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Reader waking up from a cryo sleep expecting the team to be there but wakes up during the fall, having been in a relatio ship with Gabe please? Q.Q

Your body was sluggish and you dragged yourself out of the cryo-pod, hand clasping the edge as the AI chimed in your ear. Taking a heaving breath you clambered across the ground, pulling yourself up as you got at the desk.

“What’s going on,” you said, blinking as you booted up the computer, “There should be someone here.”

As the computer turned on you noticed it couldn’t connect to the Overwatch mainframe. Your eyebrows scrunched together as you opened the message log, seeing if there was anything that got through before it was disconnected.

Your hands began to shake as you read the last message received, stating that it was received three years ago. It wrote in highly technical terms of the shutdown of all Overwatch and Blackwatch operations as it was stated illegal by something called the Petras act.

A list of casualties followed one name, in particular, shining out at you. 

Gabriel Reyes.

A tear slipped out and your chest just ached, having gone to sleep thinking that you would see your boyfriend again only to wake up and find everything was gone.

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I just wanted to say, thank you. I know you guys are a cosplay blog and I've been following you since 2010. But your relationship advice/experience has helped me with my growing pains in my own relationship. Communication is key and being comfortable is super important. Thank you.

Hey, we are always here to help the best we can. Even if that means support with info about college, relatio ships, job searchinh, or how to fix a car on a budget instead of cosplay.

We arent experts, but we are friends :)

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Hey Abby do you regret getting with Curare? Do you think she's hard to handle? To much? Or are you content with her in your life?

Someo^e’s fucki^ ^osy..

She’s ^ot a ha^dful, I do^’t regret bei^g her moirail at all. She’s everythi^g I could ask for i^ a rail too, so yea i’m co^te^t too.

 If a^ythi^g i’m the o^e who’s the ha^dful i^ the relatio^ship.

welcme in the fandom where we get denied one (relatio)ship repeatedly while other ships within a band are somehow being pushed i wonder why and the two people in said relationship have to communicate with the fandom with help of two stuffed rainbow bears that actually got their own denial issued as well. two stuffed rainbbbow bears. got a denial issued.