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Imagine breaking in the new year with Chris.

A/N: Happy New Year!

Chris sat on the foot of your bed and watched as you got ready for New Year’s Eve. He was pouting because you didn’t want to join him and his guys, and he didn’t want to join you and your girls, meaning you weren’t going to be together at midnight to share the first kiss of the new year. You were bummed too, but he was a lot more bummed than you were. Kissing you at midnight was something he’d been looking forward to since the two of you started dating in February, he wanted to break into 2018 with the girl he could see the rest of his life with.

Still, there was a high chance you’d end up together before the clock struck twelve. It was 7:22PM now and both of you were meeting up with your respective groups at 8:00PM. Chris was dropping you off at your friend’s, Lexi’s apartment, then he was going to meet his friends. Your plans may have been made a week ago, but everyone knew a day like New Year’s Eve kept things unpredictable. You knew your girls. They were going to drink as though their lives depended on it, so chances were they’d be drunk before midnight. You were extremely reluctant when Lexi first told you about the plans for New Year’s Eve; for a girl who rarely drank, bar hopping wasn’t particularly your cup of tea. You had much rather stayed-in with Chris, except he’d already promised he’d go to his friend’s party. As much as you wanted to stay-in, you didn’t want to be alone on New Year’s Eve. You called Lexi and told her you’d join her and the others, and even though you didn’t say it- it wasn’t going to come as a surprise to either group of friends if you asked Chris to come get you halfway through the night.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” Chris muttered under his breath when you walked out of the bathroom. You were wearing a gorgeous black and gold dress that had him readjusting himself. You looked over at him and smiled, then turned to the mirror to tousled your lightly curled hair. He couldn’t believe how good, and how ready for New Year’s Eve you looked. Your hair, your makeup, your nails, your shoes- everything complimented your black and gold dress. You were New Year’s Eve personified. “What the hell, Y/N?”

“Hm?” You met his gaze through the mirror.

“You realize you look fantastic, right?” His rhetorical question had you furrowing your brows as you stifled your laughter. “It’s New Year’s Eve and you’re going bar hopping, as a girl in a great relationship- I don’t know, I think you should spare the guys the heartache and give the other girls a chance.” You laughed and he rose to his feet, smiling as his walked over to you. “I’m serious,” his hands grabbed you by the waist, “you should change.”

“We don’t have time for me to change, we gotta go.” You placed both hands on his chest and gently pushed him away. “Chris,” you chuckled when he moved right back to his original position. “Stop!” You laughed when he nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, peppering your skin with little kisses. “We’re going to be late, we really have to go.”

“Alright, alright.” He released you. You worked to gather your essentials into your clutch, and Chris slid his keys and phone off his bedside table to stuff into the pockets of his leather jacket. “Do me a favor and watch your own cute little butt tonight, okay? Things get pretty messy on New Year’s Eve, especially at bars. If you get into any trouble, you call me immediately. Do we have an understanding?”

“You’re such a dad,” you giggled.

“I didn’t hear a yes, Y/N,” he frowned slightly.

“Yes, Captain,” you smiled. “We have an understanding.”

“Good,” he smiled. “Now c’mon,” he took your hand, “let’s go before our phones blow up.”
• • • • • • • •
Like you’d predicted, your girls were well and truly drunk by 10:58PM. You and Carrie were the only two who were still operating with a clear mind. At 11:05PM, at the fourth location of the night, you got a text from Chris asking where you were. You told him you weren’t actually at a bar, but at the nightclub ‘Ultraviolet’ instead. You waited a while but he failed to reply so you slid your phone back into your clutch. You were grateful you had Carrie otherwise you would’ve been sitting at the table alone, watching as your drunk friends made a fool of themselves. You were alone now though, she’d decided to join them on the dance floor. You would’ve too except you weren’t drunk enough, nor would you ever be drunk enough to let a stranger get that close to you. Even if you were single, you’d still avoid situations like that like the plague.

“What’s a pretty girl like you doing sitting here alone?”

You were about to shoot your tenth guy down for the night when you realized the voice sounded a little too familiar. You turned and immediately, your smile reached your eyes. “What are you doing here?” You hugged Chris when he slid in next to you. “Ugh,” he pecked you on the lips as he pulled away, “it is so good to see you. Literally, everyone is drunk except Carrie and I.”

“I know, that’s why I brought Ben, Mark, and Vin. They haven’t had a lot to drink compared to the other guys, so I asked them to come take care of the girls. Y’know, just to make sure they get home safe.” He told you and you felt your heart melt. “Don’t look at me like that,” he chuckled. “I didn’t do it for them, I did it for me. I wanted to steal you away and I knew you wouldn’t leave them in the lurch, so no need for the ‘he’s such a gentleman’ look.” He said and you laughed, slipping your hand into his. “By the looks of things, I’m doing it for you too. You’re ready to go, aren’t you?”

“I was ready after the first bar,” you nodded and he laughed.

“Okay, well- Let’s ‘Irish Goodbye’, there’s somewhere I want us to be at midnight.” He told you and you nodded, sliding out of the booth with him. He chuckled when he saw all the disappointed men watching you leave with him. “Was I right?” He asked, letting you walk in front of him. He always made you walk in front of him in crowded places, especially bars and nightclubs. He felt it was safer if he had your back- literally- he felt he had more control that way. “Did you break a few hearts tonight?”

“A few,” you nodded, giggling.

