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The absolutely fantastic @dettsu and yours truly are going to be at MatsuCon tomorrow at Ateneo!!! Try to stop by i’ll have stickers postcards and a doodlebook full of all new comics to sell 

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin


All the words that I can’t take back
Like a train comin’ off the track
As the rails and the bolts all crack
I gotta find a way to stop it, stop it, just let me out!


#kdramawomensweek day 2: rent’s due

kang hye soo & the things she does for her daughter

i’d apologize for all the self reblogging i just did but i’m not sorry at all and i’m having huge yuuri feels and need to share how much i love him with you guys


So for my transition I have been making and selling book related items and I have decided to make this a master post and post links to all of my items at the end of this. I have had a lot of items sold since my last load of updates so I will take the time to update each item separately.

This is for the UK only because of shipping. Everything goes towards my transition.

Payment would be sent through bank transfer or paypal (Through friends and family option please otherwise it takes 10%) 

I’ve had questions about donations, I don’t have a gofund me, I would rather feel like you get something in return. But if you wish, you can pay extra for anything you buy. I have had loads of people do this already.

Harry Potter Themed
Sketchbooks and Journals

Please share this around, thank you.


Hello for anyone that is interested! After working on this for 2 weeks, i can finally release it to the world. I made a “SHOP” because i recently picked up a new hobby & i want to share it with you, specially since it’s Bangtan related(& others). I’m selling handmade charms, if interested please visit the shop page!

Questions on this can be found on the FAQ, or if you can’t find the questions just ask me where ever you can find me. I hope you all like them, i sure do & had a lot of fun making them.  

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You said your house was haunted by "parakeets and Amish Satan" EXPLAIN

…I don’t remember posting about that on here omfg how deep in my personal tag are you? 😂 Those are two different stories so this is probably gonna be long.

Alright, so I was always that freaky little ‘I see dead people’ shithead when I was a kid. You know, that asshole kid that gives detailed descriptions of relatives that died before they were born and says they see them on the ceiling or some shit? That was me. Important to the stories. I’ll start with the parakeets.

Okay, so when I was like…Maybe 5 or 6, I really wanted to get a pet. We had a dog, but I was not the dog’s favorite person, and I was in that whole ‘I wanna prove I’m responsible’ stage of childhood, so I ambushed my parents with the pet question when we were out to dinner. (Which was a strategic move, as I knew all the waiters at the restaurant liked me and would maybe throw in a pity “Aww, get the girl a pet” comment as a guilt trip if they over heard the conversation. It totally worked lmao)

So, after a long debate about animals, my parents decided to get me parakeets. Which, I had not been aiming for (I wanted something cuddly, and I like birds in theory, not in practice) but I was not in a position for arguing when I was about to get a pet, so I agreed and we headed off to PetSmart and got two birds.

Now, over the course of my childhood, I only had three birds- Blueberry, Banana, and Snowcap. You can probably figure out what they looked like, I was not the most creative child. So, in our old house, which was, frankly, a better house, they had a great life! We kept them in the living room, right next to the huge glass doors that lead to the backyard so they got a lot of sunlight and fresh air, we were great about cleaning up their feathers, they didn’t feel attention starved so they weren’t too loud or annoying. It was great.

Then we moved to our current house, and that’s where it starts getting complicated.

See, my mom and I were both on a depression battle, and if you know anything about that, it made it very hard for us to do things. Energy wasn’t there. So while we were obviously still feeding the birds and everything, we definitely let the cage get messy and stopped cleaning up feathers. We had them on the bay window in my living room, so it looked like a mess, which really pissed my Aunt Gail off. Gail was a psycho bitch, for reference, but she had moved in with us to help pay bills and insisted the birds were taken out of the living room, which I wasn’t really down with, but I also wasn’t down with her locking me in a closet, so I listened to her. So Blueberry and Snowcap got banished to the computer room, where there was very little light, always loud music playing, and barely any attention for them. I remember they’d get so loud and we’d just throw a sheet over the cage or turn the lights off or yell for them to shut up. As it stands now, I realize we definitely ended up mistreating the birds, and I feel incredibly guilty about that, but as a little kid with very little patience and a fear of birds, who was mostly following her mother and aunt’s actions, I didn’t understand. I got pretty detached from them because of where I was mentally, and I remember when they both died (separately- Blueberry held on for a while, so she was sadly alone for a while), I like, forced all emotion about it away and just didn’t focus on it. Do you know what I mean? I was pretending like I wasn’t effected, like it was a non-issue, and like tbh I didn’t even let myself focus on how effed up that is until a couple years ago. But that was just the headspace I was in.

