relationship: nolan x emily


Emily & Nolan | I Don’t Wanna Live Forever


nemily 3x07

“When this is done ill never see my sister again …. or nolan” - Emily

nolan and emily sharing their day

nolan shares about his father

Nolan talks about his father not speaking to him 

“im sorry nolan” - Emily

nolan with glasses how cute

playfully teases him about being a grandpa

talking about how much Nolan has changed

nolan says its because of her

“weve made a great team” - Emily

team work

“and the take down is all yours nolan” - emily, i love that line

grandpa glasses make a return

love their faces 

Nolan taking her down

i dont want there team to end

“Kinda fun being your wingman”

“Two years ago i never thought i would have a partner in all of this” - Emily

“…or a real friend” - ems

and her team-mate comes through again