“Good,” he squeezed your hand, laughing.
• • • • • • • •
The somewhere Chris wanted the two of you to be at midnight was his place. He had a blanket, pillows, and a bottle of your favorite wine waiting for you in his backyard. Apparently, he had a good view of fireworks from there. He was unsure where it came from but he appreciated it every year. Dodger joined the two of you out in the yard, and the three of you looked up at the stars waiting for the countdown to begin. 11:55PM; only five minutes until the New Year. Everywhere in Los Angeles tonight, people were drinking and dancing under bright neon lights; crowds of hundreds clustered together, celebrating together. Perhaps it would’ve been more exciting spending New Year’s Eve out, doing what your friends were all currently doing. Perhaps. But you were happy doing what you were doing now, just being with Chris, even if it was just being with him in his backyard. You didn’t need to start off your new year with anyone but him, he was everything you were looking forward to in 2018. The fact that he left his party to come and get you, you hoped he felt the same way.

“Four and a half minutes until the new year,” Chris said. “How are you feeling?” He turned and propped himself on his elbow. “I know you haven’t had a particularly easy year, so surely you’re looking forward to the next.”

“Yes and no,” you answered. “I feel like- I don’t know, I mean- 2017 was not an easy year, but it was still a good year.” You nodded. “I know I lost a few friends, but I found my best friend and fell in-love with him. That experience was enough to make up for everything else that I had to endure.” You said and he smiled. “What about you? Is 2018 the year of Chris Evans?”

“If you stick around, yeah, every year is going to be the year of Chris Evans.” He told you and you chuckled. “I’m serious, Y/N.” He reached over and brushed your hair off your face. “I don’t ever want to say goodbye to you. These past eleven months have been the best eleven months of my entire life.”

“Mine too,” you smiled.

“I see a future with you,” he whispered.

“I see a future with you,” you agreed with a nod.

He smiled and leaned in, pressing his lips against yours. You could feel your own smile grow as the two of you kissed. With the hands of the clock, tick tick ticking away- this was the last kiss you two were going to share in 2017. 2018 was going to be an even bigger year for your relationship, by the sound of things- Chris was your endgame, as were you his. It was good, you were happy with the choices you’d made in your life that brought you to the moment you were in now.

“2018 approaches,” Chris chuckled when he broke the kiss. He reached for his phone and pulled up the countdown; one minute. “I’ll admit, this is the first time I’m breaking in the new year like this. Usually I’d be drunk somewhere, or spending it with my family. But I guess,” he smiled again, the look in his eyes made your heart flutter. “I am kind of spending it with family.” Your gaze lowered and your cheeks flushed as you smiled. “I am so in-love with you, it’s insane. C‘mere,” he grabbed you by the waist and pulled you onto him, tangling your legs together. “This is heaven for me, right here with you.”


10 seconds.

“Can I ask you something?”

9 seconds.

“Of course.”

8 seconds.

“Marriage, thoughts?”

7 seconds.

“In general?”

6 seconds.

“Well,” he chuckled.

5 seconds.

“More like…”

4 seconds.

He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a black velvet box.

3 seconds.

Your heart skipped a beat.

2 seconds.

“Will you marry me?”

1 second.

“Yes,” you nodded as fireworks lit up the sky.

“Happy New Year, baby,” Chris smiled and met your lips.

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Imagine seeing Chris after the breakup.

Four months had passed since you and Chris broke up. Though things had ended somewhat amicably, you hadn’t seen or spoken to him since, nor did you have plans to. It was for the best. The two of you knew if you’d remained in touch while mourning the end of your ten month relationship, you’d fall right back and start another. There was a reason the two of you broke up, and if there was reason for the first break up then it wouldn’t be long till it resurfaced for the second. Unlike Chris, you didn’t believe in getting back together with your exes. All those reasons people used to end a relationship only to start over again were just excuses. The timing wasn’t right? That wasn’t a legitimate reason. Time was a concept: it didn’t exist if the person you were with was the person you truly loved. Being in relationship meant compromise, it meant building on the love you already had. It was about toughing it out together and working through the rough patches, rather than ending things until you felt capable of figuring it out.

Having said all that, sometimes it didn’t matter what two people were willing to do to make things work. No matter how much you and Chris loved each other, there was still something amiss in your relationship. Neither knew what it was, but both could feel the futility of investing more time in the other. It had been an incredibly painful goodbye, one neither felt capable of ever truly recovering from. Still, you nor Chris regretted the relationship. You both felt it’d been a privilege, to experience an extraordinary love. Even if it was realized halfway through that the two of you weren’t going to spend the rest of your lives together, to get a chance to be loved by the other, even just for a minute felt like a double rainbow. It was heartbreaking, knowing just how slightly you’d fallen short of perfection for each other. It sucked, really. There was no sophisticated way of putting it, the situation simply sucked.

You’d recently heard through the grapevine, otherwise known as your best friend, Sebastian Stan that Chris was back together with Jenny Slate. Though you were in a relationship yourself, you still felt your heart drop. You always thought that was just an expression people used, but when Sebastian said “he sounds pretty happy with Jenny Slate,” your heart dropped. You immediately felt sick to your stomach, even though you wanted him to be happy. Your eyes welled, even as you smiled and said “that’s great, he deserves to be happy.” You swore you’d forgotten how to breathe, even if he was no longer the person responsible for loving you. And you wanted the world to consume you, even though you knew he wasn’t the man you were going to marry. It’d been four months, yet hearing Chris was with someone else made your heart suffer as badly as it had when you left his house that night. The news made you cry and left Sebastian to comfort you like you’d just walked away from the love of your life, except the man you loved was picking you up in an hour’s time.

