relationships i loved in 2013

I want to marry a girl,” I told them, “so I can rest my soul with her till we both get old. This can’t go on all the time - all this franticness and jumping around. We’ve got to go someplace, find something.
—  Jack Kerouac, On the Road
The Single Girl Vow |

Once upon a time, there was a girl who fell in love with a boy. The bond that transpired between the pair of them was electric, and came out of nowhere. This boy healed her heart from another boy that she had had to walk away from once before. This boy and girl were a beautiful couple, and while it didn’t make any sense on paper for why the two should be together, they were happy — and that’s all that mattered. The boy stood by her side as she healed from a long journey of being sickly and broken hearted, and brought her healing, light, and love. He brought her smiles and laughter nearly everyday that they were together. It was something the girl hadn’t had in quite sometime.

On her 25th birthday, the boy got down on one knee and asked her for forever and always. She said “yes” without any doubt, and the two began preparing for their happily ever after. They chose to say “I Do” at the place where she had grown up— the place where she had played dress up with her little sister and fantasized about her wedding day. Everyone was happy for them, but most of all, everyone was happy that the girl finally was going to get her happy ending after a long, hard road from years before. 

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