relational selling

when you accidentally write a tragedy instead of a sin


This isnt fursuit related, but we are selling a retired OFF cosplay if anyone is interested! Its Bad Batter. No set price, make an offer!

Its my older work so it isnt up to date with my methods of crafting but its still a great piece for anyone who cosplays. The jaw even moves!

It will come with: The head (upper and lower jaw), a blackout mask, the over shirt, the under shirt, and the pants. The over shirt should fit most people but you might need to get your own pants and longsleeve black shirt if you arent my size.

If it doesnt sell I will just turn him into a head mount for display

PM me for any offers you may have!

I wish there was more discussion of monado dunban? seeing dunban be super cool and awesome in the prologue kind of convinced me I was in for the long haul with this game, I kind of fell in love with him at first sight…

and I have so many questions, like: how long was he wielding the monado before the prologue? why is it that he was able to control it at all? was it through sheer force of will? that would mean that he was literally mentally and physically fighting zanza’s will the whole time while wielding the thing which is insanely badass? or was zanza’s intent to slowly wear him down until shulk had no choice but to pick it up? furthermore, did wielding it have any mental effects on him? did he become more aggressive? was zanza subtly influencing him, and that’s why he has beastly/manic tendencies? dunban is a crybaby, did he have a far more gentle demanor before picking it up? is he just Filled With Determination™?

anyway have this silly doodle page that I was using to practice the anime man

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I thought these pap shots were related to selling a movie,, Even an indie movie must cost plenty. But using a child feels ugh! Oh my! Blind gossip is grubby! So if the Nick Hoult one is even vaguely true, Jennifer might use Twitter etc using assumed names!

Oh anon - this week started so promising because there was a new couple to ship!

Yes Nick finally found himself a new girlfriend. And she is a Playboy Playmate who’s hooked up with Brody Jenner, Leonardo DiCaprio and 47-year old James Packer (Mariah Carey’s former “fiance”). 

And yes - a blind item said Jen was not happy and setting up fake social media accounts to spread hate. Clearly they didn’t get the memo that she’s been too busy not acknowledging a 10 year old while out on a pap walk. 

But it doesn’t matter because Nick and Bryana are now IG mutual, have vacationed together and clearly seem very much in love as one young fan said as she posted their first official picture together:

Can you feel the love?  

… nevermind I guess I can’t use patreon because I’m not old enough to accept payments through stripe or paypal.. and I don’t have my social security number memorized and I don’t want to ask my  mom because I don’t want her to yell at me for trying to set up my patreon account…

and I really want to start doing commissions but I don’t have art that anyone wants and when I asked my mom if I could start selling my art she just looked at me and said “we’ll talk about it later”… it’s been 3-4 months since I asked and she still doesn’t want to talk about it


Don’t know which sheikh he heard this from but my friend said it was permissible to use/sell marijuana related things …of course for a medicinal purposes …. Now I don’t want anybody getting high and say sheikh Peter Abdul ibn tumblr of Haiti said this tho 😭 find your own fatwa

So @the-ill-doctor and I are over here chatting about how since Disney now sees how much we love Gravity Falls first hand with book sales (they’re out of stock), why not make an actual Mystery Shack in Disney World or Disney Land (or both)? It’s actually an interesting idea. It could mainly serve as a simple souvenir shop that may sell GF related snacks and Mabel Juice and employees would just wear Soos’s attire with Grunkle Stan making announcements over the speakers if they wanted it to just be something simple. But if they REALLY wanted to make the most of it, they could make the actual Mystery Shack. All the rooms, all the decor, all the fun! Tour the Mystery Shack! And sell merch were Stan’s souvenir shop is. But also, have the candy machine door actually lead to a secret tour of Ford’s lab and study if you punch in the code correctly. Maybe an extra McGucket deal somewhere in there for those that didn’t just watch the show. And, of course, a special area for the demented dorito, Bill. It’s not like Disney doesn’t have the money or fan support to do it. MAKE IT HAPPEN DISNEY!