relationship advice quotes

May you attract the type of friends and relationships that can keep up with you spiritually, elevate, grow and vibrate higher daily with you.
—  Lalah Delia
Don’t make yourself smaller and shrink, to fit yourself in someone’s life, who thinks they are too big and perfect for you. They will restrict your growth and confine you in a prison where you are chained and they are free.
—  ЯR
What is love?

Love is being able to trust someone with your heart, body, and mind. Trusting them not to hurt you or abuse the gifts that you have put into their hands. Love is understanding. Being able to listen clearly and respond respectfully. Love is admitting when you are wrong and trying your best to not let it happen again. Love is having that person in the forefront of your mind before you take an action that could affect their happiness, and never intentionally putting their happiness in jeopardy for the wrong reasons. Love doesn’t hide. It is out there for everyone to see. If you love them then you shouldn’t be ashamed for it to be seen by others. Everyone doesn’t need to know to what depths your love spans, but it’s ok for them to know it exists. Love is being honest with them about your actions, intentions, and past. You always have the best in mind for that someone. Love is planning a future with that person being involved, because when you love someone you can’t imagine planning a life without them in it. Love is holding someone like they could slip from your hands at any moment if you let them go, but knowing not to hold on so tight that you stifle the flames that burn in your soul for one another. Love can be a complicated. The world can make you busy and make you neglect time with one another. Love is making time. It’s knowing that things can get in the way so you must make an effort to make time. Love is nights spent crying because you care so deeply for one another, and you cry because you have to find a way to make it in this world and still share a life and make ends meet at the end of the day. Love is working through disagreements and navigating a path to compromise. Love can be hard but it should never be a consistent fight against others to maintain. Love is earned. Once it is it can not be undone. Love should never become a fight against the world in a way that you have to fight for your other to not love someone else. If it is love and you give that love equally as much on both ends then no one else could step in and make the other question the validity of your love for one another. Yes, love is complicated. Sometimes we carelessly give it to open hands that do not deserve the love that we bring. Know the value of the love that you carry, and try with all of your might to only place it in the most delicate and equally loving of hands. Love deserves love.