All that judgement you had about exes getting back together, you felt like a slight hypocrite knowing you were hung up on Chris despite being in a relationship with another. The human mind was not an easy thing to figure out. How was it that you could be in-love with a person capable of shaping your future, and simultaneously be hung up about a person from your past? It’d seemed impossible to you, and you thought it to be until now. You admitted that after breaking up with Chris, you thought you’d never love again. Then you met your boyfriend and it was as though you’d sailed through that storm of emotions. But every time Sebastian, or anyone around you mentioned Chris, it was like you’d drifted right back into the eye of it. You knew it would be tough to get over Chris, you just hadn’t expected it to be impossible. The frustrating thing was that you had no desire to get back together with him, so why couldn’t your heart just let him go? Why did it feel the need to hollow itself whenever you thought of him?

It was because of this that you were anxious to accompany Sebastian to the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ wrap party. It was going to be the first time in four months that you were going to be in close proximity with Chris. You’d fought rather hard against going knowing there was a 99.9% chance that Chris and Jenny were going to be there, but Sebastian wasn’t taking no for an answer. You’d bailed on him one too many times and he’d lost his capability to empathize. He’d told you and Chris when the two of you first starting dating that if you ever broke up, he did not want to be a child of a nasty divorce. You were all in the same industry, you were both friends with the same people- however hard it was going to be, he needed you and Chris to be civilized adults. He understood the first three months, three weeks and six days of having to avoid each other, but it was now officially four months since the breakup and he was done.

Sebastian furrowed his brows as he walked back over to you with a drink in each hand; one for you, and one for him. You were anxiously looking around the room for Chris, so you could avoid him before he saw you. “Hey,” Sebastian called and you turned to him, flinching. “Are the feds coming to get you?” He rhetorically quizzed and you deadpanned him as you took the Black Russian he’d ordered for you. “Jesus, relax. It’s a party,” he said then sipped at his Tequila Sunrise.

“That I didn’t want to come to,” you hissed. “I’m sorry, Seb. I’m just not-” You were interrupted when you heard a voice that sounded a little too familiar. You glanced over your shoulder and felt your heart beat twice as fast at the sight of Chris laughing away with Anthony and Sheletta. “It’s Chris,” you dropped so quickly, you spilled a good amount of your drink on Sebastian’s shoes. “Oh my God.” You gasped then winced when you heard Sebastian sigh. “I am so sorry, Seb,” you looked up and whispered.

“If this makes us even for that time I dropped my chocolate cake on your bed, then forget it.” He responded then chuckled, relieving you of your guilt. “Now c’mon, get up.” His gaze was distributed between you and Chris; the man you were trying to avoid, yet gotten the attention of with your quick drop. “You can’t stay there all night. C’mon,” he held out a hand for you to take.

“I can’t face him, Sebastian,” you whispered, hugging your knees.

“He’s too busy talking to Anthony and Sheletta,” he lied. He looked up at Chris, who had left the couple and was now approaching you and Sebastian. He only stopped when Sebastian shook his head at him. “C’mon, the party’s big enough. We’ll just keep circling the room, you won’t have to see him.”

“Promise?” You looked up to meet his gaze.

“I promise, Y/N,” Sebastian nodded with a smile.

You rose to your feet with the help of Sebastian’s hands. Chris spotted you and felt his heart jump into his throat. It’d been a while since he saw you in person, everything about you was just as he remembered. Your smile was still as dazzling, it just wasn’t a smile directed at him anymore. Your soft brown hair was a little longer than it was four months ago, but it still sat gracefully over your shoulders and down your back. He could smell your perfume, even at a distance, because the way you smelt had been seared into his memory.

God, did he miss you. Even if he was happy in his current relationship, there was a small part of him that truly wished things between the two of you had turned out differently. What happened? Even he didn’t have the answer to that question. The breakup had been a mutual agreement, yet there was a sense of puzzlement involved. Something had been amiss, but what? Why did you leave, and why did he let you? How had the two of you been so sure that it wouldn’t work? He wanted badly to walk over to you, to do the math and figure out where on earth the two of you had fallen off track. He wanted badly to, yet he knew better than to. He couldn’t wipe that smile off your face, he had to heed Sebastian’s head shake.

“Hey, you. I came back and you’d gone,” Jenny’s voice returned Chris to his reality. “What are you doing?” She asked as Chris brushed the tear from the corner of his left eye. He turned to her, shaking his head with a wistful smile.


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Imagine your son playing doctor with Chris.

A/N: Hope Chris gets better soon, for all the Ace Comic Con goers.

You couldn’t believe Chris’ luck. Out of the eight of you, one being your fragile little four year old son, he was the one who caught some kind of stomach bug. You figured it was something he’d eaten at that restaurant you all went to last night, probably the goat’s cheese. He was the only one who ate it despite you and Anthony and Sebastian and Hayley and- basically everyone at your table telling him not to. But then again, it could’ve been anything. You’d heard another guest appearing at Ace Comic Con had fallen ill too, so maybe something really was going around. Whatever it was, it was brutal. Today was the second day Chris was meant to be appearing at Ace Comic Con, except now the only place he was gracing his presence with was the hotel room bed. You’d left him with a cold press while you called his management team to inform them of the sudden change of plans.

“Jack, no.” You heard Chris’ voice and you rushed into the adjoining bedroom where Chris was now staying because neither you nor Chris wanted him to infect the four year old. But clearly Jack didn’t understand that concept, he just wanted to hang out with his dad. “Seriously, you’re going to get sick. Y/N,” he looked up when he saw you in his peripheral vision. “Can you get him out of here, please?”

“But I’m going to help you get better,” he told Chris, holding up his doctor’s play kit. Your uncle had gotten that for him for Christmas with an ulterior motive. His children were all in the medicinal field, your brother in the scientific one, and you- well, you pursued something far from what your family had expected you to. He figured if he got Jack interested in being a doctor at his young age of four, perhaps maybe he’d become a doctor instead of following in yours and Chris’ footsteps. “Dr. Jack is here to help.”

