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Y'know what will be pretty cool!? If we were able to be kin with an OC that we created that are related to other characters. Like I wanna be the daughter of Komaeda and Sans so badly lol xD. I'll look so hot, got both of my parents' attractiveness. Whatcha think? Will you answer this seriously or sarcastically? Also sorry for sending stupid anons at this blog. Tell me If I went way over the line.



BREAKING: Jeronimo Yanez charged with manslaughter in Philando Castile’s death

Minnesota authorities on Wednesday announced that St. Anthony police Officer Jeronimo Yanez has been charged with manslaughter and other weapons offenses, more than five months after the July 6 shooting death of Philando Castile in Falcon Heights, Minnesota.  The officer has also been charged with two other counts relating to Castile’s girlfriend and her daughter.

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Aren’t you tired yet of raising your daughters like they are treading a battlefield made of society’s rules for what it means to be a woman? Isn’t it time we train them to be soldiers of pride in their own identity?
—  Nikita Gill

WHY 👏   IS 👏   NO 👏   ONE 👏  TALKING 👏   ABOUT 👏   THE 👏  FACT 👏 THAT 👏   THIS 👏  IS 👏  MORAN????

i’m reposting buT IT MEANS THIS IS MAYBE SORT OF PROOF THAT THIS WHOLE JOHN CHEATING THING IS IN SHERLOCK’S HEAD. we already had hints that this is mind palace/dream sequences with the glowing skull on the wall, with sherlock admitting to reoccurring dreams, with water references happening everywhere (including when he was drugged and dreaming about pirate times). the newspaper he’s holding references a case he was working on ‘two places at the same time’, the advert peeking over her shoulder is of culverton being creepy af and she is culverton’s daughter (or in some way related), Sherlock’s mind is filling in the blanks and adding random faces to people in his dream and then he’s trying to make sense of it by going to ella, either for real or more likely in his mind palace

it’s sherlock’s nightmare that not only john decides to cheat which is bad enough bUT HE DECIDES TO CHEAT WITH SOMEONE WHO ISN’T HIM. and then proceeds to tell him to fuck right off for something he had no control over/no way of helping


It’s the founding principle of the NHS that we treat everyone, irrespective of race, nationality, sexuality, religion. That we treat everyone who needs it based on their clinical needs, rather than their ability to pay.

Which, unfortunately for me, includes closed-minded racist bigots such as yourself. I’ll be back with your antibiotics.

- Jasmine Burrows 

What if the „Daughters of Aku” are actually Jack's daughters?

First of all, this came from a crackpot theory that Involves Ikra and Jack, butI’ll elaborate on that in a separate post. This has nothing to do with that now.

This post is an analysis of how Jack may be related to the girls who are known as “Aku’s Daughters.” Here’s why I believe this:

This is a world where advanced science and magic exists simultaneously. I believe that the girls are actually the result of a very twisted science project that involves using Jack’s own genetic material (and possibly combining it with the demonic magic of Aku as an enhancement) to create the perfect warriors that could be on a par with him.

Let me elaborate in further detail:

I can imagine that Aku initially thought he could just wait out Jack’s death as he is but a mere human, while he is an immortal demon. 50 years or so would be nothing to him. Until he realized that his greatest foe defies the laws of nature as well. This could make him take desperate measures.

(Image: Jack vs. Aku)

Aku knows that robots and demonic entities cannot defeat Jack, and he feels no remorse killing them. Bounty hunters are just not efficient enough, as when they realize that they got into more than what they asked for they just give up and don’t pursue Jack any further. All the cash in the world isn’t worth dying for.

(Image: The Princess and the Bounty Hunters)

So what now? Who can kill Jack? Aku himself doesn’t dare to go near him anymore, since he know Jack has the sword to kill him (At this point we don’t know if he’s aware of Jack having lost the sword or not). Or he just got tired of trying in person. Aku’s minions made from his own demonic material and his evil magic do not seem to be enough to defeat Jack as evidenced by the first episode. Jack easily defeats these demon guys 

and in “Jack and the Ultra-robots” the super robots enhanced with Aku’s dark matter also failed.

Even the embodiment of Jack’s rage that Aku made in “Jack vs. Mad Jack” flunked.

Aku even infected Jack with his own demonic material in “The Aku Infection” and that didn’t work either!

So what’s the solution? Using humans against Jack, as he seems to have a soft spot for them!

While it’s mostly due to the censorship, Jack never killed a living person on the show before. Based on comments from Genndy, it seems season 5 will be the first time he kills another human. In-universe this could mean that Jack still has some kind of moral code keeping him from killing another living person. This could cause him to hesistate in a life threatening situation, which Aku might have realized at some point!

