hers hacked her boyfriend (ex or whatever) account and spread pictures all over the internet of his dick, him cheating her with others girls and videos of him mistreating her.
  • Every single tweet/post she makes comes with some fans going “that outfit is ugly!”; “did she get a nose job?”; “too much make up”; “OMG she is still wearing THE necklace”.
  • Trolls every single day create fake accounts to harass her by tagging her and her friends (Marny and Maia) in tweets saying she is dumb, stupid and many other things because she is still with her cheating boyfriend (something we are not even sure of) and send her photos of the others girls sucking his dick – and in here I have to congratulate about 5 ADC twitter accounts that ALWAYS go after them asking others to report until they are suspended.
  • Then came the fase “she doesn’t love us enough because she doesn’t post anything in a while”, “why are you not active on SM Alycia? Notice me!”
  • And now the latest trend: let’s change fandoms and shit on her because she doesn’t speak up and give us attention like Chyler and Floriana do. Thank god she didn’t! Can you image if she was as active as them about Clexa when she knew that Lexa was dead? She would have been crucified by the fandom. I’ve seen dozens and dozens of tweets and posts in the last month comparing Chyler’s and Florina’s behavior online to hers (especially Chyler’s). Really?! You are comparing her to actresses that are actually active because they want to and have a very health SM life compared to hers??! Actresses that are over 33 years old and have more experience and a resume bigger than Alycia who is only 23 and pretty new in the industry? Chyler and Floriana didn’t have to deal with the shit that comes when your f/f ship get in the way of what was “supposed to be the main m/f ship of the show”, they don’t have people hacking them and posting personal photos/videos online. And the most important: they were pretty active on SM before Sanvers (specially Chyler who ALWAYS tweeted fans).

 Some of you actually goes as far as tagging her in it and calling her names while making the comparison (here it is an example):

By the things she said on that con we already now she lurks online and sees all the things you guys post. She knew all the inside jokes of the fandom. You think she doesn’t see all of this? The girl admitted she only got twitter to follow Nasa for fucks sake. A fan that is a real fan respects that and enjoys the little things they get…NO ACTOR has a duty to keep you entertainment outside of their contract obligations. NONE. The only thing they owe you is respect and professionalism and, as far as I’ve seen, those are the 2 words that most describe Alycia’s behavior (online and off). Unfortunately it’s normal for any public person to receive hate from people that don’t like them…but it’s not normal to receive from your own fans!

The only thing you are going to achieve here is getting Alycia to regret ever taking part on any of it (Lexa/Clexa) and push her away from SM more and more until she actually caves and deactivates. Congratulations, you are helping make her SM experience a real nightmare by acting as haters instead of fans!! If you are her fan, respect her! If you decided to unstan her and move on to another actress (and that’s normal and happens a lot, there is no problem in that) move on and stop sending hate to a person that you were kissing ass not even a month ago. It’s things like this that helps to give a fandom a bad reputation and you guys are not helping at all and giving a bad name to a big majority that can behave like real human beings. Again this is a call out to PART of the fandom, not everyone!

Be My Valentine, You Nerd.

Dean unexpectedly meets his Valentine (Cas) while doing laundry in his dorm. 2.4k (ao3)

If Dean had a choice of activities to do on the night before Valentine’s Day, doing his laundry would not be one them. But here he is, wandering down the stairs of his dorm to the laundry room in his pajamas like the loser he is. It’s not like he has anything better to do. He bought two cases of beer a few hours ago at the store after class, treated himself to a nice big hamburger for dinner and drowned away his lonely sorrows.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t that bad, but it still sucked.

He didn’t mind not being in a relationship or having a Valentine or whatever, but it would be nice to get laid or go to party on a Friday night. He was a college student, Friday nights weren’t meant for doing laundry at midnight in your pajamas. But all of his friends were out with their significant others, probably getting laid and being all mushy. Gross.

His only hope right now is that the laundry room is empty and no one is in there to view his miserable self.

Though as always, Dean never gets exactly what he wants.

He stops dead in his tracks when he enters the laundry room. Of course he’s not alone, and of course the only other person there with him has to be some reincarnation of a greek god. This guy, whoever the fuck he is, shouldn’t be this gorgeous. Not when he’s wearing blue pajama pants with fucking bees on them, a bright yellow t-shirt and looking like he just rolled out of bed five minutes ago.  But he is and when his strikingly blue eyes meet Dean’s, he almost gives Dean a coronary.

