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I love you, and I know something’s wrong. Whatever it is, I’m here for you. I appreciate it, but I’m fine. No, you’re not. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to leave until you talk to me. Do you remember when you said, ‘when things get crazy, don’t push me away’?

None of you know how to treat women of color like actual human beings so this post is going to go utterly nowhere but anyway. Here’s some things that I’d like to lay out. 

  1. Women of color’s experiences are not life lessons or stories or entertainment for everyone else. Our pain, our suffering, and even our daily lives are not academic presentations for you to learn from. Women of color can be teachers and mentors, but us merely existing and talking about the things we love, the things we laugh at, the things we enjoy, and the things that make us angry, are not opportunities for you to boast about how “good” you are, to thank us for “teaching” you something you didn’t already know before, or a chance for you to guilt-trip us with self-victimizing emotional blackmail (i.e. “oh my god, white people suck/oh my god i’m so sorry that we white women are so terrible”). You may not even realize that you’re replicating white fragility and white anxiety, but that’s exactly what you’re doing! And when you do that, you dehumanize us, you strip us of our autonomy, and you make us look and feel like aggressive and violent monsters. 
  2. Of course there are certain posts that women of color write that get traction because they’re enlightening or relatable or offer valuable insight for everyone. And that’s absolutely fine. Look, if someone writes a sincere and heartfelt post about something you’ve personally never experienced or witnessed, and you learn and grow from it, that’s a good thing. But that doesn’t mean that everything a woman of color does is specifically geared toward educating white people or men! Treating our lives as if they are constructed around spite and bitterness is so depressing. And again, it’s dehumanizing. As if we cannot live, and write, and think, and breathe, and love, without our actions just innately being tied to how they measure up in white people’s eyes. We already deal with that - the ubiquitous, unrelenting gaze of white supremacy. So please stop acting as if taking everything a woman of color says or does as a “teachable moment” or an “activist moment” is progressive. It’s not. It places unfair burdens on us. 
  3. If a woman of color is clearly talking about something with other women of color and laughing at a certain aspect of, say, whiteness or male entitlement, that’s absolutely not an invitation for white people to barge in on the post with performative tags or comments. It’s invasive as hell. It goes back to what I said in the first point, which is that you’re treating our literal lives as if they’re classroom education lessons. You look at a post like that and clearly grimace or feel guilty. And hey again, if a post makes you self-reflect and critically think about something you previously didn’t acknowledge, that is a good thing, but you can engage in that self-reflection without pomp and circumstance and without making it about yourself. Because that’s exactly what happens when you reblog a random post a woman of color writes about herself & other women of color (a post in which she’s clearly commiserating with other women of color over something you as a white person cannot relate to). You’re making it about YOUR guilt or YOUR “activism” credentials. And that ties into the second point: treating every facet of a woman of color’s life as if it can only be measured by the worth it presents to white people. 
  4. There will be posts that women of color write that are specifically targeted toward men or white people. That is absolutely when you should be adding tags like “reminders” or directly engaging in learning and self-reflection. This post itself is clearly directed toward white people, in which case it would be fine for white people to reblog and learn from, whereas a post that I write about laughing at how hypocritical white women are is not an invitation for white women to tag it as “I’ll keep this in mind” or “I hope I don’t do this”. 
  5. And on that note, if you as a white person say “I’ve never done this but yikes”, you are fucking lying to yourself and to me. The reason you don’t think you’ve “ever done this” is because you’re surrounded by the glory of the privilege you receive under white supremacy. You’re embedded in whiteness. You can’t see around your own whiteness. It takes work to objectively deconstruct your own whiteness, and that definitely won’t occur if you look at a post about racism and say “well /I’ve/ never done this because /I’m/ one of the good ones”. You’ve definitely done it, and you’ll do it again, because that’s the nature of whiteness. 

Stop treating us like your educators and doormats. Stop talking to us as if we’re monsters and ogres. Please. I beg you. 

What Exo is probably doing rn

Xiumin: Got put on hold after he called the local pet shop to see if they had bunnies for sale 3 hours, ago and is afraid to hang up just in case they come back to the phone. 

