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Happy Bird II

  • National Bluebird of Happiness Day: Dick Grayson as Nightwing (Prime Earth)
Today is National Bluebird of Happiness Day (24 September) and I’ll be remiss not to mention another bluebird – Nightwing. Apparently, the mythology of the bluebird of happiness goes back thousands of years. The bluebird is widely accepted as a symbol of cheerfulness, good health, new births, prosperity, hearth and home. If that doesn’t scream Nightwing, then it comes rather close.

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Image Source:
  • Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10 by Roge Antonio (Upper Left)
  • Nightwing (Vol. 4) #9 by Marcio Takara (Upper Middle)
  • Nightwing (Vol. 4) #14 by Marcus To (Middle Left)
  • Nightwing (Vol. 4) #21 by Christian Duce (Middle Right)
  • Nightwing: Rebirth by Yanick Paquette (Upper Right)
  • Red Hood and the Outlaws Annual (Vol. 2) #1 by Tyler Kirkham (Lower Right)
  • Titans (Vol. 3) #12 by Kenneth Rocafort (Lower Left)
  • Titans (Vol. 3) #13 by V. Ken Marion (Center)
  • Titans (Vol. 3) #15 by Brett Booth (Lower Middle)

People keep saying Yousana is taking too long to get together, which I understand. We knew that Sana liked Yousef in episode 1 and it’s taken 8 episodes for Sana to find out that he likes her back while Even and Isak were full on making out by episode 4. I understand that it feels too long.

But I don’t think you can compare Sana with the other mains. The others were open about their romantic relationships and actively sought them out. Eva and Jonas were together when season 1 started, Isak had dated Sara already before he met Even, and Noora was sleeping over at William’s by episode 3. They were all open to romantic/sexual relationships and everything that came with them. I mean Eva and Isak made out with people they didn’t have serious feelings for multiple times. They’re just open to physical and emotional intimacy in a way that Sana isn’t.

Sana’s said in the past that she decides not to hook up with guys, that she strays away from it on purpose. It wouldn’t make sense for her to all of a sudden be all up in Yousef’s business. We don’t know how long she’s liked Yousef. She probably stared at him from across rooms for a long time before we ever saw her but she never acted on it because it’s not what she does. It’s more realistic that their relationship would take a while. Not just because of the religion thing or the love triangle or any of that, but because of who Sana is as a person and what she’s comfortable with. She takes it slow. She keeps it quiet. She thinks before she speaks and remains hesitant about sharing her feelings.

So I get that it’s episode 9 and the rug’s been pulled out from under us multiple times regarding Yousana, but all of it’s true to Sana’s character. We can’t compare her season with other people because she’s just not the same.

the signs as cards against humanity cards

aries: Taking off your shirt. // Penis envy. // Pistol whipping a hostage.
taurus: Appreciative snapping. // One thousand Slim Jims. // Exactly what you’d expect.
gemini: Fabricating statistics. // Friends with benefits. // A look-see.
cancer: Home video of Oprah sobbing into a Lean Cuisine ™. // The miracle of childbirth. // Teaching a robot to love.
leo: Bitches. // Getting drunk on mouthwash. // Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.
virgo: A balanced breakfast. // Genetically engineered super-soldiers. // Statistically validated stereotypes.
libra: A homoerotic volleyball montage. // Child beauty pageants. // “Tweeting”.
scorpio: Sweet, sweet vengeance. // A cooler full of organs. // Giving 110 percent.
sagittarius: Bosnian chicken farmers. // A Gypsy curse. // My humps.
capricorn: Republicans. // A mopey zoo lion. // Getting in her pants, politely.
aquarius: Actually taking candy from a baby. // Seppuku. // The forbidden fruit.
pisces: Puppies! // A really cool hat. // Passive-aggressive Post-it notes.



15/100 days of productivity | YET ANOTHER POST IN MY QUEUE, as I try and finish all the work I need to do today oof. working on everything school-related, and trying to edit my video for my aplit class!! also another picture of the wonderful stationary items I got in SF last wednesday (*´︶`*)




[Note: This one’s a doozy! Still kind of off-the-cuff, in that I tried not to stress out about getting everything perfect, but I did do some revision to make my ideas more clear. That’ll probably be the norm from here on out. Hope you’re in the mood for a long read and a wild ride!