Thankfully, Dean recovers modestly well.

He beelines over to one of the washers - as far away from Mr. Sexy as he can and starts to stuff his clothes unceremoniously into the washer, not daring to look up. He hears the guy shuffling around the linoleum floor, and almost jumps out of his skin when he feels a hand touch his shoulder.

“Would it be alright if I used some of your detergent? I forgot mine.”

Dean looks up, deer caught in headlights, and freezes, all the letters and their millions of combinations vanishing from his head in one single instant. If this guy’s eyes were blue from far away, they are an ocean up close.

“Uhhhhhhhhh,” Dean stutters. “Sure.”

Dean pulls his large jug of soap out of his bag and hands it to him.

“Thank you,” the man says, lips twitching up into a smile. He walks back over to the machine and and starts spinning off the lid.

“What’s your name?” He asks.

“Dean, yours?” Dean manages to say. He thanks whatever deity high up in the sky that even if he cannot remember all the words in the English language, that he can at least remember his name.

“Castiel, it’s nice to meet you,” he answers.

Dean looks up and smiles. “Yeah, it’s nice to meet you too.”

An awkward pause follows, where Dean finds himself staring at Castiel and Castiel staring at him, not knowing what to say.

“So uh, why aren’t you out doing something fun tonight?” Dean asks. He has to know. Surely a guy this good looking has to be dating someone.

“Well, I had a lot of homework this weekend and I figured I should get started earlier,” Castiel states, plain as day and Dean almost gapes at him.

“Yeah? I mean it is Valentine’s Day it’s just kinda surprising you’re not with your girlfriend or something.”

That gets a chuckle out of Castiel who actually stops throwing his clothes into the washer and fixes Dean with an amused gaze. “I don’t like girls and don’t you think the whole Valentine’s Day tradition is a bit overrated?”

“Oh,” Dean says, taken aback. “I guess it is.”

He doesn’t say much, but his mind is screaming hallelujah in the form of “HE LIKES GUYS!!!”

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Okay, i’m going in on this. Yeah, i am.

I saw something not long ago that triggered me into this.

First of all, let me say something. i have no plans to be rude here, i just want to put out my opinion on this.

I am not trying to invalidate any opinions, im just putting out my opinion on those opinions. I want see if anyone agrees with me; i need to see it. I’m beginning to have a loss of hope.

please keep in mind I’m also not here to trigger anybody. I’m triggered. This is my release. I’ve wanted to say it for awhile, but i have also wanted to withhold getting into the fandom drama. well, now i think it’s gotten to the point in my head where I need to say it.

I’m not gonna put my opinion on everything, just things that I feel kind of passionate about whenever I see it pop up.

(generally about tog)

One of the most common statements i see, or simply have a passionate opinion on, is this:

I. Rowan is controlling and possessive.

II. Aelin was better as Celaena.

III. Aelin doesn’t give Chaol or Dorian any credit.

IV. All Rowan wants is sex.

V. Aelin hasn’t changed at all. She kept her bad traits and gained more.

VI. EoS was written poorly than all the other books.

VII. Certain ships like Lysaedion being mashed together.

VIII. Elorcan, Malide, and Manorian.

IX. Chaol not being in EoS.

X. Nesryn is boring.

XI. Not enough diversity in the series.

XII. Killing the black character (Nehemia) being killed off to further the white character (Celaena).

XIII. Doraelin.

XIV. Chaolaena.

XV. Samlaena.

XVI. Rowaelin.

XVII. Aelin is overrated.

XVIII. Sarah J. Maas sexualizes abusive relationships.

XIX. Aelin is mean to Chaol, after all he has done is help her.

XX. Dorian after Sorscha.

XXI. Sending SJM hate. (F u)

If you want my opinion on what I feel is truth about these topics, go ahead and keep reading. This is merely my view on things, and I’d like to see who agrees with me.

If you disagree, that’s cool. You can tell me why something I said about what triggered you, or where you think I’m not seeing things correctly.

But at the end of the day, this is how I see it, please don’t send me hate for it. Only 1% of you guys would think of it, this fandom is beautiful, but it can be brutal, too. Save it, at least for now. If I really piss you off, just punch a pillow. Don’t hate on me through an anon ask.