Suho: Repeating a knock knock joke he overheard a toddler tell his mommy at the grocery store over and over in his head so he can tell the first member he sees later. 

Yixing: Just finished signing papers with SM to release 3 videos, 2 mini albums and get a solo dance in the next comeback song…..all while in China.

Baekhyun: Standing in front of the refrigerator holding it open, trying to decide between a protein whey extra lite smoothie or 3 gallons of rocky road ice cream.

Chen: Sitting at the dining room table googling himself on Baekhyun’s Ipad so that his searches for “Chen’s Sexiest Moments” won’t stay in his own search history.

Chanyeol: Playing videos games in the dark with door locked even though he told everyone he was going to be in the studio writing more fire verses for Sehun to drop on the beat.

Kyungsoo: Reading scripts about a psycho maniac killer and wondering how he always gets offered such relatable roles.

Kai: Trying to calculate how long a break from group activities he’ll get this year if he breaks both his ankles now.

Sehun: In the bathroom with the door closed practicing how to take selfies that show he actually has a jawline. Ended up deleting 3 apps to make space for all the bad shots.

Beltane Masterpost

Time for another masterpost. Beltane is upon us, which means Summer is almost here! Beltane falls opposite Samhain on the Wheel of the Year, and while Samhain is about celebrating and respecting death, Beltane is all about celebrating life!! Like Samhain, it’s believed that the veil between the worlds is at its’ thinnest at this time. During this time it’s customary to burn ceremonial fires, do magic relating to or leave offerings for faeries. If you’re not sure what to get up to on Beltane, here’s some ideas:


Herbs Associated with Fire

Herbs Associated with the Sun

Herbs for Happiness

Hearth Fire Protection Spell

Fire Correspondence Chart**

Fire Correspondence Chart II**

Ideas for Celebrating Beltane**

Sabbat Soap

Sun Tarot Spell

Solar Cleansing Brew

Sun God Ointment

Beltane Crossing Over Tarot Spread


Fire Bath

Summer Cleansing Bath


Nine Woods Incense

Fire Incense

Sun Incense

Sun Incense II

Beltane Incense


Spring Time Oil

Beltane Oil

Beltane Oil II

Sabbat Oil

Sabbat Oil II

Sabbat Oil III

Sun Oil

Sun King Anointing Oil

Midsummer Faerie Oil

**Not from my blog

Today I was struck by a terrible conviction that Jack Zimmermann is a hardcore hockey history nerd who can only occasionally be persuaded to care about anything else that happened in the past.

In elementary school they had to do a report on “My Hero” and Jack researched Jacques Plante and talked for an extremely excited ten minutes about how Plante had a 27-year career and won six Stanley Cups and seven Vezina trophies and was the first goalie in the NHL to play outside the crease and he engineered the use of goalie masks and was a major innovator in player safety and Jack made this papier-mache copy of Plante’s first hockey mask and his dad helped him drill out holes so he could breathe and–

“Jack, who was John Cabot?”

“I don’t know.  Did he play hockey?”

“Jack, tell us about life for settlers* in early Quebec” (*french: les habitants)

“Well, before a game the team* always used to…” (*hockey: Les Habs)

If you want him to talk nonstop for an hour, ask him what he thinks the greatest hockey game of all time was. 

He got over it his monofocus eventually, but only just by extending his laserlike concern to broader topics like “World War II”–he still doesn’t give a crap about anything outside his area of interest.  It’s still less true to say he is a history geek than to say he took every class Samwell offered related to hockey, from Sports Management to Kinesiology to Human Ecology 267: History of Leisure and Recreation, and then looked at his credits and went, “Huh, I could make a history degree out of this.”

This is it! The thing that is the closest to The Lucky Flannel that I have found so far!

Mossimo brand, lightweight. It’s not thick, but it’s not too thin either. It feels like how Mark described his.

It looks like it’s made of the same material/build that Mark’s flannel was made of. If I would have found the red one, you bet your ass I would keep it for Mark. I’m keeping my eyes peeled! Hopefully I find two! :D


Here we go kids, Beltane is coming up so here is a little page from my grimoire. Hope you find this informative.

