relationship necklace


Apparently these pendants sold quite rapidly.

Ok but Matt’s mom gave Stephanie a necklace that says ‘family’ on it and I’m lowkey emotional.

So if y’all have been reading my #dream posts and/or stalking the main, then you know there are certain entities in my life that I have not permission to write of them by their commonly known names. So often what I write as a throwaway redaction reference sticks, much to their amusement and my inner grammarian’s dismay.

A couple of months ago, [ThisWoman] offered her assistance and guidance for [a thing] but because of the meatspace shenanigans at the time, understood I wasn’t able to partake at the time.

A couple weeks ago, ThisWoman asked if I was still interested in her assistance, which I am. “I will send information and [folks] to you. You will know they have come at my direction. Once it is clear I have sent them, do not refuse them, for to refuse one is to refuse them all.”

Sounds fair.

I have been receiving information from sources and directions I usually would have turned away from because of insecurities, gatekeeping, and general racial fuckery. Each time, there was a signature tell of ThisWoman involved that made me pay attention.


About that red coral and orange calcite necklace


There’s no contract to write up because that agreement was spoken for already. (And you were right to back up once it hit my hands.) I’m not saying there were some shenanigans afoot, I’m saying this is some two-dollar-fuckery.

Jimmy gestured Stanley over to him, “Come here Precious, I have a gift for you.” He pulled out a silver chain from his pocket as he spoke, attached to it was a large locket with a intricate Jade carving of a snake embedded in the surface.

Stanley, wears a braided chain of the finest silver from the north of spain, a locket, which bears the name, of a man that Stanley loves.

So for some reason after realizing Brandy and Stanley sort of rhymed I absolutely had to do a jimstan pic of it in the same setting as Treasure Island. 

Stanley’s nineteen and has been living on his own after being disowned for a couple of years now. Jimmy is a grizzled sea captain with a secret who takes a liking to him. 

I don’t really plan on expanding this anymore than that, I just liked the image. XD Feel free to do something with the idea if you want to.