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Vanilla (M) || Dom!Jimin Smut

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Genre: SmUuUuuT || Fluff (?) at the end || Dominant!Jimin
Word Count: 5.6k of pure fiLTH
Warnings: Hair pulling, light spanking, light choking, overstimulation, fingering, a lot of dirty shit okok prepare yo self

Description: Jimin is a busy guy. The idol life is not an easy one.
With you missing him for three months due to his schedule, all you wanted was to spend his first night back with him. When that doesn’t go to plan, you end up spewing shit about your sex life with Jimin – or better yet, your lack of one.

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Let me tell you something about power imbalances

Since the Otayuri-discourse is getting really annoying, I would like to tell you something. Power imbalances can have an effect on every relationship. Romantic as well as platonic. A power imbalance can turn into an unhealthy relationship of any kind. But there is one thing, that everyone seems to ignore: A power imbalance itself does not cause abusive behavior. On its own its neither good nor bad. Its the way it is used, that makes the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationship.

A power imbalance is like a “tool”. It can be used by an abuser to take advantage of its victim. The abusers keep themselves on the higher level to maintain the imbalance. This can lead to physical and emotional abuse. The abuser can easily pressure the victim into doing things that they aren’t comfortable with. For example: Older friends pressuring the younger one into drinking alcohol/older lover pressuring younger to have sex despite them not being ready for it. And this is obviously a horrible thing.

But a power imbalance can also have a positive effect. In a healthy relationship the more powerful part tries to minimize the imbalance. They don’t see the other on as lower. They want to be on an equal level. The imbalance can be used to help the younger one grow, while also making sure that they are safe don’t go over their limits. It can be reassuring to have someone more experienced that can help you in life and share their experiences. One great example for a healthy relationship with a power imbalance in the beginning is a ship you all love: Victuuri!

At the start of the show Yuuri is a loner. He doesnt have many friends and the only thing he really cares for is skating (and Victor of course). He has huge anxiety and really lacks in confidence. He idolizes Victor and therefore sees him as above him.  Also, Yuuris love life before Victor is pretty much non existent and he just becomes a blushing mess at the mere mention of eros. On the other hand we have Victor “Sexiest-Man-Alive” Nikiforov. He is way more experienced and confident than Yuuri and has had a few relationships in the past. All this puts a huge imbalance on Victors side. We see this in the beginning, when Victor was really pushy, thinking Yuuri was still as confident and flirty as he was at the banquet, making Yuuri feel visibly uncomfortable. When Victor sees this, he tones down the flirting to keep it at a pace that Yuuri can comfortably move along with. We see Victor helping Yuuri becoming more confident in his abilities and more comfortable with his sexuality. Victor used the power imbalance to turn the idol-fan-relationship into a loving relationship between two equals.

This concludes, that a power imbalance itself does not automatically make a relationship bad. Its the mindset of the more powerful person, that determines if this imbalance can be healthy or not.

Now lets talk about Otayuri!

First of all, Yuri is not the pure, innocent, little child, that needs to be sheltered from everything, that you all seem to think he is. We are talking about the “kid” who wanted to skate to eros, because he thought it would fit him better. The kid who watched Yuuri and Chris pole dancing and kept tons of photos of it. The kid who told Mila to stop acting horny after breaking up with her boyfriend. Most 15/16 years old boys are not innocent angels…  Also, Yuri is actually quite mature for his age. Yuri moved away from his home to St. Petersburg when he was around 10 years old. He is the main provider for his family since his junior debut. Growing up away from home, with this high responsibilities makes you mature faster. He committed his life to figure skating. He had the determination and disciplin to win GPF gold on his senior debut. This level of dedication, endless training, without complaining, to work towards a goal, is a sign of maturity. Sure, sometimes he acts childish and on impulse, but so does Victor, the guy who pauses his career for a year, travels to Japan and suddenly shows up naked at a hot spring, because of his crush on a drunk Yuuri.

We have seen Otabek and Yuri both supporting and admiring each other. We see Otabek helping Yuri to grow. Yuri doesnt act like an angry brat with him. He is much calmer and happier around him.  Kubo even said that Otabek sees them as equals. There is only a small power imbalance between them. Its even smaller than between Victor and Yuuri. And since their relationship is based on mutual respect and support, and Otabek wants them to be equal, there is not even the slightest hint, why this relationship would be abusive in any way. To me this looks like the perfect base for a healthy relationship. So what makes you think that Otabek would be a predator? What makes you think he would take advantage of him? Why would he harm Yuri? This is what bothers me the most about this discourse. By saying this ship would be unhealthy , disgusting and bad, you are accusing Otabek of being an abusive asshole. And this magnificent, loving character does not deserve this hate.

This post is obviously not meant to say that all relationships with age differences are totally ok. This is meant to explain, that it is not always automatically bad. There are many unhealthy relationships where both people are the same age or where the abuser is the younger one. Age alone is not what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy. The mindset of the individual person is!

The Signs In A Relationship - Extended

Aries: Aries partners are very straight forward, they don’t like playing games, psychologically speaking. When it comes to being playful in the relationship, Aries’ love it! Whether it’s board games, video games, play wrestling that ends in kissing, Aries. Has. To. Win. If they don’t win first time round I can guarantee there will be a round two. Being the first sign, a fire sign no less, debates can get heated but if it’s a debate about something stupid it’s more or less going to end up in an aggressive make out session. Their fiery personality can make them both hard to handle at times and amusingly challenging at others. They love to challenge you, they feel it’s a practical way to help you’s two bond and secure your relationship. Despite the fact that they come across quite headstrong, Aries’ are easy to get riled up which can leave them vulnerable in a way. When angry, Aries’ temper flashes wildly, without warning and is gone as quick as it came. Empathy is not their strong suit but they’ll try their very best when it’s someone they love. They might get a little uncomfortable if you cry in front of them but only because it breaks their heart to see it. Aries’ are all about passion and they love to make their partner smile and laugh. If you’re not giving them the amount of attention or affection they want they can get grouchy until you notice it. All in all, Aries lovers can be hard to handle but an amazing companion to someone who can either cool down their fire or match it.

Taurus: Taurean partners are one of the most steady partners you can get. They like a stable, easy flowing relationship and will do what they can to achieve one. They are incredibly determined and will do what they can to make their relationship as harmonious as possible. Commitment in very important to them and they are very cautious about who they give it to, I mean REALLY cautious about it. Being one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, Taurus’ fall quickly in lust, even quicker when it’s with someone they truly love. Ruled by Venus, Taurus’ are suckers for romance, whether they show it or not. Candles, romantic dinners, massages etc. appeal to their senses and can break down their emotional barriers. Because they are so committed and ensnared in their relationship, they can get jealous and possessive quite easily. They might not realise it, but it’s because they’re so emotionally invested in their relationships that instincts kick in and they do what they can to keep what’s theirs. When upset, their rage is often compared to that of a bull, their animal. It builds up over time and when released can be lethal. Do. Not. Betray. Their. Trust. They will never let it go and they might find it difficult to trust you again.