“Dr. Jack is going to get sick if he doesn’t stay away from the patient,” you chuckled as you walked over, scooping him into your arms. “I know you want to help Daddy but there’s nothing much you can do for him, Daddy’s just going to have to ride this one out.”

“There’s lots I can do for him,” Jack disagreed, lifting his little bag to sift through the tools he had inside. “I can check his heartbeat,” he said as he wrapped his stethoscope around his neck. “I can give him a shot,” he pulled out his syringe. “I can get a blood sample,” he pulled out a pricking device. “I can even give Daddy an x-ray! See,” he struggled to pull the plastic x-ray machine from his kit while his hands were so full.

“I think Daddy just needs rest, buddy.” You looked over at Chris and he nodded, fighting his weary eyes. “Come on, let’s go watch ‘Spider-man Homecoming’.” You started to make your way out of the room. “You haven’t watched it yet, Uncle Tom’s waiting for you to watch it so you can act out scenes with him.” Jack pouted, resting his chin on your shoulder as he looked over it at Chris. “You can play doctor with Daddy when he’s feeling better.”

“What’s the point then?”

“The point is so you don’t get sick too, baby,” you chuckled. “I can’t deal with both you and Daddy at one time, okay? And did you see how awful he’s feeling? Do you really want to feel like that here, where you can play with Uncle Tom and Uncle Sebba and Uncle Anthony?” You quizzed and he thought about it for a while then shook his head ‘no’. “That’s what I thought, so sit here and watch your movie, okay?” You planted him on the couch then passed him your iPad. “I’m going to go order us some food.”

“Okay,” Jack nodded and turned his attention to the iPad.

You watched him for a moment before walking into the other room to get the menu and make the room service call. You were sure Chris didn’t want to eat anything because he was just going to expel it back out, but he still needed something so you ordered him soup; something incredibly light. For Jack, you ordered him a burger with fries, and for yourself, a chicken macadamia salad. You were grateful the hotel’s room service menu was so extensive because you had no doubt you were stuck in the room for another few meals, nursing Chris back to health.

“Buddy, I got you-” You cut yourself off and sighed when you saw Jack was no longer sitting on the couch. “I swear to God,” you muttered under your breath and paused the movie Jack had left running before making your way back to Chris’ room. He sat knelt beside Chris, pressing his toy stethoscope to a sleeping Chris’ chest. “Jack,” you bit softly and he flinched, looking over at you like a deer in the headlights. “What are you doing?”

“Checking Daddy’s heartbeat.” He whispered and turned his attention back to his toy. You felt your fists clenched and you took a deep breath, wondering if you hadn’t been clear enough to him about why you didn’t want him around his dad. “I’m just going to give him-”

“You’re just going to give him space,” you walked over, frowning. You reached out to grab him, only to have him crawl over Chris to avoid you. “Jack, I’m not playing. Get off the bed and go outside.” You instructed, glancing between your son and your husband. The last thing you needed was Chris awake and uncomfortable. “Jackson, don’t make me count to three.”

“But I just want to keep Daddy company,” he pouted. “I promise I won’t get sick, Mama. Please,” he rested his head on Chris’ chest, snuggling close. “I won’t do anything, I just want to stay here. I won’t even wake Daddy up, I promise.” You huffed and sat down on the bed, reaching over to run your hand through your persistent son’s hair. “I just want to keep Daddy company,” he repeated in a whisper.

You didn’t want Jack sick but you understood why he was so clingy with Chris. It’d been a while since he saw his dad, the two of you had flown to Arizona to meet him after he wrapped ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. Even you were disappointed Chris had fallen ill because that meant you couldn’t sleep in the same bed as him until he was better, and you’d really missed sleeping in the same bed as him after weeks apart.

“Okay, but you and I are going to have to wash our hands very frequently. And you’re going to drink lots of water, take probiotics, and drink grape juice instead of apple juice.” You told him and he sat up, nodded eagerly. “And we have to be quiet, ‘cause if Daddy wakes up-”

“He’s already up,” Chris mumbled sleepily, groaning with discomfort when he readjusted. “What are the two of you doing? Didn’t we agree that you’d both stay away from me until I feel better?” He asked, glancing between you and Jack. “We can’t all afford to be sick, Y/N.” He reminded you.

“Well, you should’ve thought of that before you got sick.” You quipped and he chuckled. “I know we can’t afford to get sick, but we also can’t afford to waste any time that we have together. So suck it up, we’re staying by your side. Your son’s a doctor,” you winked at Jack and he giggled. “And me, well,” you took Chris’ hand and squeezed it. “I promised you I’d be there for better or for worst, didn’t I?”

“You did,” Chris nodded, smiling.

“Mm hm,” you giggled when Chris shook his head, chuckling.

“Okay, Dr. Jack,” Chris turned to Jack. “Time for you to help me get better.”

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Imagine bed time with Chris.

A/N: Just a short one-shot with no real plot. 😆 And since I have you here, I saw on another writer’s Tumblr that he/she requests for those on her tag list to leave a comment. While I don’t expect a comment, I do expect at least a double tap so I know you are still utilizing the tag list. It is quite time consuming and I don’t appreciate my efforts going to waste. So thank you to those who leave a like, or a comment. I notice every single one and my heart is full every time. For those who don’t, you will be removed as time goes by. That’s all, thank you and enjoy 😊 

Chris felt his eyes roll when he glanced around your bedroom. Two years he’d been telling you to get a clock, yet there he was, two years later, still having to turn to his phone for the time. It was ridiculous, he didn’t understand how you could live in a house that didn’t have a working clock. Even the one in your living room was dead; its hands had been stuck on the twelve and two since his first time at your apartment. Even if it didn’t affect your ability to be on time, he was done. He made a mental note to get you a clock tomorrow and install it while you were at your meeting with your manager. His thumb woke his phone and he pressed his lips together when he saw the time, it was no wonder he was tired. Considering the two of you needed to be up at 6:30AM tomorrow, it probably wasn’t a good idea to still be up at 1:41AM.