Beltane is also known as Bealtaine, May Eve, May Day and Valpurgis. It takes place on May 1st

Beltane is the mark of halfway through spring which is between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.

Beltane celebrates – fertility, fire, abundance and farming

Activities that relate to Beltane are – offering to deities and fae, baking and cooking, gardening, sexuality, maypole, bonfires, dance, games and all things that relate to floral.

Offering ideas – Flowers, antlers, stones that are associated with Beltane, mini maypole, honey, fruit, seeds.

Deities – Aphrodite, Venus, Horned God, Flora, Diana.

Incense and oils – Rose and Lilac

Herbs – Rose, Almond, Daisy and Lilac

Stones – Emeralds, Malachite, Amber, Opal and Rose Quartz.

Colors – Green, While, Brown, Pink and Red.

hello appblr world!! I recently graduated high school (c/o 2015), and I will be attending Duke University in the fall, hoping to pursue a double major in English and Political Science with a minor in either Psychology or Neuroscience :’) 

applying to colleges was one of the most stressful experiences of my life, so I really want to help out anyone who is now currently feeling those tidal waves of anxiety and panic. my intention is to help and hopefully alleviate any nerves about applying to college (in America)

the summer before my senior year, every time I read the word ‘college’, my heart rate spiked & I started internally freaking out. for me, the whole process was super overwhelming, and my distaste for the education system (specifically, the american education system) quadrupled. I remember feeling incredibly confused and alone because I didn’t know where to start, so here is a lil guide thingy!!! 


  • make sure and finish all your summer assignments – I know that college applications are a strong focus, but get what you’re supposed to do out of the way first + you will feel less overwhelmed and more productive
  • start making a list of colleges that you want to apply for – my best suggestion is to categorize them into safety schools, match schools, and reach schools
    • ref: generally people look at a school’s admitted profile (on the school website) and compare stats, which means gpa, rank, test scores, etc. if you can, it’s also helpful to read into their supplementary essay prompts and examples to give you a general idea of what a college is looking for (ex. UChicago is notoriously known for their quirky supplementary essay prompts; famous past prompts include: Find X, Where’s Waldo?, Why are you here?, What’s so odd about odd numbers?) 
  • do lots of research on schools you’re interested in – ok now I know that reading these long paragraphs on school websites can get really tiring, so try watching some youtube videos or looking the school up on reddit, and be sure to talk to current students to get a first-hand account
    • look at location, diversity, the programs offered in relation to what you’re interested in, size, public vs private institutions, sports, social scene, political affiliations, financial aid offered, study abroad, etc)
  • try and figure out a general field of what you’re interested in – you do NOT need to know what you want to major in, but when you’re applying for colleges, you will most likely need to select an intended major; if not, you will apply as undeclared, which has its advantages and disadvantages!! but even with an intended major, most colleges don’t make you officially select a major until sophomore, sometimes even junior year, so it is okay to not know what you wanna do when you’re 16/17/18!!! but explore and reflect and try and figure out a general field of what you’re interested in. do NOT use your grades as a sole factor in deciding; if you are good at math and have really high grades, that does not necessarily mean that you should be a math major - pursue your passions!! if you know that you like writing and reading, then consider a major in english or literature. if you think you’d like to work with computer software, then consider a major in computer science or computer engineering. ALSO know that there are so many potential majors + even the option to create your own at some universities!! and also know that many people change majors, and that is totally ok :) 
  • in august, common app will open, which is what many colleges use for the application process. certain schools will have specific websites themselves (i.e. MIT, University of California schools, etc) – if you make an account BEFORE august, it will be deleted by then, so be careful!! now, when you make ur account, you can add schools and you can look at their supplements and stuff. be sure and note deadlines!! 