…Seriously, this shit is like twenty pages in Word.]

In my previous posts, I’ve discussed a number of ideas present in Act 6 and Act 7 Homestuck that I think contribute powerfully to the ending of Homestuck, especially on a thematic level.

I’ve discussed Homestuck as a meditation on the nature of a self divided across the many timelines of a dispassionate cosmos, and argued that the Retcon, far from a drastic change in storytelling, is a continuation of that long-running theme. Is victory meaningless if one’s original self isn’t around to claim it, or can a coherent, archetypal identity can be understood as existing beyond all of one’s disparate selves? In the system of Skaia, Homestuck asks, how do we live?

I’ve also discussed Homestuck, especially Act 6 Homestuck, as a Gnostic work, the story of an escape from a cosmic tyrant, a Demiurge whose ultimate weakness is that he cannot see the limitations of the domain he’s been given. In the same post, I discussed how this realm of the Demiurge, Lord English’s domain, is constantly paralleled with the space embodied by Homestuck itself, and how the kid’s departure from the story evokes their escape from this tyrant’s space-time domain as it reaches the end set for it by Paradox Space. From the system of Lord English, Homestuck asks, how do we escape? And at the same time, in the system of narrative called Homestuck, how do we find meaning within its limitations, and how do we escape them?

These themes work together.  As we’ve seen, they echo and reinforce each other, provide parallels and points of contrast. In fact, I’d argue that each of these different themes are diverse manifestations of one larger theme, in the same way that individual selves in Homestuck can be thought of as manifestations of one larger Self. This overarching theme is present throughout Homestuck, but it reaches its culmination in Act 6 and 7, in a finale that drives it home in a different ways. To understand Homestuck is to understand this theme.

If someone were to ask me, “What is Homestuck about?” this would be my answer:

Homestuck is an exploration of the tension between abstract, impersonal systems and individual, personal experiences of those systems.

Abstract, impersonal systems are everywhere in Homestuck, systems that don’t always align with the desires, emotions, and goals of the main characters. The central question of Homestuck is how these characters will choose to understand the systems that govern their lives, and how they will carve out meaningful lives in relation to those systems. Gnosticism, metafiction, divided identities, and Sburb itself all play into this theme. As Homestuck’s characters decide how to live their lives within these many interconnected systems, they suggest possibilities for our own lives, for we readers also live in a world that also contains many systems and forces outside of our control. In their choices, we find opportunities and implications for how we should live.

You’ll notice I said there’s a tension, rather than an opposition, between individual experience and abstract systems. I think that gets closer to the truth of what Homestuck is trying to say. Characters in Homestuck sometimes reject its systems altogether, but just as often they exploit them or find identities for themselves within the constraints/opportunities of those systems. While Caliborn’s  Gnostic-style domain of control is presented in a negative light, as something worth opposing and escaping, other systems, like Sburb itself, are presented in a much more ambiguous light, challenging us to decide how we feel about those systems and the possibilities they present within their rules.

I’ve talked about several of these systems in my previous posts, but today I want to talk about one I haven’t yet dug into in detail. Narrative itself.

Narrative in Homestuck, the power a story holds over its characters, is another system which the characters of Homestuck are constantly fighting, exploiting, and embracing.

Because another word for those abstract systems in Homestuck is…


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ross geller who? reasons why i think he’s #trash

not criminal minds related so if you’re not interested go ahead and scroll past this ((-: here’s another one of my posts explaining why i feel the way i do about someone, this week is: i personally cannot stand ross geller and have a lot of reasons why. (see here: elle deserved better & why i dislike gideon)

as always, i ask that you please do not reply to this with something defending him because we’re all entitled to our opinions and with this one, mine is set in stone and nothing will change my mind lmao!!! i made this w the help of multiple asks i received last week when we were talking about how trash he is.

anyway lemme pull out my receipts.

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ok so at least in the mcr fandom, reposting is a huge problem. i constantly see reposts on my dash and the tags these days are like 50% reposts when it comes to gifs/photosets/graphics so i’ve been wanting to make a post on how to spot reposts.

of course, you can’t expect yourself to always be looking for reposts or to even spot all of them, but it’s good to have in mind cause some reposts end up getting thousands of notes which sucks for the people who spent their time and effort making them.

so, how to spot a repost?

