relation art

Stanzo ~ <3

I Love this ship, it’s too cute


So… When Lefou get sooo drunk Stanley is always the one carries him home. Lefou doesn’t know tho, he always thought it was like a force that always carries him home when his drunk X’D.

fyi I’m also a Gafou trash but I had to draw Stafou (or Stanfou idkk???) first X3

This is also the first time I drew this 2 so sorry if it sucks. I’m not good at drawings boys or humans in general.

Fuck that anatomy

Thank you all so much for your continued support! We would not have made it this far without you! You are the ones who encourage us to keep doing what we do!

Thank you again, and stay determined, Esteemed Question askers!

Art by Admin P (aka @calamitystudiosart ) featuring the voice talents of Domano and Timey from her lovely crew over at Calamity Studios.

inkismylife  asked:

More of an art related question, do you draw your lines digitally (and if so what program/devices do you use) or traditionally and then scan them? Cuz your lineart looks so damn detailed I love it. <3

I draw everything digitally! Here’s the settings for the Ink Pen tool, which is what all my lines are drawn with (including the brush size set to 0.7 at all times).  I’m pretty sure everything is the standard default!  Feel free to join me in my streams to see the process as well ♥


About halfway done on two of the three slot winners. School and searching for work (i.e. Internships) have been plaguing my existence.

The storyboard and first 10 seconds of UH’s trailer are done -_- it looks like I feel right now… dead and disorganized X,D

Possibly thinking about slowing down activity on tumblr for non-related project related art. I’ll most likely start that trend after the completion of the giveaway winners works.

Upside for you all! More content for the AU with actual story and new characters! No more read

Downside, less free random art and the hiatus of Dreamweaver and Guardian Angel.

Either way I still get to scream, but it’s good to scream every now and then^^

Some questions for you peeps because i love asking you things-
Are my designs likable?
Would you ever want to see a tutorial and or get tips on something art related? If so, of what?
Should i ever do a neat comic of my non Pot Dog OCs? Or some kinda story i could publish on here?
Do you like pasta?

You can answer by replying or sending in an ask, whatever floats your boat, my good peeps~