  • keep up with your school work – senioritis is REAL AND ALIVE, my friends. you will think it’s really bad first semester, but then it just explodes into a frenzy of apathy and indifference second semester + you basically don’t care about anything; this is normal, but still try and focus. colleges can rescind their acceptances, altho it’s not likely unless you suddenly fail everything, but overall, it’s just important to still try
  • keep good relations with your teachers (both current teachers and past teachers) & decide on which to ask for a rec – for many schools, they will require at least one teacher recommendation, so you must decide between which teachers you wanna ask. I would advise picking the teachers you’ve always had good relations with, and in a subject where you’re really passionate about learning the material. when asking, be respectful of deadlines (aka don’t ask them to write you a rec two days before the deadline. they are people too), and be sure and say thank you. if you can, make them a card or make/buy them a little gift; I promise you, they’ll appreciate it!! 
    • if the school you’re applying to requires multiple teacher recs: many people advise asking teachers of different subjects to emphasize your well-roundedness – you can do that or you can ask teachers of one subject that you’re really interested in; weigh your options and politely ask. asking teachers can be really scary sometimes, especially if you’re very shy, but they’re there to help you and it’ll all work out :)
  • write a common app essay (if applicable) – common app has 4 prompts that you can choose from, and then you’ll submit that to all the colleges ur applying to thru common app. this is very important. if you’re not a good writer, do not fret!! most of the time, the subject of these essays are very personal. a lot of people write about some trying time in their lives, but plenty of other people write creatively about something small, but important. remember that essays are a way for admission directors to get to know the real you :’) that sounds super cliche, but keep in mind that you are more than ur gpa and ur sat/act score. prove that to them by writing about something you care about
    • if you are ok with it (and it’s totally ok to not be ok with it), ask someone you trust to read over it and edit it. a lot of people ask their language arts teachers just bc they’ll help with grammar and structure, but asking other trusted adults and peers will be helpful too!! keep in mind the potential of bias from parents + friends though 
    • you will most likely write your common app essay multiple times. you will have lots of drafts & it can be really stressful, but patience. you will be so happy when you finally finish 
  • finalize your college list and start writing supplementary essays – many colleges will have supplementary parts to the application on top of common app. this can range from totally separate essays to lil short-answer questions, so be prepared and give yourself plenty of time to write!! just as with your common app essay, getting feedback can be super helpful
    • also remember that many colleges accept arts supplements (this range depends on the college, but I’ve seen colleges accept writing, dance, music, visual art, etc) & these fall under a different deadline, usually. if you want to submit in an art supplement, you may have to submit in your essays and everything earlier 
    • OH ALSO some colleges will have an early decision or early application deadline – this is basically an earlier deadline for ur app in exchange for an earlier decision. be careful on the difference between EA and ED!!! ED is BINDING, which means that if you get in, you have to go (you can get out of it for financial reasons tho), and EA is NONBINDING, which means that even if you get in, you can decide to go to another school
  • submit in your transcript and any test scores you need – different schools have different policies, but most fall under either the SAT + SAT 2 scores OR ACT + writing scores; I would suggest contacting the counseling office asap, but be super nice!! counselors are there to help you through this process, but it can be really overwhelming for them too
    • pay close attention to whether or not ur college requires a counseling rec or not
  • double check everything for small details – some colleges accept peer recs, but sometimes they don’t publicize that detail very much so just be observant! same with priority deadlines for interviews; you may have to submit in your app earlier if you want priority for an interview
  • accept ur interview opportunities – meet with an alumni or go on campus if you can and give an interview!! they’re really helpful sometimes bc it provides the school with a look into who you are as a person, not just as a student. also, from my experience, the alumni are super nice and really interested + it’s nice to just talk and nerd out about the school you like :’) 
  • submit ur apps (hehehe of course!) 
  • apply for scholarships – this is something that I wish I had taken more seriously, but really, college is expensive and scholarships can make all the difference. talk to your counselors if you don’t know where to start & literally just google for them!! be careful you are eligible for the ones you’re interested in and make sure you submit everything in by the deadline too 


  • distract yourself like crazy – the wait is horrible and the anticipation is killer, if you’re anything like me at least. hang out with your friends and just enjoy your senior year!! this is the last of high school & i promise you that as much as you may hate it (if you do hate it), you will feel bittersweet by the end of the year. so make memories and make the best out of the time you have left in high school 
  • check your email – colleges oftentimes send you emails if they need you to send them anything more, or they’ll update you about things. they’ll usually also email you with where you need to go to check your decision
  • don’t let the senioritis take over ur soul 


