relationship poem

When there are more tears than smiles, leave. When there are more fights than jokes, leave. When it hurts more than it feels good, leave. They don’t have the right to destroy you just because you love them. And loving them doesn’t mean you have to stay.
—  A lesson I learned the hard way -Jess Amelia

And it was one

of the hardest decisions

that I’ve made.

To walk away

from someone

I knew I can

always fight for.

Yet the truth is,

love was always

hard if it’s

one sided.

Even if it’s exactly

what you thought

you’re looking for.

So if you can,
love her
like she’s
the only
in this

Let her bloom
without destroying
the inner beauty
of her heart.

—  ma.c.a // Sun
Please be kind with me, some day’s I will be hard to love, and others I will love too much, but love is something I always have to give.
—  to my future love
don’t tell her its okay. she knows it is okay to cry when she wants. tell her to call you every time she needs someone to hear her out. tell her to talk to you about everything that is bothering her before she goes to sleep every night. tell her how one day there will come a time when everything makes her smile. tell her that even though right now she feels lonely, you’re going to give her the warmest hug when you meet her and everything will seem okay even if its momentarily. tell her the funniest joke and maybe she will smile but please don’t tell her its okay because she knows it’s okay to have a hurting heart.
—  //nikitagupta
If you’ll just hear
all the stories
I’ve said to the moon,
you can never
count those times
I’ve mentioned
how much
I adore you.
—  ma.c.a // Words I Can’t Tell You
When we first started talking, I had no idea how much of an effect you would have on my life.
—  LM - Everything I Didn’t Say #25
I’m writing to tell you
it hurts.
On the best days, he tastes like too much red wine
and it’s only now that it is easier for him
to tell you he loves you—
to tell you
what you wait/deserve/want
to hear.
After the bar, he fairytales into late night laughter
and falling asleep bare-skinned.
These have become the best nights,
and my sweetheart, they come so seldom.
It is now that you avoid eye contact
with the letters you wrote to yourself
at fifteen;
how she would shake her fists
and tell me she grew up
to be stronger than this–
that we didn’t bruise to become softer,
we didn’t love so damn hard
because we wanted silence.
More than I can paint in letters,
this hurts.
After you,
I don’t know if I’ll ever trust again.
After you,
is a life I never pictured.
—  Schuyler Peck, I Will Cross This River
Please…” he said. “I truly hope that you would never turn out like the person who broke you.
—  ma.c.a // I’m afraid of losing you
he’s different. he shows he wants me and wants to care for me. he’s not like the others, not like the past ones. he’s different but the good type of different.
—  diary entry # something.