Okay, so anyway, birds: I always hear them outside my window during the day, chirping up a storm, but at night? It’s usually dead silent, with the occasional hoot from an owl who’s literally only there to make me think about the movie “The Fourth Kind” in the middle of the night. Fuck that owl, I don’t want to think about that movie.

Sometimes, though, when I’m having an Insomniac Episode ™ , I’ll be in the computer room (there’s no wifi in my house, we’re still in the 90′s) late at night, messing around, and for a short amount of time I’ll hear birds, like, screeching. And I never really thought much about it, because like, nature can do whatever it wants, but it started getting a little odd. Like, I’d leave the computer room to go downstairs for a bit, and I’d hear absolutely nothing. Dead silence, even though the kitchen is directly below it and thus has the same trees, or even if I leave the door open, it’s just quiet. But the second I step off the step and into the room, it starts back up. Weird, right? I started feeling really eerie about it, and started purposefully leaving the computer room whenever it started up.

And then, that lead me to noticing when it started up…It was always at 3:00am to 4:00 am. Which is, you know, The Witching Hour. The Ghost Hour. The Demon Hour. Plenty of names, but all the same concept. Any self-respecting paranormal fucker knows that things get weird at 3:00 am. The veil’s a little thinner then.

And that in itself freaked me out, but I always feel pretty freaked out at that time anyway, because as mentioned, I’m That Asshole Kid who hears disembodied voices and sees things out of the corner of my eye and always feels like something is right behind me. That’s only gotten better and worse with age in different ways- but anyway, while the bird stuff was freaking me out, I had yet to put together what it was, because frankly I’m just a wimp and I thought it was overall anxiety making me hear things.

So then, a little under a year ago, I’m watching some show about the paranormal and animals, and some dude is recounting a story about a ghost cat or something, and I remember being like…what the fuck, animals can be ghosts? What? Because that’s not something that ever occurred to me before, and not something I had heard of. And the guy went on to say something like if the animals were mistreated in life, they have as much chance to come back as a person-ghost who died tragically or something. And I just like, had a flash, of realizing how we had definitely mistreated the birds, and how I only hear screaming birds in their room, at 3:00 am, and it was just sort of an “everything clicked together moment”, and I was like, shit. I’m being haunted by my old pet parakeets.

I still hear them all the time, but I mean, I’m not turning out lights or telling them to shut up anymore, because honestly? They definitely have a reason to complain and make their voices heard over that. Like, if they need to let out frustration from beyond the grave, they definitely have my attention.

Okay, on to Amish Satan.

So in…Fifth grade, my class took a field trip to Lancaster, to tour some old coal mines and see some donkeys and stuff. It was nothing special, honestly, but it was a fun trip. So anyway, they had a little gift shop the let us go into because what’s a field trip without souvenirs? And they were mostly selling coal related stuff- I’ve got a little statue of a mouse made out of coal on my nightstand that I got there. But they were also selling these little Amish dolls, right? So as a young girl with a great love for dolls (I used to have a huge collection of all kinds), obviously I had to get one.

So I picked out a guy doll because I loved the shade of blue they used for his shirt, he had little black suspenders and a black hat, it was cute. Paid the store owner, got on the bus with my new little friend to head home.

(Completely unrelated to the story, but back then I was anime trash and decided to name this poor thing Kiyo after the main character from Zatch Bell lmao)

So anyway, on the bus home, I started getting slightly…unsettled by the fact he didn’t have a face. Like, it didn’t bother me when I bought him, but now it was starting to really freak me out. I kept asking the teachers why Amish dolls didn’t have faces, but no one had answers for me, which was frustrating, because I thought if I could understand the reasoning, it wouldn’t freak me out as much.

I was starting to regret buying it, but when we got back to school, my friend Rachel whipped out a sharpie and said “It’s yours anyway, just give him a face yourself!” which sounded like a relatively good idea. I drew the least intimidating face I could- two simple big eyes, point for a nose, big goofy smile with his tongue sticking out. It’s cute and dumb. Seriously, I still have the doll, you don’t look at this thing and think “Satan” at all.

So, me and my friends played with this doll all the time. We’d use to make him do tricks and flip him around and stuff- I remember one year we accidentally got him stuck on the Christmas tree and left him up there with all the decorations because we thought it was the funniest thing ever. This was like our go-to doll. We loved the thing. And sure, I’d have a weird experience every now and then, but I had absolutely no reason to think it was connected to the doll, because the things weren’t that out-of-ordinary for me.