  • acceptances – YAY CONGRATULATIONS!!! be proud of yourself and know that you deserve it 100000%, wholeheartedly. they did not make a mistake, and you ARE that amazing. celebrate your accomplishment, but also be humble. it’s likely that you have a friend that either got waitlisted or denied, so be careful what you say 
  • rejections – i’m sorry, my dear!! but you are not meant to be at that school, and that is okay. even if it is your dream school. this does not reflect ur self-worth & this def does not mean that you aren’t good enough. this simply means you aren’t a good fit for the school!! most people have to deal with rejections, so take some time for yourself. eat some comfort food and watch some tv. read a book if that relaxes you. take a bath with lots of bubbles. do whatever is necessary to cleanse yourself of any negative thoughts you may have, and then realize that you can accomplish SO much wherever you end up!! UR A BRILLIANT SHINING STAR & I HAVE FAITH IN YOU :’)
  • waitlisted – being waitlisted (or deferred during EA/ED, which basically pushed you back to the regular decision time) sucks so much bc you just want to know; take a deep breath and consider all your options. make backup plans. if you’re really interested in the school, email them and tell them that!! make sure if you want to be on the waitlist, that you notify them of that (usually via mail or online somehow). if you don’t wanna be on the waitlist, make sure you take yourself off so you give everyone else a better chance :) 
  • weigh your options through careful, careful consideration – there are so many factors that may come into play when finally deciding on which college to go to
    • money is usually a huge factor, and sometimes you won’t be able to go to a great school even though you got in bc it’s too expensive. but do not be sad about this. give yourself time to feel sad, but don’t let it dictate your life!! you need to stay logical and rational. think long-term. sit down with your guardians and discuss the option of taking out loans and so forth. if you’re planning on pursuing grad school afterwards, you need to keep that in the picture as well 
    • talk to current-students and compare important things – if you’re really big on community service, ask the current students at different schools how it is there. this applies for everything!! first-hand accounts are incredibly helpful. you can also consider emailing professors of departments you’re interested in for a more professional and academic perspective 
    • look into their programs and try and avoid putting too much emphasis on rankings - be specific and read up on the department that you’re interested and compare them with different schools. don’t blindly let an overall ranking mislead you!! (i.e. Duke is ranked higher overall than Georgia Tech, but Georgia Tech is ranked MUCH higher in many of its engineering programs) 
    • talk to people – talk to your parents. talk to your counselors, your teachers, your peers. basically everyone is talking about college your senior year, so take advantage of it. talk with other people and get second, third, fourth, fifth opinions. expand your mind and consider everything!! 

senior year is this giant conglomeration of sweat and tears and happiness and anger and jealous and confusion, so do not worry if you are feeling overwhelmed!! it is normal, and i promise that everyone has felt scared about the future at some point. but with that, be confident in yourself. you’re absolutely lovely + you will go far in life!! 

ok 1) I apologize for how absurdly long this post is and 2) I am here to help if ANYONE has ANY questions about anything!! literally I would love giving advice, so feel free to msg me anytime (my main account is @naiveety though, so whichever works) 

ALSO if anyone is interested in Duke, please please please come to me & I will help!!!


anonymous asked:

One thing I never understand about the Dishonored lore: why is Delilah ostracized for being an illegitimate child of a ruler while Emily is completely accepted? Jessamine was never married and by the second game everyone knows that Corvo is her father. I mean Delilah's mom was a scullery maid but Corvo wasn't exactly seen as high society either because of his foreigner status. Maybe Jessamine made a decree about illegitimate children or something? Why is Emily so respected above Delilah?

1. It’s because Emperor Euhorn Kaldwin never acknowledged Delilah as his natural daughter. 

  • In general, I don’t know the precise social stigma surrounding illegimate children in the Dishonored universe, but from what I hear about Treavor Pendleton and others talking about it, it’s similar to our own Medieval-ish view, when heredity was paramount. 
  • In particular, Delilah was ostracized because when it came down to it, Euhorn didn’t step in and stop the Lord Spymaster from throwing Delilah and her mom into the streets. 

