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I really liked the whole "what do the others think about this one person" thing you did with Allen. - Do you think you could do another one of those, but this time it is Luciano who is temperately kicked out of the room?


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Relations: 2P!Italy / Luciano Vargas

2P!America: These two do not get along well, seeing as Luciano is the leader of the Axis and Allen is the leader of the Allies. They see each other as rivals and are very competitive around each other. Whenever they pass each other in world conferences/ school hallways (depending on the AU), it’s not uncommon for them to let out snarky comments to each other. Their personalities clash, their egos are too big, and they both want to be the one giving orders. However, they’ll work together/ try to get along only if it’s absolutely necessary.

2P!China: They’re acquaintances at most. If needed to converse, they’ll be okay, but Luciano might think Zao’s a little too sloppy and distracted. Zao would be slightly attracted to Luciano’s mysterious and composed aura and wouldn’t be shy of acknowledging it. “You’re so cool Luciano, I don’t get why Allen doesn’t like you.” Overall, he thinks Luciano is cute (and maybe, kind of beautiful), and Luciano is indifferent towards him, but that would be subject to change if they were forced to come in contact more often.

2P!England: He thinks Luciano is “charming… in an Allen-type of way.” He gets that Luciano can be angered easily and is not one to be messed with. So, Oliver sees the similarities to his best friend, Allen. Therefore, he understands that Luciano isn’t as mean as he seems, and that there’s definitely some good hidden in the bad. He can see right through Luciano and immediately detect when he’s lying or figure out how he’s secretly feeling. Luciano finds this a little creepy, but has deemed Oliver as ‘harmless’, so they’re respectful around each other.

2P!France: “Yeah yeah; sure whatever, kid.” is a good way to describe Francois’s half of the relationship. He thinks Luciano’s something like a spoiled brat or just a child in general. He usually brushes him off and doesn’t give him the authority he expects, but that doesn’t mean he can’t acknowledge that Luciano is smart and capable despite always wanting to boss people around or be the center of attention. He respects him but doesn’t say or do much to show it.

2P!Russia: At times, he believes Luciano to be intelligent and level-headed, but then he sees the other sides of his personality and his opinion of him makes a complete one-eighty. For him, it’s tiresome to deal with Luciano’s constantly changing moods. He often tries to keep Allen and Luciano from fighting, usually by holding back Allen. However, he doesn’t blame Luciano for their arguments– he places the blame squarely on Allen because he thinks Luciano is too prideful to start confrontations.

2P!Germany: Their relationship is not complicated, but it is strange and maybe even a little baffling. To say the least, Lutz sees Luciano as his most trustworthy friend, even if they don’t have fun together the way most friends do. Lutz can rarely make Luciano laugh, although he often tries to. He doesn’t mind doing favors for him as long as it doesn’t get too excessive. He usually goes with or agrees with whatever Luciano says and – because they have the longest-standing truce-turned-friendship together – it’s almost like Lutz’s natural instinct to follow Luciano around. However, Luciano often takes him for granted/ treats him rudely, but their relationship is powerful enough to withstand the problems.

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next gen relationship aesthetic [2/?] ;


« and whenever the sun came out, we played (we didn’t want to get older, we didn’t want to get older), we would run on the block all night and day (we didn’t want to get older). » // THE NEIGHBOURHOOD

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Mr. Right vs Mr. Right Now

We’ve all been through that dating experience… you meet the guy, everything is going perfectly, and then bam! All of sudden you or he is not interested anymore… and you’re not quite sure what went wrong.

It’s great if the party that loses interest is you, because well, it doesn’t matter anymore, does it? But if you’re the party that’s left behind wondering what happened, well, it just plain sucks.

The Mirrors of Relationship

So first off, you’re not going insane, this really did happen. It’s quite common in relationships actually, and it’s called the mirrors of relationship.

Basically, up until a certain point in your evolutionary development, many of the relationships that come into your life, both romantic and platonic, do so in order to show you a mirror of yourself. The same holds true for the other party.

The moment you or the other party gains conscious awareness of the lesson that you came together to learn, the energetic pull that draws you into the relationship will fall away, causing you to lose interest.

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Relations and the Cartesian Product

A relation between two sets is a way of connecting elements in one, called the Domain of the relation, to a second one, the the Co-Domain (the subset of the Co-Domain covered by the relation is called the Range). The order matters, so the two sets can stay unique.

A relation is not picky. The same element in one set can be related to different elements in the other.

The most technical way to define a relation is to first define a Cartesian Product of two sets, denoted SxT. It is the set of all ordered pairs (s,t), where s is in S and t is in T.

This makes relations easy to define, because we can take each correspondence, and turn it into an ordered pair.

And this ordered pair is automatically a subset of the Cartesian product.