I’m a tad bit disappointed that we didnt get the alien safe sex talk from our resident doctor. I mean come on! A brand new species of aliens, and it’s pretty obvious if your Ryder and Jaal get together, shouldnt there have been some kind of…reassurance…that they even….could do it? Without someone having some kind of horrible reaction..?

Man, where’s Mordin when you need him??

Sometimes I look at you and I feel it. And I think you do too. It may be something just in the back of your mind, something you push out of the way and try to ignore everyday. But, what we had can’t just go away. It was fucking real, you know it and I know it. You’re with her now and I’m with him and we both have gone our separate ways. But it’s still there and I think it always will be.
—  We were each others first love’s, that doesn’t go away
The ones that notice the storms in your eyes, the silence in your voice and the heaviness in your heart are the ones you need to let in.