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What do u think will happe do dean and castiels relatio ship once Cas comes back for this season?

Well I imagine that Cas isn’t going to come back all ok and fine and they can hug, kiss and be happy in 13x06.

Shit is gonna go down.

As for after that, once those things are “sorted” I expect still some reticence, some worrying about their feelings being unrequited etc.

They also cannot advance to their happy endgame TOGETHER unless they themselves have accepted themselves and feel self worth, so we need Dean to complete his denouement from his climax in 12x22 and for Cas to complete all of his journey too since his death.

So they have to work on themselves first before they can be together, so I expect lots of this and also a build up of their feelings being framed as heavily romantic (building on the subtext of 8 years and the especially strong subtext of season 12) before hopefully something very very strong in the finale.

I would LOVE for 13x23 to give us Cas’ decision to be Human, after a build up of re-explaining why this is a good thing for his character, so that is the finale, alongside Jack helping them defeat Lucifer.

I’d then love 14x01 (because it’s their 10 year anniversary!) to just open after all this Destiel build up and now with Human!Cas with an alarm going off, Dean in bed with his eyes closed before hearing a rustling of sheets, we see Dean smile and as it fades out we hear “Dean” in Cas’ husky voice before Dean rolls over and says “morning Cas” softly.

OR the first half of season 14 is the Dean/Cas build up with Cas in the bunker, human etc as we read in fanfic, with the Destiel climax moment in the midseason finale… it depends how long they’re gonna go on for :)

Ideally human!cas and destiel should be separate but they can be approx the same time, as long as it’s clear that Cas choice to be human doesn’t rest entirely on Dean :)

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Reader waking up from a cryo sleep expecting the team to be there but wakes up during the fall, having been in a relatio ship with Gabe please? Q.Q

Your body was sluggish and you dragged yourself out of the cryo-pod, hand clasping the edge as the AI chimed in your ear. Taking a heaving breath you clambered across the ground, pulling yourself up as you got at the desk.

“What’s going on,” you said, blinking as you booted up the computer, “There should be someone here.”

As the computer turned on you noticed it couldn’t connect to the Overwatch mainframe. Your eyebrows scrunched together as you opened the message log, seeing if there was anything that got through before it was disconnected.

Your hands began to shake as you read the last message received, stating that it was received three years ago. It wrote in highly technical terms of the shutdown of all Overwatch and Blackwatch operations as it was stated illegal by something called the Petras act.

A list of casualties followed one name, in particular, shining out at you. 

Gabriel Reyes.

A tear slipped out and your chest just ached, having gone to sleep thinking that you would see your boyfriend again only to wake up and find everything was gone.

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Just wanted to say I really adore the relatio ship Wyatt has with everyone. He has such a pure heart and I love him so much. I really love how he is kinda friends with Angela and Gianna and especially his relationship with Karrie.

He’s a good egg and deserves to be protected at all costs. All he ever wants is for people to be happy and get along and for nothing bad to ever happen. Though I do kinda feel he had to grow up a little too soon after Levi died cause he pretty much took on the roll of man of the house after that. He loves his sister dearly and only wants the best for her :)

welcme in the fandom where we get denied one (relatio)ship repeatedly while other ships within a band are somehow being pushed i wonder why and the two people in said relationship have to communicate with the fandom with help of two stuffed rainbow bears that actually got their own denial issued as well. two stuffed rainbbbow bears. got a denial issued.