(If you believe Delilah’s story as she told it in DH2, then there is the possibility that Delilah is a year older than Jessamine, and was conceived possibly because his wife Beatrix had trouble conceiving an heir. Beatrix died during the birth of her second daughter, so the implication is that she had trouble with carrying a child to full term, and had fertility problems before this. Thus when Jessamine was born and survived into her teens, Euhorn saw no further need for Delilah.)

2. Emily isn’t completely accepted. When she was born it was highly rumoured that Corvo was Jessamine’s lover and thus the father. It was therefore scandalous that the heir to the throne be half-serkonan, and not even noble-born serkonan at that.

  • The fact that Jessamine never married is actually less troublesome for Emily than the fact of Corvo being her father. Although we can’t know because Jessamine never had any surviving siblings, it’s possible that in the 1800′s in the Empire of the Isles, male-preference primogeniture isn’t practised, so any issue of Jessamine’s body would be accepted as the royal heir (”accepted” as in “okay”, not “accepted” as in widely and publicly loved). [I’ve said it before and I might be totally mistaken in that the Royal Physician would naturally attend the birth of new heirs, but even if Sokolov didn’t, then I’m sure several doctor(s), nurses, maids or servants did, the point being that there would be several witnesses to Emily being born “from Jessamine’s body” and therefore being unquestionably her heir, no matter who the father might be.]
  • If Emily was completely accepted it would have been much, much more difficult for Delilah to execute a coup against her. If that was the case, upon hearing of Delilah’s ascension, the entirety of Gristol - if not the whole Empire - would have revolted, and I don’t know how many witches, clockwork soldiers, and guards Delilah and Abele had on the inside, but it’s got to be less than the number of people in the whole Empire. Even considering that your average citizen can’t hold a sword or shoot a bottle at twenty paces, Delilah and co would have lost very badly in that scenario.

3. Delilah’s mom being a scullery maid may have been one of the reasons Euhorn Kaldwin didn’t want to declare her as his natural daughter. We don’t know what Euhorn thought of having a daughter by a scullery maid but we can make a pretty good guess by his actions (allowing her to play with Jessamine only as long as she, Delilah, behaved herself). There’s also the ugly possibility that some might think a random daughter brought out and claimed as the daughter of a scullery maid might belong to another man.

4. You’re right, Corvo was never seen as high society, plus he was a foreigner. Those in the know would be aware that he came off the street, won the Blade Verbena, was granted an officer’s comission by the old Duke, then presented to Euhorn as a political offering. Relates to #2.

  • I agree with you, anon, on Corvo being seen like this. I’m not sure how many people know, and I don’t exactly make a habit of going around asking this - but the title “Royal Protector, Lord Corvo Attano” doesn’t come with any status, it’s only a formality, used instead of calling him “the Royal bodyguard.” They can order around almost anyone else at court in the name of royal safety, but the only purpose of the Royal Protector is to protect the Emperor/Empress. The Royal Protector holds no land and has no vote in Parliament. My point is that it would be extremely irritating to have to address Corvo as “sir” or “my lord” or bow to him, when everyone is viewing him as an unwashed Serkonan who can’t shave properly, has long, wild, unfashionable hair, and (possibly) a thick accent.

5. It’s possible that Jessamine made a decree about illegitimate children, we can’t know for sure, but given her personality, it’s unlikely. Remember how affectionate she was with Emily, and how she would not accept Hiram Burrows’s solutions to the rat plague? I can’t see Jessamine turning away Delilah in that fashion. We won’t know, though, because various individuals in authority already turned away Delilah much, much earlier (the Lord Spymaster and the chief jailer).

6. Emily is respected above Delilah 

  • in universe (Watsonian) because she was crowned at the end of the rat plague and the start of a new era of peace for Gristol. She may have ruled ineffectually and childishly for some or all of the fifteen years between the two games, but she was still the Empress, the ruler in which the people had to put their trust, and she was visible and somewhat respected. Delilah, on the other hand, is an usurper, and only managed to come to power via the coup - setting up the Crown Killer murders to look like Emily or Corvo were exacting revenge against their political opponents (weakening Emily’s position) and literally overpowering Corvo and the guards in the throne room. The people don’t know her.
  • out of universe (Doylist) because Emily is the daughter of the protagonist of the first game and second game/protagonist of the second game. There’s a minimum amount of sympathy that’s required for you to play a character for 10+ hours without you putting down your controller and saying “this character may be the PC, but they’re morally repugnant”. On the other hand, Delilah is the villain in both games. She’s set up to be antagonistic if not downright morally questionable. Basically you’re more likely to like Emily over Delilah because you’re supposed to, otherwise how can you sympathise with her plight?

