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Hi, I'm lookig for an ao3 fic, I remember that Phil says in a liveshow, that he is moving out with Susan(?) And in the end, he makes a video about moving into a house with a garden and he and Dan lying on a bed and susan was a dog and it was a joke.

Rise Again (ao3) - After the events of Phoenix Down, the boys are home and they’ve just gotten together. Phil is still healing from his injuries, but that’s not stopping the relationship from getting more and more physical as they explore this new side of them. And then of course, there’s the issue of coming out…

The dog is called Sarah, but I think this is the one you’re looking for ^^

- Emily

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Hi! Do you know of any good fics that are like friends with benefits that turn to more? I like Bottom Levi but it's not a requirement. Thanks!! You're awesome!

Honestly I only know one fic that falls under both of those and I highly recommend it. It’s such a good fic, here you go!

100% Not Weird!
Summary: Levi and Eren are roommates. Eren is frustrated with dating and set ups and doesn’t want a romantic relationship. Levi, who has had a crush on Eren is given a proposition. They can handle a casual relationship, can’t they?


Teenage Dreams in a Teenage Circus

The three of them have always been a unit, seamlessly pulling pranks to get revenge and keep life interesting. The last few months of sixth form bring about a lot of changes, however. Gemma refuses to let anything stop her from getting into her top-pick uni, Perrie second-guesses what makes her special, and Louis breaks the most common of friend codes: he falls for his best mate’s little brother. A coming-of-age tale rife with sneaking around, late-night vandalism, first times, successes, and jealousy.


So yun hanggang ngayon andito pa rin ako kina bestfriend haha dito ako nakatira pag weekends eh lol. Pumunta yung bestfriend ni kuya niya si J, actually friend na rin namen yun ni bestfriend kasi pinakilala nila saken. Tapos ‘yun, busy ako maglaptop kasi yun lang naman gawain ko dito bukod sa kumain hahaha. Bigla lumapit si J, inaabot yung chocolate. Nagulat ako kasi syemps bigla lang lumapit tapos may ganung ganap hahaha shet lng. Tapos nag’thank you ako syempre tapos di pa sya umaalis, biglang inabot yung artwork niya then yun wala na keneleg ako slight hahahaha eh kasi naman first time may gumawa nun saken huhu. Iba pala talaga sa feeling woooooh! Hahaha buti di ako naiyak lol. So yun, di na talaga ko mazezero sa vday hahahaha may chocolate at artwork nkong nareceive. Sobrang naappreciate ko :)

Confession 1: My first bisexual experience

Around the age of 13 I began noticing a sexual attraction to the same sex, I had lost my virginity the year before and had only been sexually active with women, but around middle school I began noticing that some men also had nice booties and things.

With this in the back of my mind it would be close to a decade before I brought myself to do anything with another guy. In fact it wasn’t me who did it.

I was in college, my junior year in Houston, Texas. I’d become the manager/media guy for the University football team which afforded me the opportunity to travel with the team around the country. Growing up it was nothing to see men naked in a locker room etc. So this was no different. While I was able to look at all the naked football players and size them up, I knew how to control myself and even if i wanted to hit would never bring myself to talk to one of them. On one trip out of state though that all changed. For some reason I was put in the same room with the starting player. He was known for his cut body and his thick meat which he did not mind pulling out and random times around campus to show off. I had just finished showering and came out with a towel wrapped around me, he went into the shower right after me. When he came out I was in nothing but shorts and he was butt naked. As stated earlier this was nothing new, we had seen each other naked many of times before. 

On this day though it was different he was playing with himself and his dick became hard while he was staring at my dick print though my shorts (which was still soft) I tried to ignore it cause I was confused, I’d heard rumors about him but didn’t think it was true. I looked at him and noticed he was fully erect, and his dick was thick af. He noticed me looking and asked, “Have you ever got head from a guy before”, I was never really into head and had never been with a guy so the answer was no. I’m standing there not sure how to react while my dick is slowly getting hard. He comes over looks me straight in the face and says well it’s way better than what females can do (which is not necessarily true cause til this day the only person to ever make me cum from head was a female so props to my ladies). He proceeded to get on his knees and pull my shorts down. By this time Im fully hard and nervous as shit as I think to myself “Damn is this really happening?” He just looks at me with a mischievous smile that everyone who knows him knows about and says chill I got you. He gives me head while I’m standing by this time Im turned on and ready for whatever. He leads to the bed and opens up his gym bag where he kept his condoms. After sucking me up for a few more minutes He simply says I want that dick in me” and bends over with all his thick muscle ass in the air. I touch his hole which is moist as fuck (apparently he had already lubed up as I leaned later) He hands me a condom, i put it on and apply more lube. As i prepared to put the head in, he stops me and says “go slow then fuck me hard” so I did just that, I put all 8 or 9 inched of my dick  inside of him and just let it sit for a few seconds while my brain processed that for the first time at the age of almost 22 Im finally having sex with a man.  I ease it in and out while he starts creaming on my dick, after a few minutes of opening it up I asked a question that i still ask today, “are you ready to fuck?” he says yes and i proceed to go as deep and as hard as i can while he makes his ass clap on my dick. I’m pretty sure the other players in the next room could hear but in a way that was sexy too because as i leaned later a few of them got down too. When fucking with a condom it’s hard to bust so we ended up fucking for near an hour but not once did he tap out he was begging me not to stop. As i came close to cumming I yelled out” Yo Im cumming,” he responded just keep fucking let this ass squeeze that nut out”  I fucked harder until I exploded inside of him and collapsed on top of him trying to get my energy back. We just looked at each other and said damn.

We got up together and both cleaned up and had an unspoken conversation, this happened but it didn’t happen. We got dressed and went out to the bar with the rest of the team as if nothing happened. When we got back to the room we were both tired and just slept.Once we flew back to campus everything was back to normal every now and then we would catch each other alone and make eye contact and just smile. We ended up fucking again just 5 more times before I graduated the following year. We’ve now reached homeboy status. Whenever I’m in town we bruhs but at the right moment we still lock eyes and just smile over what happened to this day. That day was a day that changed my world forever, and introduced me to a world that I’m still trying to figure out……….