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HI I’m Chris and i really need your help

I have a girlfriend. She lives in France. We’ve been dating for about 3 years and I really want to go see her. The thing is, i can’t afford that. And haven’t been able to all this time.

BUT, recently i opened up an etsy shop hoping to make some money by selling chokers and the occasional bracelet. 

A few days ago, i found super cheap airplane tickets that would cost me a little over 100€ to go and come back.

I Still don’t have that money. Obviously, i can’t tell my parents “hi im gay give me 200€ to visit my girlfriend In France” 

But if i can save up the money myself, I Could Go, and be there, in her town, on her 19th Birthday. 

(YEAH, The Cheapest flight i found was Literally On her Birthday) 

My goal for now is 100€ so i can pay for the tickets. But if i can make a little more than that, i could even afford my staying expenses too, which, for now, my girlfriend is planning to pay for.

It would mean the world to me if you reblogged this and maybe even considered buying something from my shop.

TL;DR: I’m gay and i need money to go visit my girlfriend for her bday. Please help me out

- A broke kid that wants to kiss their girlfriend 

A New Way to Connect With Your LDR Partner!!!

“HEY” is an awesome product currently on Kickstarter that will allow you to TOUCH your partner from anywhere in the world!

It’s a bracelet that connects with your partner’s identical bracelet. When you give your bracelet a gentle squeeze, your partner will feel a gentle squeeze on their wrist through their bracelet!

The project is about 75% funded and has 24 days left to go.

The retail value will be about $125, but if you act fast, you can get a pair for you and your partner for $80!!!

They aren’t a sponsor or anything, but Aurora and I backed the project and are VERY excited about it! We want to see it reach it’s funding goal and become a reality!

Fund/learn more about HEY here:

How to be a Good Boyfriend. (Evan Hansen x Reader)

Request:  Evan x reader something fluffy please!

WC: 4,097 (I’m sorry)

A/N: I’m going to put this under a read more because it’s long. I’m not even sure if this is good or even fits the request. Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Evan wanted you to know how much he loved you, he really did. It was hard sometimes because of his anxiety. He had never been in a relationship before. He didn’t know what to do. He never felt like he was giving as much to your relationship as you were. You constantly tried to reassure him that he was, but in his on special way. He never accepted that though. Evan wanted to be an affectionate boyfriend that could do sweet things for you. Not a boyfriend who was flustered to even hold your hand.

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in case anyone wants to hear the purest thing ever,
last night at the party it was 90s themed so we had a ton of beads and whatnot to make friendship bracelets for each other and while everyone was at their drunkest, my friend’s mom came in excited to make bracelets with us and she kept gushing about how hers was gonna have her husbands name on it with a bunch of heart beads. 
like i will never ever feel sadness again after making friendship bracelets with my friend’s mom who still blushes thinking about her husband. 

My boyfriend just came across these ‘distance bracelets’ by a company called Alpha Accessories, I think they’re pretty neat and they’re on sale so I thought I’d so a public service and say hey these exist and are cheaper than normal - Go get yourself and your partner one if you’d like☺️ {Disclaimer: Not Sponsored}

I really like where we are right now in Elementary. We’ve done the whole making declarations of love, breaking up, getting back together rollercoaster, and now we get established relationship cuteness:

  • teasing each other (Joan’s never gonna stop calling it the sex blanket, Sherlock, get used to it)
  • talking about their relationships
  • snarking with affection. I mean there’s always been snark, but the affection behind it has ramped up like 1000%
  • sharing  family problems
  • reading each other’s moods better than ever
  • keeping unconditional faith against all odds
  • communicating without words
  • just being together
  • ice cream party for two!

I know there are storms on the horizon, and after the first half of the season I will never again underestimate the writers’ ability to cause me pain, but after everything they’ve been through: Moriarty, Mycroft, that separation…after they loved Kitty and let her go, after losing Andrew–I think they’re solid enough to make it. They’re at the point where they know what it’s like to be without each other, and they know they can survive. They just don’t want to. When you’re at your best with another person, why would you ever choose anything else?

This is such an incredible love story, and the fact that sex will never come into the picture doesn’t make it any less real.

“I have a girlfriend, but I’m a bit timid, so it’s not easy for me to express to her that I love her. So I designed a bracelet for my girlfriend for a school project. That way even if we’re far away, if I put a heart in my bracelet, that heart can be transmitted to her bracelet. Once a number of hearts are gathered, they turn into the shape of a tree. However, if I don’t send enough hearts to her, the tree will start to wither away.”

“여자친구가 있는데 제 성격이 조금 소심해서 사랑한다는 표현을 하는게 쉽지가 않았어요. 그래서 여자친구를 위해 학교 프로젝트로 팔찌를 하나 고안했어요. 멀리 있어도 제 팔찌의 하트를 누르면 그 하트가 여자친구의 팔찌에 전송이 되어서 떠요. 그리고 그 하트가 모여서 나무 모양을 만들어요. 근데 하트가 모자라면 나무가 시들기 시작해요.”