“Hey,” Chris looked up when he heard your footsteps, “we should-” He cut himself short when he saw you. After two and a half years, he still hadn’t figured out what it was about you in his clothes that got him. Perhaps it was because you looked so delicate, or maybe it was because he knew you being in his clothes meant that you were his. Whatever the reason, you looked as glorious as always in his ice blue dress shirt.

“We should what?”

“You should come here,” he sat up, pressing his back against your headboard. You chuckled and padded over to his side of your bed. “Mm hm,” he nodded with a smile as he took your hands, pulling you onto the bed. You straddled him, distributing your weight between your knees as your palms pressed against his chest. “How is it that you look better in my shirt than I do?”

“Don’t take it to heart, Captain,” you teased. “You said so yourself, I’m a twenty on a scale of one to ten.” You giggled when he laughed, pulling you into him. “Chris, ah!” You shrieked with laughter when he flipped you on your back, landing on top with his arms supporting his weight. He brushed your cheek with his thumb and you smiled, wrapping your arms around his neck. “I love you,” you whispered as he leaned in, “but I’m too tired for round four.”

He chuckled and brushed his lips with yours. “Good, ‘cause I was too tired for round three.” You laughed as he rolled off you and onto his back. “You should’ve listened to me when I told you to date someone your own age.” He joked when you draped an arm over his stomach and rested your head against his chest.

“And miss out on all your wisdom?” You quipped and he chuckled. “Thanks, but no thanks.” You titled your head and planted a tender kiss on his jawline. “I’m perfectly happy right here with you.” You smiled at him then rested your head back on his chest.

“Me too,” he let out a long breath, tightening his arm around you. His eyelids fluttered, but failed to remain close due to the upbeat music you had playing in the background. “Think you can change it to your sleep playlist, or turn it off?” He quizzed and you nodded, pulling away from him to reach for your phone. “Thanks, babe.” He ran a hand through his short hair and yawned. He looked over at you and smiled. “You know why you’re a twenty, right?” He rhetorically asked then playfully swatted your butt which was jutted out at him while you solved the music issue. “It’s ‘cause that ass alone is a ten.”

You snickered but made no other response.

He propped himself up on his elbow and hooked an arm around your waist, pulling your back into his front. “You smell so good,” he pressed his nose into the crook of your neck and breathed you in. You smiled as you changed the music to your ‘sleep’ playlist, lowering the volume as well before placing your phone back on your bedside table. “I could just fall asleep, breathing you in.”

“You probably will ‘cause I’m wearing that ‘Sleepy’ lotion I got from Lush, it’s as good as chloroform. Like-” You giggled when he laughed. “I’m serious, I’m out within minutes whenever I have it on. And that’s pretty amazing considering how much trouble I have getting to sleep.” You heard Chris hummed and you felt yourself shiver from the vibrations of his lips. “Are you falling asleep already?”

“Mm hm,” he hummed again.

“Can you wait until I fall asleep?”

“Why, you scared?” He chuckled and loosened his grip as you turned onto your back. He already knew why from the sheepish look on your face that you were. “Oh my God, seriously? It’s been like three days.” You pouted and he shook his head, involuntarily smiling at how adorable you were. “I told you not to read it, didn’t I? You never learn from your mistakes.”

“Well, Donovan said it was-”

“God,” he laughed, “I hate your brother. You know I called him after our sleepless first night and told him he was an asshole for telling you about it, right?” You nodded, giggling. “What was it again? Um- something um- Oh, yes, ‘Dear-”

“Don’t say it!”

“God, you are such a dork.” He laughed, squeezing you tightly. “Relax, I’m not going to let anything get you. Just- Shhhh,” he pressed a finger to his lips. “Close your eyes and breath in your chloroform lotion, you’ll be out before you know it.” You did as he instructed, nestling as close to him as you could. “Just so you know, the next time he tries to tell you about anything remotely scary- I’m going to punch him in the face.”

“I’m okay with that.”

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Imagine Chris video blogging.

New York was where you were spending the first weekend alone since the birth of your son. You’d been pretty reluctant to leave your three year old’s side, but your best friend from high school was getting married. As one of her bridesmaids, you couldn’t exactly miss her bachelorette’s party and you didn’t particularly want to either. Being away with your girlfriends for a weekend, that was something you’d needed since- well, since the birth of your son. But you were still a mom who loved her little boy and you didn’t want to miss a second of his life. You decided the best way for you to have the best of both worlds was to make your husband video blog the days you were away on his phone. You decided to set up a private YouTube channel whose posts could only be accessed by those who had the password; that password was then distributed to your closest friends and family members, unbeknownst to Chris.

You arrived in New York Thursday evening, and by Friday morning, Chris already had his first video blog up. You clicked on the thumbnail, wondering what on earth Chris could’ve filmed in the short timespan you’ve been away. It’d been less than twenty-four hours since you left their side. Whatever he’d filmed, you were kind of excited to watch. It’d been less than twenty-four hours since you left their side, yet you were already missing them.

Chris started filming his first video in his car, you could see Jack secured in his booster seat over Chris’ shoulder. From the look of your son’s pouty face and the tears rolling down his chubby cheeks, you guessed they were still at the LAX in the car park. You felt your heart pinch when you remembered how hard your son had cried when you’d kissed him goodbye. Chris assured you he’d stop once you were actually gone, but from the looks of things- he hadn’t.

