relationship: nolan x emily

nemily 3x07

“When this is done ill never see my sister again …. or nolan” - Emily

nolan and emily sharing their day

nolan shares about his father

Nolan talks about his father not speaking to him 

“im sorry nolan” - Emily

nolan with glasses how cute

playfully teases him about being a grandpa

talking about how much Nolan has changed

nolan says its because of her

“weve made a great team” - Emily

team work

“and the take down is all yours nolan” - emily, i love that line

grandpa glasses make a return

love their faces 

Nolan taking her down

i dont want there team to end

“Kinda fun being your wingman”

“Two years ago i never thought i would have a partner in all of this” - Emily

“…or a real friend” - ems

and her team-mate comes through again


Emily & Nolan | I Don’t Wanna Live Forever



Please excuse my hysterics.

I just got to this scene:

…and I’m dying.

Explain to me how this is supposed to give off a sibling vibe, because I do not have moments like this with my brother and I’d be pretty creeped out if I did, because…total sexual tension.

Just look at that freaking blush on his face. Gah, these two are killing me.

So, I've finally gotten around to watching Revenge...

…and holy crap, I absolutely love it. I’m on episode 13 of season one and I can’t stop watching!

I ship Nolan and Emily so freaking hard it hurts. Their adorable chemistry just melts my heart into a tiny little puddle and the way they look at each other when they think the other one won’t notice…gah. So cute. There’s no way I couldn’t love them. I mean, my two favorite types of couples are (1) best friends turned lovers and (2) couples who were originally antagonistic but grew to love and respect each other despite their differences, and Nemily somehow manages to fall under both of those categories and they’re just so freaking perfect I can’t stand it. I know it’s pointless to ship them, because they’re probably going to end up being siblings or some stupid cliche like that, but I can’t help myself. They give me all the feels.

(Do not read below this line if you’re a Chuck and Blair shipper. You’ve been warned)

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