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Fixing the Broken(Part 7)

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Summary: Lance and Y/N are going through a divorce but can their son change the route of the future?

You were pacing around your room, all dolled up, waiting for the door bell to ring. You were nervous, but also very excited to be starting again with your husband. You had been too stubborn to admit that you missed him, your pride always came before your feelings but now, you were over it. You were ready to give your relationship a chance.

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Best Olicity Moments of Season 4


This scene was equally both amazing and heartbreaking.

Oliver’s realization that Felicity might be doubting their relationship, is heartbreaking. He’s spent the last few months thinking they were on the same page with their relationship. He was going to propose. And now, the fear that has been in the back of his mind, the fear that Felicity might change her mind about them, is staring him in the face.

And seeing Felicity so unsure, and scared is so sad. She’s always seemed sure of herself, in what she wants. She’s always been careful in her decisions, in thinking things through. And now, she’s possibly regretting jumping into this relationship with Oliver. In leaving their lives and running away together.

But it’s such a good scene, even if it breaks your heart.

things i've learned the hard way

1. if they’re being abusive, leave. much easier said than done, but you won’t live with the constant fear of being abused if you don’t do everything right and feel obligated to say you’re sorry even when there’s nothing to be sorry about

2. don’t rely on someone for your happiness

3. don’t pick up a drug or alcohol habit. it consumes you. you need something to take the pain that you feel away. it drains you. you’re miserable. try writing instead.

4. parents aren’t always loving. they aren’t going to agree with you. you’re going to hate them. especially if they invalidate you in any way. but understand that most of the time, they love you even if they show it in a fucked up way.

5. you are not obligated to see your family if they abused you. don’t go to an abuser because you want their acceptance. the sooner you let it go, the better you’ll feel in the long run.

6. stop jumping from relationship to relationship because you want love. they aren’t going to give you what you want. let love come to you.

7. time heals all hurt. it’s such a cliche, but it’s so true. you might feel better in a week, it might take you a year, or longer. time is relative.

8. stop romanticizing your pain. you’ll become comfortable in it. happiness will be terrifying so you do anything to get out of it. your pain is not beautiful. it is not poetic. it is pain.

9. friends come and go. don’t sweat it. the ones who care will stay with you thru it all.

10. learn to love yourself. start small. tell yourself how amazing your teeth are, your handwriting is, your hair. add things when you’re comfortable. soon, you’ll love yourself. it’s hard, and it’s not fun at first. learn to love yourself so you won’t need anyone else to so you’ll feel good about yourself.