(BTW I don’t count the Lava Monster from “Jack and the Lava Monster” as that was a mercy kill, and Jack DIDN’T kill him directly. He just died from the rapid aging that took effect on him once he was released from his stone prison. and the bounty hunters from “The Princess and the Bounty Hunters “ are not dead either, He most likely just knocked them out and went on his way.)

This could work if Aku convinced people that Jack is an entity that must be destroyed and turn them against him. He would not be able to kill them due to his morals holding him back. Inciting the population to go agianst him is not working however, as wherever Jack goes he helps the people of the world and unwittingly makes them his allies. As seen in the final episode of season 1 “Aku’s Fairy Tales,” even young children are really into Jack’s heroic story and can’t be convinced to hate  him. The seeds of rebellion have already been planted in these children.

What’s the next best idea? Raise warriors in a closed environment where they would never hear the truth about the world and can be shaped in any way desired. This seems to be the direction they are going in, since in the scene where Ashi (?) the little girl sees a glimpse of the outside world, she is told that it is Aku’s creation and Jack is the one leaving death and devastation wherever he goes in it. Since it does not seem that they can freely interact with the outside world at will, she has no reason to question it at this point.

But would simple humans be strong enough to defeat Jack? Unlikely, since even the best assassins have all failed. The Imakandi and a few others came close enough to beat and knock Jack out, but never handed him over to Aku and didn’t kill him themselves either because they felt simpathy for him or Jack just escaped in the end. Even Demongo couldn’t defeat Jack, and he unleashed the power of hundreds of warriors from all kinds of alien species on him in “Jack vs. Demongo, the Soul Collector!”

Specifically trying to train warriors and machines in techniques that could defeat Jack are also not enough like in "Samurai vs. Ninja”.

Since Jack doesn’t age, we don’t know what other superhuman abilities he has that he himself is not aware of (and for all we know, he may actually be immortal). We don’t know why doesn’t age either yet (maybe its a side effect of time travel). It seems unlikely that a simple human, no matter how well they are trained would be able to defeat him.

This is where the relationship between Jack and The Daughters of Aku idea comes in.

Since technology is highly advanced in the universe with sentient robots and beings with cyborg enchacements walking around, gene manipulation most likely exists as well. 50 years is a long time, and more than enough to do inhumane experiments in such an advanced world.

(Image: Jack in Space)

Aku’s minions made from his own demonic material and his evil magic do not seem to be enough to defeat Jack as I mentioned before. At this point the best would be to just make some kind of super soldier by enhancing humans with it to defeat Jack, so they could take advantage of Jack’s possible hesitation to kill them.

Since Jack possibly has superhuman qualities, the best option would be to use that same power against him and make some kind clones of himself to fight him. These could possibly be on a par with him if also trained from childhood like Jack. Considering how important family is to Jack, it would be ironic and very twisted to make him fight someone of his own blood. Maybe quite literally.

The easiest way to get genetic material from Jack would be to get his blood, since he gets injured a lot during battle after all!

(Image from Season 1 episode 1)

From here on, all that’s required is to create either clones or offsprings from this genetic material. Now since we saw that the woman was actually giving birth to the children in the 1st episode of season 5, we can assume that these women are at least being used as surrogate mothers from within this cult, if they themselves are not already clones from a previous generation. Perhaps lab-grown specimens were not good enough.

Why are they all female? Well, the first thought is that if they are all female then they can give birth to the next generation of soldiers without interference from the outside world maybe. Perhaps it has to do with genetics, but I don’t know anything about that. Or maybe it’s just because Genndy wanted a squad of murderous badass ladies in the series. I’m on board with that too, man!

Now as for why they are called the Daughters of Aku is a good question. First of all, if I’d start a cult of murderous ladies who worship an immortal demon like Aku I’d probaly name them something like that too. But it’s more likely because they really ARE Aku’s daughters as well, because they have been infused with his demonic matter to enhance their abilities. The reason why I think this is a possibility is because of what their high priestess (?) says when Ashi regains her focus during training:

“Aku’s fire stirrs inside all of you”

Now, I guess this could just be metaphorical for them being so devoted to Aku, but I think it might be literal. There are several possibilities

  • They were artificially infused with Aku’s demonic material before they were even born
  • They are artificially enchanced with Aku’s demonic material during/after birth
  • Aku is literally the father, and only the humans involved are created from Jack’s genes. I apologize for the mental image of how that may be possible.
  • The weird lights around the woman may be some magic shenanigans

It’s also interesting that the children seem to be born tinted black like the clothes of the other cultist women.