If you doooo decide to reblog this with a counter-argument, I probably won’t have a discussion with you: this is where I make my peace, and say what I need to say.

so many people say the whole fandom is up SJM’s ass-look at me. I love her. But I don’t totally agree with what she’s done. Read below, and you’ll find a hard truth that people who love SJM and her books do have their own opinion.

and btw shoutout to the people who say you can’t love an author? I met SJM and actually talked to her for an extended amount of time okay I can damn well right love her my queen

besides we basically know every author, because they expose their soul when the write. Fite me writing is style soul and spirit

Here we go. Let’s Russian roulette this post.

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About A Girl (Part Two) | Luke

a/n: sorry it took so long! hopefully y’all enjoy it. don’t forget this is part 2 of ? (probably 10) Also feedback is cool and very appreciated! :)
word count: 2450 / masterlist / part one

It came as a bit of a relief to you that you hadn’t seen Luke around campus since your little afternoon delight. Of course, it was inevitable you’d run into him eventually but you were hoping that wouldn’t happen until any notion in his mind that it might be a reoccurring thing had vanished – until the memory of him calling you princess didn’t make your heart beat uncomfortably fast.

You never really gave boys a second thought, not beyond telling your friends about your encounters or retrospectively deciding whether or not they had even been worth hooking up with. Love, affection, relationships – it all seemed silly, make believe. What little you’d experienced of them in the past told you more than you needed to know about how little you believed in them. No boy deserved your tears and even if that meant no boy could bring you happiness, then that was a sacrifice you were willing to make. Not that it mattered much either way; no boy had ever really tried. You had a reputation that preceded you; tangled in sheets in the dark of the night, gone by the time the sun rose. You liked it that way, though. Never letting anyone close enough to hurt you.

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Blackwood Academy - Chapter 16

A/N: So while I’m still trying to recover from the shock of how much feedback Blackwood’s getting, here’s an early chapter haha! (I’m writing so much wtf wow) I really hope you like it :] <3

Summary: Dan has been thrown into a completely new environment as he joins a popular boarding school, Blackwood Academy, as a new student. But what will happen when he accidentally befriends Phil, a ringleader of the meanest group of students in the school?

DISCLAIMER: Obviously (and unfortunately) everything I have written is entirely fictional. I am not claiming Phan is real.


I love you.

The silence was unbearable, the words echoing and lingering over us like a cloud of wasps, stinging me harder and harder with the realization that I had actually just gone and said it. I told Phil Lester that I loved him.

He made an immense effort in keeping his breathing steady and regular, although I could hear the uneven shaking from the back of his throat. The light of the moon shining through the window reflected off a tear rolling down his cheek, suddenly making me realize he was crying.

“P-Phil…?” I stuttered, breaking the silence and frowning. “You… you’re- are you…?”

He suddenly let out what could’ve been either a sob or a gasp, and I found his hand clutching the back of my neck gently, pulling me so close up to him that our noses were lightly touching; well, what was left of my broken situation of a nose.

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preference (#7) // you break up (part two)

Part one (x)


For the first time in two weeks you finally had mustered enough courage to take a step out of your house. Everyone around you had been so concerned with your current state. You would always get phone calls, reassuring if everything was going alright. You had friends visiting you, comforting you and telling you that you deserved better anyway. Although you were thankful, none of these efforts made anything feel better. Every time your eyes traveled around your room, all that entered your mind was Luke. His spitting image was everywhere and it was starting to irritate you up to the point that it drove you out of your home.

You shoved in the earphones onto your ears, sliding the volume to the maximum level just for the sake of your tolerance. All you wanted to feel was the cold air hitting your skin and nothing else. You wanted to numb yourself from anything that could even be related to Luke. It was a huge struggle to move on and driving yourself away from thoughts that involved your ex was a reasonable way to start.

You began to run, your pace increasing more and more. You forgot what it felt like to be alone, how obscure it felt yet how relaxing it was as well.

Tolerance was seemingly not becoming an option due to the voice that was reigning over behind you. The voice began to get louder and louder and only then did it occur to you that it was the voice you wanted to avoid so badly.

You attempted to run faster though it seemed unfortunate that his legs gave him such a huge advantage that enabled him to catch up to you.

The only option that stood was to ignore him but you knew for yourself that that wouldn’t work out quite well due to his stubborn attitude.

Luke tugged onto the white string that connected to your earphone, pulling it out of your ear.

“Y/N, hear me out.” He began, chasing his breath.

“How did you even know I would be out here?” You asked, completely avoiding his gaze.

“I’ve been running here for the past week, hoping you would come by. Knowing the kind of person you are, I knew you think you’d find serenity here.”

