relationship quote

You thought I stopped talking to you because I got bored. However, you’ve got it all wrong. I’m in love with you so much. I love you and it’s killing me because you won’t ever feel the same way. You look at me but you do not see me. Not with stars in your eyes or with a sense of awe. Not with love. So I’m sorry it seemed like I disappeared. For a while I was selfish and wanted to still keep you in my life. It didn’t work out like that. I realized that it didn’t matter if I left or if I stayed, because it would all hurt the same.
—  C.H. // Learning to Say Goodbye
I should have listened to my instincts. They are always right; but this time I was hoping that they were wrong. Maybe if I followed my instincts, then I wouldn’t be hurting this much.
—  C.H. // A Lost Note to Self
Find someone who can stay with you through everything, the good ones and the bad ones, because in the end, it will bring you closer together and make you realize that fighting is what it takes to keep a relationship standing.
—  Poets Love Her

When I first met you I thought “Oh, this girl seems really cool. I wonder if we’re gonna become friends.”

When I first saw your eyes light up when we talked about things we both loved I thought “I really enjoy being around her.”

When I first hung out with you, just you and me, I thought “I never want this night to end. I want her to keep telling me her secrets, her regrets, her life stories.”

When I first held your hand, I felt a million jolts of electricity fill my veins. I thought “Don’t let go- not now, not ever.”

When I first held you in my arms, your breath feeling warm in contrast to the chill night air, I thought “This can’t be real. Is this a dream? Is this really happening?”

When I first kissed you, I felt such a rush of excitement, nervousness, and complete utter adornment towards you. I thought “I want to feel this girl’s lips on mine for the rest of my life, hers and no one else’s.”

When I first told you I loved you, I could see you smile because you knew I really meant it, and I thought “I want to make this girl smile every single day until the day I die.”

Now whenever I look you, I think “I’m in love with her and everything that she is.”

—  To my darling @colourlesskiss