  • if weheartit is the source, it’s a repost. every time. regardless of fandom. do not reblog things with weheartit as the source.
  • people don’t do this as much now i find, but a few years back and earlier on tumblr, most people watermarked their original content with either just their url or ‘url | tumblr’ or something similar. if you see a recent post in a tag with a url that doesn’t match the url of the poster, it’s almost definitely a repost. if you see it on your dash with a couple hundred notes but the url doesn’t match, i usually go to the url on the watermark and see if that blog still exists or if they’ve linked to their more recent url, if some hunting brings you to a different blog than the person who posted the version you’ve seen, its a repost.
  • pay attention to the captions of posts. if the caption is something like ‘too cute!’ or ‘omg!’ or something like that, i tend to assume its a repost. the real content creators generally caption with a link to the source of the photo or video thats they’ve edited/gifed or something along those lines. this isn’t always the case but if you’re not sure, i usually check the blog which ties into my next point -
  • if you go to the blog of the poster and all of their posts are ‘original posts’ (aka not reblogs) but they’re gifs of all different sizes, qualities, styles, etc. you might want to assume that this is like…a serial reposter. plenty of people do this unfortunately. 
  • pay attention to the tags. i find that most people who create original gifs and edits will tag their work with ‘my gif’, ‘my edit’, ‘mine’ or something along those lines. this isn’t always true, again, but it would be another time i’d check the persons blog to see what else they’re posting. if the tags on a gif are evry band member, 10 different variations of the band name, and then a bunch of bands or band members that aren’t even related to the post, i usually assume that this is someone just trying to get notes and followers as opposed to getting people to see their work. not always true, but use your discretion.
  • if it’s a post of all different gifs of the same band member as an ‘appreciation post’ for their smile or a certain hairstyle or something but the gifs are all different sizes and not put together as a gifset in any way, just a ‘list’ of gifs or whatever, it’s usually just an entire post of reposts. i wouldn’t reblog it.
  • REPOSTS WITH CREDIT DON’T COUNT! tumblr dot com created the reblog feature for a reason. so even if the person who posts it says ‘not my gifs but credit to whoever made them’ or even if they say ‘credit to:’ and link or name the original creator, that does not count. it’s a repost. i don’t care how much you like a gifset, you don’t get to post it as your own. reblog it from the op, tag it with how much you love it. message the creator to tell them you like it. don’t just repost it and give them credit.
  • i’ve also seen a lot of screenshots of text posts. or screenshots of entire gifsets and their captions getting notes. this is dumb and not how tumblr works. if you see an image of a text post, don’t reblog it. if you like it that much you can google the post with quotations and you should be able to find it so you can reblog it.

most of all, use your discretion. like i said you don’t have to be constantly on the lookout for reposts, but it is a huge problem right now and you should be aware of that, especially if you’re someone that makes original content as i’m sure you wouldn’t want your own work reposted. feel free to add on to this post if you have any more suggestions!

Anonymous asked:

I was wondering if it was a good or bad idea to post a story on a platform such as wattpad before publishing.. I tend to get a large audience through these means but I’m worried if I were to self-publish it would hurt the chances of being picked up by a publisher?? If that makes sense… I’m just wondering if it’s really a good idea to post a story on wattpad and etc when I have the intent to try to get the story published.

It’s always best to avoid posting a story online if you are seeking traditional publishing for that story. At the very least, you will have to take the story down before you start querying. Also, some publishers are less interested in material that has already been published online.

There’s also the reality that, once you post a story online, you are opening yourself up to not only plagiarism, but having your ideas borrowed and repackaged by another author. While the odds might be incredibly slim, there’s always the chance another writer will take your ideas, adapt them into a new story, and get it published before you do. This could potentially hurt your chances of publication, too. Again, the odds are slim but an author friend of mine actually knows someone this happened to. =\

So, your best bet is to post something else instead. You could post a prequel that relates to your story but isn’t your story, a spin-off, or a story that takes place in the same world with different characters. It’s just best not to post the actual story. :)

Have a writing question? Please be sure to read my ask rules and master list or your question may not be answered. Rude people will be blocked. :)