Gemini: Gemini’s, like the other air signs desire intellectual stimulation and is quite witty in their charm. Flirting is a game to them and they always win. They can be quite extroverted in their relationship and likes to make it know that you’re together, they’ll take any opportunity to tell their loved ones about you. They can sometimes be caught between being in a good and bad mood, and further more if there is actually something wrong they’ll mostly try to avoid talking about it. Air signs generally find feelings icky and do there best to keep their distance. It’s not anything personal, it’s just one of their principles whether they’re aware of it or not. If you get onto the topic of feelings and emotions, Gems will normally try to talk their way into a different topic or try to make the situation lighter by adding humour or sarcasm, depending on the partner this could be problematic. Gemini’s get bored quite easily and need a partner that’s willing to try new things with them and can give them a constant sense of excitement of some sort. A partner who can intellectually challenge Gemini appeals to them a lot,because they fall in love with peoples minds. They can be quite cunning when it comes to getting what they want, they may not even notice it because it’s their nature but they need someone who can handle this and keep their ass in check before people get hurt. Overall, very much like Aries, Gems can be a handful but they can open doors for you and make you think about things and question yourself, leading to personal development.

Cancer: Cancer’s are naturally the mothers of the zodiac so it’s no surprise that they are one of the most nurturing partners you could have. They will make you chicken soup when your sick and fail at serenading you when you’re sad (probably because you’ll probably end up laughing). This is the sign that will put everything else on hold to care for and ensure the safety of their loved one. They are incredibly intuitive, being able to tell if a person is upset from the slightest gesture. Relationships are very important to Cancer’s and if there’s any disruption it can cause a knock on affect in other areas of their lives. They’re quite sentimental and nostalgic, the type of partners that would keep memorabilia from a first date and cherish it. Cancer’s often find themselves overwhelmed by emotions and can find it almost impossible to make an intellectual decision without letting emotions come into play. This can be problematic and dangerous to both involved in the relationship. Cancerians can be manipulative when they need to be. They are fully aware of their innocent disposition and can use it to their ability when needed. This sign can encourage emotional growth in their partner but needs someone to keep them grounded and help them snap out of it when needed.

Leo: Leo’s are very proud in their relationships and will take any opportunity they can get to show their partner off. One of the most playful signs in the zodiac, these partners guarantee an enthusiastic and spontaneous relationship, they love to surprise. Leo’s look at the world with excitement and love, and just by being in their company, they can show you the most beautiful aspects of the simplest thing. Their optimism and persistence can bring the relationship a long way. They loves to be adored, whether they admit it or not, it lies deep in their soul simply because they have an air of self belief. When alone with their partner, Leo’s are very warm hearted and affectionate. They show you amazing parts of yourself you didn’t even consider because they have an eye for things like that. They recover quickly from set backs so this can be helpful in a compromise based relationship. Leo’s are generally attracted to people with strong personalities, Sometimes Leo’s can be overbearing with their emotions which can leave their partner feeling a little tired but when with someone’s who’s personality can match theirs, they can be handled. Leo’s very rarely change their minds, once they’re set on something - that’s that, but if you can appeal to their emotional side, persuasion is possible, yet still very hard to do. They can sometimes fall victim to false praise in the desire to look good in front of others. With a partner who can match their fire and not take advantage of them, Leo’s love and energy can be harnessed in a positive way.

Virgo: Virgos are one of the most intellectual signs in the zodiac so relationships without mental stimulus won’t last very long. They’re incredibly witty and sarcastic and they use this to be playful with you. A partner who can connect with them intellectually is one that Virgo’s never get bored off. They like to pick peoples brains and to know why you like certain things. Possibly the most organised of the signs, Virgo is able to keep the relationship moving at a steady pace that suits both partners. Virgo’s have a very powerful sex drive although they tend to keep it hidden to those they’re not intimate with and like the other earth signs can be quite sensual. They can be quite tricky when it comes to feeling and emotions. Virgos don’t like feelings because they find them quite messy and often this causes them to feel torn in a relationship, making falling in love bitter sweet for them. They’re very detail oriented and can sometimes nit pick their partner. They can over analyse the relationship and get themselves into a worried state and make them uncomfortable. They don’t like to open up much because if they talk about their feelings it makes them more real after they’ve spent a big amount of time analysing them out of existence. If they open up to you, tread carefully and try not to get too much out of them, they’re opening up to you for a specific reason and if you try to get more, they’ll shut down again and they may never open up to you again. Virgo’s need someone who will connect with them intellectually, provide them with stability, give them space when they need, be there when they want to open up but not push them into it.

Libra: Probably the most idealistic signs when it comes to romantic relationships, Libra’s can sometimes expect too much rom-com scenarios in their relationships but only with the intention of deepening the bond between them and their lover. Libra’s personality was in some way created for love, it is the sign of balance, partnership and judgement. Librans strive to be fair and just in their relationship and desire harmony in their romantic affairs. Libra’s are great at negotiating and can maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the relationship. They are natural flirters but aren’t as crude about it as some of the other signs. They love the idea of love and falling into it which can sometimes leave them vulnerable to those who might play them. Emotionally, like other air signs, they like to step back from feelings apart from when it comes to romantic love. They’re emotions can get intense when dealing with love and although Librans are generally not jealous people, any sort of threat to their relationship can arouse feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.They can sometimes get selfish in their relationship, wanting it to be perfect for them. With the right partner that can roll with their ideas and can be 100% devoted/loyal to them, Libra’s can provide others with a fair, amorous relationship that never gets unromantic.

Scorpio: Scorpio’s are easily the most secretive signs in the zodiac and can be hard to get to know. In public they don’t show much affection other than hand or waist holding, but behind closed doors they can be completely different. Scorpio’s can often feel torn because even though they need an outlet, needing a partner makes Scorpio feel vulnerable and they like to see themselves as emotionally self-sufficient. Dominance and power in a big thing with this sign, they like to be in control of the situation at all times. They never wear their heart on their sleeves. When in a committed relationship they show just how passionate and erotic they are behind their enigmatic exterior. They feel things so deeply in their souls but you may never know unless they choose to let you in - if they do, you should be honoured. They will empathise with your problems internally, normally not letting you know they sometimes feel the same. They expect absolute utmost loyalty and faithfulness as they provide you with nothing less. If you betray or stray from a Scorpio, good luck getting them to trust you again. They never forget or forgive, even if they pretend they do, and it takes forever, if at all, to get their trust back. They can always see into your heart so don’t bother trying to lie to them. Scorpio’s are best know for their out lash - and rightly so! It’s in their nature to use attack as their defence, their partner needs to understand this and be patient with them. They normally lash out because they feel vulnerable on some level. With a partner that can understand their complex emotions and be patient and stable while they figure themselves out, Scorpios can be one of them most of the most compassionate and encouraging partners in the zodiac.

Sagittarius: Sagittarian’s are one of the most freedom-loving signs in the zodiac and can sometimes become uneasy when it comes to settling down. They love new things so sometimes the thought of commitment can be unappealing however, when in love Sagittarius can bring the spice of life to their partner. They love to flirt, and they’re great at it too. While Aries is passionate in their flirting and Leo is playful, Sagittarius’ are incredibly fiery, the type that will challenge you for the hell of it. Travel is a big keyword with Sagittarius’, they can get bored easily and need something (or someone) to keep them on their feet. A very independent sign, they will not take any shit from anyone and will call you out if you’re acting up. They will not tolerate time wasters. Sagittarius’ don’t enjoy thinking about emotions and much less feeling them. They feel that they’re emotions can hinder their ambition and likes to leave them untouched so don’t expect them to frequently get deep into their emotions because chances are they will change the subject on a lighter note. They tend to lie without really noticing it and can sometimes make promises they don’t keep. It’s not that they disregard them purposely, it’s just they might forget in their pursuit of even more new experiences. For this reason, their partner might need to be able to take the things they say with a pinch of salt. With a partner that can keep up the pace and adapt to Sagittarius’ ever changing interests, not drag them down or put pressure on them to commit too soon, Sagittarius’ can show them the world in a whole new light with wondrous opportunity’s.