I do hope I’ve answered your questions, anon =)

Kore Bites (lemon-violet tarts)

Spring Equinox for me is about Persephone returning to the world above and and embracing her Kore aspect. It’s about light fruit flavors and bright flowers.

In honor of her holiday, I make fruit related tarts as offering every year. This year I decided on lemon-violet.

(Candied violets are missing because the cat knocked over the tray onto my floor…oh well).

For the shortbread base*:
-1 cup butter, softened (NOT MELTED)
-¾ cup powdered sugar
-1 tsp vanilla extract
-2 and ½ cups flour (I use all purpose)

(*Note: if you want a sweeter base, feel free to use a sugar cookie recipe- I just don’t like super sweet desserts)

Cream the butter and sugar together, then add the vanilla extract. Slowly add the flour in bits at a time, stirring constantly (or have the mixture running, if you use one). When finished, it will crumble a bit but still stick together easily as a single dough when pressed with fingers/hands.

Next you want to press about a quarter’s size of dough (quarter like the American coin, not a quarter of the whole dough…) into the bottom of mini-cupcake/muffin pans. I like to use paper liners, but you don’t have to.
Bake the shortbread bases at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 10 minutes. You want to take them out when they’re blond still (not golden brown) so you can press them down ASAP with the round base of a wooden spoon or spatula. This is so you can pipe more lemon-cream cheese topping!

For the lemon-cream cheese topping:
-1 package cream cheese (8 oz)
-¾ cup powdered sugar
-1 tbsp lemon juice
-some lemon zest (grated lemon rind)

Cream the sugar and cream cheese first until it’s whipped quality. Then gently add in the lemon juice and zest. Spoon the topping into a piping bag and pipe onto the shortbread base. Then add additional lemon zest and candied violets if you like!

i didn’t expect to come out of leverage with so many emotions about the fucking brewpub??? what has this show DONE to me

but ok. like. the brewpub doesn’t turn a profit, right. it is actively losing money all of the time, but it doesn’t matter? because of their fucking alternative revenue stream, they don’t NEED to make a profit, they literally own this brewpub for the fun of it

so, like. they COULD make it turn a profit but: eliot & hardison, working-class boys TM, they are absolutely going to:

  • make everything on the menu $0.50 less than it costs to make at least, because affordable food is important
  • just fucking give away shit for free. oh you can’t pay for this food? that’s fine don’t worry about it have it anyway, also would you like a coffee? some beer?
  • get everything locally, pay a LOT for it (let’s take a moment for all of the feelings eliot ‘grew up in a farming town’ spencer 100% has about corporations paying farmers the bare fucking minimum they can get away with. so many feelings, he goes on long & impassioned rants whenever this comes up, my bitter socialist son)
  • pay all of their staff like three times minimum wage at the least
  • all of the staff have AMAZING insurance & they always pay out if they need to
  • if any of the staff mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • if any of the CUSTOMERS mention anything health related hardison will appear & offer to pay for it
  • (i REFUSE to accept that hardison doesn’t tip, that is WRONG, the show is WRONG & i will NOT allow it, hardison tips. hardison’s elder siblings were waitstaff who depended on tips to make rent, hardison tips generously. hardison has all this money & he’s not even using most of it so he gives it away All Of The Time)

like. LIKE. the brewpub is basically a fucking nonprofit charity, they run jobs to take down capitalist scum & then come home to their aggressively socialist brewpub, this is just. this is fact. you cannot convince me this isn’t true

Reasons Why (BTS Reaction to their S/O Deciding not to Drink Alcohol) *REQUEST*

A/N: My first request! I had a lot of trouble with this as the idea wasn’t my own, but it was fun! Just letting everyone know that I did this because this anon was the first ask I ever received on tumblr. It was special and I was excited about it. My requests aren’t currently going anywhere as I’m currently still in the process of writing two series. I MIGHT open up my requests, but that depends. It’s a pretty big MIGHT. 