So, in sixth grade, I had to start going to this free children’s hospital in the city called Shriners, and there were always a lot of Amish people there, because it was free and they have higher risks for birth defects and problems. And I was a super shy child, but at the same time I didn’t want to sit quietly in a waiting room for a millions years, so I’d usually quietly bond with a kid over some of the toys the waiting room had out, or if I was just reading I’d still make a point to smile politely at everyone I made eye contact with. The adults always seemed suspicious of me, but I figured it was just a whole ‘Amish vs The English’ thing, or because my health problems were a lot less physically obvious than their children’s and they were upset about that. It made me feel uncomfortable, but it was nothing serious.

Except one day, I was making small talk with one family and the little girl had a doll out, and I just said something like “Oh I have one of those dolls! It has a face on it though.” And her mother got all wide eyed and dragged her kids to the other side of the room while talking in their language (I don’t know the name of it) and I was just like???? Oh shit what did I do??? Like it was strange omg.

So anyway, time goes on. I get older, I stop playing with dolls, and actually end up selling or trashing most of them. I kept the Amish doll around though, but it wasn’t like me and my friends were playing with him every day anymore. He was just there. Something inside of me couldn’t bear to get rid of him, but I wasn’t doing anything with him either.

And after a while, it started to feel weird. Like…uncomfortable. Sort of a ‘why don’t you play with me anymore’ vibe, which sounded so stupid, because I was in high school at this point, I could not justify thinking an old toy was sad. This isn’t fucking Toy Story, you know? (Incidentally, while I love the Toy Story films, they’re also lowkey my worst nightmares).

I remember edging around him. Like, he still has the same dumb, cutesy face drawn on, but something was making me uncomfortable to be around him. I felt watched and guilty and nervous. At some point he ended up on the staircase leading to my computer room, just laying there for a couple years. Neither me or my mom ever bothered to touch him.

Okay, so then I go away for my only semester of college, and one day I was in the group chat with my friends and we were talking about creepy things that have happened to us. And I brought up this doll, and they were kinda interested and I remember saying “Watch me come home for break and he’s not gonna be wear I left him” as a joke.

I get home from break…Guess who’s not fucking on the steps like he’d been for the past 3 years?

I was cracking up, I remember texting my friend Zoe who started freaking out, but I was like “Okay, creepy coincidence, but obviously my mom must’ve just moved him or thrown him out”.

…Except my mom had no idea what I was talking about. She had no memory of this doll, let alone walking past it all the time for three years while it sat on the steps. She swore she didn’t move it.

So I was like…okay,

So then I’m back home officially and I still can’t find it. I searched everywhere- not even because I wanted the doll, just because not knowing where it was was making me feel even more nervous and anxious than having to tip-toe around it. I had random scary thoughts pop up in my head of it appearing in my room suddenly, or moving on it’s own. I was really freaking myself out- being paranoid is what I’m best at.

Okay, at some point down the line, one day I’m on my couch just flicking through channels, and I come across a marathon of a show called “Amish Haunting” (Honestly, check it out if you like ghost shows, it’s pretty cool). The episode that happens to be playing is feature a segment called “The Faceless Doll” and the paranormal experience that family had when an English neighbor gave their young daughter a doll with a face. Shit got fucked up for this family. Real shit guys.

They explained within the episode that the reason for faceless dolls is because the Amish believe that fake faces- like on dolls, in photographs, what have you- are an invitation for the Devil into your home. They believe he can use the fake eyes to see into your life and watch you and grow stronger and mess you up, basically. So, when 10 year old Molly drew that face on, not only was she accidentally disrespecting the Amish’s beliefs, she was basically unwittingly inviting Satan into her house, and then using him as a best play mate with her two other Catholic School Girl friends. Iconic.

I have since found the doll- mind you, in a place where he literally never should have been- but things seem…Calmer? I do occasionally feel a little watched, but honestly I feel like now that I’m aware my doll is potentially housing Satan, we’re on better terms? Allegedly a couple of my friends have had weird experiences after insulting him, but I wasn’t around so I can’t confirm or deny. Like, I definitely still get creeped out by him, but not as much, and I don’t feel a weird sad aura around the doll anymore.

So, now I’m just kinda hoping we stay on these chill mutual grounds and I don’t, like, get possessed or anything. But yeah, that’s the story of Amish Satan, you just gotta be a little respectful with him.

bilolli  asked:

I don't know if this is a silly or a smart question but, the sweatshirt you weared some times ago with Cross in the middle it's a one piece or I can buy it somewhere? (Sorry for my bad English...)