Okay so this story isn’t that crazy, but it’s funny to me. So my friends and I have the same math teacher, who we all adore. She’s hella sarcastic and smart. She’s fluent in Swahili and goes to Africa every summer to teach English and Math. She’s basically one of the coolest people ever. But she’s also super secretive. Idk about other people’s teachers, but from my experience, most teachers don’t share too much about their personal lives, and this teacher definitely doesn’t share much with us. She won’t even tell us when her birthday is. So one of my friends decides to do some “investigating” (creepy I know, but you’d be surprised what you can find out by googling a teacher). We don’t learn that much about her, but another friend of mine found our teacher’s facebook. There’s only two pictures, and the most recent one is from 2014. Whatever, not that crazy right? So here’s where I come in.

I do my own little bit of investigating, and I stumble across BLOGS THAT SHE USED TO HAVE. Not tumblr blogs, but like REAL blogs. They mostly talk about her times in Africa and how amazing it is there. We found out that she’s CRAZY religious. Every post relates back to God and religion somehow. Remember, we think of this teacher to be super cool, but also kind of plain and unassuming. She rarely shares any opinions with us, we had no idea she held such strong beliefs. Of course immediately we all freak out (we live in a predominately white upper-middle class neighborhood so we’re surrounded by Christianity. We don’t have any problems with christians, we were just surprised to find out about this particular teacher). On the blog she talks about her opinions on modesty, and a little bit about her past dating life. She dedicates an entire post to her thoughts on sinning. One of my friends and I were SHOOK, because all of us spend a lot of time in her classroom. And we act kind of crazy in there; swearing, laughing, making sometimes ~inappropriate jokes~ calling each other hoes and bitches etc etc. Now we’re all worried that she’s been judging us for our wildness. She probably thinks we’re corrupt sinners (even though we never actually do anything bad).

Keep in mind that we found all of this out in a matter of like 2 days. We found out on Friday and today is Sunday, and none of us know how we’re going to be able to handle looking her in the eyes now that we know a lot about her.

Moral of the story: Don’t look for something you aren’t prepared to see. Respect people’s privacy. Imagine that people are more complex than they appear.

I’m still shook.

Okay but can we talk about how damaging it is that young ND people grow up to constantly put the perception of others above their own, to assume others know better than them, to respect authority more than anything else

Several people I talked to sympathised with me when I told them that I have trouble having my own opinions because I’m so incredibly easily influenced by others, that when I have conversations with people, I always assume they’re right by default because I’ve been taught to be so extremely vary of my own perceptions that it’s inherently safer to trust others and that it’s better to trust other people - especially authority figures - rather than yourself.

That mindset just calls for abuse to happen in one way or another and I’m so damn angry that this is how I think, I still assume my interlocutor is in the right no matter what sort of relation there is between them and me, I hate that I’ll automatically put their opinion above mine without thinking about it, it’s just not good and I know that

Please tell me I’m not the only one who experiences this

No Plan, But it Went Well

This afternoon I had an LGBTQIA training on campus. Everyone is expected to take some diversity training during the year where I work and this was the first one that had an opening for me. While I didn’t expect to learn a ton of new stuff, since I’m generally pretty immersed in these conversations, I was still curious as to how things would be presented and received. 

It turned out that my colleague and office-mate was signed up for the same class and so we headed on down to it together this afternoon. We all sat down, they did some introductions and started in on the training with an overview of the differences between sex identity/gender identity/gender expression/sexual orientation. We got through the first set of descriptions around sex identity and they stopped and opened things up for smaller discussion in pairs with a few questions:

“When - and what - did you learn about your own sex identity? From what sources did you learn it? When was the first time you learned about bodies that were different from yours?”

At that point I knew I had a choice as these discussions continued: either not share who I am at all or come out to my colleague here at the training. While I was out at my last position, and I’ve been a part of some LGBTQ+ staff spaces at this job where I’ve come out, I haven’t yet had those conversations with my immediate colleagues here (though I planned to). Thankfully, I knew that my colleague was LGBTQ+ supportive (we’ve had plenty of conversations that have touched on the subject as it relates to current events and other things), and I made the snap decision to just open up.

So when things came around to the second topic (gender identity), and my colleague and the other woman in our group shared about how they were (and I quote) “pretty boring” in that their gender identity and sex matched up nicely, I paused and then continued with “well, I haven’t shared this with you, but mine don’t.”