His efforts seemed to be paying off as you began to feel your heart race again but the voice inside your head was begging you not to give in and that was exactly what you planned to do.

“What do you even want, Luke?” You ask, taking a complete stop. You finally turned your heel to face Luke who looked like a mess. His hair wasn’t as well-kept as it was before, the dark circles under his eyes were visible.

“I know what I said before. I know I’ve hurt you. But I was wrong, I was very wrong. I thought I was doing the right thing by distancing myself from you but I didn’t think it would hurt this much. I miss you, Y/N.”

Genuine sorrow dripped through his tone but hesitance still flooded your thoughts.

“Luke I’m not sure I can do that..” You trailed off, averting your gaze from his.

“Please. It hasn’t been the same since you left, I can’t sleep, I can’t think right. I can’t even sing the same anymore, my voice has been cracking one too many times,” He pushed out a laugh, shaking his head. “I still love you, I hope you can forgive me.”

This time you couldn’t help but smile. You wrapped your arms around him, closing the space between the two of you. “Of course I forgive you. But if you hurt me again Luke, I swear to-“

“-I know, I know. I missed you a lot babe.” He smiled, placing a gentle kiss on your forehead. Everything felt right once again and the sinking feeling in your stomach had been replaced with the famous ‘butterflies’.


“Michael I’m here to take my things.” You mutter numbly, shooting Michael a quick glance. It seemed awful as a greeting but you weren’t in the mood to act all friendly with Michael since you were still confused and you were still asking yourself what went wrong.

You were about to reach for the door knob to your room with a box tucked into your right arm. Michael suddenly bolted towards the door, causing you to jump in shock.

“What the hell, Michael?” You interject, taking a step back from Michael.

“Y-you can’t go, Y/N.” He mumbles tentatively, dropping his gaze to the floor.

“And why not?” You inquire, raising an eyebrow at him.

Awkward silence began to fill the air and you were beginning to lose patience. You wanted to get everything over with, forget anything that would remind you of your relationship with Michael. It was too painful to reminisce inside the same place that you two once shared sweet memories in.

“I don’t have time for this.” You let out a deep breath, shaking your head. You began to take a step towards the door, reaching behind Michael.

Once again he made an attempt to stop you, holding onto your wrist.

“No, you can stay here, right? It’ll be okay if you stay here, I wouldn’t mind, really.” He seemed ridiculously nervous, taking long pauses in between his words.

“Michael what are you talking about? I can’t stay here. I’ve already made plans to move in with my best friend.”

“You don’t have to go.” He whispers quietly.

“I don’t get what you’re trying to do here, Michael.”

“Damn it Y/N, I don’t want you to leave! I’m absolutely miserable without you! I wasn’t thinking right when I said those things.” He finally admits, his voice low.

“You said it yourself, I was making you miserable.”

“And I was stupid to say any of that. Y/N, please give me another chance. We can still fix this. You can stay right here, right now.” Michael took a hold of your hand, bringing it close to him.

“I’ve already called my best friend. We’ve talked about the rent and-“

“-I’ll call her and talk to her personally.”

You exhaled out loudly which brought a smile to Michael’s face.

“Does that mean you’ll stay?” He asked, his eyes filling with hope. You were surprised at Michael’s sudden change of heart but nevertheless you were still glad. Just two days without him had been extremely painful and even with him you were aware that it would be a pain in the ass but you were willing to suffer anyway.

“Yes Michael, I’ll stay.” You let out, a grin tugging at the corner of your lips. He quickly pulled you towards the couch, engulfing you in a hug which give you the warmth that you had craved for since the day that you left.


That morning you were completely lost, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. The fact that you had no idea where to go just drove you to take an hour long walk to your parents house which gave you enough time to think about what had just happened.

Nothing changed. You were still hurt by what Ashton had done, you were still angry and you still felt broken. His calls and texts were so apparent that it drove you to turn off your phone just so you could have some space.

But no matter what you did, Ashton still found a way to get to you. His voice was ringing just a floor below you and you couldn’t take another minute of it.

“Ashton’s still waiting downstairs, you know.” Your mother suddenly pointed out, leaning on your door frame with her arms folded above her chest.

“Let him wait.” You reply harshly, covering your face with a pillow.

“Why don’t you let him explain?” She asked, taking a seat next to you.

“I think I’ve heard enough from him.”

“He’s been waiting down there for two hours, you need to give him a chance, Y/N.”