This is actually a good question!
I made the Cross hoodie in a printing store.

For two reasons I can’t sell Cross related stuff like t-shirts or hoodies, two of those reasons is that Cross is a fan-character from Undertale and selling massive merch like this could be bring me some problems. The other one is if I used a web plattform to sell massive posters, clothes, mugs, etc… I couldn’t anyway. Even if I wanted to sell merch of my own characters.

Because in this country Paypal doesn’t exists except to making payments, not to receive them. I have a relative living in US where I could receive the payments there but that’s very uncomfortable. I did once and uuuugh…

Marisol's Salem Witch Shop Review *Master Post*

EDIT: I removed Pagan Moon from this list as their physical shop closed in Salem.  Their website is still up and running, though!

Okay, dears. Since I’ve listed shops to check out and also avoid in Salem, now it’s time for me to further explain why. This is purely based on my experience. If you make it to the Witch City and still wish to venture and spend your money at shops owned by people with questionable ethics and backgrounds, that’s up to you. I will be as objective as possible but let’s just say I’ve been let down in the past by certain shops. Ten shops are featured. Yes, there are others, but these are ones I’m familiar with and know the best.

Here goes nothing…

1.) Crow Haven Corner

Considered to be the first site of a witch shop in the United States, Laurie Cabot (“Official Witch of Salem”) opened the shop at this location in the 1970. The shop has since changed hands and is owned by “Love Clairvoyant” Lorelei (um…okay…?). She and her team of psychics give tarot readings both in person and over the phone. They sell books, tarot decks, herbs, candles, tools, and crystals. I have had a rather negative experience with this shop since I worked there and quit (Search my Salem tag to find my post about this experience). Lorelei has also been *charged with assault* by a rivaling business owner stemming from an incident in 2012. Classy. She is also VERY close friends with Christian Day (don’t worry, I’ll get to him). The one redeeming characteristic of Lorelei is that she cares very deeply about animal protection and supports stricter punishment for animal abusers. She has started a fund raiser to help animals removed from abusive homes. Overall, it’s a small and cramped shop with overpriced “special” items like wands. The shop also runs a “Magickal tour of Salem” and attempts to connect history of the city to current Pagan and witchcraft practices. I don’t get it. At all.

2.) Hex/Omen

I decided to write about both of these shops in the same review because they’re owned by the same person: CHRISTIAN DAY! Christian Day went to school for Business and let me tell you…he knows what he’s doing. His set up at Hex is great. Displays are always full and well organized with wonderful descriptions. He sells a nice selection of titles, tools, and jewelry as well as hand crafted items made by the tarot readers. Tarot readings are a popular choice at this shop. Omen is more of a reading location than an actual shop but do sell items like tarot cards, candles, and other basic tools of the craft. However, Christian Day has a lovely history of harassment, verbal assault, and has expressed a level of classism, racism, and sexism that is beyond disgusting. He also loves drama and being in the spotlight. I have ZERO problem with the people who work FOR him though. They are awesome :).

3.) Enchanted: A Magickal Shop

After closing The Cat, The Crow, and The Crown several years ago, Laurie Cabot took a second chance on Pickering Wharf and collaborated with her daughter and several other people in opening this shop. Like her previous shop, tarot readings are offered. There are also “one of a kind items” sold at this shop like Witch bottles blessed by Laurie Cabot. Many of these specialty items are overpriced due to the fact the name Laurie Cabot is attached to it. They sell the typical items like books, candles, herbs, divination tools (like a used Ouija board that belonged to a REAL witch for only $40! Yeah…I’m all set. I’ll go to Toys R Us and buy it for $20 BRAND NEW), and crystals. The staff at the store is also rather cold and seem to watch EVERY move you make in the store. Calm down. I’m not going to steal a $5 turkey feather. I can find it in my yard…FOR FREE. Chill.