Capricorn: Like the other earthy signs, Capricorn’s are normally quite reserved in public when with their partner but when alone (varying on how close they are) they can really let loose. They have an unusual sense of humour which can come across as dark to some. When you know them extremely well, you might get the chance to see how much of a wild card Caps can really be. This sign is one of the most reliable in the zodiac and possess incredible strength of character which can handle strong personalities. They’re often described as the “rock” in the relationship, they can keep the other partner grounded without crushing their spirit. They’re very patient when it comes to other and respect their partners wishes as they’d like to be respected in turn. Their relationships tend to last very long and they take their responsibility in the relationship seriously. They have a very cool demeanour until aroused sexually. They tend to be very lusty rather than love-y, because they’re very careful about love. Capricorns panic when they’re not in control of a situation and somewhat lacks the ability to express their emotions properly. When a Capricorn opens up to you, the things they’ll tell you will break your heart and you must treat that information as carefully as you can because it has taken a lot for the Cap to tell you. With a partner that won’t smother them but at the same time commit to the relationship as much as they do, Capricorns can provide a harmonious, steady and fruitful relationship.

Aquarius: Aquarian partners can be very eccentric and hyper when with their partner - in both private and public! This sign will seek equality in the relationship, to be together as a team. They are the sign known for change and growth, this will be the sign that can easily get their relationship to evolve at a healthy pace. This sign values companionship in their romantic relationship, they enjoy the company of those who they can sit with and question society and existence one minute and do the most random, pointless activity with the next simply because it makes them happy. Like the other air signs, Aquarians can some times be idealistic and will try to sneakily get their own way. Although they may seem detached and not very feeling, below the surface lies conflicting, chaotic emotions. For that reason they need stability, especially in a relationship. Intimacy can be awkward for them sometimes because they’re so independent and they find it hard to express the complex emotions they feel despite their verbal intelligence. However they will sit with you and listen to your woes and try to find a solution, they probably won’t delve into their own problems that often and when they do they’ll finish with “but anyway” and then change the subject so to not dwell on them. With an optimistic partner that can respect Aqua’s need for space, can listen to their opinions and not base the whole relationship off of intimacy and physical attraction, Aquarius’ can learn to express themselves and their ideas better and can give their partner a mind opening experience.

Pisces: Pisceans can be tricky when it comes to love, they fall in love with the idea of love like Libras but are wary of it like Scorpios. Incredibly intuitive, they can always tell when their partner is feeling off just by the way they come into the room. They are probably the most understanding sign in the zodiac and won’t push you into talking if you don’t want to (even if it frustrates them a little). When you do decide to talk about it, Pisces’ are excellent listeners and will provide empathy and validation for your feelings. They know how much emotions can affect people, having felt their own so very deeply and make it their priority to take care of their partners emotional needs. Like the air signs, they tend to be infatuated by intellectual stimulus as long as the other person isn’t being snobbish about it. Though they might not show it, words can hurt them a lot and they tend to take things to heart, even if they know it wasn’t intentional. This sign can be prone to guilt and can be manipulated easily enough. However, they’re just as willing to play the game and can manipulate just as well. They adapt to their surroundings a lot so their emotional state in terms of romance can be a reflection on the state of the relationship itself. They tend to drift between merging with their partner and flirting with other possibilities. With a partner who can be patient with them, understand their emotional complexity and keep them grounded whenever they get second thoughts, Pisces’ can lead their partner to inner contentment and show them that if you look hard enough there’s still good left in the world.


Hope you guys like this :)

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The UT/UF/US skelebros' SO has an ex that is a friend of the family and shows up to every family holiday dinner. One of the SO's parents has taken to assigning the seating so the SO is next to the ex and the skelebro is on the other side of the table. Reactions?

*In this imagine, the S/O’s family (or at least one of their parents) doesn’t like the fact that they’re dating a skeleton monster–or, depending on the skele’s personality, him in general.  And it’s not particularly a secret that they like the ex better, despite the fact that things didn’t work out for a reason.


He’s openly staring, his eyesockets wide.  Everyone in your family seems to really love your ex, so he was expecting to meet someone fantastic–some attractive, well put-together human with a winning smile.

Instead, he’s seated across from Burgerpants.

He can’t believe it. His shoulder start to shake the moment Burgerpants greets you with “Hey little buddy.”  

This is too much.  All apprehension Sans held melts away, and he doesn’t even mind the seating situation any longer.  He makes cat jokes the entire time like “you’re the ex?  guess the cat’s outta the bag now” or, when Burgerpants asks how long the two of you have been dating, “you sure curiosity won’t kill ya?”

Yes, he even pulls out the “you’ve cat to be kitten me” line, which he’s been saving for an occasion as special as this one.  Your family isn’t amused by his jokes at first, but each one has you laughing, which only fuels the fire.  Sans is on a roll, but after the dinner, he teases your mercilessly for not mentioning that relationship sooner.  


He isn’t bothered in the slightest, especially given the fact that he’s starting to win your parent over.  After all, who can dislike someone as friendly as him?  He harbors no ill will toward your ex; in fact, he spends a great deal of time talking to them.  When he mentions that “WE HAVE SOMETHING IN COMMON, HUMAN!  BOTH OF US HAVE SEEN THE BEST IN Y/N!”, not even the ex can hate him.  Papyrus doesn’t feel threatened at all.  He believes in you whole-heartedly and knows you’re all his.  He just wants everyone to get along.

Next family gathering, everyone fights over who gets to sit next to Pap–including your ex.


He’s pissed off, but trying to play nice because you want your family to see past his gruff exterior.  He tries to make conversation with your family, but he’s distracted by the sight of your ex chatting you up from across the table, and it SUCKS that the conversation always seems to turn back around to how much your ex has their life together while Red only works a few odd jobs.  He wants to boast about the gold-exchange and claim he doesn’t HAVE to work, but he’s honestly never been the type to brag over something like that.  So, instead, he plasters on a shit-eating grin and sweats out the dinner.

But all throughout, he’s accidentally kicking your ex, and at one point, he used his magic to move your ex’s glass of water toward the edge of the table, so it ended up in their lap.  From the way he guffawed with glee, you knew it was his doing.  The rest of the dinner, he’s grouchy, and when you both leave the gathering, he’s a mixture of super-clingy and irritable.


Yeah, that’s not even going to fly with Edgy.  As soon as your ex begins to sit down next to you, Papyrus grabs their upper arm and jerks them back to their feet.  He leans down, fixing them with a sharp glare that has your entire family staring.  You cringe.  "I BELIEVE YOU’RE IN MY SEAT, HUMAN!“ he claims, his tone sharp and biting.  Your ex isn’t a match for Edge, so they glance helplessly at your family member who assigned the seating, but no one wants to further kick the Papyrus-hornet’s-nest.  So, they end up taking the seat across the table, wile Edge sharply nods and sits down beside you.  

Your family still hates him, but both of you love each other, so it’s really none of their business.  Edge glares at your ex (and the family member that he discovered orchestrated their situation) the entire time, but otherwise joins in the conversation so that he can boast about his accomplishments.  They vastly overshadow your ex’s, so he leaves the gathering feeling confident and self-assured.


He’s jealous.  He wanted to sit by you!  And this is your EX?!  That rubs him the wrong way, and the fact that your family is making him sit across from you and some human you used to be with hurts his feelings.  His cheeks are puffed out in a pout, and watching the two of you together is making him wonder what happened when you were dating this human.  Did you hold hands?  Kiss?  Was there more..?  

His eyesockets start to burn.

