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Its my first time playing second life and its coolioo.but my graphics suck grrr!.I still need to learn..Dont ask me for my username because I am creating a new account because my username sucks..

my avatar is sooo ugly *cries*

This is gonna be sappy but I don’t care if this is a Jonas Brothers lyric. No one will ever understand how those three men changed my life in so many different ways. Their music has always been for me when no one else has and when I first heard their lyric “Let the beat be your lifeline” from First Time, I knew this is what I wanted. It’s representative of not only what their music has done for me, but just how music in general has always been there. I’m not going to regret this whatsoever. The Jonas Brothers will always be there for me, even if I didn’t know them personally. I’ve supported them since day one and still haven’t stopped. I grew up along with them. That 8 year old that was jamming out to their first single is still doing that at 18. I think that if an artist’s music can change a life, they’ve already succeeded. And I can’t thank them enough. ❤️ @nickjonas @kevinjonas @joejonas @jonasbrothers @johnlloydtaylor #jonasbrothers #nickjonas #joejonas #kevinjonas #jonas #brothers #tattoo #firsttime #lyric #music #pulse #heart #inlove #thankyou #judgeme.

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anonymous asked:

Could you do an updated version of the fluffy smut ask you guys have? The majority of them are deleted and old. (there was only a few) I think there are a lot of new ones! :)

Everybody Talks

Under Control

Mercy Mercy Me

Spark In The Dark

When It Started

and the first time tag is probably a great place to find more

- Toni :*

I assume you mean this list? None of them are deleted, by the way. 

Try Kissing

Good Vibrations

I’m still looking for more! 

EDIT: Silver Lining, it’s chaptered!

- Eve :*


First time walking on snow!! #snow #pekingese #cute #firsttime

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