4.) Magika

Want to meet a Strega who MAY or MAY NOT be a descent of Giordano Bruno, the famous Italian witch killed in Italy (Christian Day, who was once Lori’s business partner, claims Giordano was gay after doing “thorough research” and could not have offspring due to being gay, thus proving Lori is a fraud. Whatever, dude… A judge told you to stop harassing Lori… You have your issues to deal with…Like having to NOW compete with your former business partner)? Check this shop out. It is right across from Enchanted. Coincidence? HAHAHAHA no. Lori and Laurie have had a rather nasty feud brewing since the 90s. Best part? Magika is in the old location of The Cat, The Crow, and The Crown! However, before you get excited, the feud has calmed down. Magika is broken into 2 sections: 1 section for tarot readings, and the other section for the shop. Candles, books, resins, tarot decks, jewelry, and hand crafted items like poppet dolls are sold here. Most of the people are friendly and helpful…however, there are people there who are rather nasty. Lori offers many classes and workshops. If you’re more local to Salem, check them out. They’re reasonably priced and fill quickly.

5.) Pyramid Book

I love love LOVE this shop. Right near Pickering Wharf, this shop has one of the best, if not THE best, selection in Salem for: books, tarot/oracle decks, crystals (many for $1), and candles. There are also singing bowls and sage sticks available. There is also a FANTASTIC jewelry selection. Readings are offered and reasonably priced. The owner and staff is incredibly nice and helpful. This shop is a must see for all things witchy.

6.) Nu Aeon

This lovely little shop is nestled at the end of Pickering Wharf. Again, there’s a great book and tarot/oracle collection. Statues of many Greek, Roman, and Egyptian deities are sold here. Music, traditional clothing, and robes are also sold here. The shop owners are pleasant and are always willing to answer questions. Classes are offered on a regular basis.

7.) Artemisia Botanicals

This is your one-stop shop for all things herbal. They have over 400, yes 400, herbs and teas. They have a friendly and knowledgeable staff who also offer many courses on the various uses of the herbs. Herbs are generally kept in nicely sealed containers to preserve freshness.

8.) New England Magick

This shop is owned by a lovely couple and have a spacious setup. They sell everything. Literally everything. Tarot. Books. Candles. Stones. Jewelry. Divination tools. Altar pieces. Artwork. Deity statues. This couple used to own a shop in Rockport, MA but closed it due to the obnoxious commute up 128 everyday (plus, I’m suspecting a lacking customer base up there). Tarot reading are offered.

9.) The Coven’s Cottage

Oh, this shop. It’s so…pretty inside. It feels so inviting and genuine compared to some of the other shops I’ve mentioned. This shop, which is fairly new compared to the others, has a great selection of crystals and books. Staff is incredibly friendly and knowledgeable. Another must-see for all things witchy and Pagan as they also sell Druid-related items. Hand-made items are also sold here. Tarot readings are also offered.

10.) Pagan Moon

This nice little shop has combined forces with its successful online shop to give visitors an authentic “witch shop” experience without all the mumbo jumbo. They have a sizeable selection of witchcraft tools as well as Druid- related tools and resources. Candles, tarot decks, and the other typical witchy objects found in a witch shop are also found here. Staff is very friendly.

Pagan Moon closed.


This isnt fursuit related, but we are selling a retired OFF cosplay if anyone is interested! Its Bad Batter. No set price, make an offer!

Its my older work so it isnt up to date with my methods of crafting but its still a great piece for anyone who cosplays. The jaw even moves!

It will come with: The head (upper and lower jaw), a blackout mask, the over shirt, the under shirt, and the pants. The over shirt should fit most people but you might need to get your own pants and longsleeve black shirt if you arent my size.

If it doesnt sell I will just turn him into a head mount for display

PM me for any offers you may have!

The Vital Spice: Grand Opening

When: Wednesday, April 19 (Tonight!)
Time:   6 Bells (server)
Where:  Canal side of the Trade District (Canal Tailor and Fit Shop)

The Vital Spice opens its doors to customers on Wednesday evening. Selling everything related to health care including herbs of the fresh, fried, and powdered variety, from all over the world, as well as, various exotic spices recommended for medical purposes. Specialized, hand-tailored bandages with healing salves soaked into the threads, tonics with various medical results, and much, much more!

Whether you’re a budding alchemist looking for a few more ingredients, a Mercenary or Adventurer looking to make some coin, or a brave organization fighting the good fight; The Vital Spice can supply you all with every medicinal need.

Owned and operated by Harboson Company, the Vital Spice will help you with what ails you!

(OOC: The Vital Spice is a Medicinal Store with a focus on realism and immersion for all parties involved. We actually go to pick the herbs, we actually bring them to the store, we actually have someone turn raw resources into products. All this in the name of an immersive experience for everyone.

Contact Elstine, Scassira, Sonnilynn, Galleia, or Tideguard to schedule bulk orders, or scripted RP.

Otherwise, the store will be open regularly throughout the week and will always be opened 6PM ST every Wednesday.)