Blueberry is determined not to cause a scene, however; he’s frankly too Magnificent for that.  All he has to do is make sure that your family sees this!  So, he spends the dinner talking–a little too loud, a little too much, his voice at a slightly-higher pitch in an effort to cover up the twinge in his ribs.  He doesn’t question your loyalty, and he’ll even be nice toward your ex, but.. when it comes to talking about accomplishments, Blueberry does use every opportunity to one-up them.  

After the dinner, he’s a little down, but he covers it up by acting energetic.  However, he refuses to let go of your hand.



Stretch straight up sits in your ex’s lap, pushes their plate across the table to the empty spot, and then puts his own plate down.  He knows what’s going on, that he’s being discriminated against just because he’s a monster, and frankly, he doesn’t give a shit what they think.  They’re just trying to rile him up, to push him out like he’s not important, and he refuses to deal with it.

"whoops.  sorry. didn’t see you in my seat, pal.”  Stretch chuckles and lifts up enough to allow you speechless ex to scramble out from beneath him.  Everyone is staring; your face is hot.  Then Stretch leans over toward you, slips an arm around your shoulders, and calmly eats like nothing happened.  He’s the master of playing it cool, and he makes casual conversation throughout the dinner that eases the tension.  You end up not even being mad because you’re glad Stretch never stands for that kind of behavior.

He keeps a sharp eyesocket on your ex throughout the dinner–as well as the family member he deems responsible–but doesn’t make any mean-spirited comments.  Instead, he acts friendly enough while maintaining some sort of PDA (his arm around your shoulders, his fingers toying with your hair) to remind all of them of just whom you’re dating.

How do I put it into words...?

The majority of the fandom has probably watched the last episode, so now might be fitting to get this out of my chest. I don’t normally do stuff like this, but since everyone is doing the same, I feel like I have to. I’m too exasperated to keep it in.

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is such a wonderfully crafted tale. There’s so much symbolism and so many readings between lines that it’s impossible to count all. Everything connects, everything makes sense and everything comes in a cycle. It’s beautifully executed; the animation studio did a great job. It also delivered a proper, representative ending where all of it culminates together. Pretty perfect, I must say, except for one thing (yes, this is exactly what you think).

And since this one thing includes spoilers, the rest will be left under the cut.

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It seems to me that modern relationships fall apart rather easily today, often at the slightest hurdle or disagreement. Personally, I don’t know that the old way of being stuck for life in an unhappy relationship is any better, in fact that sounds torturous to me, but there is definitely something going on now where so many people have zero interest in trying to work through the tough spots in a relationship. There is no longer any real commitment to building something that lasts through the ups and downs.

I think a lot of it comes down to the fact that, thanks to a plethora of dating and hook-up apps, most people have more options than ever before, so it is pretty hard to really give one person a chance when you have 20 messages from other prospects who might be better.
The funny thing though, is that they rarely are better. Their Facebook, Snapchat, IG, or dating profile is often an illusion, but still we continually opt to kick one somewhat flawed real life person to the curb in the hopes that the grass might be greener with this virtual version of perfection,
but of course,
it almost always ends up being astroturf.

Samuel Decker Thompson @adudewritingpoetry

NCT When You Don’t Want Them to Meet Your Family

Requested by: anonymous (thanks for your awesome request! and, if this is something happening to u irl then feel free to talk to me about it. u can trust mi eye swer)

Submission: “nct 127 (+ Jaemin, Chenle & Renjun?) reaction to you not wanting them to meet your family because you have never had a good relationship with them?”

Genre: fluff, angst? 

1063 Words


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So the producers of Scrubs were able to feature a whole song called “Guy Love” without hinting the slightest bit of a gay relationship between Turk and JD but Mofftiss expect me to believe that Johnlock was an unintantional accident?

Have a real love for JJ and Spencer’s relationship. It’s so close between the two of them. He knows when the slightest thing is off with her when no one else notices and she knows when there’s something up with him. There’s a really deep connection there. It’s like they’re soulmates in a way.

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Lance, Red, Yoosung, Seven, Jiwoo, and Jihae with a tall MC? Hope you feel better love~!

I’ve left out Yoosung and Seven because I already have a blog where I write mysme stuff mwahaha~ but this was much fun! Thank you, hun! I’m sorry this took so long I just haven’t been at my best lately (╯︵╰,)


  • He isn’t as impressed as you may think.
  • As your first doll, he’s known you for his entire existence, both as an inanimate object and human being. Plus you were already huge when you first brought him home.
  • He is indifferent to this trait of you for it is only that, a trait. A tiny part of your whole self.
  • Gotta admit, though, it’s nice not having to bend down when he wants to kiss you or give you sweet little pecks.
  • He can just turn around and surprise you just like that.
  • The one time he was the one to get surprised, he turned into a red squishy child, cheeks all red and puffed out.
  • MC you are such a goddamn tease please give this boy a break.


  • He was so impressed when he first saw you.
  • He already had a concept in his head of what a heroine is supposed to look like and how she’s expected to act,
  • but this is so much better.
  • It makes you unique and he appreciates uniqueness!!
  • The only downside is that giving you piggyback rides is more of a difficult task, but it doesn’t stop him from carrying you around.
  • There are even some instances where he is the one jumping on your back and holding onto your shoulders.
  • dorkiest dork of them all is2g.
  • Thinks you give the best hugs and loves being the little spoon.


  • Wait wait wait, hold on.
  • Isn’t the girl supposed to be significantly shorter than the guy?
  • It didn’t bother him at first since he was rather indifferent towards you, but as he warmed up to living on earth and got closer to you romantic-wise, he started questioning it.
  • He is missing out!! on all the cutesy things!! couples do on soap operas!! you’re ruining this for him!!
  • Decides to be a douche and forbids you from wearing high heels when you’re in his presence, there’s no way in hell he’ll allow you to look taller than him in public.
  • @ Jiwoo my dude my man you’re gonna get hit with a book repeatedly again if you keep talking like that.
  • Only when he realizes how amazing you actually are does he stop bickering over it.
  • Don’t listen to his dumb complaints he is a fool and he loves you and you’re beautiful just as you are.


  • His lady is beautiful.
  • Short, tall, slim, chubby, doesn’t really matter to him, your qualities alone are enough to enrapture him completely.
  • Yes, you guessed it, this doesn’t affect your relationship in the slightest, if anything, it makes things easier in certain departments.
  • Especially when you’re out together on a date. He never loses sight of you because your height makes you stand out amidst the crowd.
  • Since his clothes fit you almost perfectly, you’re always stealing his sweaters and t-shirts.
  • No complaints on his part poor man is dying inside he just. cannot. too much cuteness. call 119.
  • He does think to himself though that your height could get you a well-paid job as a fashion model, he just doesn’t mention it because it’s a stressing job that sucks the life out of you.
  • You probably don’t need any of that.

anonymous asked:

you wanted director sanvers prompts? so like i had the thought of them making a want/will/won't list (for sex, to be clear) or otherwise just discussing sex and kink and it could get quite amusing i'm sure? if that sounds interesting to you (sorry this is kinda vague, it's late i cannot do words right now apparently)

Healthy relationships involve a lot of discussions of wants and needs. Healthy triad relationships require even more. Healthy relationships with an interest in even the slightest hint of kink? So many conversations.

Which, cool. Lucy wanted this to work Danvers was an anxious piece of work, and as much as Lucy loved liked Danvers, she really wanted this to work. And Maggie, christ, where Alex was pliant and  soft, Maggie was push and pull and sometimes she was soft, but sometimes she pushed back and fought Lucy for control and that was fucking amazing. And the thought of Alex at their mercy? Lucy couldn’t wait.