“Okay, so um-” Chris glanced over his shoulder at Jack and pouted sympathetically at him. He then turned back to the camera and chuckled, “he’s not okay. I thought he’d bounce back once I mentioned ice-cream, but nope. Hey buddy, hey,” he beckoned for your son’s attention, angling the camera so Jack was in the frame. “We just dropped Mommy off, didn’t we?” He quizzed, hoping for a response of some kind only to have Jack frown at the camera. “Mommy’s going to see this, do you want to say something to her?”

“Mommy, come back.”

Chris stifled his laughter and turned the camera back to him. “As you can see, I’m obviously his favorite parent.” He said and you laughed. “Okay, we’re going to go home now. We’re going to stop by the grocery store first so I can get some stuff for dinner and cook, like a total loner because my wife’s left me for the weekend.” He joked and you rolled your eyes with a involuntary smile. “And I’ll continue this when I get home, I guess. Hope you landed safely, we probably would’ve talked by the time you see this so I don’t know why I just said that. And I’m rambling on, so I’m just going to stop recording now.”

“What a dork,” you laughed.

“We’re home!” Chris exclaimed as the next cut slid on screen; you flinched, chuckling. “We’ve been home for a while now, but I was a little too busy with dinner to vlog. Am I saying that right? It’s vlog, right? Video blog.” You nodded, even though he couldn’t see you. “Anyway, we’re having mac and cheese because that’s easy to make, and your mom’s recipe is on the fridge.” He swapped the camera around to film his bowl of food. “Looks pretty good, right? Even Dodger’s waiting for leftovers,” he moved his phone to get Dodger in the frame and you felt your eyes narrow when you saw Jack sitting on the floor with the pup. “Say hi, you two.”

Dodger padded off whereas Jack buried his face in his small hands to shy away from the camera.

Chris swapped the camera back to him and shook his head, smiling, “camera shy. It’s hard to believe their parents are in the Hollywood industry, huh.” You laughed again. “It’s six-thirty, so you must be in New York by now. Oh,” he looked over his shoulder when the landline started ringing. “I think that’s you now. Excuse me,” he smiled charmingly into the camera, “my wife is calling. Jack,” he continued as he lowered the phone face down onto the dining table, “I think Mommy’s on the phone. Let’s go.”


“Oops,” Chris picked up his phone again, chuckling. “I should probably turn this off. Bye, baby.” He  kissed the pads of his fingers then pressed it to the camera before ending the clip. You smiled when you thought of the conversation you had with them yesterday, they were really making things hard for you to enjoy your weekend away.

When the next clip came on the screen, Chris was carrying Jack and they looked like they were walking down the hallway to Jack’s bedroom. “It’s eight-fifteen, oops. We’re a little behind bedtime schedule, aren’t we, pal?” He looked at Jack and Jack nodded. “Bath time took a little longer than we anticipated, but we’re back on track now. We’ve only got one story to read tonight, right?”

“No, two!”

“No no no,” Chris chuckled. “You said you wanted an extra ten minutes in the bath, so you gave up an extra story. Remember?” He asked and Jack shook his head with the most innocent look on his face. “Yeah, right. You’re just like Mommy, a puppeteer.” He tickled Jack’s sides and Jack giggled, filling your heart with so much joy. “You’re lucky I love you, little man.”

“Daddy, huggy time,” Jack leaned back in Chris’ arms and held open his own, grinning. Chris chuckled and hugged him as Jack’s little arms wrapped around his neck. “Huggy time.” He giggled, squeezing his dad as tightly as he could.

“Alright,” Chris was struggling to film whilst hugging Jack so he decided to call it quits. “I think this is the end of the vlog. Uh- I hope it was what you wanted from me, it was not very interesting so I know you must not be feeling the pinch of our absences yet.” You shook your head, wishing he knew how wrong he was. “But I will make sure you do tomorrow. I love you, Beam,” he blew a kiss then ended the clip.

Your smile had reached your eyes by the end of the vlog, the fact that he called you ‘Beam’ always made your heart sing. It was a reference to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Hearts Don’t Break Around Here’, he believed you were the beam from lighthouse in the night that safely guided him home. You reached for your phone and immediately called him, hoping he was awake despite the time difference. It was 9:30AM where you were, so it would’ve only been 6:30AM in Los Angeles. Even if he wasn’t awake, he was a light enough sleeper to pick up.

“Good morning, handsome,” you chimed when he answered your call.

“Missed me, didn’t you?” Even half asleep, he was smug with his response.

“Missed you even before I got on the plane,” you teased and he chuckled. “Sorry I woke you, I just wanted to tell you how great your little vlog post was. I really appreciate you doing that, watching it makes me feel like I haven’t even left home.”

“You’re welcome,” he murmured, the smile heard in his sleep laced voice. There was a short moment of silence, then you heard him yawn. “Hey,” he began, sounding slightly more alert, “um- just out of curiosity…The channel I’m posting the vlogs on, it’s on private, right? Like it’s password protected and no one but you can watch the videos I post on the channel?”

“Mm hm.”

“You didn’t give the password to anyone else?”

“Of cou-” For a second you’d forgotten you’d given the password to your family members and close friends, surely you could’ve remembered from the number of views on Chris’ first post. “Actually, um- I did, I gave it to a few of our close friends and members of the family.” You heard Chris scoff and you winced, “I’m sorry! I should’ve told you earlier, I just- I didn’t think you’d care because it’s like your mom, and my mom, and-”

“And Downey,” he interjected with a chuckle. Hearing him chuckle lifted a weight from your shoulders, you were terrified you’d upset him. “And now I know why he ended our phone call with ‘love you, Beam’.” He told you and you immediately burst into laughter. “You and I are going to have a talk when you return from New York, Y/N.” He chided teasingly.

“Love you, Beam,” you giggled.