This could simply be a stylistic choice to represent that these children are born for  a “dark purpose” and are only shown like this because of dramatic lighting effect, but it could actually be something like a layer of demonic goo covering them during birth. Ew. Poor babies.

The reason why this would be insane is because this could horribly backfire on Aku.

If these girls find out the truth and are open minded enough to realize that they were used, abused, and lied to their whole lives just so Aku could get rid of someone who annoys him, AND on top of all this they find out that this person is actually their “father” they may switch sides VERY quickly. So not only would Aku have to deal with his mortal enemy, but potentially his murderous squad of 7 daughters on the side as well.

Though, I don’t think they would do it right away, or all at once. It’s likely that one of them will defect first and after multiple encounters with her sisters she could convince them of the truth. It may not be true for all of them however, and some may remain loyal to Aku to the very end… Jack may kill one of them intentionally or not. Which would just add to Jack’s list of horrible traumas.

This poor man.


long post but…. i replayed awakening before starting birthright and i realized robin has many beautiful friendships


It might just be Eileen being Eileen BUT look at her expression change after what Toma says about saving Hisui even if it kills him and that she will always be his daughter, no matter what

AND HERE, the mention of Ishgar alone, it all seems like it’s a touchy subject for her.

maybe because she couldn’t save erza in time back then and hates anything that makes her think of that time?


Snufkin is one of the most iconic and popular Moomin character. He first appears in the book Comet in Moominland (1946) and if one of the characters who appears in almost all media; comics, animations, additional stories… Snufkin is the child of Joxter and Mymble, which makes him a younger half-brother of both Mymble’s daughter and Little My. Some adaptations remove his relation to the Mymbles, such as comics and 1990s animated series.

Snufkin was created when Tove Jansson was in a relationship with Atos Wirtanen, a left-wing politician, journalist and cultural critic. Snufkin’s wide smile, pipe and hat are modeled after Atos. Snufkin’s independent and bohemian way of living is similar to both Atos and Tove but it’s also apparent that Tove’s little brother Lars was also a model for Snufkin. Lars has been said to have been the family member Tove was closest to right after their mother.

Snufkin values freedom above all else. Tove herself stated that “freedom is the most important thing”. She described Snufkin’s loneliness as “the good kind”. This is in contrast with Fillyjonk’s “wrong kind” of loneliness. Snufkin’s loneliness is something he chooses for himself. Snufkin does not attach himself to places, possessions or people. He can throw his tent away and is happy just looking at beautiful things rather than taking them with him. Snufkin values his own space where he can concentrate on his melodies. He can sometimes come off as unfriendly because he has a habit of being rather curt with people who invade his peace. For better or for worse, Snufkin is very charismatic and people flock to him to hear his wisdom.

The strongest attachment in Snufkin’s life is Moomintroll. No matter how hard Snufkin tries, Moomintroll and how he misses him will always come to his mind. And Moomintroll will always miss him and wait for him. This is clearly similar to the relationship between Tove and Atos. For Tove, Atos was the center of her world. She was entirely dedicated to their relationship, while Atos was preoccupied with his career and political ideals. Like Moomintroll, Tove was always waiting for Atos to spend time with her.

After Tove’s love for Atos cooled down, they remained good friends until the end. She was able to see his faults in a more critical light but also understood them with humor. Similar friendship after love can be seen between Snufkin and Moomintroll in later stories. It’s still good to remember that Tove Jansson’s style was to write characters and themes inspired by her life rather than actually insert them in her books. Snufkin and his relationship Moomintroll are more likely meant to reflect themes about admiration, dedication and waiting. With some small exceptions, characters in Moomin books are independent and more inspired than based on actual people. This is why Snufkin also is inspired by more than one person.

Snufkin’s character changes a bit as the books go on. This is most likely affected by the stories becoming more mature and Tove’s relationship with Atos changing. In the first books Snufkin is a passionate artist. He tells outlandish stories about himself and is actually happy to meet people. In later publications, this was among the things Tove Jansson fixed. She made Snufkin’s character more consistent and made him more quiet and distant to match his characterization in later books. He is the contrast to Moomintroll’s naivety and has a great effect on Moomintroll’s personal growth.

In Moominvalley In November (1970) Snufkin seems to let go of his aversion to the company of others. His character arc is about realizing that he was always free with the people who loved him because they actually let him do as he pleases. This realization leads him to return to the Moomin’s house even though it’s getting close to winter.