relationship problems

It’s strange how love can make you feel like you can conquer the world but also make you feel worthless and broken.

It’s strange how those little butterflies in your stomach can bring a smile on your face or let tears roll down your cheeks.

It’s strange how the best feeling in the world can make you insane.

—  First thing I thought of upon waking up

Why :) are :) boys :) never :) honest :) about :) their :) intentions

You have to understand where her fears coming from. She’s scared. You’re the only constant in her life, and she wants to keep it that way.


People who act like your interests are not important and act like you’re not allowed to be happy and enjoy them because:

-“You should be focusing on other priorities”

-“The world is crumbling and how dare you be happy while [x] is happening!” AKA politics

-[X] person is struggling right now and you being happy makes them feel bad

-Literally any situation that makes you feel bad for being happy and enjoying your own life

Those people can fuck off. You are allowed to be happy. You are allowed to enjoy and engage in your interests. Just because someone else refuses to be happy, doesn’t mean you can’t be. You have every right to prioritize your own happiness.