Anyway, please enjoy! 

Fandom: BTS

Genre: Reactions/Fluff

Summary: BTS reactions/interactions to your decision to not drink alcohol. Each member’s reader has a different reason. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi hi!! Can I get Jason Todd x reader ?? Like he meets them at a book store or something like that.,, pls and ty :)

Hi, just as you requested! Thank you for sending your request in and hope you enjoy! It might be short but nevertheless, I really do hope you enjoy this! 

Jason grumbles under his breath as he waits in line. Out of the things he could have done, he still can’t believe he is doing this. The things he does for Timbers, Jason mutters a curse under his breath, ignoring the appalled look the mother in front of him is giving him. 

The line is moving slowly and Jason is starting to get bored. He wants to leave, to go back to safety and the comfort his bedroom has to offer but he had already promised Tim that he will get the book for him. He would not have done this if his younger brother had not been extremely sick. 

Jason is minding his own business, playing a game on his phone when suddenly someone is pushed against him, causing him to lose which disrupted his winning streak. He almost swears but turns around instead to scold the perpetrator only to hold his tongue back. 

“S-sorry! I didn’t mean to, I was pushed,” You ramble off, feeling extremely embarrassed as well as mortified about what had just happened. You too had been minding your own business - counting the number of people left in front of you until you can get a hand on the copy of the latest boom by your favourite author - when someone became rather impatient and started pushing people forward. “I am so, so sorry!” Your cheeks are red with embarrassment and it also did not help the fact that the man you had just bumped in to has the handsomest face you have ever seen! 

On any other girls, he would have find this attitude very annoying but somehow, on you, Jason thinks it’s very cute. He shakes his head. “It’s alright - just an accident.” He rakes his brain, trying to find a topic so that he can keep talking to you. 

Though thankfully, he did not have to because one, the line started moving which cause the two of you to move accordingly and secondly, you started the conversation yourself. 

“I have been waiting for this release ever since they said they were going to release it! I honestly cannot wait to get my hands on a copy and then get a cuppa and sit and read.” You tell the man in front of you excitedly. The two of you are drawing nearer to the counter and you could almost feel just how close you are in getting that book!

Jason chuckles at your excitement. “I can’t say I relate to that.” He offers and when you tilt your head to the side (he finds this adorable too and Jason thinks he should probably stop because he just needs to!), he continues talking. “I am only getting this for my younger brother. Huge fan, I must say. He is currently on bed-rest.” Jason does not even know why he is telling any of this to you but he is. 

You smile, endeared by the thought that the man is doing his brother a favour. Then it was his turn to buy the book and in your excitement, you immediately forgot about the conversation. Getting your own book and having it signed by your favourite author was enough to make your day! 

Only when you stepped outside of the bookstore that you realize that you might have blown a chance to get to know the man earlier. There was just something about him that made him very attractive. You sigh at your lost chance and is about to walk towards the subway station when a hand on your shoulder stops you. 

You jump a little before turning to look at… the man from earlier! He is looking at you with an amused expression and you blush slightly. 

“Are you always this jumpy?”

“Only when you’re around.” You blurt out before gasping, eyes wide with what you have just said. “Oh my God, I am so, so sorry! I don’t know what came over me - I normally don’t go around insulting people I don’t know - I am so sorry!”

Jason chuckles. “Well you can make it up to me by coming alone to this cafe I saw on the way here.”

You open your mouth and promptly close it shut as you stare at the man in front of you. “What?” You ask dumbly. 

Jason grins at you. “My name is Jason and I’m asking you out for a coffee date.”

You blush at the invitation. “I’m Y/N… and yes, of course.” You accept his invitation because this is the first time you have ever felt any attraction to a man. “But what about your brother’s book?” You gasp. 

Jason shakes his head. “Timbers won’t mind waiting an hour or two. He still needs rest after all.” Jason explains, the last time he texted Alfred, the old man had told him that Tim only just went to sleep. So he has a few hours to spare before he needs to go back to the manor. “So shall we go, Y/N?”

You smile at him and nod your head. “Lead the way then.”