She was very excited to hear about the wants of her two favorite women. Lucy had plans and fantasies, and things she wanted to do to them, but only if they wanted them too, and without very specific conversations, she knew that her ladies would give her information at a glacier’s pace. Alex worked best with direction, unsure and hesitant until she knew they loved what she did, loved her, and then she grew confident. Getting her to ask for things, for help or for touch or even space, that was a work in progress. And Maggie would take a bullet for either of them, but short of her storming in on a bad day and taking what she wanted, getting her to talk about herself was like pulling funds out of a senator’s ass.

Lucy expected some printed out checklists fresh off the internet. She knew Maggie had done a few things, so she probably had some idea of what she wanted.

She was not expecting Alex’s list.

It was nearly twelve pages, double sided. Not just a checklist, but each bullet point had dates and notes of her reactions, with further notes in a different color for how she felt about trying them with Maggie and Lucy. And Alex didn’t bring one copy, she brought one for each of them. And multi colored pens. And there were charts.

“Danvers, is this, is this a lab report?”

Alex bit the inside of her check, shifting her weight from foot to foot. “When I… when I came out to Sawyer… I mentioned that I never really liked being intimate. But you know, I thought I was just broken or something, so I just… tried a lot of stuff. To see if it worked.”

“And took notes.”

“I made it weird, didn’t I? This is weird.”

Way to go, Lane. “No, Alex, honey. This isn’t weird.”

Maggie reached across the table to still Alex’s hands. “Alex, it’s perfectly normal to try and find things you like, okay? This? This is just a different format than we’re used to.”

“Yeah, Alex, this, this is really helpful, okay? Maggie and I have tried thing with people we know we’re attracted to, so it’s different, we already know things we like and things we’re willing to try with different people. Knowing what you’ve tried and what you like about it? We can work with that.”

Alex still looked really uncomfortable. Maggie took a quick glance down a her copy, leaving her hand on Alex. “Wax play. You liked it?”

“I liked the heat. And I liked… I liked ice. The contrast was good. Just… not the touching.”

“Do you think you want to try that again? With us touching?” Lucy asked.

Her reply was instant. “I always want you to touch me.”

Lucy and Maggie shared a smile. That was good to hear, even if they knew Alex leaned into their touches, would nudge shoulders and play with their hair. Still, she grew up with Kara and used touch as a language, so it was good to know that they were welcome to do the same.

“You’re not a fan of handcuffs,” Maggie said.

“It… It didn’t end well.”

Lucy frowned, skimming the page. Finding the line, she followed to the notes, to the times Alex had tried it, to the dark red in. And Lucy decided she had a name for Winn to look up, and a body to bury. “He didn’t respect your safeword.”

Alex shrugged uncomfortably.

Maggie let her hand slid up Alex’s arm as she circled the table, leaning her weight against the taller woman’s form. “Alex, honey. We need to know, when you’re ready, so we don’t hurt you.”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“And that’s fine. I like handcuffs and so does Lane, but you don’t. So that’s a hard limit for you, and that’s okay.”

“You guys don’t mind?”

“Honey, no.” Lucy was firm. “We want to make you, to make each other feel good. We can’t do that unless you’re comfortable, unless we’re all comfortable.”

Lucy gathered up the lists, and did a quick scan. Maggie had her arms wrapped around Alex, who’s head no longer seemed into the conversation. “Tell you what. You like charts, Danvers, so I’m going to make one that lines up what we all like and what we want to try. And we’ll keep these for reference, and for updating, as we discover what you like, okay?”


“Good girl.”

Alex flushed. Maggie hid a grin in Alex’s shoulder. The one thing she and Lucy did not need a list to know was that Alex had a giant praise kink. It was fun. And might prove to be a very good distraction from her discomfort.

Maggie squeezed their favorite agent tighter, one hand moving to pull her face into a kiss. “And Alex, what if you’re just…  good girl, tonight? Hmmm?”

Alex whimpered.

Lucy smiled and made her way over, curling herself around the other two. “I think you’re ready to be our good girl tonight, and tomorrow we can sit down to go over the rest of this. Tonight, we just have some fun. Can we do that, tiger?”

    Alex nods, almost frantically, against the kiss Lucy presses to her lips. Lucy leans her weight into Alex, pushing her against Maggie’s body, squeezed in between her girlfriends’ arms. Lucy’s second favorite place for Alex to be.

Oneshot #36 :) We got this

“So you and Albus aren’t dating?” Scorpius asked for the hundredth time.

Delphi rolled her eyes, giving a death glare. “How many times do I have to say no before it clicks?” She flicked his head.

Scorpius didn’t have an expiration date. “I just figure with each new day, you and Albus can become official.” He looked away.

“Albus and I aren’t anything. Stop asking the same repetitive question.” She wanted to Obliviate his memories.

“I am sorry. I care about this one thing.” Scorpius kept antagonizing her.

She had her hands on her hips with head down, shaking her head. “And every time you will hear the same answer.” Delphi once again told him as if once wasn’t enough.

Scorpius decided to drop the topic. “I won’t do it again.” He reassured her.

“What’s it to you anyway?” She showed an interest in his excuses.

“I am just trying to see who will get a girlfriend first. That’s all.” Scorpius hoped she would fall for it.

Delphi wasn’t buying it. “Are you sure that’s the reason? You didn’t sound convinced yourself.” She paid attention to everything.

Scorpius gave her a thumbs up. “Yes I am sure.” He responded, with a smile to trick her.

“You are lying.” She called him out on his BS.

“Maybe but you wouldn’t know.” Scorpius challenged Delphi.

Delphi had to break him somehow. “So that time Albus and I were talking and you looked jealous was just a coincidence, huh?” She reminded him about what happened.

“We will go with that. Yes.” Scorpius agreed.

She looked at him in the eyes. “If you say so.” A part of her wasn’t in the mood to go back and forth.

Delphi wrote an owl to Albus. She had to do what needed to be done.

The owl arrived to the Potter’s house. Albus received it.

“A letter from Delphi? Oh this cannot be good.” He opened it.

“Albus, I am holding Scorpius hostage. If you want to see him again, you must come to the forbidden forest. If you come late, he will cease to exist.”

With much respect,


Fearing the worst, Albus immediately left his house tracking them down on the madauder’s map.

He traced the exact location meeting Delphi and Scorpius.

“Why do you want to kill Scorpius?” Albus was shook. Right now their ban did not matter.

Delphi faced Albus, making eye contact. “You are here. Splendid.” She tapped her fingers together.

Albus looked at Scorpius, terrified. He was at the brink of losing his best friend.

“What is going on? Can you please let him go?” Albus begged her.

She laughed. “There are conditions that need to be met and if failed, Scorpius is history.” Delphi played fire with fire.

Albus wanted to cry. “Which conditions? I’ll do them.” He offered.

“Scorpius has to comply. It’s not a one way street.” She warned.

Scorpius was chained to a tree branch. “I’ll do it too.” He volunteered.

“Brilliant. We are off to a great start.” She looked at Scorpius followed by Albus.

Albus wanted to move along. “What do I have to do?” He shrugged, arms crossed.

“Ask me to be your girlfriend.” That was the first task.

Albus’s eyes went wide. “I am sorry. What?” He was lost.

“You heard me.” She waited for Albus to do as she said.

Albus gulped. “Delphi, will you be my girlfriend?” He wanted the nightmare to end.

“Why of course. Why wouldn’t I?” She giggled.

Scorpius wasn’t keen on the idea. “How about no?” He tried to break free from the chains.

“We are official. Scorpius will stop asking me if you and I are dating.” The end meant now.

