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What follows are items that Success K has given permission for publishing on this website.

Natural Person / No Tax / Detax / Tax Schemes

In our industry we call these people tax protestors. Typically they can be found making arguments like “I’m not a person as defined by the Income Tax Act and therefore I am not subject to taxes”. These arguments have been routinely and consistently rejected by the courts.

Prior to 2012 Cawston and Associates rarely came into contact with these people and if we did we would do one of two things:

  1. Help them to become compliant with all of their tax obligations
  2. Send them on their way

In the past two years we are seeing a scary trend where these ideas are being sold as “CRA Approved” financial planning strategies. Typically targeted at seniors who had their retirement plans devastated in the 2008 economic downturn.

The promoters of these schemes will typically guarantee you a refund of all or most of the tax you have paid in recent years. For this services they will take a “small percentage” of your refund, and only when you have received it do you have to pay. Usually in a few weeks this refund check comes from the Canada Revenue Agency, the promoter takes their fee and you get the balance.

Does this seem too good to be true, that’s because it is.

How your trouble with the CRA begins

To get this refund the promoters will send a fabricated T1-Adjustment on your behalf to the CRA claiming that you owned a business that incurred a large loss and that you are in fact entitled to a refund. These adjustments are typically processed by CRA’s computer system who issues the refund but flags the file for review at a later date when a person is available to look at it. When the file is eventually in the hands of a CRA employee (usually 6 months – 2 years) they can immediately tell that you never owned a failing business and that you were never entitled to the refund. This leads to three things:

  1. You must repay the refund you received
  2. You must pay a large penalty
  3. You must pay the interest on both the refund and penalty

Usually the final tax bill is about four times the amount of the original refund received. The sad truth is that many of these people who participate in these schemes end up in bankruptcy.

Regardless of age or circumstance the Canada Revenue Agency is EXTEREMLY UNSYMPATHTIC toward participants in these schemes. An application to have penalties and interest removed under the taxpayer relief provision is at best a hope shot. The reason for this is because at its core participants have instructed someone to commit tax evasion on their behalf by falsely amending their tax returns to obtain a refund they were never entitled to. In most cases participants are not even aware that any of this has happened.

If you have participated in one of these schemes and have not been contacted by CRA you may be in time to file a Voluntary Disclosure to protect yourself from penalties and prosecution.

If you just want to know what your options are please give us a call 403-251-5925. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Calgary Restaurants May Face More CRA Audits

The CRA currently has a project focusing on cash driven restaurants particularly those in the Asian community.  Those restaurants that pay cash for their supplies and food product are at an even higher risk of being selected for an audit.

If you are a restaurant owner who is being audited or are concerned that you might be selected for an audit please call us ASAP for your Free Confidential Consultation.

Releasing Inner Attachments

I believe that most, if not all of our problems in life come from being too attached – too in need of a desired outcome. Whether we acknowledge it or not, we tend to be attached to people, places, material possessions, careers or the need to be something. Why is it a problem being attached to these things?

The true self is pure presence flowing through each of us as the soul. It has no identity (although you can identify with it). It needs nothing because it is whole and complete, nothing is undone. It is flowing through life as souls garnering ever more varied experiences of its completeness. It does this by expressing itself through personalities – through Soul Ray Harmonics. Ultimately the personality becomes an enlightened tool of the true self working with it like a wave on the ocean.

However to reach this point, we must expose and release those places where the soul gets lost in events and circumstances, the places where we forget that we don’t really need anything because we already have everything. So the infinite potential of the true self creates all manner of experiences through the soul, relationships, careers, desires etc. etc. which by The Law of Attraction draw circumstances to us to expose these attachments. Once we identify this as the true pathway in life, then we begin to notice our attachments and once we have seen them, we have a choice: either continue to live out that pattern or release the attachment and discover a more expanded facet of the true beauty flowing through us.

How do we know if we are attached?

The answer is quite simple – when we lose inner peace.

So how do we release attachments?

Assuming we wish to release ourselves from those places where we become imprisoned, then the key to releasing an attachment is to bring it into the light – to acknowledge it for what it is without denial. It is to fully feel the contraction caused by the attachment that we feel inside.

Then in the face of the attachment, in other words as we are in that place where we loose inner peace, it is to drop the attachment like “dropping hot coals”. Crucially though, it’s vitally important to feel the heat before we do so. That way, you ‘burn’ through the contraction and the corresponding attachment. It will hold you no longer.

As the ‘coal is getting hot’, you may find asking these questions of help:

1. Who am I? Answer: I am the absolute

We are eternal, we cannot die and we cannot go anywhere because we exist everywhere. We created everything we are now experiencing and there is nothing we cannot cope with.

2. What time is it? Answer: The time is now

Nothing before this moment matters because we can do nothing to change it. The future unfolds out of the present so we need not think about it. Therefore the only thing to do is be fully present in the moment now.

3. What do I need? Answer: Nothing that I don’t already have

We don’t need anything that we don’t already have because if we did, we wouldn’t be here! We will always have EXACTLY what we need to be our true selves. It is only when we are being the false self that we experience lack or loss.

4. Why am I here? Answer: To remember who I am

There is only one true purpose of the universe and that is to experience who we are – the absolute. Every moment reveals this to us and there is absolutely nothing to do other than this.

Distorted behavior patterns

It’s highly likely that each attachment will have embedded various conditioned behavior patterns in our psyche. So with the attachment now gone, we’ll still have to work to unwind these inner eddy currents of repetitive behavior. And we can do this by holding an open space for our higher truth to emerge in the moment.

By: Chris Bourne

Now the two of us here in the dark
have let the fire die slowly down, and it’s your body
I want to see with the curtains open and the half-moon
pressed against the window—your long pale body
smoldering on top of the sheet, glowing beside mine
while we warm ourselves again in the heavy world
of matter, catching fire at the fire we make of our lives.

Eamon Grennan, closing lines to “On Fire,” Relations: New & Selected Poems (Graywolf Press, 1998)

Atheist and theists can definitely date each other, get married, and have perfectly great relationships. This is my answer to a question that comes up regularly! In my opinion, love is universal. It has no boundaries. People, so long as they understand that faith, or lack thereof, is personal, will have absolutely no issues coexisting. I would never force my atheism on anyone. We can never say convincingly that “my beliefs are right”, without adding to it “for me”. Love is very powerful, and so long as there is no extremism and there is mutual respect, don’t ever assume faith or religion will be an issue in a relationship.