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Imagine Christmas Day with Chris. (Part 2)

A/N: Hope everyone had, or has (depending on where you are in the world) an amazing Christmas Day. (Click to read Part 1) This is not a series, just a two part story for Christmas. 

Christmas Day, you woke before the rest of the household. And it was fortunate you did too, because your doofus of a husband only remembered to lay out the carrots and cookies. All the presents- including the ones for your very good little boy- were still in a pile in the broom closet by the back door. You shook your head at the empty tree and muddled to retrieve the presents. You had no idea how Chris forgot the most important part, especially when he remembered to take bites out of the carrots and cookies. You had to accept some blame, it was technically your fault considering it was you who distracted him with the offer of sex. Whoever’s fault it was, you were glad you were able to rectify it before it was too late. You couldn’t let your son think Santa didn’t stop by with his presents when he’d been an absolute angel the entire year, nor could you let him lose faith so early on in his childhood. If he figured out himself due to his quick wits, great, but you weren’t going to let Chris’ carelessness be the reason he uncovered the truth.

Quietly, you removed the presents from the broom closet and stacked them in the laundry basket. You tiptoed outside to make sure there wasn’t anyone in the living room before you carried the basket out and arranged the presents under the Christmas tree. It was 6:49AM and you’d slept approximately four and a half hours, you were exhausted but you didn’t let that kill your Christmas spirit. Growing up, Christmas was big in your house. But it was never as big as you’d always wanted it to be, other than the Christmas Eve party- you didn’t really have traditions with your family. The whole Santa Clause thing, the baking of sugar cookies and gingerbread, and trimming the tree together- it wasn’t like that. Your Christmases were hardly like the ones you saw in the movies. Perhaps it was too much of a cliché for your pragmatic parents, but you wanted that. You promised that when you had kids of your own, you’d give them the Christmas you always wanted; one with the works.

“Santa came!” Jack gasped.

Your heart skipped a beat but you managed to sigh with relief, knowing his Christmas hadn’t been ruined by brutal reality. “He sure did, baby. C’mere,” you opened your arms and beckoned him over with your head. He looked so adorable in his Christmas PJs which you’d changed him into at your parents’ with hope he’d fall asleep in the car ride home. “Do you want to open your presents?” You asked, hugging him tightly.

“We can’t open presents without Daddy.”

“Do you want to go wake Daddy up then?” You quizzed, gently pushing him back by his little arms. You chuckled when he grinned and nodded. “Okay, let’s go. I think-” you emitted another chuckle when you saw Dodger had begun down the hallway. “I think Dodger is going to beat you to him.”

“But I want to wake Daddy up,” he whined.

“Then go, run,” you laughed and released the grip you had on him. He grinned again and sprinted after Dodger, who only sped up when he heard Jack’s approaching footsteps. “Be careful, please!” You called as you rose to your feet, walking after them. “God, I hope he’s wearing pants.” You mumbled to yourself.

“Santa came, Daddy!” Jack screamed excitedly as he jumped up on the bed, landing knees first onto Chris’ back. Chris groaned and opened his eyes, wincing at the sun’s intruding rays. “Wake up!” He got to his feet, jumping up and down on your side of the bed with Dodger as his partner in crime. You tried not to laugh at Chris’ bewildered look, he was clearly having a lot of trouble processing everything that was happening. “Daddy, wake up! It’s Christmas!” He flopped himself on his back, resting his head on Chris’ pillow. “Merry Christmas, Daddy.” He whispered when his face was inches away from his dad’s.

“Merry Christmas, buddy.” He mumbled into his pillow. “Where’s your mom?” He asked, peeking an eye at Jack. The boy’s eyes were as wide as his toothy grin, his little head tilted as he watched Chris. He poked Chris in the cheek then giggled, inching his face closer to his dad’s. Now Chris was tired, and a little annoyed due to the lack of sleep, but he still couldn’t help but smile at how adorable his son was. “Where’s your mom?” He asked again, stifling a chuckle.

“Over there,” Jack pointed at you when he turned on his back. “Dodger!” He giggled and squirmed when Dodger nudged his belly with his little snout. He sat up and hugged the pup, nuzzling his face into his fur. “I hope Santa got you a gift too, Dodger, because you’re a good dog.” He squeezed Dodger tightly before releasing him, giggling when he was licked. “Daddy,” he turned his attention back on Chris, who still looked like he was having trouble staying awake. “We can’t open the presents without you.”

“Yeah, Daddy,” you walked over, running your hand up and down his bare back. “Get up, c’mon.” He groaned again and you chuckled, leaning over to kiss his cheek. “Don’t make us wait, c’mon.” You heard him laugh into his pillow and you knew he was going to do as you’d asked. “Okay, Jack.” You saw his sweats on the ground and realized it was best you gave him some privacy. “Let’s go wait outside, give Daddy some time.”


You opened your arms and Jack walked over Chris, giggling when he heard his dad groan again. “Stop torturing your father,” you laughed, patting his little butt. You lifted him into your arms and started towards the door, glancing over your shoulder at Chris and Dodger. You chuckled when you saw Dodger was working to wake Chris up further. “Yeah, you get him out of bed, Dodger.” You egged on and laughed when you heard Chris audibly groan again.

By the time Chris and Dodger joined you and Jack in the living room, Jack had already decided on which present he was going to open first. It was no surprise he went for the biggest box, it was from your brother so he knew it was going to be good. Your brother was an avid gamer, he also loved whiskey, cars, paintball, pool, and archery. You were actually a little afraid of what he’d bought for your four year old.

“Cool!” Jack gasped when he successfully unwrapped his gift. You scoffed then looked over at Chris to show your disapproval, as well as gain his. You were unsuccessful because the look on Chris’ face told you he was just as excited as Jack was. You were unsure what was going through your brother’s head when he bought the mini pool table, but you were sure it was not an appropriate gift for your four year old.