Albus replayed those words in his head. “Is this a ploy you are doing?” He asked, unhappily.

She nodded. “Wait for it.”

“Wait for what?” Albus hadn’t got a slightest clue.

“We can seal our relationship with a kiss.” Delphi pushed her limits.

Scorpius was getting angry by the seconds. “NOOOOO!!!!!” He shouted.

Albus wanted to puke. “We shouldn’t.”

“You don’t have a choice. Do it.” She persuaded him.

Just as Albus was leaning in to kiss her and vice versa, Scorpius broke from the chains and damaging the tree branch, pushing Delphi out of the way.

“You will not be his first kiss.” Scorpius pointed his wand at her. “I will.”

To prove his point, Scorpius grabbed Albus by the front of his shirt kissing him fully on the lips.

Scorpius pulled back. “He is mine.”

Delphi clapped. “Bravo, you’ve accomplished the conditions I wanted.”

Albus had yet to react to the kiss. He stood frozen like a statue.

“By kissing Albus?” Scorpius wasn’t sure what those conditions were exactly.

“I couldn’t watch the gayness without making it canon.” Delphi admitted.

Albus began speaking. “I had a dream I was kissed by the guy I like.”

Scorpius smiled. “You can kiss him if you’d like.”

Albus smiled back. “If you insist.” He pushed Scorpius against a tree, kissing him for real.

On the same tree, the initials S.M.+A.P. were written inside a heart.

Mute Part 6

Part 5

Genre: Angst, FLUFF
Words: 2,311
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Rape mentions (pls don’t read if this will trigger anything & also i’m here to listen if anyone needs to talk)
Summary: Bucky doesn’t know what to do when traumatizing events result in your witty remarks dying down to nothing.

As soon as you had seen Bucky walk out of the bedroom on the camera, you knew where he was heading. The majority of the time that he didn’t spend with you (which you had kept to a minimum before the past couple of days by clinging to his metal arm), he wasted away in the training room. Tony joked that the brooding man was losing his touch and only spent all of his free time there to get back into shape, but you knew the real reason. You knew the guilt and anger he was harboring deep inside of him. You knew the way he drew the feelings up into each punch into the bag. You knew he needed the outlet.

So instead of following him around and distracting him from letting out his anxiety, you spent the rest of the day with Wanda and Sam. It was normal: the way all three of you watched movies, laughing at the punch lines and making snide comments on the unrealistic nature of the screening. It sent you back to before you were captured, and the pit in your stomach had disappeared almost entirely before you saw a sweaty Bucky pass through the room on his way back up to the one you two shared. He stopped momentarily to place a soft kiss onto the top of your head, making sure you were aware of his presence before doing so.

You swore you loved him more each time he did something small like that.

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Motel Room (Calum Hood blurb)

Slight nsfw due to cursing and mentions of sex.

This is a sequel to “I Hope So” which is a continuation of “Confessions”. But you can still understand this blurb even if you haven’t read it’s predecessors.

Hope you enjoy! :)

All color drained out of your cheeks when you entered your crummy motel room to find Calum there. He was perched on the bread, apologetic, anxious look in his eyes. He weakly smiled and croaked “Hey, roomie.”

Typically, 5 Seconds of Summer, one of the most popular bands of modern time, would stay in posh hotels with multiple bedrooms and clean sheets, sleeping on the most comfiest of mattresses, before appearing on stages before masses of adoring fans. And you, being the lowly assistant to their manager, would sleep in the crappiest of motels. Truly, you had seen the underworld of overnight lodgings, enduring cockroaches and mold coated showers. And, during this one particular tour, the boys ended up getting to share such luxuries - their five star hotel having, literally, burned down due to an accident with a gas stove. In total, there was six of you - and only three vacant bedrooms. Luke and Arzaylea got their own room. That was a given. Then there was the awkward decision of who was going to share a space with the girl: you. And, as you discovered upon entering your motel room with luggage and bags, Calum had been chosen. Calum: the boy who’d almost kissed you - twice, in fact. Who had feelings for you. Who was still your friend. Still your closest confidant. And a person who provoked stressful, confusing feelings that contradicted everything you past believed.

It would be simple just to date him, right? Just be his girlfriend, kiss his forehead, hold his hand, feel his knuckles brushing against your cheek as he leaned in to kiss you - breath scraping against your lips. Ah, yes. So simple. Except, you were you - nervous, shy, always worrying about the future, and 100% positive that if you were going to date someone, they’d have to be around. Like, for a long time. And that wasn’t an option with Calum. You realized that after your second-almost-kiss. That a relationship with Calum would most likely result in late night crying, sleep-deprived snapping, and frequent arguments. You knew you wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that he’s regularly surrounded by goddess-like models and busty groupies, and that you’d be sulking in crummy motels - wondering when he was going to take you on that vacation, or buy you that puppy, or actually take you out on that date like he had promised he would.

And then there was that crush you had on Luke. Or, once had. Granted, there still was a slight attraction, the allure of his blue eyes and enticing stubble always being a temptation. And maybe the reason why you’re crush on him had lasted so long was because he was completely uninterested. Without even the slightest chance of an actual relationship, you never had to confront the fact that Luke would also be busy with work, and had some traits you didn’t agree with, and sometimes acted in ways you didn’t like, and hung with people you weren’t fond of. But with Calum, you’d challenged that issue countless times. And you could list a million reasons as to why this boy was the most impractical person to ever fall for. But you can’t just shut your emotions of or reason your feelings away. Unrealistic or not, Calum was gradually appearing in your dreams more often, becoming a mysterious, attractive figure that would make your knees dissolve to jelly and your hands tremble.

And now, the same boy who was haunting your thoughts and causing your heart to race, was to be sharing a motel room with you - which had one bed.

“Hey…” You hoarsely responded, knees already beginning to liquefy. There was a deafening silence which followed after your whimpered greetings, one that gradually drowned you both before Calum, snapping up right, stated “Welp, I’ll be hanging with Michael and Ashton.”

“Yeah, I’ll take a shower.” You said as he slipped past you. You didn’t have to turn around to know that he looked back just before the motel door closed behind him, the outside night air briefly cooling your back before dissipating.

A searing but soothing hot spray of water hit your head as you stepped into the shower, soaking your hair and sore spine. You began to lather your strands with rose scented shampoo, revelling in the sensation of hot droplets trailing down your cheeks and lips. Would Calum’s kisses be just as scorching? Peppering your cheeks and becoming feverish, open mouthed pecks as they wandered down your neck, your chest, your stomach. Absentmindedly, your hands smoothed over the areas that you imagined Calum’s plump lips touching - your fingers halting just above your pelvis, right at the sensitive dip into more private areas. Trying to focus on the task on hand, you switched your activity to soap - rigorously lathering up the bar.

Calum was good in bed though. That you knew to be true. You’d heard groupies talk about it. Old flings his friends with benefits, as well. And it was just obvious too. Somebody that athletic, that attractive, that tempting - he just had a vibe that made bedroom activities all the more exhilarating. And, to an extent, you did want exhilarating. Licked searing skin and swollen love bites. Hair being pulled and spines arching back as you rode out a high. But you also wanted gentle and soft. Somebody who made love rather than fucked. Could Calum do that? Have his voice begin to whimper and waver as he begged to touch you, to love you? His eyes flutter shut as he released a long, shaky sigh? Press his forehead into your chest, worshipping the skin he got to caress, arms tightly wrapping around your spine, trying to pull you in as close as possible?

