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i just had to draw something from BOTW and i accidentally fell in love with the optimistic fish prince

but in all seriousness take a headcanon

sidon mentions in-game that when hyrule fell 100 years ago, he was still a child (as they’re talking about mipha’s relationship with link)

so consider this: mipha babysitting a tiny little sidon (who, let’s be honest, would’ve been a huge bundle of joy). she was probably the one who taught him to be nice to everyone (hence the constant motivational speeches).

i feel like here he’s probably just reflecting on what he still remembers of his sister.

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D͢A͝W̫͕̰̩͔̩N̴̹̹͈ ̴̥̱̖̼O̳͎F͜ ͏͉͔̦͚̪̼T̠͖̹͇̱͡H͍̭͍̤͜E̶̬̫̻ ͔̬͠F͖͍̪̦̠Ḭ̜͓͔̬̞̱N̤A͉̙̞̰͕̟L͕̩̠̱͔͎͢ D͖̯̺A̮̪̠̱̙͠Y,̺͞ ̮̘̦̟͕̪͈_̪͟2̳͕̼͡4̻̬̣̙̻̹ͅ ͝H͎̱͕̟O̧Ṵ̵̹̪͎̗͎R̻̜̟̟̩̬ͅS̷̹̦̺͈ ̡͔R̺͚̻̙E̶M͉̼̤̬̫̲͕A̧͍Ḭ͇̬N̙͎̱̻̦

I love how Viktor and Yuuri compliment each other and act as foils of each other. I kinda spoke about this in my case for submissive Viktor and dominant Yuuri, but this is more my interpretation of the emotional side of their relationship? Anyways! (Link is nsfw, btw.)

The first time we see Viktor and Yuuri interact, Viktor is played off as this flirtatious, suave sex god, and don’t get me wrong, that boy is smooth as silk, he knows he’s pretty and clearly knows how to work his attractiveness. Meanwhile Yuuri is presented to us right away as a shy, soft boy who is easily flustered, and again, he is all of those things. What interests me is what we learn about the two of them as the show moves on. 

In the first episode or two, I was lead to believe that Viktor could be a slick playboy type character, the handsome suitor from Yuuri’s “eros” story. But as the show progresses, it becomes more and more clear that Viktor is honestly… just… a big romantic softie? Like, he fell head over heels for Yuuri that night at the banquet, so all of his flirtation with Yuuri upon arriving in Japan was a result of Yuuri flirting with him FIRST. This dynamic shift is so awesome to me, because we all thought that Viktor was initiating everything, but his flirting was reactionary the whole time. And we thought that Yuuri was a blushing innocent flower but! That boy can work a stripper pole like a pro!

I love that neither of them are how they seem at a glance, and they’re so full of so many layers. Like yes, Viktor knows how to be a charmer, but he’s so soft and romantic on the inside. It makes me wonder if he’s had an opportunity to be this soft with anyone before–all evidence suggests that with Yuuri, he’s allowing himself to be that way for the first time. Meanwhile Yuuri is soft and shy and easily flustered, but he clearly also has a lot of raw sexuality that it just takes a little nudge to bring to the surface. 

I just love their dynamic so much, because they draw each other’s defining qualities out of each other, which results in them becoming more comfortable with being themselves… both sides of themselves. I love that our first impressions of them aren’t necessarily wrong–they’re true! To a certain point, at least. But they don’t have to be static versions of themselves, they’re allowed to be multifaceted and explore the parts of themselves that they don’t let other people see very much. I want to see more of Yuuri’s growing sexual confidence, and more of Viktor learning what it’s like to be genuine and soft and in love. It’s just such a beautiful, mutually beneficial and healthy dynamic, I can’t get over how much I love it. 

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'Steven Universe' Creator Rebecca Sugar Talks Season 3
Cartoon Network's cult hit "Steven Universe" has earned its second Emmy nomination for "The Answer," an episode with an LGBT fairy tale

I’m back from taking time off Tumblr and feel all-around better.

In my absence, I was reading and watching some older SU interviews. This one is an article dated 23 August 2016. It’s rather old, but I feel that it’s still very relevant talking about the themes of the show, particularly about the topics being discussed on the show and how Jasper is being portrayed at present. 

Curtis Armstrong talking about J2 rehearsing the scene where Dean dies [9x23]
  • LYNN: Jensen was saying that during that episode, he and Jared were very emotional about Dean dying, that Jared was really crying. I guess you weren’t there when they filmed that scene, when Sam goes to Dean…
  • CURTIS: No, I was there for that, because we shot it with Sam appearing screaming and running, and he gets to Dean and he looks up at me, and I said something, a line that was cut…
  • LYNN: Oh! I wonder what you said.
  • CURTIS: It wasn’t important, in fact it was better cut. It was some flip comment, very Metatron but unnecessary. And then he grabs the angel blade and goes for me and I’m gone. So I was still on the set when they rehearsed it. I never saw the filming of it but I saw the rehearsal. And it was a big fucking deal. I mean, it was. You could see that it was.
  • LYNN: They were emotional even then?
  • CURTIS: Yeah, they really were. I mean, I think it’s a big thing. After ten years, out of necessity to keep yourself sane, you might be in some scenes operating on a kind of auto pilot, but you can’t operate on auto pilot with a scene like that, there’s just too much. And the two of them, they have that unique – not just chemistry, but an actual relationship. You know, I mean Bruce and Cybil [in Moonlighting] had chemistry and no relationship. These guys have both. So when you’re in that moment, it’s hard to not, I think, have it affect you.
Recovery - FishKing - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
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Link defeats that pesky Lynel that has been plaguing the Zora people. Though he doesn’t come out unscathed, far from it actually.

Luckily there’s a handsome Zora price to keep him company while he recovers.
Cowardice - FishKing - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
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Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Link/Prince Sidon, Link/Sidon, sidlink, Pre-Relationship
Characters: Prince Sidon, Link
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Series: Part 3 of Seabreeze

Link fled a battle to save his own skin. Guilt ate him up inside, so he found himself in a place he had come to associate with safety. Even within the walls of Zora’s Domian though, Link knows he is nothing but a coward.

Sidon disagrees.

**Contains spoilers for the Gerudo Divine Beast

Day 4! Sorry this took a little while D: Link’s Awakening is one of my favourite games. From the fantastic music and plot, to the tons of references to other games littered throughout the story, to the whimsical atmosphere of Koholint. I’ve always liked how they included a slightly ambiguous relationship between Link and Marin. To me, it feels like Marin is probably the only constant thing in Link’s adventure. She’s the first person he meets, and sort of makes an appearance in the ending? Makes me wonder if the feelings he has for her are similar to how he feels for the Princess Zelda in that time period… 

tfw your apprentice doesn’t have a father and you’re the closest thing to it

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