I’ve come out plenty of times (including to a couple people this past weekend - I’ll probably share a bit more on that here in another post), and I had a pretty good sense of how my coworker might take things, but there’s always that moment where you just have to take that leap of faith and hope things work out well enough.

Thankfully they did.

She (along with the other woman in our little group) responded in supportive ways, and we moved on to the next topic.

After the training was over the two of us were walking back to the parking lot and we had a few minutes to talk a little bit more about it. She thanked me for feeling comfortable in sharing that with her and reaffirmed that she was totally supportive. She asked about how comfortable I felt presenting male in the working world and I talked a little about that before we each took off.

It wasn’t exactly what I had planned, I mean, usually I’m far more deliberate and careful in how I approach this. But I also see very little value in hiding something, especially in a fairly safe environment with someone I feel I can trust, and it just seemed like the right thing to do. I’ll probably arrange for some time to grab a coffee with her so we can talk a bit more at length, but feeling a good mix of relief and gratitude around the whole thing. I’ll get to the rest of the office eventually, but this is another good little step to have taken.


December 4th-10th || This week I had a three day long school trip which was really fun! (though now my entire body is sore from hiking) Also, during the week my math teacher decided to add to the math assignment we have so I had to improvise and add another math tracker.
P.S Please excuse the level of trash that I am as I post ANOTHER Seventeen related Bujo spread, but OMG DID YOU GUYS LISTEN TO THE ALBUM IT’S SO GOOD

If He Looks At Your Lips

Composing a Master Post of all my Miraculous Ladybug-related fanfiction, so I’ll be posting some of the one-shots I have uploaded in various places but not on tumblr. First up is a one-shot based on a concert a friend of mine went on a date to, and it rained so hard that the concert was cancelled for about 45 minutes. I took some liberties. ;)

Talk To Me coming soon!

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug
Pairing: Adrinette
Words: 3K
Summary: Their gazes locked on one another, very aware of their sudden close proximity. In a car alone together, the faint drumming of rain outside in tandem with their pounding hearts.
Tags: Fluff, Adrinette, Car Kisses

The rain began slowly at first. The throngs of people paid it no mind and only drew their rain slickers closer to their bodies as they chatted excitedly. The venue was a huge outdoor stage, the front sections covered by a tall awning and leaving the remaining seats open to the darkening sky, but no one seemed to mind. Teenage couples lounged on towels in the grass, and older groups of friends milled about with beers while waiting for the concert to start.

Marinette wasn’t quite what to do, so she let her eyes scan across the crowed of concertgoers as they made their way to the front entrance, excitement building in her chest. When Adrien had told her he had an extra ticket to the Jagged Stone concert and wanted to give it to her, she had about fainted right there. Her crush had mentioned that he’d asked Nino and Alya, but both had curiously declined the invitation (an opportunity Alya had thrust in Marinette’s direction… what did she do to deserve such a friend?)

So now here she was with Adrien, who stood a few paces behind her as he locked his car door. He’d picked her up that afternoon; none the wiser to the hours Marinette and Alya had spent in the raven-haired girl’s room going through her closet to decide what would be appropriate for a concert date. They’d eventually decided on a dark purple sleeveless button-up over dark jeans and mid-calf black boots, comfortable and stylish. She let her hair fall into its normal pigtails, playing with her bangs until they fell over her blue eyes just right, only to go back and fix them again five minutes later.

It was almost like a dream as she glided into the passenger seat of Adrien’s Bugatti. Part of her was curious how much convincing it took for Adrien to forgo a chauffeur and get his own car, but another part just simply marveled at the expensive vehicle. They’d chatted aimlessly during the twenty-minute drive, and Marinette was about to burst from nervousness.

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anonymous asked:

How about something more positive. 10 or more sweetest people in the tag?

@spunkyspy I cannot imagine someone having a negative opinion of her because she is so nice and just post hilarious bb related content.

@dayslostson is one of the first bb bloggers I’ve followed. He is quick to support/cheer people on and quick to drag problematic people. King of reaction pics and gifs.

Speaking of dragging people, there’s @ikon-wong. I don’t think you can be a part of the bbtag if you aren’t following her. She’s hilarious and super friendly.