You tore the shower curtain aside, stepping out into a now sweltering bathroom. As you pressed a towel into your face, you froze up at the sound of a TV playing. Calum was in the room. He was only a few feet away, separated off by just a wall. Could he hear your breathing? Your hammering heart? Your lewd thoughts? What would he think if he could? Would he be happy that you were actually returning feelings? Hell, would he be comforted because he had thought of the same things? Of touching, kissing, even bruising you?  God, now you hands were trembling. You had to focus on something else.

You exited the bathroom followed by a cloud of steam, clad in an oversized tee and flannel pajamas - strands heavily drenched in water as small droplets fell to the carpeted floor. You nervously smiled at Calum, who had turned away from the TV to glance at you, before you quickly slipped beneath the bed covers. After settling, your back comfortably laid against a stack of pillows, you looked up to see that Calum was still peering at you from over his shoulder. You smiled again, receiving only a blank expression. Then, he stood up, scurried into the bathroom, and exited with the last dry towel before making his way over. Without even asking, he began to dry your sopping wet hair - the two of you breaking into giggles.  It was a thing between you two for Calum to dry your hair. You hadn’t meant for it to become an inside joke, but it just had. Actually, it was drying your hair that had initiated your friendship.

You recalled how once, months ago, you entered the boys trailer from a vigorous rain to announce that there was an issue with the speakers or something, so they’d have to wait a little bit more before practicing on stage. You’d arrived to find only Calum, shirtless, of course, and glaring heavily at your entrance. And then, uncharacteristically, his gaze softened once he realized that you were shivering, a small puddle of frigid rainwater beginning to form beneath your feet. And, wordlessly, like he’d just done now, he pulled out a towel and dried your hair. Both of you shocked by the act, and, after, you awkwardly stammered something before fleeing from the vehicle. But that was it. That was a defining moment. Because after that incident, your interactions warmed. Your insults became less sharp. Your presences were more appreciated.

“Was that when you started to like me?” You absentmindedly blurted out beneath the towel drying your hair.

“What?” Calum said, quickly ripping the white cloth away to get a good look at your face - wanting to ensure that such a random question wasn’t prompted by delirium.

“Sorry, that was…abrupt. Just, I was thinking, when you first dried my hair that was when we started to, well, act nicer to each other. Do you remember that? In the tour bus? It was raining and I came in and you just dried my hair.”

“Yeah, I remember.” He said, voice drifting slightly as he fondly recalled the event. Silence filled the room. Not a tense silence, but nostalgic - and a little bit sad. Both of you remembering better times. Then Calum, voice much clearer, quipped “And no. That wasn’t the moment. But I think it did add to my feelings.”

“Then what was the moment?”

“It was a few weeks before that incident. When I had forgotten my phone in the studio. Even though you had to work overtime and were super exhausted and hated my guts, you still drove all the way to my house to drop it off.”
“Oh, well, hate to burst your bubble, but my boss insisted that I do that.” You said, brushing your frizzy strands as you scooted down the bed to allow Calum a spot beside you.

“Yeah. I figured. But it wasn’t you delivering my phone that, like, impacted me. It was when you stepped into my house and - even though we didn’t know each other or like each other and I was always cold to you - you were just so…energetic.” He continued, eyes dreamily fixed on a distant spot as he recollected the moment. “You were freaking out about these embarrassing photos of me as baby and saying how cute I looked. And then my dog walked in and you just - without hesitation, without even asking me - stooped down and petted him. It was like you were my longtime friend. Like you lived there. You just seemed to fit so well in my living room, petting my dog, talking about my baby photos. I dunno. It was like you were meant to be there.”

As his voice trailed out a sudden burst of red rose in both of your cheeks, you and him snapping back to reality. Calum worried that he was getting to mushy, and you realized that you were staring a little bit too intently at him - admiring how the toasty glow of the lamp made him look, adding a shimmer to his toned arms and defined cheeks, and illuminating the soft, tranquil color of his eyes.

“So that was it? That was the moment?”
“That was the moment I realized I like you. Like, the clear, distinct fact that I had feelings for you popped into my head.”

“What did you feel for me before that moment?”
“Like, this ambiguous attraction, I guess. Up until then, I was drawn to you but I didn’t want to accept that because I thought you were, I dunno, fake. But all the little things piled up and I just gradually couldn’t muster anything to detest about you. Well, I guess I still kinda hated you. But for different things. Like for being into Luke, and never noticing me. Which, ugh, that sounds so asshole-y of me.”

“-No.” You sternly intercepted before your voice returned to a timid murmur. “It’s actually endearing.”

He looked up to smile at you. A pathetic, embarrassed smile. And you exhaled a breathy laugh, hands nervously bunching up the bedding, before your gaze wandered away. A confession was on the tip of your tongue, daring to burst forth. You inhaled once to speak. Then twice. Before finally nervously blurting, “You know, I one time felt something too.”

“What do you mean?”
“You asked me, once, in that dressing room a long time ago, if I’d ever felt any hints of attraction between us. And I had. I have.”

“Like?” He asked, voice lowering slightly, his own fingers beginning to anxiously drum.

“Do you remember that awful Christmas party last year - when I got super drunk?”

“Ah yes, and you sung a wonderful rendition of ‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls.” Calum mused, recalling how you hollered away atop a rickety table while holding a paper towel roll as a microphone.

“And you had promised that you wouldn’t be able to make it?”

“I didn’t promise anything!”
“You sounded pretty sure. But anyway, when I fell off the table-” You were interrupted by Calum’s laughs, which he poorly attempted to suppress. You gritted your teeth before hissing. “…And sprained my ankle…”

“Yes, yes. I remember. Sorry.” He stated between chuckles.

“Well, I felt something for you then. Or thought we had something. Something more than platonic.”
“Because you swooped in and picked me up - bridal style, no less! And I remember that when you were putting alcohol on the scrapes, you were just laughing and saying ‘only you, (y/n). Only you would get injured this way’. Like, you knew me. You knew me and you liked what I was. Blunders and all.”

“Is that the only time you’ve felt an attraction.”

“No, there’s been other times. Smaller times. Like I’d just look at you and you’d look…nice.”
“Wow. Nice. You’re quite the poet, (y/n).”
“Hey, cut me some slack. I’m bad at this stuff.” You said, slightly jabbing a laughing Calum with your elbow. Grinning shyly, you then uttered “If it makes you feel any better, I almost masturbated to the thought of you in the shower just now.”
“What?” He cried, choking slightly out of shock.

“Does that freak you out?”

“Freak me out!? - I - no! I’m not freaked out! I’m…I’m…I’m definitely not freaked out, dude. I am certainly experiencing some sort of…feeling, but it’s not freaked-out-ness.”

You giggled at his panic, liking just how cute Calum became when he was flustered. His own laughing stilled before he slyly asked “What were you thinking about?”
“You. Duh.”
“No, I mean what was I doing?”
“Oh. You were…well, you were doing a lot of things. You were kissing me. Touching me-”
“-Where?” He interrupted, voice now far lower, more confident, more teasing. Such a shift in tone caused your cheeks to burn brilliantly, and a nervous smile formed from the lip you chewed on. You slowly took his hand into yours, lifting it up slightly.  

“My hands.” You answered, motioning to your intertwined fingers. Then you rolled slightly onto your side, torso pressing into his while you were propped up by one elbow. You didn’t look into his gaze, which so heavily followed your actions - drinking up how your cheekily grinned and blushed, revelling in your responses. “Then here.” You continued, palm smoothing down the toned, defined area of his upper arm - enjoying the dips and rises of his muscles. From the corner of your eye, you could see that Calum’s smile was beginning to grow wider and wider. Your touch trailed down to his forearm, his wrist, then his fingers, which you pulled up to your lips. “And here” You said, before kissing the digits - braving a bashful look into his eyes. Teasingly, your other hand, now free once you sat up to face him, slipped under the hem of his shirt - the waistband of his pants scraping beneath your palm as the feel of scorching skin seared your fingertips.