“Very cool,” Chris nodded in agreement.

“Not cool,” you shook your head. “Pool is a bar game, he’s four.”

“C’mon, it’s harmless. Would you rather your brother get him an archery set?”

“Actually, yes. Then he can teach Jack and Jack can accidentally shoot him,” you said and Chris laughed, even though he knew you were only partially joking. “Chris, I swear. When he turns twenty-two, and he’s anything like my brother was when he was twenty-two- I’m going to lord this exact moment over your head for the rest of your life.”

“Deal,” Chris chuckled. “Can’t say I’m worried when I know you’re going to raise him right.” He grabbed you by your waist and pulled you to sit between his legs. “I have a lot of faith in you.” You smiled as his arms wrapped around your waist and his chin rested on your shoulder. “He’s going to turn out amazing.”

“With a father like you-”

“And a mother like you.”

“Can’t say I’d be surprised.”

“I love you,” Chris smiled.

“I love you too,” you smiled.

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Imagine bringing cupcakes to Chris.

A/N: Just a short one to pay tribute to Chris and his portrayal of Captain America. ‘Infinity War’ has officially wrapped which means his contract is over 😔 Thank you for being our Captain for all these years. ❤️ 

It was a bittersweet day for everyone in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as it was Chris’ last day as Captain America. ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ had finally wrapped which meant Chris’ Marvel contract was finally over. You, too, were devastated even though leaving Marvel meant your husband could pursue and further his career as an actor, but also as a director. Chris had just spent too many years being Captain America. No matter how his story ended- be it good, or bad- you, the MCU team, and all his MCU fans were going to feel the pinch. But alas, it was his decision. Being his wife, all you wanted for him was to be happy. So if leaving MCU to pursue something else made him happy, then you were going to celebrate his retirement as Captain America with an abundance of joy and a big box of red and blue Captain America cupcakes. The entire cast and crew knew you were coming, except Chris, who still thought he wasn’t going to see you until Monday.

Seeing Chris made you sigh with a wistful smile. This was going to be the last time you were going to be able to drop in on a Marvel set and just hang out with some of the greatest people you’ve ever met in your life. Of course, you and Chris were still going to be friends with everyone and hang out with them off set, and work with them on other projects, but it wasn’t going to be the same as coming to an MCU set. You weren’t going to be able to join them on their press tours, or conventions, or red carpet events anymore- at least, not in a significant ‘my husband’s Captain America’ kind of way. But ultimately, it was the fact that you weren’t going to see Chris as Captain America anymore that truly bothered you.

Despite all that, you trudged on because Chris had plenty to look forward to in the years ahead; as did you. And you both believed all good things must come to an end. He’d had an amazing run as Captain America, it was time for him to lay his shield to rest. After all, you didn’t want to pout too much because you were finally getting your husband back. Marvel was the one job that constantly kept him away, now that it was over- perhaps the two of you could have a somewhat normal life as a married couple, maybe even get started on the having kids thing.

You poked your head into the room, smiling at Anthony who noticed you as soon as you did. “Last day as the righteous Captain America,” you began and Chris turned to you with a huge grin. “I believe this calls for…” You flipped open the lid of the cardboard box and carefully slid the box down the table towards him. “Cupcakes!”

“Oh my God.” He laughed then looked up at you. “Baby,” he pushed his office chair back and grabbed your wrist, pulling you into his lap. “Thank you,” he mumbled into your chest when the two of you hugged. “What are you doing here?” He asked when he withdrew, leaning back against the lumbar support so he could meet your gaze. “Weren’t we meant to meet in New York?”

“I couldn’t miss your last day, Captain,” you told him and he chuckled. “And the Russo brothers sent me a picture of what the wrap cake was going to look like, so I thought I’d drop by.” You giggled when he shook his head in disbelief, involuntarily smiling. “No,” you poked his cheek, “you know I’m here for you. It’s going to be an emotional day, I can’t let you go through it alone.”

“Please. If anyone’s crying today, it’s you.” He accused and you scoffed even though it was a very accurate accusation. “I mean- You cried watching ‘Cars 3’. Like, come on, babe. ‘The Lion King’ I get, but ‘Cars 3’? That movie wasn’t even sad,” he chuckled. “All this time I thought I was the emotional one, then I met you and I realized that I am actually a heartless monster in comparison.”

“In comparison?” You snickered. “Yeah, no. You’re just a heartless monster, Chris Evans. Doc called Lightning his proudest achievement, that is touching.” You playfully argued and Chris laughed. “You know what, only serial killers and psychopaths wouldn’t have cried at that scene. Right, Anthony?” Anthony nodded in agreement, laughing, whereas Chris just rolled his eyes. “His proudest achievement, Chris.”

“Do you want to know what my proudest achievement is?”

You reached into the box and picked up a cupcake, holding it out for him.

“Captain America?” You quizzed when he took it from you, smiling.

“Marrying a wife who’d fly all the way to another state just to bring me congratulatory cupcakes.”

“Aw, Chris. What are you trying to do, hm,” you joked when you felt your eyes well, “make me cry?”

“Well, that’s not exactly hard to do, now is it?” He teased and you playfully slapped his arm. “Seriously, thank you for coming,” he lowered the cupcake onto the table to give you another tight hug. “I joke a lot, but I really appreciate you being here. It is going to be a very emotional day, so I’m glad I’m going to have your hand to hold.” He caressed your face in one hand as he drew back, brushing your cheek with his thumb. “2018 is going to be a good year, I can feel it.”

“Here’s to your next chapter, right?” You smiled.

“Here’s to our next chapter,” he corrected with a smile.

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