@lickeyrogers-wong is another favorite of mine. I think my blog is 60% reblogs of his post. He is a gem.

@shelbyskrackels the only b*ll smashers stan I follow and for me to follow a Shelby stan, you know they have to be great. We have 98% of the same opinions of this season but even if we didn’t I’d still follow them because they are just that awesome.

@blkdiaspora she’s hilarious and her gif game is on point. She’s as honest as she is kind. 

@kelseyfaiths is never a part of any drama. He is such a sweetheart even though we started off on opposite sides of bbcan4. 

@dumbeatrees gif game is strong as hell. She’s up there with some of the nicest people you will find on the internet. 

@sirdippinghotsauce I can’t even imagine him being mean to anyone or anyone not liking him. Even if you weren’t a people’s person, you’d like him.

@bigbrotherismyreligion is another bb blogger I’ve been following since the beginning of this blog. They don’t get enough credit or love from the tag. One of the most chill and nicest bloggers in the tag.

@deckestar I followed her for her bb opinions and her non-bb related posts are gems too. A win win situations. She is incredibly sweet.

There are a lot more but I’ve already gone over 10 and should probably wrap this up lol.

minyoongislaysme  asked:

Heyhey, i'm such a trash for mamamoo but i can't find many mamamoo blogs, do you maybe know some good mamamoo blogs? Thank youuu~ ^_^

Heck yeah I do

@mmmoofic - they post links to mamamoo fics on aff and ao3 (i think they’re still in the works tho)

@monommm - moomoo artist her fanart is really cute and amazing pls check her out im not even joking pls go and follow

@queerbyul - her gifs are so good and they’re mostly wheebyul (i scream)

@platumoon - mamamoo/moonsun artist semi-realistic-ish fanart which really makes me want to cry and how good it is

@pokoppang - another moomoo artist that makes fricken cute art that can save lives with how good it is tbh

@byul94world - her tags are funny and she’s really nice (even tho we’ve never talked lol i want to talk more with other moomoos)

@mamamooheadcanons - this place is like a gold mine constantly churning out fic ideas and some of the posts are really funny so pls follow them

@mmm-smukk18 - will save your life im serious they post very regularly about the girls fanvids and anything related to mamamoo and the content is always A+++

@hanahakis - just found out abt this recently its more like a collab blog for 2 amazing fanfic writers i love them they write so well (and there’s jeongmi which is as rare and hwasun)

@tgcxmmm - on hiatus but she’s done a lot for the fandom by helping to translate memos and we all respect her as senpai

@flowerization - moomoo artist and meme af. her art is super meme i love her a must-follow blog pls go and follow

@birbyonce - draws moonsun but not also draws for other fandoms like cosmic girls (wjsn) and they’re all so good

@captainhwasa - makes gifs and edits 10/10 recommend u to follow

@wheeinthisish - super funny sometimes i die laughing because of her gifs are amazing i cry

@ahyejin - her fanfics can heal your soul and she writes for all mmm ships and she’s a hwasa stan her positivity for the maknae is infectious pls follow her

@wheeimple - calls herself old and a granny but her sense of humour is so on point i wish my grandma was like her. makes gifs (amazing ones) and is a translator at @mamamoo-trans which u should also check out btw

@light-giver - moonsun trash always screaming in gay for mamamoo shes wonderful

@karoumamoo - legendary mamamoo fanfic author her stories were what inspired me to write along with every other moomoo writer here f o l l o w her

@mumoos - makes a lot of gifs and edits i dont even know where to start go and check her blog out

@velvetmoos - essential to follow. legit. this blog can save lives. extremely well-organised and just i have no words except follow them

@paperheart-amber - posts about other fandoms but is also 100% mamamoo trash her tags are proof of that

@sun-byul - always screaming in ghei for moonsun also her tags are entertaining to read they make my day

@nnnechu - hhhNNNNGGGS HER ART makes me speechLESS ok its good enough to be put next to the moan of lisa 100% quality content

@moonbyulismine - wise af and her tags save my cats from going extinct go follow her pls

im pretty sure there’s a lot more but im just tired from school and i need to rest cuz im sick too so maybe next time (i hope i didnt misgender anyone and if i did im so sorry) PEACE OUT