“-No buts. You two need to talk about this.” She sent you a hazardous stare, pointing a finger at you.

Soon enough you started to hear footsteps make its way towards you and you were aware that there was no turning back. There was no denying that your mother was absolutely right. Regardless of the fact that he had hurt you, you had to settle everything out before making assumptions.

“Y/N..” He exhaled out your name, immediately falling to his knees on the floor.

“Ashton please stand up.”  You pretended to be annoyed, disregarding the almost piercing pain that you were feeling in your chest.

“I’m a fucking idiot for treating you that way, I’m a dick, I’m so sorry. Please forgive me, please come back.” Ashton remained on his knees, shutting his eyes tightly. You rarely saw Ashton cry. Just seeing the single tear stream down his cheek made your heart soften immediately.

“Ashton I just don’t think I can trust you anymore. I waited so long in that restaurant, I was humiliated and-“

“-I know, I know but if you just lend me at least an hour, I’ll prove to you how much I love you and if you still don’t want to forgive me then I’ll respect that and leave you alone.”

You swallowed the huge lump in your throat, still skeptical about the arrangement. You weren’t going to lose anything so you decided to agree anyway.

You slid into the passenger’s seat, watching Ashton start up the engine. He flashed you a nervous smile as he began to drive, his fingers blatantly shaking.

Silence engulfed the two of you, making the drive longer than it already was. Not a word slipped from any of you which added on to the already awkward air that filled the car. You began to drift away, reminiscing how you two would be right now if he hadn’t fucked up so badly. You two would be lip-syncing to overrated pop songs, making silly faces at each other. Each drive with Ashton used to be so humorous but this one was just dull in general.

After what seemed like forever, the two of you finally arrived at a place that seemed too familiar to your taste. It was the same restaurant you waited in just a day ago, the same restaurant that led to your non-diminishing anger for Ashton.

“I don’t like where this is going..” You trailed off quietly as you followed Ashton from behind, walking inside the space. The restaurant looked completely different from how you remembered it. The tables were all pushed aside, except for one that was placed right in the middle. There was a little platform at the end of the room with a very bored looking Luke sitting on a stool.

“Luke?” You asked, furrowing your eyebrows together. He flashed you a short smile, sending you a wave.

“He woke me up at six A.M in the morning, begging me to sing something so you better god damn forgive him.” Luke pointed at you with a serious face which made you stifle a laugh.

The table wasn’t anything over the top, it had two small lit lanterns along with a pink tulip placed neatly on a vase.

“You prepared this in five hours?” You asked Ashton, completely astounded. He nodded eagerly, a smile finally tugging at the corner of his lips.

“It’s not much but I was so worried and I just really wanted to make it up to you so I just rushed into the restaurant and rented the whole thing out and-“ Ashton kept on fumbling which was such an adorable sight to see. You cut off his rambling by placing a chaste kiss on his lips.

“Y/N you-  I- what?” He was completely shaken up by your sudden action which made everything seem even more satisfying.

“I forgive you, Ashton. But if you fuck this up again, you can forget it.” You warn, staring into his eyes. He grinned at you, motioning towards Luke who rolled his eyes and began strumming his guitar whilst he prepared to sing.


You went through seven days of agonizing pain, refusal to eat and just feeling like the world was against you in general. Just the thought of hearing someone cry for a whole day sounded so pathetic to hear but to you it seemed like the only reasonable thing to do. Even though Calum had attempted to call you so many times that it was barely countable, you still ignored each and every call. It wasn’t the most brilliant thing to do but you couldn’t handle even hearing his voice alone. You yearned for him yet at the same time you wanted to throw bricks at him. Some people called it insane which you refused to believe but you were the one who stood by it and believed that it was completely normal. Either that or people just weren’t in the place you were to get everything that you said.

The heater in your apartment never seemed to work properly as you always felt too cold for your own good. You threw on sweater after sweater, slipped into four sheets of blankets but no matter how much warmth you garnered from the thick pieces of fabric, nothing gave you the same heat you desired.

You had gone through six cups of hot cocoa and the one you were currently making was the seventh one for the day. You were about to reach for the kettle of hot water but was quickly cut off mid-action by the knocking at your door. You were torn between pretending not to be there or just finally facing someone for the first time in a week but since the loud sound of your movie marathon was practically blaring through the next four apartments, the second option didn’t seem like much of a choice.