“And that was it.” You cruelly stated, snapping your hand away from his lower torso as Calum let out an annoyed groan.

“Come on - that was mean.”

“Is it my turn?” He asked, playfully, hands smoothing down the curves of your shoulders.

“For what?”

“To show you where I’d touch you?”

“You’ve thought about doing stuff to me? Like, in that way?” You squeaked.

“Oh my god, (y/n) - of course I have.”
“Have you…have you masturbated to the thought of me?” You ashamedly murmured. Calum began to shake with laughter, hands clasping to his eyes.

“You are so weird. You know that, right? You literally have just gone from all teasing and sexy to innocent and naive.”

“What? Naive?! I’m just - I just didn’t think boys jacked off to their crushes!”
“Why wouldn’t they?”
“You have a wide array of pornstars to masturbate to - all with much larger boobs and butts. Seems to be a bit of a waste.”
“I like your boobs and butt.” He pouted, sending shivers down your spine that you had to contain - cheeks blooming red again.

“Wow, I’ve got a real Shakespeare here.”

Calum’s hands intertwined with yours, his eyes shamelessly examining you - lingering on your curled up legs and the swell of your hips beneath your tee. You felt hot, flustered, like a steaming, sappy puddle, but incredibly desperate for more. To keep on playing this game. But another part of you, the one that was still sensible, knew that things were getting too hot and heavy. That you were agreeing to things without accepting the consequences, and your smile faded as this fact dawned on you.

“Calum…” You began, his own grin dissipating at your now serious tone. “I’m not…I still need…”

“It’s ok, (y/n). I get it. I know you. I know that the person you want - that you need is someone who is, well, the exact opposite of me.” You nodded apologetically, palm still smoothing up his chest.

“Undemanding job.” Calum listed.

“Privacy.” You added.

“Not as many temptations.”


“Yeah. I get it. I know. It’s ok.”

Then there was just silence. I long, aching silence. And you wanted to go back to playful touches and risque questions, but also knew you couldn’t be fooling yourself anymore. You had to accept reality. You couldn’t be Calum’s fling. That just wasn’t for you. But it also just wasn’t possible for their to be an actual relationship. And that was that. Calum lifted up slightly, pushing himself off the bed - but you were quick to stop him, hand curling around his shoulder.

“Wait.” You said. “Please, stay here. I don’t want to do anything, you know - Well, I mean, I do want to. But I…just, can you sleep here? In my bed? With me?

Calum turned, soft, grateful expression on his face. “Just sleep.” He affirmed, before you both layed back down, your head resting on his chest - listening to how his heart raced and thrummed, as Calum’s fingers smoothed down your back. Everything was still and calm in the dead of night, your rhythmic breathing drifting the other of to sleep. For the moment, it all felt right. No mistakes were being made. No regrets. It was as if the both of you were just meant to be there.

an east african thot's thoughts on mississippi masala

the long history of south asians in east africa is not one brought about by colonialism; their presence is not new, nor is it necessarily foreign in the way whiteness is in the region. the indian ocean stretching out along the coast of somalia, kenya, tanzania and mozambique had cemented a trading relationship  leading to groups settling alongside our coasts and mixing and creating new dialects, fusing cultures along the way. globalisation had existed in these coasts long before western jargon had found the words to articulate this movement. gujarati and hindi found their way into somali and swahili vernacular alongside arabic linguistic influence. our languages, food, cultures often serve as reminders unto ourselves of our intersecting histories, however, this supposed blissful time was complicated by british colonialism, when tens of thousands of south asians were brought to east africa to build the railways.

my grandmother’s phone cards were spent speaking to family who had relocated to various countries along the coast. my relatives sprawled from somalia, kenya and tanzania. as an east african diasporic woman, my family and friends living in the coast gave and continue to offer me me slices of home through long distance calls about the ongoing local matters including the never-ending politics (which i usually found no interest in), who got married and the gossip that ensued, complaints about economy as well the tensions between an understood us and them

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  • Me during the beginning of Broadchurch season 1: Wow this bickering is really amusing.
  • Me at the end of Broadchurch season 1: BROTP BROTP BROTP BUT NO NOT AN OTP
  • Me at the beginning of Broadchurch season 2: You know, I'm kind of annoyed at the thought of Ellie or Alec in a relationship with someone other than each other.
Your Venus Sign's Bad Side
  • Venus in Aries: You can be quite selfish and self-centered in relationships. You sometimes dismiss your partner's needs because you're solely concerned about your own. You get bored easily and are consequentially hard to pin down.
  • Venus in Taurus: You're a very loyal lover and this could potentially make you quite possessive. You like to take things slow and it takes you a while to show someone you're interested, which may prevent potential relationships from blossoming. You dislike change and prefer consistency, which may prevent the relationship from growing.
  • Venus in Gemini: You're a light-hearted lover that dislikes seriousness and substance. You're very emotionally detached and may find yourself forming more of a friendship with your partner rather than a relationship. You're by far the hardest sign to pin down, and you likely jump from relationship to relationship.
  • Venus in Cancer: You're very needy in relationships and when these needs fail to be met, you react with an outburst of emotion and/or moodiness. Whenever your relationships face any hardships, you become very passive-aggressive, refusing to face the matter head-on. You fear being alone, so you can also be very clingy.
  • Venus in Leo: Although you're generally a very generous lover, you require an immense amount of attention in your relationships. If your partner fails to provide you with that, you resort to others in order to fulfill your needs. You're a loyal lover, but your tendency to crave attention from others may lead your partner to think you aren't quite committed.
  • Venus in Virgo: You always look before you leap and you take a very practical approach to love. Some may find you too cold and unfeeling in relationships, as you primarily rely on logic and reasoning rather than your emotions. You can be very critical of your partner without even realizing it. Similarly, you may over-analyze your relationship and focus too much on its flaws.
  • Venus in Libra: You're always fair in relationships, and this can cause you to compromise far too much for the sake of your partner. You always put your partner's needs before your own, and you'll go to great extremes in order to please them. For this reason, you may be taken advantage of in your relationships.
  • Venus in Scorpio: You're an intense lover who feels very deeply. You're very skeptical in relationships, constantly paranoid that your partner may be cheating on you. This makes you very possessive and jealous in your relationships. If someone wrongs you in the slightest, you'll make it a point to make their life a living hell.
  • Venus in Sagittarius: You loathe clinginess and need plenty of freedom in your relationships. You may find yourself neglecting your partner due to your tendency to all too often stray away from the relationship. When things get rough, you prefer to run away from your problems rather than confront them, which consequentially causes many of your relationships to end prematurely.
  • Venus in Capricorn: You're very self-protective and fear vulnerability more than anything. You take quite a long time to let your guard down, and this often gives others the wrong impression. Many mistake your protectiveness for coldness, and you may not be able to immediately fulfill your partner's needs for this very reason.
  • Venus in Aquarius: You fear being tied down and caged in relationships. Your individuality is of the upmost importance to you, and you sometimes avoid relationships in order to maintain your own independence. You aren't the emotional type and can be quite cold and detached in relationships.
  • Venus in Pisces: You're a very sensitive lover who is always sensitive to the needs of your partner. You assume the responsibility of saving your partner from the cruelness of the outside world and consequentially put too much weight on your shoulders. You're very sacrificing and selfless in love, as you're overly optimistic and always see the good in everyone, and this can cause you to land yourself in toxic relationships.