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Sal. Another of Frieda’s coworkers that I don’t draw often.  Like most of the cast from that developing comic, Sal’s design isn’t finalized yet so her appearance varies based on what I feel like trying out. She’s an aspiring writer, so I usually like depicting her with a pencil or pen on her at all times.

please don’t blame me for not knowing how to start this conversation. you know it’s been a long time since we last talked. somehow things are not the same. a lot has changed since i was a kid. i am sorry for not being the best of sons, i don’t really know how to do this. i’ve been trying to have a relationship with you my whole life but it is so difficult to me when i don’t know who you really are. i don’t know the truth. i don’t know your real values and rules. for some reason i need to hear it from you. and i don’t understand why you never answer. i want you close but you seem so far away. i am sorry for wondering if you’re real when i’m at my worst. i know you’re there. i just want you to talk to me.

a letter to god

Hey guys, I need some opinions. Do you prefer watercolor art or digital art? I’m an artist who use watercolor as my main and currently I’m learning digital art. But I’m really struggling with it. You see, I want to make fanarts and put myself ‘out there’ on the internet. But I’m concerned since most beautiful fanarts are digital. I need lots of time to study digital art and keeping up with my academics. I want to start on my art life. But I want to learn and experience everything first. But I’m scared if I’m too late the fandom will already be gone. Or a certain topic will no longer be trending like P3DMN release. These kinds of things are my opportunity to put myself out there while still drawing the things I love. This doesn’t only applies to the Persona 3 Fandom but others too. What are your thoughts? Please leave them on the comments section. Thank you!

I’ve been dead with 40+ hour work weeks on top of classes starting lately
I am hoping it will even out, because my class load is actually a lot lighter, so I could possibly start a month for commissions, again.
Perhaps a patreon at some point, although I’m not sure how that works nor how many people are interested in that???

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aquiver (quivering, trembling): headphones on full volume, cold winter breeze, nervous glances, desperately trying to live life to the fullest, to-do lists and journals, daydreaming, missed opportunities and wanting to prove onself

mellifluous (sweet, smooth, pleasing to hear sound): dried flowers, morning rays of sunshine, eloquent sentences, waiting for a sign, mythology and fairytales, sucker for aesthetics, Polaroid pictures and old architecture

hiraeth (a homesickness for a home you can’t return to, or that never was): neon lights, airports and gas stations at night, either being extremely private or always oversharing, the adrenaline of winning arguments, marble and ice

limerence (the state of being infatuated with another person): long eye contact, staying up until 3 am, wanting to pick a random train and get away, being described as “out of it”, sitting in a car just to finish listening to that song, fatalist humour

syzygy (an alignment of celestial bodies): never being fully satisfied, inferiority superiority complex, overthinking, reading 5 books at once, dark academia, late night conversations, “is this all there is?”

ephemeral (lasting a very short time): chasing the feeling of being alive, laughing and crying at once, wishing to be a mermaid, saying “I don’t care” very caringly, either writing really long answers or just “ok”

vellichor (the strange wistfulness of used bookshops): googling random trivia in the middle of the night, being extremely enthusiastic but never actually finishing the project, poems and pretty words, caring too much, never having enough book marks

mom was describing a tattoo a girl once took her to a back bedroom to show her, which was a fishing pole low on her pelvis with a line and hook that descended into her bush where a small clownfish hid amongst the hair. and that’s just. that’s a goal. and the ultimate freedom from obligation, like “gah I would shave but it would ruin my very good joke, what are you gonna do, I gotta make sure there’s foliage for my little clownfish to hide in”

then mom finished telling me this and looked off for a moment. “my god,” she said. “she was flirting with me. fuck. goddamn it.” 

do you ever just look at dan and phil and feel an overwhelming surge of comfort? i’ve never met those men before but the happiness they give me just through a screen is so overwhelmingly comfortable. i could be anxious the whole day but as soon as i hear their voices i’m okay, just for a few minutes. i love them.

lesbye  asked:

WOAAAAH hold up. You made a mural, and started with LINE ART FIRST!! I did a mural and I started out with the base coats first then detail + shading aND THEN line art. I almost dIED OF STRESS!!! HOW???? May I ask? I'm curious bc I'm doing a mural for my school and I have yet to know how I'm gonna do this, bc in digital art I always start with line art but....THIS ISNT DIGITAL ART I CANT JUST PRESS CTRL + Z. Is it harder? Is there another easier method to do this? Pls explain your magic 🙏🏻

Good question!!! 

So, I made two murals for Redbubble. I’d never done it before and I’m mostly a digital artist, so there was definitely some trial-and-error in figuring out a process that worked for me. 

I did the first mural the same way as you: by doing base coat, shading, and THEN line art, and I totally agree: IT WAS SUPER STRESSFUL. Here’s some process shots of mural #1:

First, I did a digital mockup.

Then, I used a projector to get the sketch on the wall.

The sketch!

The base!

The shading!

Here’s when I started to add line art.

And here’s a closeup when I added some hilights and detail! Mural #1 was a JOURNEY.

So for Mural #2, I wanted to see if there was a way to speed up the process. An employee at Blick Art Materials suggested doing the lineart first with paint marker because the black line would be so deep and opaque, it would still be visible even if you added paint on top.

Doing this was much more intuitive for me.

Even when I added paint on top of this, I could still see the line underneath. In fact, in some portions, adding the paint on top of the black line created, like, shading.

From there, it was easy to use the black paint marker again to bring out the lines that got too covered by paint.

This mural took me MUCH less time than Mural #1, and it felt a lot more natural and fun this way~

And here’s a pic of both murals after I finished them. (I’ll take a better pic later!!)

Good luck!!!!!