You shuffled towards the door, reaching for the brass knob which seemed much more cold than usual. You shrugged, pulling the door open. Behind it was the face of Calum Hood, your ex-boyfriend, sporting a casual beanie that made you want to take him back so quickly. You shook your head, attempting to pull the door close but was stopped by Calum who slipped his foot between the small space.

“I didn’t travel all the way here to be cut off by a door, Y/N.”

His strength had ruled out any force that you put on, forcefully opening the door for himself. He stepped into your apartment without warning which caught you off guard.

“I can file a case for trespassing, you know.” You spat at him, placing your hands on your hips. You couldn’t avert your gaze from Calum at all, he looked way too attractive to ignore. His scent was worse, it drew you in so much more. You wanted to steal his jacket, wear it as the only thing to prevent you from the awfully cold atmosphere.

“I missed you.” He pulled you into a tight hug, one you couldn’t slip out of. It didn’t matter much anyway due to the fact that you didn’t want to pull away. It served you more justice than the four layers of clothes you had on.

“Leave me alone, Calum. I’m done with you. You can just hang out with that girl instead.” You shot at him once you pulled away from the hug.

“Look, I’ll admit, I might have brought her to my hotel room.” He admitted quietly, turning his gaze away from you. This led you into crying once more and he quickly sprinted towards you, wiping your tears with his thumbs.

“Babe, please don’t cry. We didn’t do anything, I swear. As soon as we headed back to the room, I fell asleep.”

“But did you have any intentions?” You asked, your voice shaky.

He let out a deep sigh and that was the only answer that you needed. You headed towards the door, opening it up for his exit.

“Y/N, please.” He said with a frown, shutting the door.

It soon felt like a tug of war with you opening the door and Calum closing it.

“I still came here for a reason.  I want you to come on tour with me. With your vacation coming, it might be a good idea.”

The idea itself sounded nice, on the other hand, your anger for Calum wasn’t helping. It was the one holding you back from even taking another step near him.

“I’m not coming on tour with you, Calum. You can leave now.” You state harshly.

“I never meant to hurt you. Obviously I fucked up real bad but I wasn’t thinking. I was being a complete dickhead. I love you so much and I just want you back. It’s taking every inch and fiber of my being to not kiss you right now. Y/N, please just forgive me.” Calum pleaded, sounding completely genuine.

You did want to forgive him but you couldn’t help but be hesitant. He did it once and he could do it again.

“Calum I don’t even know anymore.”

“Just come on tour with me, Y/N. Just come on tour with me and we’ll figure it out.”

Almost as if Calum had a spell cast on you, you nodded subconsciously. But in your heart, you were well-aware that you made the right choice as you felt Calum’s masculine arms wrap around you and you were once again free to inhale in his scent all you wanted.


i had a lot of requests for this one so yea here u go x


secret dating au! for soma week 2016 day 3: stuck in the rain. [day 1 / day 2]

warnings: kissing, soul touching a boob, possible second hand embarrassment for the reader. Shoutout to @professor-maka , @lunar-resonance and @chaoticlivi for the eyes

Operation: ‘Screw Up, But Not Too Much’ is well underway a week later.

To avoid detection, Soul and Maka never glance in the other’s direction longer than two seconds or stand in the same room if it’s not necessary (or without supervision), and have spoken less than three complex sentences to each other.

Wes has taken up pestering Soul about it. “You like her, don’t you?” he teases one night as Soul lounges on the couch, barely making it home after a fourteen hour day. Working at the TV station and closing the coffee shop has him hearing shadows and seeing sounds. “It was so obvious that one night we went undercover. This is so cute - my little brother has a crush on a charming young lady. I’m beside myself.”

Soul rolls his eyes at his brother’s baby talk and braces himself for lying. “I don’t like her, she’s such a goody-two-shoes… Can you find the remote for me? I can’t feel my arms.”

“You’re so obvious, little brother. You stare too long. I bet if a parade of strippers gave you lapdances, you’d only have eyes for Maka.”

“Just turn the tv on, okay? I haven’t slept this whole week, I’m hungry, and I’m missing Meister vs. Weapon.”

Wes does as he’s told, but not quietly. “Soul, just so you know, as your brother, I’m cheering you on for some good necking, but as your boss… it’s my job to inform you that office romances… are prohibited.”

“You won’t have a problem with either of those,” Soul says, but his skin crawls, clammy with dread.

“It’s in the employee handbook.”

Rules are designed to be broken.

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