relations ; the daughter

Who told you only the soft could be good mothers? That mothers could not be dragons in disguise? That women who teach their daughters how to preserve themselves by breathing out lightning were any less than wild, magical things when teaching their young about war and love’s terrible lies?
—  Nikita Gill, Mother Maleficent

Her love alone can cure a thousand heartbreaks all at once. Her smile can melt the thickest armor. Her laughter can root seeds of hope within the blackest of all souls. She is who I can only hope to be.

She is my daughter. (9/23/17)


“You have achieved more in your few short years as Batgirl than many costumed heroes manage in a lifetime. You have saved countless lives, brought justice to the wicked and helped the city regain hope during the most difficult time in its history. I know for a fact that master Bruce is immeasurably proud of you — and grateful for all that you have done.” — Happy birthday Cassandra!